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  1. 1. 1Click to continue
  2. 2. 2 The appearance of multiple simultaneous Santa Clauses is a sure sign that mankinds most widely recognized and commercialized religious holiday is near. Its also a sign that the holiday is celebrated by many more people than just faithful Christians, for better or worse. From the traditional Christmas markets in Germany to elfin divers feeding dolphins in Japan to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where it all began, Christmas is observed worldwide for commercial, irreverent, and religious reasons. Gathered here are images of people as they herald the advance of an entire season built, loosely or faithfully, around the birth of Jesus Christ. - Lane Turner (37 photos total) Click to continue
  3. 3. 3German bicycledesigner Didi Senft,known during theTour de France as"El Diabolo",presents his latestChristmas-themedconstruction inStorkow, Germanyon November 29,2012. (PatrickPleul/AFP/GettyImages) Click to continue
  4. 4. 4A diver dressed asSanta Claus swimswith a dolphin atHakkeijima SeaParadise inYokohama onNovember 27,2012. (YurikoNakao/Reuters) # Click to continue
  5. 5. 5Workers fill thebeard of a heliumballoon in the shapeof Santa Clausahead of theThanksgivingparade in New Yorkon November 21,2012. (CarloAllegri/Reuters) Click to continue
  6. 6. 6Volunteer Santas are reflected ina fountain during their 110thannual Sidewalk Santa Parade inNew York on November 23, 2012.The donations they raise are usedfor a holiday food voucherprogram for needy residents.(Richard Drew/AssociatedPress) #
  7. 7. 7Finished hand-made, woodenchristmas figures are displayedat the Seiffener VolkskunstChristmas decorations factoryon November 20, 2012 in Seiffen,Germany. Seiffen is home to anumber of workshops thatspecialize in hand-paintedwooden Christmas decorationsand carvings. (JoernHaufe/Getty Images) #
  8. 8. 8 The Rockettes dancers perform on opening night of the 2012 Radio City Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York on November 13, 2012. (Amanda Schwab/Starpix/Associ ated Press) #Click to continue
  9. 9. 9Claire Robertson fromScottish Ballet posesdressed as the Good SnowFlake inside a lifesize snowglobe during a promotionfor their production of TheNutcracker on November20, 2012 in Glasgow. (Jeff JMitchell/Getty Images) #
  10. 10. 10Shoppers walk through fakesnow on Oxford Streetduring a traffic-freeChristmas shopping day incentral London onNovember 24, 2012. (OliviaHarris/Reuters) #
  11. 11. 11Booths offer traditionalThuringian handcraftsand sweets and a bigFerris wheel at theChristmas Fair inErfurt, Germany onNovember 28, 2012.(Jens Meyer/AssociatedPress) #
  12. 12. 12TheRockefellerCenterChristmasTree is lit onNovember28, 2012 inNew York.(StanHonda/AFP/GettyImages) #
  13. 13. 13Shoppers walk on a snow-like carpetas they visit a Christmas home showon November 14, 2012 in Londonwith over 400 exhibitors at the EarlsCourt exhibition centre. (PeterMacdiarmid/Getty Images) #
  14. 14. 14Hundreds ofpeople gatherin the rain toattend theopening of thetraditionalChristmasMarket on theRoemerbergsquare inFrankfurt onNovember 26,2012. (MichaelProbst/Associated Press) #
  15. 15. 15Amidst a fanfareceremony withfireworks, theChristmas lights areswitched on atHarrodsdepartment store inLondon onNovember 1, 2012.(AndrewMatthews/PA/Associated Press) #
  16. 16. 16Fireworks explode over the stateCapitol following the lighting ofthe state Christmas tree onNovember 16, 2012, in Lansing,Mich. (Al Goldis/AssociatedPress)
  17. 17. 17People enjoy Christmas LED lights thatchange colors in Tokyos Shiodome onNovember 26, 2012. (KazuhiroNogi/AFP/Getty Images) #
  18. 18. 18Gardener SueDale inspectspoinsettia plantsprior to theirshipment fromtheRavensworthnursery nearRichmond,England onNovember 13,2012. TheNursery hasgrown 18,000plants. (NigelRoddis/Reuters)#
  19. 19. 19 James Parker lifts a Christmas tree atGarrocher Tree Farm on November 10, 2012 in Creetown, Scotland. The tree grower won the title of Champion Christmas Tree Grower2012 at the 14th Annual British Christmas Tree Growers Association and will now deliver asixteen foot six inch tree to take up residence outside 10 Downing Street. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) #
  20. 20. 20Abraham Plaza (left) and Eduardo Rosalesdrag a Christmas tree through a field at theOmni Farm in West Jefferson, N.C. onNovember 17, 2012. Crews at the farm willharvest nearly 20,000 Christmas trees thisseason. North Carolina has 1,500 Christmastree growers with nearly 50 million Fraser FirChristmas trees on over 35,000 acres. (ChrisKeane/Reuters) #
