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Participation of European citizens …

Participation of European citizens
in the construction of the European Union’s future

Summary report, May 2009
Ville Tapio, Fountain Park Ltd
+358 40 5909385

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  • 1. Participation of European citizens in the construction of the European Union’s future Summary report, May 2009 Funded by Initiative by Implementation by European Parliament Centre for European Studies Fountain Park Ltd
  • 2. is an initiative of the Centre for European Studies, implemented by the Fountain Park Ltd and funded by the European Parliament. Centre for European Studies Rue du Commerce 10 Brussels, B-1000 Tel: +32-2-2854149 Fax: +32-2-2854141 Fountain Park Ltd Hämeentie 153 B 00560 Helsinki Tel: +358 10 424 3000 Fax: +358 10 424 3001 This publication may be reproduced and distributed freely and can be downloaded from: Content starting from the page 9 is unedited input produced by the participants of initiative. 2
  • 3. Contents Introduction.......................................................................................................... 5 Summary ............................................................................................................ 7 Proposals ............................................................................................................ 9 English............................................................................................................... 10 Economy and work ................................................................................. 10 Environment ............................................................................................ 80 Education .............................................................................................. 133 Law and regulations .............................................................................. 175 European integration............................................................................. 210 Social and health care .......................................................................... 243 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 271 Energy................................................................................................... 298 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 322 Peace and order ................................................................................... 341 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 358 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 375 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 387 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 399 French ............................................................................................................. 409 Economy and work ............................................................................... 409 Environment .......................................................................................... 423 Education .............................................................................................. 431 Law and better regulations.................................................................... 438 European integration............................................................................. 443 Social and health care .......................................................................... 452 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 457 Energy................................................................................................... 463 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 465 Peace and order ................................................................................... 469 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 470 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 472 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 474 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 476 German ........................................................................................................... 481 Economy and work ............................................................................... 481 Environment .......................................................................................... 488 Education .............................................................................................. 493 Law and better regulations.................................................................... 498 European integration............................................................................. 502 Social and health care .......................................................................... 506 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 508 Energy................................................................................................... 512 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 513 Peace and order ................................................................................... 515 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 518 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 518 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 520 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 521 3
  • 4. Spanish ........................................................................................................... 524 Economy and work ............................................................................... 524 Environment .......................................................................................... 546 Education .............................................................................................. 552 Law and better regulations.................................................................... 565 European integration............................................................................. 571 Social and health care .......................................................................... 578 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 585 Energy................................................................................................... 590 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 592 Peace and order ................................................................................... 594 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 595 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 598 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 599 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 600 Italian ............................................................................................................... 602 Economy and work ............................................................................... 602 Environment .......................................................................................... 640 Education .............................................................................................. 663 Law and better regulations.................................................................... 675 European integration............................................................................. 687 Social and health care .......................................................................... 699 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 705 Energy................................................................................................... 718 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 740 Peace and order ................................................................................... 745 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 749 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 754 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 760 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 762 Polish............................................................................................................... 767 Economy and work ............................................................................... 767 Environment .......................................................................................... 770 Education .............................................................................................. 772 Law and better regulations.................................................................... 774 European integration............................................................................. 777 Social and health care .......................................................................... 778 Religion, culture and values .................................................................. 779 Energy................................................................................................... 781 Finance and taxes................................................................................. 782 Peace and order ................................................................................... 783 Migration and immigration..................................................................... 783 Traffic and transportation ...................................................................... 783 Foreign policy........................................................................................ 783 Food and agriculture ............................................................................. 784 4
  • 5. Introduction The Centre for European Studies’ survey was an innovative web- based platform which invited European citizens to participate in the political decision-formation process. This pioneer initiative was personally endorsed by José Manuel Durão Barroso. It was the latest in a line of initiatives by the Centre for European Studies (CES), the official think thank of the European People’s Party, aimed at bringing policy-making to the citizens by stimulating debate from the ground-up, proposing new ideas and providing a base for centre right political research. sought to engage European citizens with the question: “What areas affecting your daily life should the EU focus its energies on?” Participants named and discussed issues which really matter to them. Subsequently, participants were given the opportunity to see what issues other participants had specified thus enabling them to evaluate these issues according to their own priorities. Lastly, the survey allowed the participants to add further issues triggered in their minds by the exercise. The data is particularly valuable as it highlighted both individuals’ queries and group queries in quantifiable cross-sections of society. Participants were able to read and evaluate each others' proposals 5
  • 6. The Tell Barroso Facebook group has already more than 1000 members By stimulating extensive interest on numerous website and media , CES achieved both staggering participation as well as stimulating side discussions on the wider web. The format used for encouraged wider debate in the blogosphere, as well as within online social communities, proving that Europeans do believe in the EU project and are willing to engage if presented with the proper approach and are given the right tools. The outcome of the web survey is presented in this report. Participation was high. With 150,260 participants, 11,529 proposals, 119,503 proposal evaluations and 557,438 proposal views European citizens spoke to Mr. Barroso. One canny, anonymous participant stated: “I have the strong feeling that young people do not know much about Europe. There is a huge gap between the EU institutions and its citizens, even in Brussels where I live! EU is sexy and it must be said, there is a need for more events close to the citizens. This initiative is a good start!” – An anonymous participant praised the Project. On 12th May 2009 ten participants of the web survey, who were selected at random, were invited to come to Brussels to present and discuss the findings with Mr. Barroso. has provided excellent feedback. It is hoped that this platform will inaugurate a series of new initiatives led by CES, bridging the gap between EU politics and European citizens. 6
  • 7. Summary Participants made more than 11 000 proposals about how the European Union could improve their lives and evaluated the importance of each others' proposals over 110 000 times. Individual proposals were classified into 14 main themes. The following bubble graph represents a three dimensional summary of the results. The larger the bubble, the more proposals relate to the theme. The higher the bubble, the more important the participants have ranked the proposals related to them, and the more to the right it is located, the more disagreement about the proposals’ importance there has been. + Importance – – Disagreement + Participants made most proposals about economy, work and environment. Energy, environment and education were considered the most important themes. Migration and immigration were not much referred to and were considered the least relevant of the 14 themes, but their importance caused most disagreement between the participants. 7
  • 8. The following bar graph is a two-dimensional representation of the amount of proposals made and of how important participants averagely considered the proposals. 60 65 70 75 80 Economy and work Environment Education Law and better regulations European integration Religion, culture and values Energy Importance Social and health care Amount Finance and taxes Peace and order Traffic and transportation Migration and immigration Food and agriculture Foreign policy 0 % 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % It is significant that the amounts of proposals made does not directly correlate with the evaluations of importance. Participants made most proposals about economy and work, but evaluated proposals related to energy, environment, education and social and health services as more important than the most discussed themes. 8
  • 9. Proposals This project was carried out in accordance with the Centre for European Studies’ pillar values. Its efforts have been directed towards creating an open, non-partisan, transparent platform, the results of which will be available fully and with no restrictions to all EU citizens. Following this central goal, the full version of this report with the authentic proposals made by the participants can be downloaded from the Centre for European Studies web site: Proposals are classified into following 14 themes: theme: proposals related to: Economy and work: enterprises, jobs, research, trade, etc. Environment: climate, seas, pollution, waste, ecology, etc. Education: schools, universities, studying, students, etc. Law and better regulations: legislation, regulations, rights, etc. European integration: harmonization, unity, mobility, EU citizenship, etc. Social and health care: welfare, social security, families, senior citizens, etc. Religion, culture and values: European identity, languages, civil liberties, arts, etc. Energy: energy security, sources, consumption, fuels, etc. Finance and taxes: monetary system, taxation, banking, subsidies, etc. Peace and order: defence, terrorism, crime, border control, etc. Migration and immigration: EU’s external and internal immigration. Traffic and transportation: transport of both goods and people, roads, railways, etc. Foreign policy: relations with Russia, USA, Turkey, China, Africa etc. Food and agriculture: food safety, production, prices, subsidy policy, etc. 9
