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BN-Vi - How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge at business networking events in the UK

BN-Vi - How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge at business networking events in the UK



How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge in BNI chapters. This document is intended for promoters of the Challenge in the United Kingdom who wish to expand their network of contacts by going to ...

How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge in BNI chapters. This document is intended for promoters of the Challenge in the United Kingdom who wish to expand their network of contacts by going to business networking events, such as Chamber of Commerce, BNI (Business Network International), Le Tip, 4Networking, and other groups.

The document is specifically written to describe how to maximise results from the BNI meetings, but other groups will have similar agendas, so the same skills learned here can be transferable to other others.

You will learn how to maximise your time from the meetings, what to say and what not to say, how to get around not having any business cards with you, how to best follow up with people after the meetings, how to get people referring their friends and business contacts to you.

Also included are sample 60 second presentations, as well as shorter versions so that you can give an elevator pitch with confidence in the meeting to the other business owners who are present.

This is a draft copy - so I would really appreciate your feedback. All the best promoting the Challenge at business networking events!



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    BN-Vi - How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge at business networking events in the UK BN-Vi - How to promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge at business networking events in the UK Document Transcript

    • BN-Vi Guide to getting the most from business networking events for ViSalus Promoters by James Winsoar WWW.JAMESWINSOAR.COM
    • Introduction Business networking meetings are a great way to meet influential people in the community. These groups are attended by business owners, sales managers, and self employed people from a wide range of industries from trades people through to solicitors. Since ViSalus have products to suit every person, these groups are a great source of referrals. A referral is when someone recommends you to someone they know, and makes the introduction. The person that you are referred to is expecting your call, and has a need for your product or service. In this guide you will learn what to expect from a business networking event, so that you can maximise your results from day one. Some events can appear overwhelming at first, because of the amount of people in attendance, many of whom will be wearing suits, and may come from very impressive sounding businesses. However, when you know what to expect, and you are armed with the right tools, and the right answers to questions that people may throw at you, business networking events can be a very effective way to grow your ViSalus business. You can find details of nearby BNI groups at www.bni.co.uk – this is by far the largest and most successful business networking group in the world. Also check out 4networking.biz, findnetworkingevents.com, and meetup.com for other groups in your local area that are also worth exploring. What you will need to take with you: Things to take with you on the morning of the meeting: • Your ready made Vi shake, and a nutra cookie. Use a branded Vi shaker if you have one. Ask to put both of these down on the table early on to reserve a good place. I recommend that you drink the shake during the first part of the meeting, have the nutra-cookie after the 10 minute presentation or just use it as a prop. If you are on a weight loss goal you may decide not to eat the breakfast provided, this is a good excuse to tell people that you are on a 90 Day Challenge and share your goal with them. Alternatively go for the healthier options – not a massive bacon bap! • Before and after pictures. Print a couple of good photos off in large format, you can use team member photos or get them from vichallengeresults.com and use these as props to show people the kind of results that are possible. Keep these on you. • I don't personally recommend taking business cards. Instead get everyone else’s business card, then you are in control over the follow-up. I will leave this up to your discretion, if you do use business cards make sure you always get the other persons card first! • Your meeting fee – usually between £8 to £15. This is to cover the room hire, and usually also includes some breakfast options. Some non-BNI events require payment online before the event. Always contact the organiser to check before attending.
    • What to expect during the meeting The following details apply to BNI meetings. 6:30am – arrive early – most likely the BNI group (known as a “chapter” of BNI) will be setting up at this time, and the key leaders of the group will have arrived. Have your money ready to pay for your breakfast, this will usually be £8 to £15 and ask for a receipt as you can claim this back as a business expense. 6:45am – members will start arriving, this is the “open networking” part of the meeting. Do your best not to get stuck with any one member. Work the room, introducing yourself to everyone and asking what they do. Express an interest in their line of business and ask questions such as “how long have you been in business?”, “do you have any employees?”, “you must really enjoy that?”, and “what kind of clients are you looking for?”, etc. Be prepared to answer questions about what you do during this time. Here are some possible questions and suggested answers. Adapt these to suit your own style. Q: What do you do/What business are you in? A: I kill fat for a living! I promote the number one weight loss and fitness platform, called the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. It's our mission to crush the obesity epidemic, and help people to live happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives. Q: How does it work?