What is Cross platform mobile development ?


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The mobile application will develop only once and will run on multiple platforms. This is called cross platform mobile app development which is widely used in the mobile application development. In simple words developers can use the cross platform mobile app development process as a tool to develop mobile applications which can be run on multiple platforms and devices.

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What is Cross platform mobile development ?

  1. 1. Cross platform mobile development Submitted By : MobilePundits http://www.mobilepundits.com
  2. 2. Why need of Cross Platform ?On July 2008 Apple’s iPhone was launched in the market andmade a record in the mobile phone market for its overallsuccess. These thing shows that people like innovativeproducts and Apple’s founder late Mr. Steve Jobs told thatMobile phones are not only for communication it is a way oflife. I think Steve had a great perception power to see thefuture because what they have started is now become a trendand most of big brands and companies are now competingeach other in this sector.
  3. 3.  When other companies were selling mobile phones Apple were planning for big that is called smart phone. Apple has started a new era of smart phones where phones are not only a device of communication it is a Gadget which is very useful for our daily life. Apple’s iPhone was equipped with lots of mobile applications when it was launched. Apple doesn’t allow installing third- party native apps code to their devices. This thing shows that Apple have made dominance in the mobile market because there was only one platform in which applications can be developed under the apple guidelines.
  4. 4.  Now its android turn to rule the market, when it was launched on 2008 it was not getting great results as Apple got. Slightly android become a leading Mobile Os in the market because they have different market strategy unlike Apple. But the problem was still exists because the developers can develop mobile applications only for specific devices and platforms. The solution for this problem has come with a concept which was very simple. The concept says that a mobile application will develop only once and will run on multiple platforms. This is called cross platform mobile app development which is widely used in the mobile application development.
  5. 5. Cross Platform Technologies ! There are many cross platform mobile developmenttechnologies through which we can develop mobileapplications for multiple platform and devices. As we allknow that it reduces the development cost and givesbetter performance. Some of the best Cross platformmobile development tools are as follows.
  6. 6.  1. Sencha Touch 2 2. jQuery Mobile 3. Tiggzi 4. AppMakr 5. iBuildApp 6. Widgetbox 7. foneFrame 8. PhoneGap 9. PhoneGap Build 10. appMobi XDK
  7. 7. What is PhoneGap ?PhoneGap : PhoneGap development is very popular these days and itis used for high performance mobile application developmentservices. It is basically a framework where people can develop mobileapps according to their need and demand. The main benefit of thisframework is that we can develop mobile applications with the help ofsome web-based technologies like HTML5 development, CSS3, andjavascript. HTML 5 is very powerful tool and it is good for web-basedmobile apps. CSS and java scripts are also enhance the power ofPhoneGap developers as javascript is mainly used for validations andCSS is used for UI and other designing issues.