  • 10. English Economy and work 1. Unemployment (importance: 99%, disagreement: 0, evaluations: 1) EU is one of the richest organisations in the whole world and still finding a job is a hard thing.EU should spare more money and effort on that instead of financing foreign states that may be EU-members in the future. 2. Employment, social security, barriers to the 4 freedoms (importance: 96%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 3) I consider that the EU has to improve the way the Member States react to the mobility of other Member States' citizens. Legal and administartive procedures are not to be eliminated or limited but banned. A coordination (real one) in terms of emplyment and social security is compulsory if we want the people able to move in Europe which will be vital for the cohesion of the European population. 3. employment, health, environment education justice solidarity (importance: 96%, disagreement: 3, evaluations: 2) The creation of the right climate that generates jobs for all sectors of society. More funding of research into diseases and health conditions and the provision of reasonably priced medicine to all consumers - making expensive medication for serious illness accessable to all. Safeguarding all environments - they should be common heritage to one united Europe. Commission should ensure that environmental measure are being implemented in all Member States. Education accessible to all. The Media should reflect reality without manipulatint it for sensationalism. Equal Justice for all and sundry. Why, for instance, have all the CEOs who have squandered the money of their clients not been properly penalised? Why should they enjoy the revenues they accumulated out of the bad deals they made with people who trusted their savings with them. They should be stripped of all their Property not re-instated into financial institutions. Finally real solidarity with countries like mine, which are carrying the all the burden of illegal immigration. After all if European Media did not portray such a fairytale picture of Europe - making it out to be a paradise on earth - these immigrants would not want to leave their land to reach the continent. They are only forced to stop on Malta when they encounter difficulties - which is all the time. Show them the real picture of Europe - not just it's successes - not just its successful people - but also the thousands that live on the streets. 4. mobility, security, economy (importance: 96%, disagreement: 3, evaluations: 4) Eu should consdier 5. Employment (importance: 94%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 3) In this difficult moment there is the risk that many students will come out from different institutes and even high-level universities without the chance to see the results of years of efforts. 6. economy,ecology, education, (importance: 94%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 6) 7. Employment (importance: 93%, disagreement: 5, evaluations: 9) Employer do not respect and do not obey to law for employment, but due to fear of losing job, employees can't do anything and are left to deal with this issue by themselfs. There are very slim chances to find decent part time job for student. Actually, not decent, any part time job. 8. education, employment, health, sustainable developement (importance: 93%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 2) 9. Education and innovation (importance: 92%, disagreement: 7, evaluations: 7) Europe's future is the brains of its people. Only well educated people can provide us with the innovations needed to keep or improve our economic and social situation, and to make Europe stay competitive in a globalised world. 10
  • 11. 10. Education, Health, Enviroment, Transportation, Economy (importance: 92%, disagreement: 3, evaluations: 3) Education : More funds, better electronic equipment, improved facilities for sports and art education Health: More Hospitals, especially Emergency Rooms, better equipment and more research for cancer, aids Enviroment : European Union immediately start using clean energy from new technologies like geothermal,wind and solar.Start making huge fines to the countries that dont comply with new enviromental rules and the use of clean energy technology, so that big energy companies should be forced to change their polluting policy. Transportation: Finance the transition of gasoline-vehicles to electric or other technology that dont pollute the enviroment. Make use of the Maglev technology trains in the EU.Mass transportation is never enough. We need more subway routes and more natural gas busses and better roads (especially in Greece!) Economy: Unemployment and low fees are the worst problem in my country. Prices and inflation too. Young people and elder people in pension, can't make a living with a goverment that supports more the corporations and rich people than the poor.Eu should make more social care policy for the majority of its citizens that are below income standards. 11. Employment, Climate Change, BiodivQuality of Live, Education (importance: 92%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 11) Employment as diverse orportunities that values the individual and its creativity; that isn't based in multinationals and globalization but rather values the identity & culture. Climate change should really be a bigger priority, as all the ballance of life (already fragilised by over-exploitation and area degradation) depends on it. Chance to move to a greener economy, in terms of energy, life-style and resources (reducing the imapcts of our actions). 12. Economic Crisis. (importance: 91%, disagreement: 3, evaluations: 2) 1.What the European Commission did to prevent it? 2.What kind of regulation regarding the Banking system has put in place? 3.Please inform me of the documents that the EU commission has issue to warn member states, or to guide them against risky banking practices PRIOR TO THE CRISIS? 13. Job (importance: 91%, disagreement: 7, evaluations: 2) Every eu citizen need a job 14. Economical and financial problems. Environment (importance: 91%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 7) The economical and financial problems hit all Europeans and I think only strong cooperation between EU- members can make a difference. The use of green energy and a focus to the environment may be a way to create new jobs and a new important sector. 15. Security both economic, social and national. (importance: 90%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 3) 16. open thw world market on a real fair base- not only EU (importance: 90%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 3) we see what comes out if money rule the world. stop the huge companies! force makro credits give the whole world a change- the ballance must be right 17. jobs (importance: 90%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 10) 18. provide a vision for Europe, education, economy (importance: 90%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 4) Unless we share a common Vision for Europe, we'll never be a real Union. What is the purpose, the reason of the existence of EU, what Europe will look like when the purpose is fulfilled? What will be different and how different. If the EU is to become, it should have a culture with a shared core and visible boundaries. Between the two, the core and the boundaries, individual nations should have room to live their heritage culture. This requires educated people, adults who understand that life is about serving and not being served. The economy is on fire now, so we've better extinguish it to ensure we have a future worth living. 19. Ethical business (importance: 90%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 12) Laws need to put people, not profit first. 20. encouraging science and innovation (importance: 90%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 14) It is critical that Europe creates more employment opportunities by pushing for a true knowledge and bio- based economy. But all funding for research should lead to development of new products - this is the only way for Europe to keep dsome competitive advantage over Asia and keep jobs in Europe. Use of bio-fuels, agriculture biotechnology (GMO's) and industrial biotechnology are very clear and concrete exemples that should be strongly backed by European commission that should pay much less attention to the minority of anti's biotech groups who don't bring anything positive to Europe, only critics... 21. EU wide energy markets (importance: 90%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 8) The EU should link up the gas grids of member states to allow a gas market to develop, to harmonise gas prices for the consumer and make individual countries less dependent on a single source. 11
  • 12. 22. increase of salaries for a balance in the EU (importance: 90%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 10) 23. economic crisis (importance: 90%, disagreement: 7, evaluations: 4) 24. economy (importance: 90%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 2) 25. Job Market (importance: 90%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 14) The need for labour market mobility increases as the economy shrinks, it must be preserved it is dangerous to let Member States begin placeing restrictions on the Labour Market. 26. employment probem of the new graduates (importance: 89%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 14) Young people newly graduated from universities or professional high schools start a life unemployed or employed with lower salaries than deserved. They are not preferred since they have a very limited working experience and job opportunities are too far from being enough anyway. There should be some incentives for employers to recruit young people apart from the cheap labour force. This is an exploitation of the youth, and I think, a violation of human rights. 27. more chances for job (importance: 89%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 5) 28. Appropriate technology transfer for developing countries (importance: 89%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 7) Solar cookers, GSMs and mobile Internet via satellite, water purification systems, etc. 29. economical situation (importance: 89%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 13) crisis must be won with joint efforts 30. Student benefits. Unemployment. Public transport. (importance: 89%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 3) Student do not get proper benefits, if a student wants really to focus on studies, the grants should be at least triple than they are now. No student can manage with everyday life (food, transport, clothing) without going to work besides studies. That influences the results of studying badly. As here the economical situation is pretty bad. There are awful lots of people without job. Public transport is always crowded by old people. Those who bought the ticket cannot sit anywhere. Maybe some other way of transport should be given them. 31. Economy, healthcare, culture, education. (importance: 89%, disagreement: 4, evaluations: 6) Jobs, increased gross income (less money from me to energy, rent, paying debts etc.), better healthcare as in sensible treatment, listening to the patient, modern healthcare from the top to the bottom, more cultural events ranging from local interests to pan-european events. Giving the universities better ways of introducing their intellectual wealth. 32. Economy (importance: 89%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 11) Creating new companies, under the purposes of the EU, would be a goot idea of giving the ability to many EU citizens to get a job. These companies could be all about financial aid, hospitals, schools, college facilities and so on 33. education,health,economy,enviromment,energy (importance: 89%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 11) regenerate of education and health.Organize economy,save enviromment,find new sources for the energy problem.In my country nothing of all that are in the priorities of the goverment and i never heard serious suggestions.I hope EU press the govermment for all that. 34. unemployment (importance: 89%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 3) 35. More democracy in business (importance: 89%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 3) - People are disengaging from the market economy; to get them engaged, we need new possibilities for more people to engage with the markets, and not only as customers; - We need a European Framework for enterprises run in a different way, which allows more people to engage, e.g. cooperatives, co-determiniation, foundation enterprises, enterprises run not for profit, public or semi-public enterprises, enterprises run by consumers or unions, churches, etc. 36. jobs (importance: 89%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 15) 12
  • 13. 37. The EU should be an economic cooperation. (importance: 89%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 7) The EU should be an economic cooperation, not a political entity. Well, at least not to the inside, perhaps to the outer world. But the EU having the power to force all kinds of laws on its members is antidemocratic. The power moves away from the people to a level where we live in a Europe where for example Fins, Austrians and Portugese have more to say about how things should happen in for example Belgium, Ireland or Italy. Europe never was and never will be a single entity, Europe is diverse, a diversity we should cherish. A EU with too much political power leads to a Europe where people can't live in the way they desire themselves. That Europeans vote no on the so-called EU-bill is not per se a message they don't agree with it but a clear signal that they don't want the EU as their supreme government. Most people don't even care about the European elections anyways, most of the time they will just vote for the same parties they vote for in any other elections. The growing power of the EU government will only cause more unrest and opposition against the EU and will result in a rise of extreme right nationalist and populist parties because the current establishment fails these people. In the old member states support for the EU is falling freely in all corners of society. The EU should be reduced to an economic board and a gathering of national leaders and political figures to discuss certain items but the EU should hold no real power whatsoever. Don't go where Hitler went. 38. Economy, corruption, equality, unity. (importance: 89%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 4) E.U. is a union and as such it should work in order to achieve unity among its members. I think that unity can be achieved under a state of same obligations and same rights. I don't believe that E.U. should "give away" privilleges to the weak (because that would be unfair for the stronger counterparts). Perhaps giving a chance to the ones that deserve them ragardless the nationality (that is the key-word). Deal with your citizens directly. 39. Jobs (importance: 88%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 19) People need work. 40. economy (importance: 88%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 9) The numbers are not saying always the truth. It is good to have "happy" numbers but i better to have happy citizens 41. economy (importance: 88%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 9) 42. education, health, economy, enviroment, energy (importance: 88%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 9) regenerate of education and health.Organize economy,save enviromment,find new sources for the energy problem.In my country nothing of all that are in the priorities of the goverment and i never heard serious suggestions.I hope EU press the govermment for all that. 43. Environment / climate change / economic refunding plan (importance: 88%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 10) I think the only way to save the planet and our economic system is to create a green revolution. This change funded on technology innovation, sustainability, and massive public expenses can only be made at the EU scale to be effective. 44. Status in Research and Development of innovative products (importance: 88%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 7) EU should invest more funds in Research and Development, especially in the fields of Nanotechnology, Polymer Science and Green Chemistry. 45. Improve the support for european research. (importance: 88%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 15) Create more research programs that bring together the best of european academia and industry to help in developing the cientific output generated every year, both in terms of quantities, but also quality. 46. highly educated, still unemployed (importance: 88%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 9) i am a 25 year old dutch male with a turkish background. i am highly educated (university AND masters degree). i still cannot get a job anywhere... from the european commission to the private sector, i am constantly rejected... this is very tiresome! 47. Common market (importance: 88%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 20) Common market is working, but as not well as it should! Europe should focus on that. 13