/How do you do that? A: First of all people set a goal – which could be to lose weight, get fitter, or build muscle, then I help them to select a kit to assist them with that goal, and then they enter to win. There are cash prizes for losing 10lbs of fat, or building 10lbs of lean muscle which helps people to stay motivated. (at this point you should be asking people for their card so you can send them a link to a video that explains all about it – there is no need to take your own business cards, just make sure you get everyone else's) Q: How much does it cost? A: There are different kits for different goals, perhaps we could meet up some time after this meeting and I can explain it in more detail incase you know anyone it could benefit. I'd also love to find out more about what you do. Maybe we could meet for a coffee some time? Q: Who is it for?/Who are your target customers? A: People who work out, or who need to work out! We have Challenges for losing weight, getting fitter, and building muscle – so it appeals to probably 95% of the population! A great referral partner for me would be someone like a hairdresser, beauty salon, business owner, or a GP. Do you have a business card, I can send you a link to a video that explains all about it? If you are asked anything you don't know the answer to, just say “I don't know”, then tell a related story about something that you do know. 7:15am – This is the sat down part of the meeting. During this time a business card box will be passed around. Be sure to take one of each of the members business cards, including people that you haven't had time to speak to in the open networking at the beginning. All of the members will do a 60 second presentation about their businesses. Be sure to make notes on all the referral requests they are looking for, especially any specific requests where they mention
    • the name of the person they want to speak to, or a business name. If possible, do your best to make these introductions if it is in your power to do so. In any event, you should appear to be very interested to hear what everyone has to say, and be seen to be writing notes about each member. Put a star beside any member that could be a good person to speak to after the meeting – especially those who could potentially refer clients to you. When all the members have gone in turn, visitors (that's you!) will be given the chance to do their own presentation. Depending on the group you may be allocated 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds to speak about your business. Here are some suggested scripts for your presentation. It is perfectly acceptable to read off a sheet of paper, you don't have to learn the script off by heart. Examples of “elevator pitch” presentations 60 Seconds Good morning, my name is ___________, and I kill fat for a living!! (pause for reaction), I promote the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, the number one weight loss and fitness platform for people who want to lose weight, get healthy, or build lean muscle. Already the 90 Day Challenge has helped millions of people lose millions and millions of pounds in North America, and the Challenge is now launching in the UK. So your contacts can be the first to take part in it! Already someone joins the Challenge every 20 seconds, that's over 5,000 a day, and over 150,000 a month. People on the Challenge can win prizes including a free T-Shirt saying “I Lost It”, £600 cash, and a Beverley Hills shopping spree just for losing 10lbs of fat, or building 10lbs of muscle on the Challenge. So, who do you know who wants to lose fat, or build muscle? Refer them to me in confidence today. Our no-quibble 90 day guarantee means if they don't get the results they want, they get their money back! I'm _______________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, killing fat for a living!! 60 Seconds Alternative Did you know that obesity costs the NHS over £5 BILLION a year? Good morning, I am ______________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, and it's my mission to help people to lose weight, get healthy, or build lean muscle. Obesity is a growing problem, in the UK over 61% of adults are overweight or obese, and we all know the reasons. Fast food is cheap and convenient. Healthy food is expensive and often hard to find. We want to change that! Body by Vi have already served over a million delicious and nutritious shakes, and nutra cookies, which are low in carbs, and high in protein – an excellent option as a quick and filling breakfast, or lunch to suit our busy lifestyles. Already I've lost _______ lbs on the Challenge, so I know what people are going through. You can refer people to me with confidence because of our full 90 Day money back results guarantee. I'd love referrals to people you know who work out, or who need to work out! I'm _________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!
    • 45 Seconds Hi, I'm ___________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. We help people to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle in 90 days – guaranteed. Challengers set a goal, select a kit, and enter to win. Every week, Body by Vi award £6000 to 5 men and 5 women, who lose 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of muscle! Our shakes and nutra-cookies are cheaper than most other meals, and since people can get their kit free simply by finding three friends to do the Challenge with them – they can save a lot of money on their grocery bills. I'd love a referral to someone you know who needs to lose a few Lbs. I'm ______________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge! 30 Seconds Good morning, my name is ___________, and I kill fat for a living! Body by Vi is the number one weight loss and fitness platform from North America, now launching in the UK. It's our mission to help people to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle – depending on their goal. My goal is to (insert your goal). I'd love referrals to people you know who either work out, or who need to work out! I'm __________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. Positively impacting people on all levels of Life, Health, and Prosperity. 15 Seconds Hi, my name is ______________, and I'm looking for referrals to people who work out, or who need to work out! My business is the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. We help people to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle. Again my name is ___________, and I look forward to getting to know you all better! :-) Feel free to adapt these to suit your own style.
