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  • Mommy Getaways Travel Club for Single Moms – Because Moms Like to Have Fun Too!
  • Mommy Getaways Travel Club is a vacation club for single moms in the U.S. The club was founded in summer 2009 by single mom and travel agent, Dana Williams. The club is a division of her Dallas-based travel agency
  • Mommy Getaways Travel Club will travel as a group of 30 or more women or families each trip. We will have 4 – 6 trips per year. ½ will be with kids; the other ½ without kids. Possible destinations include Disney World, Sea World, SchliterbaunWaterpark, Bushe Gardens Themepark, Cancun, Jamaica, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and more! Guests are allowed on the trips as long as they are female. All trips will be affordable and will offer payment plans. The official trip schedule for 2010 will be posted by September 30, 2009. Members in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth are will have periodic meetings, daytrips, and other activities. If you are in another city and would like to become a local group coordinator for Mommy Getaways Travel club and earn discounted trips, contact Dana at 1-877-529-9555.
  • Mommy Getaways Travel Club will begin traveling as a group in March 2010. The first trip will be for Spring Break 2010. Join us for our first trip to San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio highlights include Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld, The Riverwalk, The Alamo, and more!
  • Why should you join Mommy Getaways Travel Club? Save money. It’s a lot cheaper to travel as a group than it is to travel alone. Meet new friends, both locally and nationally. Explore new destinations. Create lasting memories, for both you and your children. Have fun, of course!
  • Mommy Getaways Travel Club is free to join, right now – could change in the future. The first 50 members will receive a $25 off credit off our first trip. Go to to join.
  • Mommy Getaways has several ways for you to connect with us. Online, visit to learn more about the club and how to join. We’ve set up an interactive online community on the Ning network at for members to connect, find out about new events, join in on forum discussions, meet new friends, and more. Become a fan on Facebook. Search “mommy getaways”. Follow us on Twitter at Listen to our radio show at, where we will discuss upcoming trips and answer questions about the travel club. Offline, join us for local daytrips, 4-6 getaways each year, and periodic meetings and activities. For more information, contact Dana at 1-877-529-9555.
  • Contact Dana at 1-877-529-9555 for more information on Mommy Getaways Travel Club for Single Moms.
  • Travel club for single moms

    1. 1. Travel club for single moms<br />Because Moms Like To Have Fun Too!<br />
    2. 2. Welcome to mommy getaways travel club !<br />Founded in Summer 2009<br />Founded by Dana Williams<br />A division of<br />Based in Dallas, Texas<br />Open to all Single Moms in the U.S.<br />
    3. 3. Mommy Getaways Travel Club will:<br />Travel as a group<br />Have 4 – 6 trips per year<br />Travel to Disney World, Sea World, the Bahamas, and more<br />Have local meetings, daytrips, and activities for members in the Dallas/Fort Worth area<br />
    4. 4. Mommy Getaways Travel Clubwill travel in 2010<br />Join us for our first trip in March 2010<br />Full 2010 trip itinerary will be posted by Sept. 30, 2009<br />
    5. 5. Why Should YOU Join Mommy Getaways Travel Club?<br />Save money<br />Meet new friends<br />Explore new destinations<br />Create lasting memories<br />Have fun!<br />
    6. 6. How to Join Mommy Getaways Travel Club<br />Free membership<br />1st 50 members to join receive $25 off coupon<br />Join at<br />
    7. 7. Connect With Mommy Getaways<br />Visit www.MommyGetaways to learn more<br />Connect with other members at our interactive online community at<br />Become a fan on Facebook: search “mommy getaways”<br />Follow us on Twitter at<br />Listen to our radio show at<br />
    8. 8. Contact Us<br />For more information on Mommy Getaways, contact Dana at 1-877-529-9555.<br />