  • 14. 48. UNEMPLOYMENT,FINANCIAL CRISIS,ENVIRONMENT,INTER-EU EMPLOYMEN (importance: 88%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) THOUGH SEEMINGLY THE INTER-EUROPEAN BORDERS SEEM TO HAVE FALLEN YEARS AGO, THERE STILL SEEMS TO EXIST SERIOUS BARRIERS AS REGARDS TO THE FREE MOVEMENT OF HUMANS, IN TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT. THERE IS LITTLE POSSIBILITY FOR A GREEK PROFESSIONAL HAVING COMPLETED HIS STUDIES IN HIS HOME COUNTRY TO WORK IN GRAIT BRITAIN FOR INSTANCE. COMPANIES WILL PREFER SOMEONE WHO HAS COMPLETED HIS STUDIES AT THE "DESTINATION COUNTRY". FOR WHICH FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT WE SPEAK? I RUN INTO A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE RECENTLY WHICH MENTIONED DATA ABOUT THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS' DELEGATES SALARIES. I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT THESE PROFESSIONAL MUST FORM THE "ELITE" AND MUST BE REWARDED ACCORDINGLY? BUT HAVE YOU REALIZED THAT WHOLE EUROPE IS A "BOLING CALDRON"? I BELIEVE EVERYBODY AT THIS DIFFICULT STAGE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, MUST DEMONSTRATE THE PROPER REASONABLENESS AND ESPECIALLY NOT TO BE EVOCABLE. REMEMBER: ALL SEVERE REVOLUTIONS IN HISTORY WERE INITIATED BY SIMILAR CRISIS. LET US NOT BE SUPPRESSIVE BUT PRECAUTIONARY. LET EUROPE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE FOR A CHANGE!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST. WE EUROPEAN CITIZENS DEPEND LARGELY ON YOUR MEASURES TO GET OVER THIS CRISIS. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IF ONE FALLS, EVERYBODY FALLS. OTHERWISE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "EUROPEAN UNION" KIND REGARDS, DIMITRA PANAGOPOULOU 49. Secundary knowledge structure for a participative economy (importance: 88%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 6) The primary knowledge structure: universities, government and corporate think tanks are not enough and don't promote bottom-up activities. Using the power of the Internet, local communities can organize in telecommunities and peace houses - ref. with a combination of white collar jobs and jobs for eco-farmers, lowly skilled people. In these telecommunity centers (or Peace Houses) people obtain informal training, get support and can network in enriching ways. 50. health care, employment, education, security and justice (importance: 87%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 7) It is not common sence that the words: health, employment, education, security and justice automatically are turned into reallity when spoken in some countries. Some of them are a part of the EU. I come to wonder why there has been an agency, which would send its employees to live in the "problematic" countries in order to assemble a report of what is trully going on to those countries. Local politicians have their way in turning facts and numbers in order to present to the EU a differen reality than the one the citizents in those countries have to deal with. It is your duty as EU officials and it is our complain as mistreated EU citizents to put an end to the street-wise politicians of some countries, who are misusing the EU money and are joking at the expense of the habitants in their. 51. ECONOMY, ENERGY, SECURITY (importance: 87%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 10) 52. good education, proper work, stable economic situation (importance: 87%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 10) I think that in the times of the inancial crisis it is extremely important to have people with 'proper' abilities and specialised education to be able to face current problems and help EU combat with them. In this regard, there should be more subsidies and more support provided to the young generation to give the ambitious young men and women an opportunity to further study and develop relevant skills as well as exchange good practicies. This in its turn will battle the problem of offer-demand that many companies now have and thus, will ensure the creation of the EU 'task force', a new generation of employees ready to take over the most challenging tasks for the well-being of the European Union. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a good start! 53. energy, immigration, trade, law, R&D, police (importance: 87%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 3) Energy, develope one European energy vision with a mix of coal, wind, sun, bio, fusion an nuclear energy Immigration, develope one immigration vision on immigration workers and asylum seekers Trade, make trade easier and force GB, SE and DK to join the euro More R&D, police, law and army cooperation. No strassbourg and Brussel as main capitals of Europa! 54. the economy (importance: 87%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 6) The world economy is basically falling apart but the EU don't seem to have any sort of plan that unites all the countries together to deal with the problems head on. If the EU were to all work together on a plan that doesn't involve simply pouring a load of money that nations don't have into the banks - this very clearly hasn't work at all. By the nations simply pouring money in they were having to take out loans - this was one of the reasons for the recession in that everyone was spending money they didn't have. Those in charge of nations need to set an example to the people of their nation that it is possible to do things with their own money. 14
  • 15. 55. economy, poverty, social dimension, energy/climate change (importance: 87%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 12) 56. social security - employment - education - renewable energy (importance: 87%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 15) Europe should encourage and help memberstates to provide an elaborate social security network for all of her inhabitants. Europe should stimulate initiatives to improve quality and availability of education for all of her inhabitants, young and old. Europe should stimulate economy and help create room for new jobs. Europe should invest in renewable energy and stimulate development of economicaly viable standards as alternative to e.g. petrol-driven cars. 57. Economy, Security, Environment. (importance: 87%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 9) 58. climate, sustainable development, economy (importance: 87%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 12) the crisis is a chance to change our economy in a sustainble way; less car industry more research and develpment, money for climate change and renewable energy, no nuclear power, no gmo´s, fighting poverty in the ms and abroad 59. Invest in me when I am young. (importance: 87%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 15) Give me an education that fits my talents and enables me to make money and be happy in life. 60. Economy, higher education, security, environment (importance: 87%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 11) Economy and Europe's competitiveness will decide Europe's place in the world during the next decades, answering the challenge posed by BRIC and other developing countries is one Europe's priorities. This should include economic package for the Eastern Europe to prevent a neo-divided Europe; focusing resources on education and universities, completing the internal markets by creating a truly open energy market in Europe and using innovations in becoming a leader in "green economy" and creating new "green-collar" jobs. 61. Invest in the European Research Area (importance: 87%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 9) The EU's future is in knowledge, not agriculture. Swap the budgets around and look ahead, not behind. 62. unemployment, unemployment, unemployment (importance: 87%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 14) 63. business opportunity, free market (importance: 87%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 5) 64. enviroment, the current economic climate (importance: 87%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 2) Theres needs to be action taken at a European level on the enviroment, not nessecarily in the form of carbon tax, but through investing in renewable energy and alterative fuel sources. Nuclear power is not the answer and the Lisbon treaty does not set a agenda for tackling this. The EU should also give assistance to countries suffering under the current economic climate, workers rights must be defended and must come before profit. There should be disincentives to stop companies laying people off and free training to upskill workers who have been laid off. 65. Employment (importance: 86%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 15) The EU should create more opportunities to work in a foreign country. More information on how (procedure, rules of application) to apply for a job in a different country. 66. Environment, clean technologies (importance: 86%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 11) I am very worried about our planet and I wish the EU would take serious action in developing new clean technologies for Europe and the world. This would be a wonderful way of combining competitiveness and innovation to an alarming need for better use of our resources on the planet. 67. The development of new industry and services (importance: 86%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) With new global economies like the BRIC countries gaining ever more power, even within international organisations such as the UN and the IMF, Europe should focus on the development of new industry and services revolving the new 'green' way of life, because it is here that the west has a comparative advantage (in terms of knowledge as well as in terms of consumer interest). This can also help older industries such as the threatened European automobile sector. 68. Stable and common economy (importance: 86%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 16) Some countries must work harder to acheive at least a fraction of good beeing that others have. So let EU promote and support all good activities, like infracstructurial projects, recreation, education in each and every EU country.. 69. Unemployment (importance: 86%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 8) I have been finding it very hard to find a job at my profession. I am a Forensic psychologist with studies abroad which are not even recognised by the Greek authorities. It is a useful profession and the need for it in Greece is big. 15
  • 16. 70. The EU should focus on education and research. (importance: 86%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 2) Education and research are the basis of progress. Individual countries tend not to be reliable, like Italy where researchers are hired purely because of nepotisms and universities are controlled by a oligarchy of ancient pipsqueaks. I think the key is promoting more mobility among researchers of many universities in all countries, more exchange of ideas and workforce. All energy and environmental problems would benefit and new technologies are known to create more jobs. 71. Innovation and making the EU more competitive (importance: 86%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 10) We hear a lot of talk about making the EU the most competitive actor in the world. And we hear a lot of talk about enterprise and innovation in the USA and how the EU is far behind in terms of investment. No doubt the EU should invest more. But I fear that the EU wishes to copy the US model. The EU has itw own growth model, based on a more equitable and just vision of society. Although research should aim for excellence, I nonetheless believe there is room for a multi-centred approach to competitiveness. So, the EU should encourage pockets of innovation and research in all parts of the terriotry. 72. education, environment, research and development (importance: 86%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 7) 73. removing trade barriers (importance: 86%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 6) 74. Economy (importance: 86%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 10) 75. The internal market and overall economic coordination (importance: 86%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 19) - The EU should deal with improving the internal market and its four freedoms. Important in my view are facilitating trade, the providing of services and the free movement of workers and capital. Also the movement of knowledge (researchers and students) should be stimulated. - Furthermore, the EU should coordinate the macro-economic policies of the member states. As fiscal and labour policies in the member states produce externalities for other countries, a common strategy should be devised. This means strengthening the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines, and, in the light of the current economic crisis, strenghtening financial supervision at the European level. 76. EQUAL OPPORTUNITES IN JOB FOR EUROPEANS.AND MONEY INCOME (importance: 86%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 5) IN GREECE THE MONTHLY LOWEST INCOME FOR A WORKER IS ABOUT 700 EURO IN FRANCE EXAMPLE... IS THE DOUBLE. A COFFIE IN GREECE COST 3 EURO IN FRANCE COST 3 EURO THE BALANCE IS DIFFERENT AND MUCH EXPENSIVE FOR THE GREEKS.MUST DO SOMETHING FOR THIS. 77. Innovation and R&D (importance: 86%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 4) I believe that each country needs to commit an x amount of energy and amount on R&D, innovation and lateral thinking. This is the only way to compete with other countries that are snatching manufacturing and textiles industries. 78. climate change, safe energy, transport, jobs (importance: 85%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 18) 79. Economy - crisis (importance: 85%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 5) As a matter of speaking, everyone who makes decisions on EU level should read about Adam Smith. Government interruption (quotas, max/min prices, subsidies, ...) sometimes creates more issues that will be solved by another government interruption, and so on. The free market solves itselfs !!! Only with urgent problems (i.e. like pollution) a government should intervene to speed up the free market process. In general, a government (i.e. like the EU) has an observing function. 1500 characters are of course not enough to explain the problems that this brings to our economy. We are so blind to see that governments sometimes cause more problems to solve one, or maybe we are affraid of what a free market might bring. People make people. When their are too many, people get depressed and suicides are increasing. This is nature solving the problem. This is life. Free economy does the same! 80. peace, education, economy (importance: 85%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 19) 81. employment and social protection system (importance: 85%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 7) better protection in unemployment and motherhood/faterhood, lower fees for education, more effective and free european health system, incentives for small companies, better transport systems, stimulate culture and culture-related jobs in southern europe 16
