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Headphone gb 100


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Headphone gb 100

  1. 1. Headphones 2013BACK To BLUE
  2. 2. BlaupunktHeadphones Becomes a Global BrandIt was in the 1920s that a young, innovative company in Berlin decided to give its customers apromise of quality. They wanted every purchaser to be able to rely on the fact that all the products thatleft the company were expertly crafted and equipped with the latest in modern technology. To guaranteethis claim, the employees marked all the finished products that had passed their rigorous testing with aplain blue dot. The headphones sporting the blue dot soon made the company known the world over.Customers came into shops and stores more and more often and simply asked for“the one with the blue dot”.And sure enough, the inevitable happened: the symbol of quality became a brand name, andin 1938, it also became the company name when the decision was made to take advantage ofthe reputation and the positive image of the headphones for all the other products as well. Thelist of technical innovations and successful products from Blaupunkt has grown long since then.
  3. 3. Technique In All DetailsThe pursuit to develop innovative products has driven us to continue to bring you yet another successfulheadphone product. Compared to many other products, a headphone is a product where it is held veryclose to the user’s ears. Therefore it is very important for us to ensure that both the technical concept isdesigned with our distinctive and experienced know-how, and the materials used are hand picked andselected with a high quality control.With our strength in headphones, each of our models is designed to perfectly match each kind ofneeds. Committed to ensuring your headphones fit perfectly with total extreme comfort, special designconstructions and matching materials are being used. The acoustic tuning of headphones, being thehardest challenge, requires a lot of experience and technical know-how. The interaction between themagnetic system and the membrane is always matched to the intended use of the headphone categories.For example, in the new Blaupunkt Style headphones, a newly developed innovative“PEN” membrane (polyethylene) which, when combined with the powerful neodymiummagnets and of course with an optimized design, produces a guaranteed ultimate sound satisfaction.
  4. 4. STYLEShare Your Music, Share Your LifestyleThe new Blaupunkt Style On-Ear Headphonesoffer an exceptional listening experience.The Style caters to your personal needs and preferences.Thanks to the ‘Share-Your-Music’ feature and the easy-foldingfunction, the Style headphone fits perfectly to your personal lifestyle.Excellent body and high wearing comfort, the Style completes your listening experience. Designed andengineered in Germany – now with Blaupunkt Style, you can fully indulge in your music with a unique liveand ultimate sensation. Blaupunkt Style - authentic, emotional, dynamic, powerful, infectious.
  5. 5. Liberty Of MusicBegin your ultimate sound experience with the high performance On-earheadphone Style by Blaupunkt. The soft ear cushions and the exception-al one bow design of the Style assure you high level of wearing comfort.Designed to complement your lifestyle, the Style Headphone comes withinterchangeable colored ultra-soft ear cushions that makes your headphonesunique. Be fashionable with Style. The Blaupunkt Style is built with high-enddrivers that deliver a superior frequency response and produces mainly low fre-quencies perfectly. Engineered for top-notch performance and minimal distortion,the Blaupunkt Style headphone guarantees an ultimate sound satisfaction. Light, loudand extremely robust, provided with all the necessary accessories,the Blaupunkt Style headphones can be connected to virtually any portable audio device.Blaupunkt Style – a must-have for trendsetters.
  6. 6. ComfortThe Sound Of SilenceWant to have an ultimate listening experienceanywhere and anytime?The Comfort offers you this luxury.You are now able to mute your loud surround noisewith the Comfort’s actively adjustable noise cancellationfeature and enjoythe purity of your music without any interruption.Create your own soundscape with the Blaupunkt Comfort headphones.The Comfort by Blaupunkt – relaxation, elegance, entertainment.
  7. 7. The Comfort Of SilenceEver felt trapped on a long flight, wanting to shut out the unwanted and noisy ambiance? The Comfortheadphone promises you perfect sound – anywhere and anytime. Have the background noise reducedwith our actively adjustable sensitivity of noise cancellation. Pure music to your ears anytime, anywherewith Blaupunkt’s Comfort headphones. These On-Ear headphones are compatible for use with MP3, CD,DVD and with in-flight entertainment system as well. They feature a pair of high performance drivers,giving you a well-balanced sound. Deep bass, extended treble complete the ultimate sound experience.
  8. 8. Sport TalkLive-Sound That FitsThe Blaupunkt Sport Talk - Top performance,not only in the fitness studio. Thanks to theremovable ear clips, looking good outside training has never been this easy. The high powered bass fromthe Sport In-Ear headphones is sure to keep you moving,during and after your workout. With its elegant look and its adaptable microphone, this headphone is an all-rounder,leaving nothing else to be desired for. Mobilephone calls are nowpossible during sports activities. The Sport Talk - dynamic, powerful, flexible.
