Moogbot 1.0 - Final Presentation


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This is a presentation for Major Studio 2 for my Moogbot Prototype. Moogbot is a toy that allows blind users to interact with a virtual landscape that they can only touch and hear, but not see. This presentation includes photos of my work and my overall documentation.

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Moogbot 1.0 - Final Presentation

  1. 1. MoogBot Audio Game 1.0 Vanessa Roa Major Studio 2 Spring 2012
  2. 2. Problem/Statement “The main challenge when How do we stimulate a virtual environment with textures for children who are blind or developing have disabilities while also created a game in auditory which able bodied children can also learn? What would an inclusive childrens toy look interfaces is to like? And how do we recreate an environment balance through the use of sound and texture with no functionality visual input? and aesthetics.” - Johnny Friberg “Audio Games – New Perspectives on Game Audio”
  3. 3. Problem/Statement “We live between two realms...the absence of seamless couplings between these parallel existences leaves the great divide between the worlds of bits and atoms.” - Hiroshi Ishii and Brygg Ullmer “Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms. ”
  4. 4. Precedents EX NO. 1: Blindside Videogame
  5. 5. Precedents EX NO. 2: My Pal Violet
  6. 6. Precedents EX NO. 3: Bruce Haack - “Listen Compute Rock Home”
  7. 7. Concepts/Sketches Early Sketches: Concept Art
  8. 8. Concepts/Sketches Early Sketches: Concept Art
  9. 9. Initial Prototype PROTOTYPE NO.1: Posterboard
  10. 10. Final Prototype PROTOTYPE NO.2: Foamboard
  11. 11. Final Prototype PROTOTYPE NO.2: Foamboard
  12. 12. User Reaction/Feedback Survey: Audience Response 1. What is your favorite texture? Explain why you like this texture. Be as detailed in your description as youd like. 2. What kind of memories do textures trigger for you? Do you associate certain textures with certain places and moments in life? Explain why. 3. How much does texture effect the way you interact with everyday objects or the products you use? Do you go out of your way to touch and feel certain textures? If so, explain why..
  13. 13. User Reaction/Feedback Survey: Audience Response
  14. 14. User Reaction/Feedback Survey: Audience Response
  15. 15. User Reaction/Feedback PROTOTYPE NO.1: Feedback ●Toy was ugly & disengaging.. ●Would be more interested in engaging with textural interface. ●Would like to have a choice in ●selection of textures. ●Drawn to visual Graphics ●Drawn to Roleplaying Games
  16. 16. User Reaction/Feedback PROTOTYPE NO.2: Feedback ●He said this was his favorite toy! ●Didnt engage as much with audio. ●Was more interested in exploring the interface of toy. ●Likes hard textures. ● Loves Crash Bandicoot and Jam Pack
  17. 17. Audio AUDIO: Dr. Zhivago in the Intergalactic Jungle
  18. 18. Video VIDEO: Emilio plays with MoogBot
  19. 19. Conclusion Based on User Feedback ● Find Blind Users! ●Redo Soundtrack and Seek out Actors ● Find ways to program different responses to user selection of trackpad. ●Redesign the tab slide and number the different tabs so that theres a clearer distinction of which tab to press. ● Cut out extra dialogue for soundtrack. ●Use Acrylic Sheet or durable and easier material to laser cut. ●Make the distinction between the robot and the audio game more clear! ●Play around with Arduino Wave Shield for third prototype.
  20. 20. Future Ideas for ProjectTabs: Replaceable/Interchangable Textures both for the Robot and Trackpad
  21. 21. Thank you for watching! Comments/Suggestions? Thank you for watching my presentation Sources “Audio Games: New Perspective on Game Audio” by Johnny Fridberg. Stockholm International Toy Research Center. “Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms” by Hiroshii Ishiii, Brygg Ullmer. “Edge Detection”, by Ellen C. Hildreth. “Active Filtering for Robot Tactile Learning” by Hannes P Saal, Jo Anne Tlng and Sethu Vljayakumar
  22. 22. END Vanessa Roa Moogbot 1.0 - Audio Textile Game Toy Web Link -