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  • 1. By Vince Gryscavage
  • 2.
    • The website Digg is a news/content aggregate that draws it’s information and stories from all over the Web.
  • 3. Digg Founder
    • Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg.
    • He launched the web site to the world in December of 2004 and it has only grown since.
    • Rose still regularly makes changes to the layout of the site and updates it.
  • 4. Purpose and Content
    • Digg is meant to be a site that allows visitors to see top submissions quickly and efficiently.
    • It collects its content from all over the web and it’s submissions range from serious political stories to internet memes and humorous pictures.
  • 5. Uses for Digg
    • Digg can be used effectively as a tool for learning and awareness. It often finds breaking news stories just as the media picks them up if not sooner. This contributes to awareness of serious issues in today’s web savvy generation.
  • 6. How is Digg Web 2.0?
    • Digg is a form of communication through the sharing of relevant content that is generally pleasing or popular and spread by the users. It is also easily viewable and accessible to non registered viewers, making it a whole new medium to get news and articles. It is a way of sharing information by popular vote.
  • 7. Similar Sites
    • Both and are very similar to Digg in that both rely on user submitted content to keep the site interesting and new.
  • 8. Research
    • reports that the success of Digg is because it came at the right time.
    • Today’s generation is very mistrustful of the media and Digg provides a way to view stories as they are and make the choices on how you view it yourself.
  • 9. Pros & Cons
    • Digg is a reliable site for fast news and content
    • Updated frequently, always new stories
    • Lively userbase that is always commenting and submitting.
    • Some say the site is influenced by users who use their popularity to ensure what gets to the front page and noticed.
  • 10. Conclusion
    • Digg is a product of the new Web 2.0 era.
    • It embodies the spirit and definition of Web 2.0 perfectly, showing how today’s generation gets their news and entertainment in a self sufficient accessible way.