  21. 21. 21Joe Balku, whodonated thetree, drives astake into theRockefellerCenter Christmastree beforeworkers stood itup on November14, 2012 in NewYork City. Thetree, an 80-yearold NorwaySpruce, weighsapproximately 10tons andmeasures 80 feettall. (JohnMoore/GettyImages) #
  22. 22. 22 Marching band members attend the 2012 Hollywood ChristmasParade in Los Angeles onNovember 25, 2012. (PhilMcCarten/Re uters) #
  23. 23. 23A believer visits the Church ofthe Nativity, the site reveredas the birthplace of Jesus, atthe beginning of theChristmas season in the WestBank city of Bethlehem onNovember 24, 2012. (MarkoDjurica/Reuters) #
  24. 24. 24A child looksat a christmas-themed shopdisplay onNovember 28,2012, in Paris.(JoelSaget/AFP/Getty Images) #
  25. 25. 25Carly Serepettichecks out thedecoratedChristmas treeson display inDearborn, Mich. onNovember25, 2012.(DavidGuralnick/DetroitNews/Associated Press) #
  26. 26. 26A woman poses for aphotograph at a LegoChristmas attraction set upoutside a shopping mall inHong Kong on November22, 2012. (AnthonyWallace/AFP/GettyImages) #
  27. 27. 27A girl touches aChristmas treemade out ofover 2000 glassbaubles on themain street ofValletta, Maltaon November28, 2012. (DarrinZammitLupi/Reuters) #
  28. 28. 28An employee places a newlypainted glass Christmas andNew Year decoration in adrying rack at the "Biryusinka"toy factory in Russias Siberiancity of Krasnoyarsk onNovember 27, 2012. Thefactory, founded in 1942,produces decorative glassspheres, which can be foundon Christmas trees all overthe country and in MoscowsKremlin in particular, duringthe festive season. (IlyaNaymushin/Reuters) #
  29. 29. 29Artists join in a show atStrasbourgs Christmasmarket, one of the largestand oldest FrenchChristmas markets, onNovember 24, 2012 inStrasbourg, France. Withover 300 market chalets,Strasbourg attracts over1.6 million visitors duringthe Christmas season.(Patrick Hertzog/AFP/GettyImages) #
  30. 30. 30A Japanese womandressed as a reindeerposes for a picturebefore the start of theSanta Claus WinterGames in Gallivare,above the polar circlein northern Sweden onNovember 17, 2012.Santas from all overthe world gather forthe games. (JonathanNackstrand/AFP/Getty Images) #
  31. 31. 31A postal employee dressed as Santa Clausdisplays letters as he poses for the opening dayof the Santa Claus secretariat in Libourne postoffice in France on November 6, 2012. Since1962, they have operated as one of the postaladdresses for mail sent to Santa Claus writtenby children from 160 countries. 1,400,000 lettersand 180,000 emails have received repliesduring the 2011 Christmas holiday season.(Regis Duvignau/Reuters) #
  32. 32. 32 A Christmas teddy bear iswheeled on a trolley at theSteiff stuffed toy factory on November 23, 2012 in Giengen an der Brenz, Germany. Founded by seamstress Margarethe Steiff in 1880, Steiff hasbeen making stuffed teddy bears since the early 20th century ever since her nephew Richard Steiff exhibited the first commercially produced teddy bear in Europe in 1903. (Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images) #
  33. 33. 33Children run insidea pinata store inManagua onNovember 12,2012. Thegovernment willdistribute 250,000pinatas to familiesacross the countryas part ofChristmascelebrations(OswaldoRivas/Reuters) #
  34. 34. 34Chatsworth staffmember RosieHodgkinson appearsas Cinderella in thepainted hall ofChatsworth as thestately homesChristmas events getunderway onNovember 6, 2012 inChatsworth, England.(ChristopherFurlong/GettyImages) #
  35. 35. 35Spectators look upat the stage atMacys HeraldSquare ChristmasWindow Unveilingon November15, 2012 in NewYork. (JohnMinchillo/AP Imagesfor Macy’s) #
  36. 36. 36A chocolateSanta Clauswaits in adisplaywindow of aboutique onNovember 11,2012 inMunich. (PeterKneffel//AFP/GettyImages) #
  37. 37. 37Workers prepare atray of traditionalfrutas escarchadaat the PecesMazapanes bakeryon November 28,2012 in Consuegra,Spain. The companyopens annuallyduring the threemonths leading upto Christmas, hiring32 workers toproduce traditionalSpanish Christmascakes calledMazapanes. (DenisDoyle/GettyImages) #
  38. 38. 38 Adam Briere filled his cart with gifts for his children in a department store duringBlack Friday at amall in Braintree, Mass. on November 23, 2012. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)#
  39. 39. 39 A man kisses a woman as they look in the window of a jewelery shop on New Bond Street on November 26, 2012 in London. Shoppers spent an estimated £100m in the capitals West End over the weekend as Christmas approaches. (Oli Scarff/GettyBiên tập PPS: Images)#