  9. 9. You’ll Never Walk AloneStrong and secure fit, Blaupunkt’s Sport headphones provides you outstandingperformance with its secure fit designed specially for sports activities.Combination of top performance and sophisticated technology,the sport headphones is equipped with 4 powerful speakers.With its built-in, sophisticated speaker driver technology,the Sport Talk delivers outstanding sound clarity andprecise sound reproduction . Engineered for longhours of listening, the Sports headphoneguarantees long time wearing comfort,without fatigue. The Sports Talk –your perfect training partner.
  10. 10. PureFeel The SoundBe swept away by picking upon the nuances in your music withthe new high purity, in-ear headphonesfrom Blaupunkt. The Pure is small in its sizewithout compromising any sound reproduction.Enjoy first-class sound experience with this set ofheadphones. The Pure – soft, beautiful, powerful.
  11. 11. The Purity Of SoundFascinating – The Pure. The Pure enchanted with its harmonic and elegant design, is combined with strong optimized speakersfor a precise and powerful music reproduction.Excellently manufactured inside out, the Pureaccomplished perfection in elegance.Built with powerful drivers and firstclass loudspeakers the Pure featureshigh definition and quality soundreproduction. Indulge in thebeauty of sound with the newBlaupunkt Pure headphone.
  12. 12. Pure TalkElegance & PowerBe thrilled with the newIn-Ear headphones fromBlaupunkt. Great sound andoptimized voice – the Pure Talkoffers you both. Elegance meets moderntechnology. Despite its small dimensions,it delivers an outstanding sonority, which shouldn’tbe underestimated. The Pure Talk – smart, cool, elegant.
  13. 13. Phone Calls With Top SoundThe Pure Talk is a flexible companion for the road. Maximumsound and mobile phone calls combined in a minimalform. Powerful drivers, precise acoustical settingand the use of premium materials guaranteesthe delivery of maximum sound quality.Listening to music and talking on thephone; when these two has becomeone, it’s The Pure Talk. A realmust-have for every talkaholic.
  14. 14. KidsCool Sound For Cool KidsGet ready for the newBlaupunkt Kids headphones.Cool looks meet savvy Technology.Practical and foldable – it fits into anypocket, even your kids’. The built-in limiterfunction guarantees the sound safety for yourkid’s ears for hours of listening. Blaupunkt’s newKids headphones now come with fun and changeableskins for a always fresh look. Blaupunkt Kids – creative, cool, unique.
  15. 15. Kids - Safety SoundNo kids were left behind;Blaupunkt’s New Kids headphonesare as trendy as the rest of the headphonesoffered for adults. Constructed with the same qualitycomponents as those used in the rest of the Blaupunkt’s headphones,the Blaupunkt Kids delivers a rich sound quality for a variety of audio content, such as – DVDs, MP3s,Game Consoles, Television, Radio & etc. The new built-in limiter function allows parents to have con-trol over the sound volume of the headphones. Featuring a volume limiter at 86dB, the BlaupunktKids headphones are safe for the little ones. Don’t let your kids miss out on being cool while listeningto their favorite music with The Kids headphones from Blaupunkt.
  16. 16. Headphone Type On Ear Over Ear In EarSpeaker Size Ø 40 mm 40 mm 11.0 and 6.0 mmCable Length 1.4 m 1.5 m 1.4 mFrequency Response 20-22.000 Hz 15-23.000 Hz 20-22.000 HzSound Pressure Level (SPL) 112 ±3 dB 102 ±3 dB 100 ±3 dBImpedance 32 ohms 32 ohms 32 ohmsWeight 230 g 225 g 15 g Transport Bag Soft Bag Cleaning Cloth Carrying box Cabin Adapter 3.5mm (1/8”) Cabin Adaptor 3.5mm (1/8”) Cushion S, MAccessories Audio Adapter 6.3mm (1/4”) Audio Adapter 6.3mm (1/4”) and L Audio Cable Audio Cable Headset 1 Set Pink Cushions 1 Set Orange Cushions
  17. 17. Headphone Type In Ear In Ear On EarSpeaker Size Ø 10 mm 10 mm 40 mmCable Length 1.3 m 1.3 m 1.4 mFrequency Response 20-20.000 Hz 20-20.000 Hz 20-20.000 HzSound Pressure Level (SPL) 100 ±3 dB 100 ±3 dB 86 (98) ±2 dBImpedance 20 ohms 20 ohms 32 ohms 7g 8gWeight 139 g (without cable) (without cable) 2 sets of Washable Cushions Cushion S, M, Cushion S, M,Accessories 5 Sets of Skins and L and L 3 sets Blank Skins
  18. 18. www.blaupunkt.comBlaupunkt Europe GmbHP.O. Box 10 02 0431102 Hildesheim, Germany.Blaupunkt Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.1552(A) Jalan Perusahaan,Kawasan Perusahaan Bukit Tengah,13600 Seberang Perai Tengah,Penang, Malaysia.Blaupunkt India Private Limited204 B Wing, Phoenix House462 Senapati Bapat MargLower Parel, Mumbai 400 013, India.Subject to availability and technical modifications.Product colors and illumination may differ in photographs from actual appearance, due to the effects of printing and photography.