  • 17. 82. SECURITY - IMMIGRATION AND BORDER CONTROL - BUSINESS (importance: 85%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 11) The EU should have an integrated border control system to control the wave of illegal immigration into the EU. You must think that everything is connected. Illegal immigration have links with organized crime, it harms the security of good EU citizens and also put in disadvantage EU business. Think about it. Also, the EU should be more PRO - BUSINESS and less social. Everybody have the same opportunities in life, why some good earners have to support lazy people who do not want to work? 83. Health system, more jobs, stronger social policy (importance: 85%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 15) A more substantial health system, more jobs as there are a lot of unemployment people and a stronger social policy 84. Entrepreneural Aid, Greater Redistribution of Wealth (importance: 85%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 6) Legalese and Taxation Codes should be simplified for Entrepreneurs in Europe , Whilst more Aid grants given to them. In addition facilitation of resources and amenities across the European Community should be more transparent. Focus should be given to developing European Countries which would aid not only these Countries , but would also reduce the burden on the Developed European Countries, due to the reduced flow of immigration from Countries with less wealth. 85. science, research, education (importance: 85%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 14) 86. employment (importance: 85%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 15) 87. environment, energy, economy, really working together (importance: 85%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 16) Top priorities when the crisis will be behind us are, to me : 1/ finally make all countries work closer together and make it feel to citizens because we don't 2/ ressources management and environment should be on the top of the agenda, we can not allow ourselves to keep poluting as we do right now 88. economy and healthcare and the high prices of food (importance: 85%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 2) it s important to create more an more jops and not let the big store sell the food so expensive, because for example the farmers win just less money but the big stores win millions of €uros and people who dont win so much money have to live hartly. Healthcare is a right of every person, but the prices becomes higher and higher 89. Unemployment, health care, economy, enviroment, Education (importance: 85%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 2) I leave in a Country where the most important thing is to go to the Univeristy and study and generally expand your knowledge and horizons. I got my degree and I keep on Master studies. The result is 2 years unemployed. There is no hope in finding a good job. I believe for sure there is no hope in finding a job in my aspect. We are the "no hope" generation. I have been tired of my parents paying for my rent.I have been tired of working as waiter just to make ends meet.The only thing i am wondering is which is the perfect country to move now. I don't care that I leave in a beautiful country with sun and nice people since i have no money to experience whatever this country offers me. I feel useless and the issue is that I didn't do anything bad in order to feel in that way. The politicians see us as numbers. I am a number, you are a number, all together we are many numbers. In this world the only thing that matters is who your dad is.If he has a lot of money and he owns a company, your future is stable.We don't need knowledge and degrees and experience. The only thing we need is good conections.We need to know the right person in the right position. In the past I was feeling strong and I was believing that I can change the world, with only condition my own will. Now I have realised that nobody wants from me to change the world.The only thing they want from me is not to disturb their nice nirvana. Yours sincerely, A member of "no hope" generation. 90. Stabilization of the European Economies (importance: 85%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 12) Due to the fact that I am going to finish my Master Studies this year the state of the European economies is of more and more importance for me. I will be looking for a job in due course and an economic turndown does not improve the chances for young people to find an adequate job. Thus the EU should focus on making Europe work closer together with the USA, Japan, China and India. It's not about stabilizing the financial markets, it's about overcomming protectionism in order to enable growth of the world economy again. 91. economic crisis (importance: 85%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 6) europe should come out stronger from this crisis. It will be clear suicide if EU doesn't succeed in working together through out this 92. economy (importance: 85%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 5) 17
  • 18. 93. Innovation and creativity (importance: 85%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 16) Europe is often called the Old World and, while cherishing the wonderful heritage of our continent, I believe the EU should take action towards making sure its people look more at the future than how they do now. I would like the EU to stimulate the creativity and innovation capabilities of its citizens, I would like the EU to make sure its citizens are allowed to dream and build their own future and are given the tools to do so in their societies. I would like people to think of the European Dream in even more positive terms than the American Dream. 94. Education and harmonising the policies for employment (importance: 85%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 8) This is indeed a crusial topic. 95. The greenest possible economy. (importance: 85%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 14) In every domain of our EU economy (from banking to architecture, from transport to services, etc), the greenest possible approach should get top priority. EU should stimulate this more with big incentives for positive action, as well as big fines for those entrepreneurs that are deaf and blind. 96. Unemployment (importance: 85%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 10) Dear Mr. Barroso My name is Aikaterini D. Pantoula and I'm a 26 year-old youth who faces the most important problem of all in her own family. In particular, my mother who comes from the most poor Prefecture of Europe that of Epirus cannot find a job. She's a primary school graduate and she was born in 10 August 1961. As you realize she's a socially secluded woman who can't support financially her family. Furthermore, as you already are aware of there is no social welfare here in Greece. As a result, I don't have the money to pursue my MA, though I've been accepted with scholarship at UU and RUN. I have Excellent grades and unfortunately my dream to pursue an Academic career will never become true. I work for 800 euro 136 hrs per month. Actually, I'm taken advantage of my services as every other youth in Greece. I'm desperate. My father suffers from heart AF and my granny with whom I sleep in the same room (in our 76 m^2 flat) suffers from Alzheimer. Why have you condemned us to these extenuating circumstances of living? My generation and I don't deserve it. We are condemned in poverty and employers' exploitation. Please, gives us the future we deserve, help us fulfill our dreams. We don't have voice to speak out and if we speak we will be fired the same time. You have done nothing for us and this is a grievance. Please, take measures for our generation, save us from this hell. Yours sincerely, Aikaterini D. Pantoula 97. Competitive EU industry (importance: 85%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 18) Europe needs a globally competitive industry. The EU needs an integrated strategy to keep its industries competitive. A competitive industry brings growth and jobs. 98. EU should focus on economic issues. (importance: 85%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 5) 99. employment for younger and older generations (importance: 85%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 6) Spain has inflexible employment policies not adaptable to the talented younger generation and the experienced older one. Tapping into this talent is only possible if employment laws were adjusted to modern day times. Far too long lunch breaks, and strict "redunancy" regulations from dictatorship days are detrimental to creativity and to work-life-balance environment. In days of office sharing, Spain lags behind in adjustment, ideas and flexibility. Target 1: Sift the wheat from the chaff - maintain efficiency with talent and experience Target 2: Happy employees are productive employees - give them flexible working hours and flexible work location convenient for younger parents and those with handicapped family members in need of care 100. Harmonisation of taxes on : employment, fiscal & VAT (importance: 85%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 8) Some markets are close to impossible to develop in belgium as a Business model that are possible in France or Germany is not rendable in Belgium. For example : e-commerce who the next competitor is just the next click away. 101. fair trade: let Europe be the first fair continent (importance: 84%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 13) Fair trade is in my opinion THE answer to fight poverty worldwide. It is a sign to the rest of the world: money doesn't rule in Europe but compassion and common sense. Why do we give so much money to Africa for example while, if we buy more from them, we can achieve more? 102. Research&development (importance: 84%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 20) With knowledge society coming up, the EU should focus on promoting research, science, and development. 103. employment and skills (importance: 84%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 10) Employment is always important for any of EU citizen, since it guarantees the quality of life as well as ensures - directly and indirectly - the support for EU polices. The skills development is of outmost importance in the today’s age of challenges and technologies, since it boosts the quality of human capital, following the slogan "The difficult I do today and the impossible might wait until tomorrow". 18
  • 19. 104. economic crisis (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 22) 105. Aid to third world countries. Investment and development (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 3) 106. job creation (importance: 84%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 15) The big "R". At the moment I'm concerned about the amount of reactionary measures that are being spoken about, surely proactive solutions would be better than what appears to be sticking a finger in the dike. If the governments want more income, then the way I see it, they could agressively create jobs by supporting enterprise. Swiftly introducing tax breaks for business' would create more jobs, thus the governments would gain more income through income tax, VAT and reducing the amount they pay for Social Welfare. 107. Unemployment (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 13) Chances are not equal for all within the EU. I believe there is much more to be done in that field. 108. Education, health care, work/ employment, capabilities (importance: 84%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 13) A good education that is available to all children and young high school graduates can be a key to upward mobility or the amelioration of one's environment, both mentally and financially. In the current crisis, it is not unthinkable that unemployment numbers will continue to rise. I believe that is up to local/national governments as well as up to the european institutions to challenge these developments and monitor them carefully. 109. economy, welfare, social, politic, (importance: 84%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 13) i think that EU may affect my country economicly, improving quality of life, and securing a good welfare. socially i think that EU would create a higher standart of society. and ofcourse politic: more stability. 110. Create more jobs (importance: 84%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 10) I think the most important thing i that "ordinary" people must see that teh EU work for their economy as well, not just the economic well beeing og businesses. Shift the slogan from "internal market" to "jobs for all is priority no 1 for the EU" (and this includes a healthy economy) 111. Environment, economic, social (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 16) Environment first of all. Without nature, we would have been nothing. Economic and social comes second, because we need to provide in our own human needs, but not at the disadvantage of the enivironment. 112. Innovation (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 18) Innovation is a number one issue, if Europe wants to remain competitive! 113. education and research (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 6) keep investing, make information free to all across eu 114. Economics (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 10) Capitalism doesn't work. Europe should be following real thinkers and not the leaders of some think tanks, paid indirectly by companies and private interests to promote capitalism, liberalism. This is leading us to more crisis. Never forget that a economy crisis is nothing compared to what people (real human beings) may suffer from loosing jobs, incomes, etc. EU should stop protecting richs, companies, international interests, etc. 115. economy, alternative forms of energy, gdp, environment (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 12) What can we do to protect efficiently the environment? Are the alternative forms of energy helping it or the outcome is a bigger disaster(like in U.S)? Is it relevant to our nation's economy? How will get over the economy crisis? Is there a plan or EU is just waiting from US to get it over? 116. Invest money in research, education, job market (importance: 84%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 17) Due to the crisis many people lose their jobs.These people have nothing to do with the cause of the economic crisis and they should not pay for it. I am one of them.Everyday I live with the fear that I may lose my job in the near future. I am afraid of my own futyre. What should be done is to invest money in research, education, on the job market, to maintain the job positions and create new ones.I do not agree with this idea that Europe should focus on the dept stability. Europe should do as the Americans do but not to that extent. Invest money in new areas so that when the crisis is over new things may rise.We should not be selfish... 117. New technology (importance: 84%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 8) In this finacial crises are very important to invent new techology better technology to resolve this problem and to also invent some new mwdical system 19
