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Spider 1.0


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My presentation on my project for Major Studio 2.

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Spider 1.0

  1. 1. Spider 1.0 The Virtual MazeVanessa RoaMajor Studio 2012
  2. 2. Introduction The Virtual Maze Robots; if you got people together, in one room, to try to send the same command to one Robot to commit one action, what would happen? On the surface, one would deduce that The goal of this project was to connect total strangers to work together and make a robot move across an interface.
  3. 3. Precedents Inspiration The Subservient Chicken - A 2004 Burger King Marketing campaign for Burger Kings Tender Crisp. The site was created by The Barbarian Group of Boston, Massachusetts, and hosted in Kansas, Missouri. Users could type in over 300 commands and based on the responses the site received, a man in a chicken costume wearing garters on top would perform various tricks for you.
  4. 4. Wireframes Mock Ups The first wireframes for my original idea, I moved away from this because the IRC format would have been confusing.
  5. 5. Rough Sketches Creating a Maze Drawing plans for the maze. I made the first sketch on the right before realizing that the layout of the panels wouldnt have been wide enough for the spider to move through.
  6. 6. Prototypin Building a Maze Various Stages of my maze, as I was building it. I had used some wrapping paper for tracking, but the paper proved to actually be too smooth for the glitter glue I had planned on using for it. I ended up using some tissue paper to lay it down. The tissue paper helped.
  7. 7. The Website Non-Working Prototype My website, in the first stages of completion. Click here to go to my site.
  8. 8. After Thoughts The Virtual Maze So, I dont know if the point system would have worked as I envisioned it with a not so clear webcam. The darkness and graininess of the video was probably contributing to the the difficulty I had prototyping the robot from a certain angle, so this is something I would hope to flesh out. Another point I want to bring up; the point system. This is something I would flesh out a lot more and make more clear. I felt like the x marks may not have been clear enough on the map, so thats another point I would revisit. I also wanted to steer this project in a direction that would work for a specific audience. This wasnt something I thought about when I first brainstormed the project and I think the ambiguous result lent itself to that. I didnt get as far as utilizing the Arduino Protoshield, although I bought it. Its something I would love to play around with in the future.
  9. 9. Thanks For watching!Vanessa RoaMajor Studio 2012