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Vladimirs ivanovs-how-lean-and-agile-can-your-service-desk-be
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Vladimirs ivanovs-how-lean-and-agile-can-your-service-desk-be


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Agile methods have revolutionized the way Software Development is done and Lean manufacturing have infected IT people's mindset. …

Agile methods have revolutionized the way Software Development is done and Lean manufacturing have infected IT people's mindset.
The "virus" is spreading all over the whole IT Service Management "body", affecting Service Desk function largely.

This is an effort to coin understanding of Agile and Lean principles from the perspective of Service Desk function and summarize implications on everyday's work. Some applicable designs of the Kanban boards will be discussed and could serve as a basis of your own experiments.

Vladimir is consultant and trainer in Project Management and IT Service Management, IPMA-B and ITIL Expert certified. Board member at International Project Management Association Latvia, IPMA 4 level certification system assessor and active member of regional itSMF society. Teaching Programme and Project Portfolio Management for masters in Project Management.

Owner of ITSM LLC, company that is solving IT Management issues, providing consulting and trainings, CIO for rent, adopting and adapting IT Service Management and tools.
Have been speaking on global TFT12 conference about his recent project in Russia, where Kanban board was used as a tool for IT management to execute ITSM programme.
Follow on Twitter @vivanovs and contact on LinkedIn

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How Lean and AgileCan Your Service Desk Be?
  • 2. Mr.SPOCK
  • 3. What will you get?
  • 4. Service Desk • ITIL and ITSM • Service Desk vs Help Desk • Reactive vs Proactive • Skills and knowledge • Toolset • Organisation Culture and Silos • Measuring the wrong things
  • 5. Agile
  • 6. Agile is NOT • Agile is not binary • Agile is not about specific methods or practices • Agile is not a goal • Agile is not complete • Agile is not a silver bullet
  • 7. Agile Principles
  • 8. Agile Principles for SD1. Satisfy the customer2. Change is good3. Deliver frequently, shorter timescale4. Work together with customer/business5. Motivated individuals6. Prefer face-to-face conversation, call instead of e-mail7. Working systems/services is primary measure of progress8. Processes maintain pace9. Attention to details10. Simplicity11. Self-organizing teams12. Team reflects, tunes and adjusts behavior
  • 9. Lean Enterprise
  • 10. Lean Principles
  • 11. Lean Software Development
  • 12. Lean SW Dev principles 1. Eliminate waste 2. Amplify learning 3. Decide as late as possible 4. Deliver as fast as possible 5. Empower the team 6. Build integrity in 7. See the whole
  • 13. Customer Story
  • 14. What is Kanban?
  • 15. Focus on Time and Scope
  • 16. Focus on Painkillers and WIPs
  • 17. Focus on Incident process
  • 18. View Incidents as Cards
  • 19. What is Scrumban?
  • 20. For inspiration
  • 21. For further study 1. 10 Kanban boards and their context 2. 10 pitfalls when implementing Kanban 3. Introducing Kanban in Operations
  • 22. Let’s experiment and share!
  • 23. Subscribe to the next event Trends in IT Service Management March 20, 9:00am GMT Agility and Leanity in ITSM, V.Ivanov
  • 24. Questions?
  • 25. 29160633v.ivanovs@vivanovs (Vladimir_ITSM)
  • 26. 1. Sources TFT12 videos, @SDI channel, TFT13 list, mr.SPOCK, Cabinet Offices, APM Group or TSOs logos or trade marks, Dilbert, Manifesto for Agile Software Development, Winston Royce (1970), Managing the Development of Large Software Systems, Henderson&Larco, Lean Transformation: How to Change Your Business into a Lean Enterprise, transformation.html10. Yasuhiro Monden (1998), Toyota Production System, An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time11. Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck (2003), Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit12. Poppendieck @amazon alias=books-ca14. Principles of Lean Thinking,,, Kanban, OnTime Help Desk, Corey Ladas (2008), Scrumban: Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development19. Skarin, 10 kanban boards and their context, ards%20and%20their%20context%20-%20mskarin.pdf20. Skarin, 10 pitfalls when implementing Kanban, 2011/slides/MattiasSkarin_10PitfallsWhenImplementingKanban.pdf21. Skarin, Introducing Kanban in Operations, BrightTALK, Ivanov, No time to work on improvements? Find it with Kanban! @TFT12,