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L6 social


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  • 1. Well-Being Social
  • 2. Groups Social Friendship groups Interests outside of school i.e. sports group Family Religious community Work colleagues Social networking (virtual groups)
  • 3. Questions
    • Name the top 5 people who decide how money is spent in your household.
    • Name the top 5 TV programmes that you are going to watch next week.
  • 4. Groups in society
    • We do not live as isolated individuals – meaning
    • that we don’t live on our own.
    • Human beings tend belong to social groups – this
    • means that as a person you belong to a
    • household, a family, a town etc.
    • These social groups are structured in a hierarchy.
    • A hierarchy is a series of links with different levels of power
    • or status.
  • 5. Miss Shackley’s work hierarchy at Thomas Tallis Secondary School Head Teacher Deputy Head Deputy Head Assistant Head Assistant Head Head of Faculty Head of Year Teachers Teachers LSA Support Workers Miss Shackley
  • 6. Make your own hierarchy
    • Put your earlier answers into a hierarchy
    BBC news Channel 4 news Simpson Family Guy
  • 7.  
  • 8. The social hierarchy of our closest relative
    • The silverback male is the dominate figure known as an alpha-male
    • He lives with females, between 5 - 30 and procreates with them
    • The social hierarchy of a gorilla is known as a harem
  • 9. Create your own social hierarchy
    • I want you to create a social hierarchy. It can
    • be about any of the following:
    • A community group i.e. church group, girl guides, scouts, youth club or sports group
    • Your friendship group
    • Your family
  • 10.
    • Why do we have social hierarchies?
    • It shows how society is structured in large groups. That there is a
    • power or status that we all follow.
    • Do you think they are helpful when looking at our family, friends,
    • community?
    • We belong to linguistic (language) and ethnic or cultural groups, or may
    • identify strongly with a religious, occupational, or lifestyle community.
    • What do hierarchies show us about society?
    • It helps us break down society. Putting it into easy to follow structures
    • and groups.
    • How does a hierarchy help us look at our identity?
    • It shows us how our identity is learnt from the people around us. Our
    • identity is formed by interacting with others, learning through our
    • experiences.