    • After the presentations round.. Next in the meeting comes a members 10 Minute Presentation. After the 60 seconds, one of the members will stand up and do a ten minute presentation about their business. Don't worry you won't be asked to do this yourself, although if they are stuck for one you could offer to play the 6 minute video! :-) During the ten minutes make notes, look interested, and be attentive towards the presenter, smiling and encouraging them because they can be nerve-wracking especially if it's the members first time! After the 10 minutes, there will be some announcements regard the amount of business generated etc. then the members will pass referrals to each other on slips of paper. Just sit tight at this point, some people may pass you referrals but don't expect any as a first time visitor. I wouldn't recommend passing any referrals yourself, since you have only just met everyone. After all the members have passed referrals the person chairing the meeting will come round to the visitors and ask you what you enjoyed most about the meeting. Say something like: “Thank you for having me, I was made very welcome, I enjoyed meeting everyone at the beginning, and hearing more about what everyone does, I would love to find out more about a few different businesses that I heard about, and may have some possible introductions I can make, so I will be getting in touch with people after the meeting!” Finally, the chair person will ask the visitors to go with a couple of the members to another part of the room, or outside the room for a “visitor orientation”, this is where they will ask you what you liked about the group, and ask if you if you are interested in becoming a member. This part of the meeting is not a hard-sell, it is simply to give you the option of asking questions as a visitor, and giving you the opportunity to apply for membership if you wish. BNI rules state that you can visit up to two times before being asked to make the decision regarding joining. Therefore you can visit a couple of groups in the area to get a feel for them during a six month period. Open networking at the end of the meeting Make your way back into the room to carry on networking, and do your best to get round all of the members that you did not have chance to speak to at the beginning of the meeting. Also speak to any other visitors and make sure you got their card, or swap mobile numbers so you can arrange to meet them outside of the meeting.
    • Following up with people after the meeting In the afternoon following the meeting, call through all the members and other visitors you met – DON'T EMAIL!!! Say the following in your own words: “Hi, its ___________ from the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. We met this morning at the __________ BNI meeting. How are you doing?” “I was just calling because I found what you said in your 60 seconds really interesting, and I wondered if we could possibly meet up for a coffee sometime? I'd love to spend an hour together and find out more about your business!” Next, drill them down for a meeting time by offering options, like: “Are you free on Wednesday or Thursday next week?” “Is morning or afternoon better for you?” “2pm or 4pm?” “Would you like to meet at Starbucks, or shall I come to your office?” So, you arrange a meeting, and you meet up. When you meet, have with you a bag containing a notepad and pen, a sachet of shake from one of the starter packs, a sachet of chocolate flavour mix-in, and if you are meeting at their office also take your blender, some fresh milk, and a jug if using a hand blender. Up front suggest that you ask them about their business for 30 minutes, then they can ask you about your business for the other 30 minutes. Then get out your pen and paper. Keep everything else in your bag for now. Ask them the following types of questions: Company name, job title/position. What makes your company unique, what makes your company different? What are your products and services? What type of clients are you looking for? What is the best way to introduce you to my clients? Give them plenty of time to answer, and let them go off on tangents, but we aware of the time and when 30 minutes has passed it's now their turn to find out about your business. Presenting Vi in a One to One First of all, start by making a shake. If you are in Starbucks you can ask the staff to make the shake up for you. Just ask them to add the sachets to 250ml semi-skimmed milk and blend. Ask them to put the shake into two cups. They will charge you about £2 to £2.50. Have the six minute video downloaded onto your phone, or a small laptop computer. Have some earphones with you, and explain that the best way for them to learn about the challenge is to simply watch the 6 minute video that explains everything for you. Once they have watched the 6 minute video, explain that the type of customers you are looking for are people who want to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle.
    • The best way to introduce people is to say, “I just found out about a new 90 Day Challenge that is launching in the UK. You have to hear about it! Can I ask (your name) to give you a call about it?”. By this point you will probably have finished the meeting slightly early since it only takes about 15 minutes to make a shake and play the 6 minute video. Explain that you may have some possible people you could refer to them, but you would like to speak to them first, then you will get in touch because you want to make sure you are passing high quality referrals. Even if you have a definite person in mind who could use the other persons service at this time, go away from the meeting, speak to them first, then make the introduction afterwards. Networking is all about relationships, and they don't happen instantly. Say that you really enjoyed the meeting and look forward to seeing them again soon. Volunteering to “substitute” BNI have a “substitute policy”, because all members must attend every week, they often need to send a substitute in their place. This means by offering to substitute, you could be asked to attend for them, and you would benefit from free admission, the opportunity to network and get everyone's business cards, and possibility (but not always depending on the local rules) the opportunity to do your own 60 second presentation. By going along as a substitute you will increase the likelihood of people remembering you when the subject of weight loss comes up in conversations, and you will be able to build up relationships with everyone else in the group. However, a word of warning. Do not substitute too often! Certainly not more often than once a month, because doing so can negatively effect your reputation amongst the group. They may see you as a free-loader if you attend as a substitute too often without ever committing to become a member of the group. Good luck with your networking, and if you have any questions please contact me! James Winsoar 07967 646039 winsoar@gmail.com