  • 20. 118. Unemployment (importance: 84%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 10) With the beginning of “economical crisis” a lot of companies started unemployment processes, even if there was no need. EU has to work on stronger on protections of employees and make more restrictions for the companies who are using global problems to benefit. 119. unemployment (importance: 84%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 8) I want to have a good job. But there is no work nowadays. I want to earn and spend money. Because having no money made me crazy. I am only 26 yeas old, and I have some wishes. But it is not possible to do what you want to do. I have lots of friends that they don't have jobs, too. We educate 16 years in our country and cannot get a good job. Because there is a hard exam as KPSS that we cannot get a good marks to be assigned to a work. I and my friends suffer from KPSS exam. Please have a good solution for unemployment for all the people around world. 120. employment and equal opportunities, internal market, climate (importance: 84%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 14) it is comforting to see that other respondents tend to have similar views, albeit with some differences in details etc. That looks like a clear roadmap to me 121. jobs (importance: 84%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) european benchmarking on job creation 122. climate andenergy policy, social policy, economy (importance: 84%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 13) 123. Ethical Responsibility of the Companies (importance: 84%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 5) For their own sake the Companies must change their own approach to the comunities they are inserted in. Information runs fast and the consumers will penalize the ones that fail to do so. The companies cannot afford anymore to consider the markets as resources to be exploited. As far as democracy prevails every consumer is as well a citizen. They will remind this, somehow, in the polls. 124. Economic government (importance: 84%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 9) For instance the EU should carry out the 'new deal' policy of sustaining the growth instead of the states and when it comes to know how to budget this we 'll have an harmonized tax policy and it will be the beginning of an Economic government as we have the currency and the central Bank. what will happen is the contrary: the EU will summon the states not making a deficit but as they can't do without it will lose its authority of a former age and the policy of the Commission will be given by the state's politicians to their Citizens as the main problem facing them . this is to lose any legitimacy in the future! 125. unemployment and immigration (importance: 84%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 4) how should the opening of the borders of EU affects unemployment in the EU countries with the non EU countries, and how open should they get with each other, especially now that more countries are added to EU. 126. social security, employment, R&D, education, helath care (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 21) 127. 1) Unemployment 2)racism 3)no social politics (importance: 84%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 12) Day by day the people in EU are loosing their jobs, EU seems to be week to help all these people, everything is about the rich people, about industry and the only thing that we see through our televisions is the great meetings of the European leaders in hotels of 5 and more stars, the luxury is all around them and at the same tme people in UK, in France, in Greece don't have 1 euro to buy milk for their family..I think that the EU has lost the meaning of his existence..All the people together, all the countries united as one....we don't see that in our days. we see different politic in Greece, different in France.. 128. Single market, education, freedom of movement, euro (importance: 84%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 8) 129. economy (importance: 84%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 5) this current 'crisis' should become 'the great reset'. don't use tax-payers money to save old industries and global companies who have been focussing on profit and shareholders for too long, ignoring their responsibilty to society. instead inject money in small, local, durable initiatives. reduce the amount of administration that comes with entrepreneurship and stimulate people to follow their true hearts passion. this, together with a continued support for innovation (but not just science and technology), would make a solid base for further growth. 20
  • 21. 130. Economical crisis (importance: 84%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 14) People are loosing jobs and fast, poverty is rising in every part of the world, on a daily basis companies have to let people go but at the same time get to hear from the governement that people don't want to work. Pretty hard to do when companies are closing the doors. And all of this at the same time that prices rise, renting a house gets more expensive and 75% of people are hanging on by a thread at the end of each month. 131. enviroment, economy (importance: 84%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 18) 132. Global warming, healthcare, progress, research. (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 27) I believe we have to care about the future of europeans meaning that new generations should take their own new challenges. Obviously global warning and ecological issue are on of them but we can add following the appearrance of the crisis, maintening the social welfare, investist in research and education, in science and new technologies (communication, space). 133. Economy (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 6) The EU should focus on the improvement of the economic/entrepreneurial environment of member countries so as to maintain a high standard of competitiveness and keep jobs from going East..!! Incentives, tax rebates, lower VAT rates and administrative costs, an educated, mobile and tech-savvy workforce, are few of the ways to keep the Asian tigers from taking our livelihoods from under our noses!!!! (must I elaborate more???) 134. trade policy with developing countries (importance: 84%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 2) It a shame that eu`s policy proclaim to open their markets.We are in position of power so we do our own rules concerning only to have profit and ever lasting poverty there because its better.Read social watch report to understand better your own policy. 135. education, health, unemployment (importance: 84%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 10) 136. Innovate! Innovate! Innovate! (importance: 84%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 18) Our most important resource are our people rather then the riches of the soil. But to leverage on that we need to stay ahead by being more innovative in all aspects of our lives: in sciences, technology but also political and ethical issues. What's needed for that is to maximize the flow of information and ideas within our continent. Regional competition should work positive, challenging, but not negative, by being protectionistic. We need a few focused campuses around Europe, where innovation can incubate and grow to challenge the other technology "valleys": Biotech, Human-oriented-Software, Green-automotive as a few ideas. Europe's leadership needs to champion this: create awareness, create consensus and implement with discipline, focus and dedication: working supra-national is needed for success. I believe Europe can do this! Frank 137. Full harmonisation of the Common market (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 15) One Market, one Currency, one system of customs, taxes and tariffs. As long as you can buy a bottle of Gordon Gin in Portugal for 5 euros less then in The Netherlands, there is no Common Market. 138. Employement opportunities in small areas (importance: 83%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 9) Belgium is doing quite well as for to social sector concerns. The big problem is the employement choice in small regions. Belgium is a small country and has huge concentration of work in big regions, the capital of course, causing the daily problem of the traffic jams which turns to pass a high bill to the enviroment. But what is the option left? Work opportunities outside the capital are very limited. On the other hand, the integration of people of different origin remains also a tricky area. The raising of the extremists groups is not making it easier. european societies seem to be creating the spaces for these group to grow slowly and quietly, they are gaining trust from the locals and the result is very discouraging for the foreigners who in the end sustain to a certain extende the economy. Not all of them are illegal and not many are a threat to society. Young people are the most exposed and the easy target for extreme and orthodox thinking. This forms a real danger which will burst only in a decade more, when they become the leaders, the voice, the chiefs, and the working power. Therefore, EU should also focus on the integration process outside of the big cities. The small villages are hardly accepting any foreigners and many of them lead on unhealthy mental state of mind due to social isolation they are forced to live on. Politicians speak about integration and underline the need learning the language, but we all know this is not the passport for integration. 139. Economy, Safety, Health Care (importance: 83%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) Better economy, better salaries, better pensions. Make cities safer, control migration, stop the outsourcing of businesses. And for heaven's sake, make health care and education a priority so that everybody can have a chance in a good life 140. unemployment , security (importance: 83%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 10) 21
  • 22. 141. economy ,criminality (importance: 83%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 7) financial situation in greece is extremely bad and the hight criminality is the result of it 142. Unemployment (importance: 83%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 14) The last 5 months there is very high risk of loosing our jobs and it is very difficult for someone to find a new one. Something must be done to ensure our jobs and to help unemployed people find one. 143. competitiveness (importance: 83%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 9) EU must keep and enforce its power as a global economy 144. european industry (importance: 83%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 9) massive investment to regenerate european industry, in order to locate employment and clients in the same economical area 145. Generating more and better jobs. (importance: 83%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 25) Providing more opportunities for entrepreneurship. Helping people who want to set up a small business with tax breaks for the first two years; business start up advice; advice on business plans; possible funding help in the first years. Implementing more stringent regulations to stop the abuse of independent status by employers who don't want to pay taxes to the state. No to full time for one company on an independent status! Stop the tax evasion of companies nationally before looking to tax havens. 146. competition (importance: 83%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 13) we need competition in order to overcome the economic crisis 147. unemployment (importance: 83%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 7) it is not good not to have a job because you will not be able to have dreams 148. Aid for cancer research. (importance: 83%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 7) 149. Better job opportunities for young people. (importance: 83%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 11) Many graduates end up in jobs which are completely irrelevant to their studies, not out of choice but because of a lack of opportunties. 150. Common market (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 22) 151. in proposing a coherent green economy centered recovery plan (importance: 83%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 7) We need an EU bold stimulus plan to promote green econom, create millons of green collar jobs, reduce climat endangering emissions and increse energy autonomy and security. We need such an ambitious investment plan to tackle the mix of crisis we are facing and to keep our leading role in the green sector. In the meantime we see that while the EU is steping back, other developed and emerging countries are investig massive ammounts in the green economy, promoting low carbon solutions. 152. Difficulties for a person to start a new company in Greece (importance: 83%, disagreement: 0, evaluations: 1) I wish the Greek goverment try to do more about the peapole who try to reach the market and especialy the new one.I believe the current laws for creating a new company are either not used the right way due to corruption or completely unreliable to us. Most of the peapole in my friend and family sircle who opened a new company here in Greece,needed from 15 to 24 days in order to take the "Green light" and start their businesses. Hope Greek politicians start to consider this very seriusely :) 153. Research in Nanotechnology and physics is non existent (importance: 83%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 2) Research in Nanotechnology and physics is non existent at this time in Athens Greece. Academics and school teachers are not even receiving their regular salaries, and they have to wait two and three months to receive any money. Instead the government is curtailing even more funding in research and development. 154. Employment, social security, sustainable energy resources. (importance: 83%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 3) Everybody says that Europe has a better working social system.Its probably so.The same does not apply when it comes to chauvinism and racism though.These two events have a great influence when it comes to employment and social security.Europe is still divided into Western and Eastern.As for sustainable energy resources,Europe has the potential not only to develop but to start implement all scientific achievements in faster pace . 22
  • 23. 155. Environmental health, tobacco&alcohol, jobs, urban planning (importance: 83%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 5) I would like to live in a safe environment: all those products I use, cosmetics, detergents, aerosols, and the food I consume (strawberry full of pesticides and so on + ready made processed food), products used in place I am spending time (paints etc), the quality of the air I breathe is important, and right now I am not too sure about it. It is also of prime importance that EU institutions take the lead in urban planning: a lot of people are living in ugly parts of suburbs, far from city centres, the environment is degraded, housing is appaling. Ensuring fair jobs for everybody is also important, make education disciplines offer matche employers demand!! 156. air quality, transportation networks, flexible labour market (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 8) 157. extend the internal market (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 8) the internal market, free movements of good, capital and people, is the raison d'etre of the EU and helps the citizens to truly enjoy the advantages of an united EU: lower consumer prices, more services, the opportunity to live, study and work in other countries. 158. Corruption, energy, politics, jobs, education, innovation.. (importance: 83%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) Lithuania has more issues: like lack of central management, politics make decisions on the spot, they don't have common goal or long-term vision. They don't take examples from other countries like Estonia does with Sweden or Finland. A bigger part of EU support money are used for low priority projects and it wouldn't make income in the future (renovation, local health/disease centers). More & more corporations end up bankrupt, people losing jobs. Lithuania has to put money in this sector. LT don't manufacture nothing useful for EU market. People finish studies at universities and don't find jobs, they are forced to leave country. EU has to harden policy with Lithuania. Lithuanian politics talks more than do something. EU should monitor all projects monthly for any progress made. And these are just begining for all problems in Lithuania. 159. Single Market (importance: 83%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 16) The EU must protect the integrity of the Single market that has come under attack by various bailout packages by individual member states. DG Internal market and DG Competition have an important job in this respect. The single market has been the greatest achievement of the EU and it must not be allowed to fall because of protectionist tendenices in some member states who are playing to popular opinion for electoral advantage. 