Facebook Reveals New Enhanced Post Targeting For Brand Pages


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Digital marketing, social media marketing, small business SEO and web design services in Marlborough, MA at wikimotive.com. Facebook made a few new updates for the month of August that Facebook Marketing experts should be very interested in. These updates show an interesting shift in Facebook’s attitude toward those who use it for marketing.

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Facebook Reveals New Enhanced Post Targeting For Brand Pages

  1. 1. Facebook Reveals New Enhanced Post Targeting For Brand Pages http://wikimotive.com
  2. 2. • General consensus in advertising today is usually that the most effective advertising is specifically targeted to a narrow field of people that you want to reach.• For years this has been accomplished with complicated technology and it has definitely shown performance improvements from non-targeted to targeted ads. http://wikimotive.com
  3. 3. This level of targeting has never been available for Social MediaMarketing before, but now Facebook is offering a brand new feature forpages called “enhanced post targeting.” http://wikimotive.com
  4. 4. Before this update page managers had no way of specifically targetingcertain demographics beyond region and language.• Now you can create multiple content and posting strategies based on who you are marketing to.• This will obviously make content creation and management a much more difficult job but it will also be much more effective. http://wikimotive.com
  5. 5. The new options include gender, relationship status, education,workplace, language and geography. They have also changed up theGeography option.• Before no one could see your post unless they were in the region you had selected to target.• Now all users can see your post on your page timeline but it will only be pushed to users news feeds if they fall within the targeted area. http://wikimotive.com
  6. 6. • This is great news for Social media marketing, it gives us the ability to greatly increase social engagement by catering your content specifically for a targeted segment of the population.• If done correctly you should be able to appeal more to your target demographic, increasing engagement and eventually increasing sales. http://wikimotive.com
  7. 7. Brands who market to a wide range of people will probably benefit themost from this update, because they will be able to create multiplestrategies that will cater specifically to each segment of their targetaudience. http://wikimotive.com
  8. 8. I also want to repeat that all your content regardless of its targeting willremain visible to everyone on your timeline so be careful what you post.• You also obviously have the option of hiding things from your timeline.• Facebook is only just rolling out this update and currently only 1% of pages have the update at this point.• For this of you lucky enough to have these options available to you, make good use of them. http://wikimotive.com
  9. 9. Need help crafting a content strategy for your social media marketing?Overwhelmed now that you have to create 3 or 4 different contentstrategies based on their demographics?Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation of your content strategies andadvice on how to improve. http://wikimotive.com
  10. 10. Contact Timothy Martell Twitter Facebook EmailAbout WikimotiveWikimotive is dedicated to providing the latest automotive SEO, Social MediaMarketing, Facebook Marketing, Search Engine optimization techniques and onlinemarketing best practices and services. Wikimotive was conceptualized in 2009 andfounded the following year by its President, Timothy Martell. Beginning as a SearchEngine Optimization service focused on the automotive industry, Wikimotive hasgrown quickly; now servicing numerous verticals and providing a broad range of digitalmarketing services to its clients. Wikimotive’s mission is to provide comprehensivedigital marketing solutions to auto dealerships and businesses of all sizes.Wikimotive’s slogan is, “No Contracts, No Commitments, Just Results.” At Wikimotivewe do not want to provide clients with only the expected results.
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