Home Party Company Fast Start Training on the My Success Rocket Platform


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Start new consultants faster, engage them longer, and enjoy more bookings and parties with your fast start training on the My Success Rocket Platform

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Home Party Company Fast Start Training on the My Success Rocket Platform

  1. 1. The Success Rocket Platform An Engaged E-learning & Coaching Experience Wayne M. Teres, CEO MySuccessRocket wayne@mysuccessrocket.com
  2. 2. Why Did We Build This? Founders were top executives at Direct Selling industry companies • We know your pain as our industry and technology backgrounds allow a unique perspective on the challenges facing Direct Selling companies – So many join, so few engage – Getting new consultants to start their business is a herculean challenge – High rates of attrition = low retention = decreased growth – The Internet, despite all its benefits, has marginalized the 1-1 relationship between the Consultant, their upline, and the company
  3. 3. How Do I Engage, Motivate and Retain these Consultants? To make my business thrive I need my Consultants to… • To start their business • To Learn how to Sell and Recruit • To SELL and RECRUIT But how????
  4. 4. Small Behavioral Changes = Big Results “You can’t manage goals, but you can motivate the learning, engagement and behaviors to achieve those goals”
  5. 5. How? • Use technology to engage your Consultants early, and keep them engaged • Capitalize on their social needs and wants: self esteem, respect of others, confidence, mastery, purpose and security • Leverage decades of research in the fields of human behavior, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Model what we have learned from loyalty programs and games to reward and recognize the desired behaviors that build their business. • Make learning easy, rewarding, and fun • Rewards and motivates “doing”, not just learning
  6. 6. Reinvent How We Engage • Make it easy - Meet them where they are • Give them bite sized pieces • Interact Reward, Recognize, Encourage • Foster a relationship between the consultant, their upline, and the company • Make it fun!
  7. 7. Make it Easy - Meet them where they are Today’s Consultants are highly Mobile! 24/7 training is a must!
  8. 8. Give them Bite sized pieces Multi-media lessons such as video that can be consumed in 10-15 minutes with assessments to lock in the learning and provide a sense of accomplishment toward a goal as they answer the questions correctly.
  9. 9. Reward and Recognize their progress in a fun way Doing so… • Encourages similar behavior • Rewards completion of a task • Builds self confidence and esteem • Enhances self mastery and a sense of purpose • Earns points that can be redeemed as “Stuff” • Provides visual evidence of accomplishments Multi-media support makes for highly engaging notifications!
  10. 10. Encourage Competition with Leaderboards • Highlight top performers • Show users where they stand, and what goals they should strive for • Focus on metrics that are crucial for business success • Provide social proof of accomplishments • Leaderboards can be integrated into your courses or placed anywhere on the site
  11. 11. Why Online Coaching is so Important • Provides immediate feedback to the consultant • Allows for 24/7 engagement • Coaches will know who is doing what and when • Allow mentoring, coaching, and recognizing faster • Builds a bond between the consultant and their coach • Multiple coaches can collaborate to coach a consultant It’s very difficult to get people on the phone these days. Many want to interact online exclusively.
  12. 12. Build a Lasting Relationship • Create an opportunity for the consultant and coach / upline to bond from the very beginning • Seed the discussion with automatically posted starter content
  13. 13. Build a Lasting Relationship in a Community Create a community for the consultant to: • Share successes, ask a question, or obstacles with the community • Help and encourage others in the community
  14. 14. The Coach knows who’s doing what and when
  15. 15. Keep the Engagement Going with Contests • Easy to setup • Visually engaging • Everyone loves competition and a game • Insightful reporting • Peer recognition • Social proof of achievement
  16. 16. Why It Works For the Consultant… • Engaging, fun and available 24/7 • User receives feedback from the system and coach, rewarding and encouraging high value behaviors • Increases self confidence
  17. 17. Why It Works For the Leader… • Leverages time and provides information about what the Consultant is doing and when, thus allowing targeted coaching • Provides a fast way to recognize, reward and coach • Increases self confidence
  18. 18. Why It Works For the Company… • Quickly engages new consultants, accelerating their learning and business building behaviors • Provide visibility to what consultants and uplines are doing and when • The end to Orpans Build a Lasting Relationship!
  19. 19. To Learn How Your Company Can Increase Retention & Benefit from having Your Training on the My Success Rocket Platform Contact: • Wayne Teres, CEO • My Success Rocket • 508-277-0733 • wayne@mysuccessrocket.com