160. Information & Communication Technologies (importance: 83%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 20) If the EU would realize full connectivity of its citizens through digital means, it would feel much more like a big family: all citizens would be able to share information with one another at any time, in any place. 161. Energy and technology, freedom and politcal transparency (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 6) The most important thing today is the energy. The EU should continue researching nuclear fusion power, printable solar power based on plastics and other efficient energy sources. The key is to get the most efficient power, not the cheapest! Waste energy is a problem, so efficiency is of top priority. We should not use the USA as raw model for the EU. Let freedom reign. Safety is not that important. It's not political correct, but generally it's better to have some deaths than a union living in fear. If all would just ignore "terroist" attacks, the terrorists would have no reason to attack us, because their killing would not have any effect. I guess this would prevent bombings etc. Of course we're made believe that the terrorists are killing invidels and doing this for religous reasons, but the people who equip and instruct them surely do this for politcal reasons only. Also political transparency is very important, as is the independenc of state and religion. We may not combine those. But the EU has so many different religions that I think it's very improbable that this could happen. 162. assistive technologies in the healthcare industry (importance: 83%, disagreement: 5, evaluations: 5) The usefulness of assistive technologies in the health care industry has already been proved nevertheless a bridge needs to be built between on the one hand the technology (automation) industry and the health care industry. Nowadays the technology industry is manufacturing innovative assistive products for the health care market without taking into consideration the needs of end-user (the person with a handicap, the elderly). Making assistive technologies work is listening to the needs of the end-user and taking into consideration his suggestions. If the technology industry is prepared to listen to the end-user and vice versa, assistive technologies can be a future new market that can save a lot of money to the government etc. Living labs is already one step in the good direction but many steps have still to be taken. 163. mobility, security, economy (importance: 83%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 14) I think EU needs to improve communication in order to improve mobility and securyt, which will bring more economic growth 23
  • 24. 164. Economy, unemployment, European Parliament, anti-EU feeling (importance: 83%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 12) Obviously in these particularly difficult times, economic issues, especially those surrounding employment are the foremost concern in peoples' minds. The nature of the crisis means that jobs are going to be lost, that is largely unavoidable. Nonetheless there has been a lack of co-ordinated responses amongst states on fiscal and other levels to the crisis; especially within the eurozone. We need to come up with a strategy to get EU states trading and buying again. We must encourage businesses and enterprise. At an EU level we need to provide businesses, especially small and medium businesses with the conditions they need to foster growth. Remember, these are the people that will provide jobs and get Europe working again. Instead, we see beureaucrats wasting their time and creative energy in the European Civil Service making documents about using gender neutral language, a totally futile when dealing with many European languages which happen to have gendered articles. Libertas, UKIP and other such anti-EU parties would not have oxygen to fuel their fire were such embarassing exercises axed. Instead employees of the EU bureaucracy need to take more practical approaches and need to find a way to connect with European people. Additionally, MEPs need to show their constituents the usefulness of what they do in their work instead of 'riding the EU gravy train'. Mr Barosso, it is up to you to ensure that the EU becomes more relevant to my needs and those of all Europeans. 165. ethics in business (importance: 83%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 12) Financial and economic behaviour must be reformed. Businesses - as well as public authorities - must take a responsible and ethical approach which does not prioritise short term gain over long-term growth. 166. Education & Research, economic stimulous and job creation (importance: 83%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 17) Education and research are landmarks in current day society. If leaders do not stimulate higher levels of education and research, society and economies will not be able to leap forward. There is a clear backlash in terms of research if one compares to the other side of the Atlantic (US). It is of paramount importance to narrow the gap and fund education, training and research more in line with the social, economic and entrepreneurial fabric within the EU. Despite an ever more active ESDP, the EU is a civilian power whose desideratum is to emulate itself and thus avoid the intergovenmental limbo and become a most active actor. I strongly believe that education and research cannot be ignored if the EU is to devise a economic stimulous to launch the EU policy, help its "near abroads" and other nations around the world sharing common values, norms and patterns. Insofar as the job creation issue is concerned, it is essential to path social stabilisation, "plenty" and well being. 167. Economic integration and social reforms (importance: 83%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 6) Europe should continue the economic integration, giving all European countries access to the single market and the euro. Also close cooperation regarding social policy, education and security matter. The EU should not force political integration and spend money on political and military agendas. 168. ECONOMICAL SUPPORT TO UNMARRIED WOMEN (importance: 83%, disagreement: 5, evaluations: 2) I AM AN UNNMARIED WOMEN I HAVE A SON 17 YEARS OLD.THE SUPORT MONEY THAT THE GOVERMENT GIVES ARE VERY LOW AND THEY CUT IT TO ME TWICE.THE REASON???BECAUSE I CHANGE LIVING-CITY BECAUSE OF MY LIBERALWORK AS A MUSICIAN.MY SITUATION HAS NT CHANGE .I AM ALL THESE YEARS UNMARRIED WOMWN.AND NOW THAT MY SON IS PREPARING IN STUDIES FOR THE UNIVERCITY MY MONEY IS NOT ENOUGH.THEY CUT THE SUPPORT MONEY HERE IN GREECE IN THE AGE OF 16TEEN..THERE IS NO PSIHOLOGICAL SUPPORT NEITHER ECONOMICAL SUPPORT. 169. New technologies, environnement, defense, freedom, democracy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 19) 170. environment and innovation (importance: 82%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 19) Big cities should become more sustainable and "human" by respecting the enviroment. In addition new forms of innovation ( especially for SME's ) can trigger entrerpreunership and boost the economy. Although the Commission does initiate funding, Member states do not always convey this priority in their national economy 171. Environment, employment and new technologies.... (importance: 82%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 12) Environment is important so the EU must apply policies to imporve our way of living and the environment we live in (promote green energies, bicycles etc). Also, employment is a big issue. EU has to find ways to promote employment in other EU countries. Finally, new tech is the future so the EU must increase investment in research and also apply new techs in our daily lives sooner and more effectively. 24
  • 25. 172. economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 16) protect from liberals and run-away capitalism - apply strict rules and regulations and monitor compliance impose high taxes and tariffs to products that are produced in countries that do not respect elemental labor laws, environmental laws, human rights, etc. 173. economy and trade (importance: 82%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 14) Good economic EU leadership is vital. Also in this issue, strong coöperation is required. Best is to integrate this with other themes, such as environment, to ensure a sustainable economic system. 174. support new businessman (importance: 82%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 3) I started my own business slowly last year from home, (pc, web design, programming, software engineering, software on demand.) A law states I can get funded only if I am operating for 3 years earning money. Now after one year working steadily paying my taxes I decided it is time for me to move to a shop and can afford the rent. There is not grant for me If I want to jumpstart my business. 175. Employment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) Europe should fight against economy problems like inflation and unemployment. Bosses and managers should not be fired with huge amounts of money when they are responsible for a crisis or when the emnployees of the company get fired. People should get more security at work. Mobbing and discrimination should be fighted. 176. Financial markets and services providers’ regulation. (importance: 82%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 16) As this ongoing crisis have shown financial markets and financial services providers (banks in most cases) are too important for the well being to all countries to be left to market forces. Recent years of deregulation in all over the world have led us to the situation there even drastic measures taken by the governments and central banks can't deal with situation we are all in today. As many already spoken about this issue I think it is of the prime importance in EU to adopt and implement such financial markets and financial firms regulation that possibility of such crisis in the future would be minimized. 177. Environment, economy, education, immigration (importance: 82%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 18) Malta needs a good transportation system in order to solve problems regarding the environment and also economy. Education needs to to be given a priority. We rarely hear about educational programmes being offered in Malta financed by the EU. Pressure should be placed by the EU to help our country deal with the immigration question, a problem which is claiming the lives of thousands of immigrants. Malta cannot solve such a problem without the other countries sharing the burden. 178. peace, education, economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 4) 179. Economic recovery (importance: 82%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 8) 180. More funds for research & development, education, healthcare (importance: 82%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 12) 181. Unemployment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 18) Lots of people in the whole Europe are facing unemployment and will not be able to find a job with a fair salary and safe working condition (healthy and with very low risk conditions). The globalization is applied only on goods (and the goods quality is impressively decreasing) but not the workers and children rights. Most of the European citizens are facing the crisis cutting out their expenses, sometimes avoiding to buy expensive medicines and buying low cost food whose origin cannot be checked. The EU should strongly improve the check on imports, in terms of quality and fair treatment to the workers who produced the goods, by means of a certification system globally certified in accordance with the United Nations. 182. Education, Environment, Technology (importance: 82%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 5) 1. Education on how EU works 2. Protection of environment and alternatives to save and protect the environment 183. unemployment , security ,health, education (importance: 82%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) 184. training & life-long learning, employment, social security, (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 7) 185. human rights, economy, public health, employment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 12) 186. economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 13) Ensuring a prosperous society without poverty now, in the medium term and also in the long run. 187. employment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) economical crisis has touched my both children, they have no work. I am very sad of it. 25
  • 26. 188. climate, innovation, creativity, moral, legal, unity (importance: 82%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 10) 189. Economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 7) Unemployment is my largest single concern when it comes to the economy; European youths should not be forced to worry about the future, nor to take jobs they dislike just because they can't find one they will actually like and be good at. 190. job security (importance: 82%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 16) Job security for Europe, lets invest in European's and work to keep our job market strong and vibrant. No to protectionism!! 191. Counterering unemploiment and building a strong economy. (importance: 82%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 9) 192. Environment Energy Economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 9) 193. Employment and social protection (importance: 82%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 6) I think that the greatest problem affecting societal peace and the ability of the EU to progress is the global financial crisis. Therefore, it must be addressed before anything worsens, and to alleviate those already suffering. This would also be an excellent way for the EU to show it's citizens what it can do, and show the world the integrity of Europe. 194. energy and growth and jobs (importance: 82%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 13) where member states cannot give an adequate answer on their own 195. the economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 16) I am not in favour of having an extra beaurocratic layer above the one we already have. The powewr of Europe is in the common market and that is what they should be concentrating on building. 196. finding job (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 13) 197. jobs abroad (importance: 82%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 10) making it easier for young graduates to find a job abroad 198. economy and enviroment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 10) 199. economy competitivene global warming, ageing pop, EU focus (importance: 82%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 9) All the above are linked. The current crisis is undermining the growth and stability pact and some MS are challenging the principles of the Single Market. This bad for the economy and bad for job creation. The rising national debts will create problems when govts are faced with with increasing health care costs for the rising number of elderly, forcing them to choose between budget cuts elsewhere, reducing the quality of care or increasing taxes. Global warming is a real concern but the current focus is wrong. We are punishing our own industry before we know what others will do and not focusing on the area of greatest potential benefit: energy efficiency. Nor are we forcing individuals to really re-think there impact on the environment (no doubt not to loose their votes). If we cripple our industry without achieveing global CO2 reductions we won't save the planet and we'll destroy job creating industries. I feel that the EU has lost its way. It no longer has a project which drives it and behind which the people can mobilise. Global Warming is clearly and option but it is still divisive. How about completing the single market? Lisbon Strategy 2 (the green economy)? If our social model is to be sustained for the next 50 years, we have to remain competitive on a global scale. Innovation and education are our 2 greatest assets and we are not giving either the attention they deserve. 200. unemployment (importance: 82%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 12) Unemployment, especially for young people, is a real issue here in Greece. In my case, I've been working for 8 years in private sector, I lost my job and I've been trying for 2 years to find a new job in Greece or abroad (in a EU country-member). I believe that EU should focus more on "creating" employment programmes for EU citizens. 201. human rights democracy unemployment equal oppurtunity (importance: 82%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 18) I am so disturbed by violation of human rights. There are many children who cannot go to school and they are forced to work. There should be equal opportunity for all children to change the vision of society and Turkey. Unemployment has prevailed and people do not work in occupations they desire. This is against human rights... I want to work on human rights, I want to study; yet, no one gives me a chance... Money talks 26
  • 27. 202. Social facilities. Job opportunities. Education centers. (importance: 82%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 10) there should be actual IT services serving to the houses of people about the facilities of town. Some easy ways have to be coordinated for the transportation problems of social activities. By these kind of organizationbs such as street promotions, stand activities etc. there could be an increase of job opportunities. These sound as temporarely solutions. But they are really helpful for the student population. Meanwhile, there should be more education centers in all speacilized areas for the ones who didn't have chance to graduate at a university etc. So it'd be easier to provide educated staff to the job opportunities. 203. Should focus on green technologies (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) It is oblivious that we are depended of ester country material such as oil and gas. So we must develop green technologies like electric, hydrogen or any other alternative motors. Why i say so? because everything is depended on it. If we want to be safe we must free out from oil monopoly. 204. Poverty-enviroment-economy-greed-profit (importance: 82%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 13) I will try and sum it up, as shortly as possible. The "leaders" of the world are hurting the earth and they need to stop! It seems that they mostly think of the world as a business. I can see how that can be a short-term solution, but it needs to stop. The distance between politicians and the people has become wider over the years, and they seem to be working for them selves and not the people/world as a whole. The world is sick, and the only way to cure it, is to start thinking about how to make it better, and not just treat the symptoms. Instead of removing the things that hurt the earth, we try to give a pill to make it better. The pills does not work. the only way the cure the world and scociety as a whole, is to remove the things that makes them hurt. Money is one of them...profit is an illusion made reality. The world is being run by greedy people. War is another... Instead of imposing your will upon each other, learn to accept each others differences. The world IS big enough for everyone. Open your minds to other thing than money. 205. Sustainable economy, macro environment, education (importance: 82%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 4) My worry about the economic model we adapt is that there is no mental limit to the way we consume. The last generations are being raised knowing more about their consumer rights & obligations than their civil one. Once I heard on the radio somebody saying, "In the end we will consume our existence". This is the point that environment comes in. Any model of development is based on the assumption of endless resources. We know pretty well that this is not true. Furthermore the exaggerating behaviour leads to correction, but why can't we adapt the correction itself without exaggerating? Until now the western civilization has proven a high level of adaptability and many other advantages. We luck of sense of balance though. A very important component of the Ancient Hellenique and many others civilizations, where we are supposed to have been based on. Education may provide this balance, delivering to society balanced individuals. It is not a matter of grants allocated. It is a matter of leaders' mentallity and will to drive progress. I would start from raising the next leaders generation. 206. Making the EU more competitive with the rest of the world (importance: 82%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 9) We seem to spend too much time thinking about how to make all countries in the EU equally UNCOMPETITIVE rather than focussing on how we can help all EU businesses, big or small, more competitive and able to compete on a global stage. 207. world economical situation (importance: 82%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 9) we are all living in the same world 208. Freedom / Human Rights / Security & Economical Struggle. (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 9) Yes, we live in difficult, violent times that the economical struggle makes societies unstable. But I, and most everyday-people, don't agree with all these Security measures taken by most, I suppose, governments. Concerning Greece, our government is taking measures that trespass human rights, the rights of personal anonymity and the freedom of speech in the name of 'fighting against crime'. I don't think that by muzzling, scare & control the daily routine of 10,000,000 people the crimes will be reduced, but the opposite. I think that we need a direct economical solution, friendly to the low-salary & unemployed masses, to PREVENT crimes. I don't find irrational (not right either!) the fact that unemployed or €400-monthly-salary people become violent. It should be expected, when life in Greece is TOO expensive and the salaries TOO small. Greek government does it all wrong, all economical or social measures are 'magic pictures' and the security measures are here to protect themselves, the very few, from losing the power to continue taking those 'magic pictures' and become at the same time richer. European Union should be very strict, not only with the 'numbers' of the economics of Greece, but with all that these numbers hide behind and the Meritocracy that doesn't exist in Greece. (sorry about my too simple and bad english) 27
  • 28. 209. the current state of the economy (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 11) The EU should work on establishing a tighter framework of rules and regulations for the financial sector to avoid the excesses that led to the current situation. The difficulty will be in making these rules stringent, yet loose enough not to stiffle competition amongst the financial companies. While painful in regards to the loss of jobs, the EU member states should not pump money into organizations that do not show the capability to deal with the crisis in a manner that shows a willingness to break with the past practices (General Motors/Chrysler in the US as non-EU example). 210. Jobs (importance: 82%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 15) 211. Adapt the educative path to the labour market (importance: 82%, disagreement: 5, evaluations: 2) Labour market evolves at a bigger speed than the european educational system. Chinese, russian and americans have one single market, but also a common educational system. What is the point of creating single market without a common educational system at all levels, including post degrees, PhD and long life training ?? what are the objectives of europe on the issue?? 212. studies-pension-jobs-emigration-green policy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 13) I think studies for people over 30 years old must be cheaper and the EU has to promote that. It's a new oportunity for them to change their lifes.It must be cheaper and flexible becouse from the age of 30s people start families ,they have already a job and many time 3 or 4 children. I believe education can solve problems like emigration(inside EU)create new jobs,configure(create) people with green attitude. 213. World Economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 9) The current status of the world's economies is a great opportunity for Greece and other EU members to grow. Due to the decline in currency value or the available investment power of nations like the US and Japan (and many others), smaller, more "static" economies can grow by forming joint venture groups, easing banking, trade and other such restrictions, and "step in" to the banking and / or investment void that has come about due to the withdrawal of assets from the marjets by the US, Japan, UAE, and other investment or credit guarantor nations. By pooling available assets between eastern European nations, we stand a very good chance to move our economies forward while the traditional leaders in banking and investment are standing still or losing ground in a global "bear" market. Eastern Europe, particularly the Balkans, should be extremely vigilant, always seeking out opportunity in places other nations only see the potential for loss. 214. peace, climate, environment, stable economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 21) 215. Justice and fairness in global Trade, International Coop. (importance: 81%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 10) The Eu needs to drift away from a way of thinking that focuses only on the defense and expansion of its own economy.In order to be truly representing the values and moral standards it strives to embody it cannot keep the same policies towards emerging and poor countries.Flooding their markets with highly manipulated prices, selling outdated machinery overpriced and engaging in diplomatic relationships only to secure the biggest possible share of available ressources. For poverty and hunger to sincerly addressed as global problems the trade between EU and Africa for instance has to be done on a basis of a partnership between equals.Food industry lobbyist are not the ideal people to shape these policies and the EU should live up to is ambitions and seel help and council, not from special interest groups but genuine experts on such subjects. Respectfully, me 216. economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) It's part of the economy that their are good and bad economical times. It's the task of the European Union to make the bad times "acceptable", "possible to survive". A crisis is an opportunity for new sorts of economy and also for the "old" sorts of economy to change their way of production. The EU should give maximal support to big companies with many employes, but also to little companies, because in the future their will be more litte companies for the same number of employes. Agriculture is the first sort of energy who needs support of the EU, and that bad news. Farmers shouldn't have the need of support of EU. But than we need a different way of economy and trade. 217. Foster free trade and fight protectionism (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 23) Free trade drives growth, properity and employment. 218. Employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 9) Easier access for all EU citizens to jobs within the whole of the EU, not only in their country of origin. 219. jobs (importance: 81%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 11) 220. economy, environment family issues and justice (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 11) How will we protect the future of our children? Is there enough justice in our wold? Do people have the same chances? Do we care enough and protect too the environment? 28
  • 29. 221. air and water pollution ,unemployment , corruption, pooverty (importance: 81%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 8) I live in Athens (Greece), a city of 4 million people. Daily life here is becoming worse and worse because of the increasing amounts of aerosols and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.Water pollution ( from industrial wastes) is affecting areas near Asopos river . Another important issue of my country is the unemployment of young educated people especially because there are not many jobs or opportunities for them here in Greece. Unfortunately in my country , mosts of Greeks believe that the only way to find a job , to build a house , to start a business is through political corruption and politicians on the other hand are using it as the only way to gather votes and get authority 222. Employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 20) Employment is the most important thing in our life. Gives you security, self-important feeling and way to earn money, of course. EU must focus whole strenght to job programs - for all people, doesn't matter the grade of their education. Everyone who wants to work, must have a oportunity to get a job. This must be the basic rule in EU. Employment, employment and again employment. 223. Achieving the internal market (through harmonisation) (importance: 81%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 5) 224. the economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 16) During difficult (economic) times like these, europe needs to be united. One of the reasons the EU was founded was to ease and improve trade in and out of europe - which happened - but there is still much to improve. Protectionism should be reduced to an even lower minimum to make sure the consumer can buy products at lower prices, even though aided producers will be able to survive their loss of demand thanks to the minimal funding the government(s) will offer. 225. SMEs and micro-enterprises, especially led by women (importance: 81%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 6) EU should focus its energies on making doing and developing business easier, especially for SMEs and micro-enterprises, because many small enterprises have a great hidden potential to create jobs and wealth, which remains untapped for many different reasons, especially in enterprises lead by (young) women. 226. economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 6) 227. The economic crisis (importance: 81%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 22) The EU should definitely keep on working hard to counter the effects of the economic crisis. And maybe set up more visual campaigns against poverty caused by the crisis. 228. sustainable development, renewable energy and employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 17) The current EU strategy about reducing CO2 emissions by 20% rely on renewable energy sources by 20% until 2020 is a noble goal. However, the achieving of these goals seem very unlikely. In my opinion, the EU should promote more ambitious plans. Not only for sustainability, but because it could mean economical benefits. In my opinion the following measures should be taken: -Concentrating research on how to make green technologies economically viable, making them ready for mass production in order to push prices down (i.e. more efficient recycling methods, energy converting, electric cars) . - Ensuring the legal framework will be there by the time the technology is ready to spread (i.e. regulation on electric cars) - Support to establish proper infrastructure (i.e. more recycling points) - create proper framework for education (starting from elementary schools) to make the upcoming generations more cautious on global issues. These points could be very useful not just for society but also for the EU and even for member states: establishing and maintaining the new infrastructure, training of workers to new manufacturing methods can create jobs, while creating a more cautious generation could more involvment in EU affairs thus reducing democratic deficit. New, cheap clean technologies could mean a surge of exports as well, and would bring an example of an alternative economical way, thus increasing the prestige of the EU as a global actor. 229. Unemployment, crisis, education, health (importance: 81%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 21) Effective confrontation of unemployment via drastic measures, with focus on sensitive groups of populations. Restructure of educational systems throughout Europe. Fund studies and mobility of students and workers. Set Health issues on the spot of the EU agenda. 29
  • 30. 230. Technology (importance: 81%, disagreement: 4, evaluations: 5) It's been too long that EU has been focusing on agricultural and commercial policies. I believe a strong and common act on technology can and will improve life, enviroment, economy and the european status globaly. We must focus on new technology. We must become the leading power in innovation, new eco-friendly technology, new power technologies that will reduce EUs need for fossil fuels and new communication solutions. The World must look up to Europe to what it really is: the calm-power that can and will suggest another way of life. 231. employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 3) improve cross-border movement and mutual recognition of degrees and training to allow for a fully free flow of labour and full labour mobility 232. Science, technology, social integration (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) Science and technology have improved our daily lives by a very large amount. Further improvement of this kind relies on funding for science and a creation of centres of excellence. In comparison with the American universities, our best universities suffer from the lack of funding and endowment. This could be remedied by creating a fund giving certain universities, deemed best according to a set of criteria, very large sums of money. Such policy has a potential to attract the very best minds to the universities thus chosen and would in this way significantly improve the European scientific landscape. Social integration: Here what I have in mind is a social integration on the European scale. To this end I would propose implementing a form of the Swedish education system in other EU countries. In particular, I would copy their use of English in the schools. English could play the same role in Europe as Mandarin plays in China, it could be the language that binds us together and our various accents would make us European. Such policy would go a long way to reinforce the European identity. 233. employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 14) avoid pure free-market approach to employment but still offer fair chances to ALL european workers 234. business (importance: 81%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 10) the main problem for me is, that the Banks get allot of money, but if i need credit from the bank.... NO they wont give me! 235. ECONOMIC CRISIS (importance: 81%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) THE RECENT ECONOMIC CRISIS PROVE THAT THE LIBERAL APPROACH IN ECONOMY DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK.EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE SOME ACTION TO HELP IMPROVE THE ECONOMY I DON'T THINK THAT FUNDING IN BANKS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.UNEMPLOYMENT THERE SHOULD BE THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE EU.I THINK THAT NEW POSITIONS AND NEW JOBS SHOULD BE INTRODUCED IN AREAS LIKE GREEN ENERGY,RESEARCH,HEALTH SYSTEM.AS FAR AS IT CONCERNS TO LOANS I THINK THERE SHOULD BE PUT SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BORROWING FROM A BANK. 236. Economy, employment, healthcare and energy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 6) 237. environment , corruption , economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 24) 238. 1. unemployment, 2. public security, 3. immigrants (importance: 81%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 18) 1. if i have job, i'll pay for social security, so pension will be able to be paid and level of life will increase. 2. if i am afraid to go round to streets, to make my business, no employment, no social security, no pensions 3. they take our job positions 4. eu borders. i saw your support on imia crisis in 1996 and cyprus matter. if they are eu borders, you have to support us, or else give us money to defend ourselves. sorry, we don't want this kind of ec. it's all yours. behave as eu, or let us out of this fake union. sorry for this, but a lot of greeks feel like this 30
  • 31. 239. Economic and ecological issues , employment, enlargement. (importance: 81%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 11) Young and old , we all know the most difficult situation a European can find himself, just as any other human being on Earth, is to lack the means to take care of his loved ones: parents, husband, children. While it is true that crisis can provoke smart innovations and good ideas to come out of each of us ( Einstein ), on the long run it can create a state of dispair and depression that would not only impede on the growth of Europe s population but will turn against the principles we are basing Europe and European Union on today. By taking care of our generations we must create a better view of the economic and ecologic future we want the European generations to come to live in. We must acknowledge its diversity and embrace it. This way the economical and internal market stability will ensure a viable reply to the needs of our chidlren. This way all our ancestors efforts and ours as well won t heve been in vain . A new instrument must be created and included in the Treaty of Lisbon to allow new Member States to assume more responsability towards the creation and the continuation of the EU ' s goals in the 22 century. Fears must be overcomed. A good startegy for inclusion can create an incredible added value to our culture. EU has no limits just boudaries to keep its citizens safe. This should be understood by all people. I am very pround I work with Europeans of multiple nationalities and I hope EU s door will open soon to new candidate countries. 240. economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 18) theres a risk of real global economic depression. it must be countered at any price 241. Competition and balancing the power of multinationals (importance: 81%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) I believe the EU has a fantastic chance to improve competition within member states, and balance the dispropoportionate power multinationals have acquired. A good example of these actions was the one by commissioner Reding intervening on mobile carriers' unjustified charges on roaming tariffs. Also former commissioner Monti gave a few important examples in several situations (i recall Microsoft case, for instance). The EU should also -in my humble opinion- work to increase the cross border coordination and integration of consumers associations and agencies. The EU could greatly benefit from the support received from a truly European consumer association in this field. 242. Quality of life and security of the jobs. (importance: 81%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 4) Because the EU is first economic power of the world and we like to believe that they are not two Europe’s (West Europe and East Europe), the REUNITED Europe must act the same for its citizens in this two major issues: quality of life and security of the jobs especially in this economical crisis period. 243. Employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) The E.U should ensure the rights and privalages of all E.U workers and attempt to equalise workers rights, pay and hours of work accross Europe. 244. economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 11) payrolls are shrinking cost of living is rising! 245. peace, stability and trade in Balkans (importance: 81%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 7) 246. economy (importance: 81%, disagreement: 32, evaluations: 7) 247. Education, Social Security System, Labour Market, Defence (importance: 81%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) Harmonise Social Security Systems! Harmonise School and University Standards! Common Labour Market Policy (CLMP)! European Army! 248. employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 14) the increasing number of unemployments is anxious to me it´s hard to understand why well educated, ambitious, targeted young professionals (like me) always get temporary contracts. Therefore, it´s hard to become a "senior adviser" respectively it´s hard to become more professional in your work area. if you never can focus on certain (working-) issues because you have to look for a new job every 2 years you will get frustrated (and maybe also unemployed). 31
  • 32. 249. Recession,Unemployment,Poverty,Crime,Environment,Corruption. (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 8) I feel that the recent economic crisis has been motivated by international bankers and most people are taking a hit in the current financial situation.Jobs have been lost,poverty is on the rise and the middle class is suffering.We MUST NOT let Europe become a third world society.Please,strengthen the incomes,I don't know how you do it,but that's YOUR job.I have some ideas in mind,like investing in green energy technologies,which could create more jobs and solve the energy problem and save our environment.There are countries that are very dependent on oil.This MUST be stopped.Also,you have to stop malicious banking activity.The banks,these vultures,have always been trying to make profit out of hard working people's money and businesses with creative ideas. About corruption,I can say that I live in Greece,one of the most corrupted countries in the world.I really love this place,but I hate to see it as the country of lost potential.Find a way to make our politicians more democratically sensitive,because I can't take this any more.There's a new scandal revealed every week here and this situation makes me feel I'm not in Europe,but in the third world. Crime- well,that's a tricky matter.People's ideas differ on how crime develops in a city or state.Certainly,the financial situation doesn't help. About member-state foreign policy,I think that Greece is being let down by Europe all the time.Please don't let countries like FYROM usurp our history.As Europeans,you have to support us. 250. economy crieses (importance: 81%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 5) 251. economy and social life (importance: 81%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 12) Too be proud of the yob, you have too earn proudly your salary 252. employment (importance: 81%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) 253. Energy market and liberalisation (importance: 81%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 6) I think EU should find a concensus among the members in order to have one clear strategy regarding the improvement of energy distribution lines and market liberalisation. So far, EU members are in different possinions in terms of condition of their distribution lines as well as market rules. There are still a lot of protectionism in this field. In our case it is monopoly structure, which is totally unaffective. There is also threat that EU neighbours, which have energy resources will start to make influence on some EU members which can turn into general policy issues. 254. Environment, Health Care, Safety, Economy, Education (importance: 81%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) What to say... There's less and less quality of life in big cities. Less green, less safety, less education, less money, less care. We're trying to cope with everyday life and the lack of quality in it. See the politicians and some guys get richer, see all this effort to recess the economy (for the rich or the poor?) and yet nothing can really be done. We need better quality of life. We all need to try for this. And politicians need to stop being money making hypocrits. That's what we need. Think you can do this? 255. Free trade (importance: 81%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 14) In times of global economic recession, poverty and lack of competitiveness, protectionism, economic patriotism and political use of SWFs need to be tackled, not supported 256. internal market (importance: 80%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 18) 257. Help give jobs (importance: 80%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 8) Helping giving jobs, before humans get economic and depressive catastrophes in their lives. Faster, and with happy earning at least. 258. Free economy VS regulation (importance: 80%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 6) The Keynesian age has come to an end, since Reagan and Thatcher, which gave birth to a wild, speculative global capitalism. Everyone knows capitalism produces wealth but I believe that, as an economic system, it is not as good at producing equality. That happens because it has a distributive problem. I think the new wealth of the nations is their population, and we should invest to make sure EU citizens will be more empowered, more educated, more socially responsible and that only comes with better economic chances. 259. Economy (importance: 80%, disagreement: 7, evaluations: 3) 32
  • 33. 260. Energy Independence, Innovation, Job creation (importance: 80%, disagreement: 2, evaluations: 3) Europe has the ability to become energy independent with the right innovation... As a bloc there is no problem in becoming energy independent (and without excessive use of outdated nuclear technology). Once this is managed, then the bloc, as a whole can have a real, tangible, and sustainable competitive advantage. This is a key requirement. We all know about the theoretical "Gains from trade" (from Richardo et al). However, this is lazy. This makes us lazy. Without scarcity, we lose our ability to innovate. We need a challenge to overcome. If we don't think about overcoming those challenges, we will no longer be able to overcome them when they really arise. So, how do achieve this? We do it by creating a new innovative industrial base. We self-regenerate. Specifically, we must ask: what can be done to help small businesses get up and going, or get to the next stage of growth, employ more people, and help the economy? - The first answer we have - hand out the tools... Arrange schemes whereby small companies / individuals could get access to useful and interesting tools (often software) at a price that makes sense (Pay-per-play)... It may sound trivial, but the costs are not that trivial. There are a number of good reasons for this... Competition (they have it in China!), Scale (in a small company, multi-tasking is absolutely essential), Self-regeneration (tools have changed, and are needed) - Then - use the competitive advantage to do more... 261. unemployment, transport and infrastructure (importance: 80%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 9) I come from the north west of ireland, an area of ireland that has a skilled work force but little or no employment in the region with companys leaving the area for the lucrative eastern european states. The government in dublin are not doing anything to sustain development in the area and there is poor infrastructure in the area and no public transportonly buses. I would like the EU to take great interest in the periphery of Ireland and make it attractable for developement in the area, we are on the atlantic ocean with a port in killybegs that can be transformed into other uses as the fishing industry declines. The North West and West of Ireland need a new lease of life and i want the EU to help us because we are the forgotten region within our own country ! 262. Ballanced economic development (importance: 80%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 9) Economy is the background of any society - since it creates wealth. However, the current economic crisis urges for the balanced and responsible economic policies - in terms of optimal speed of growth as well as of number of sectoral, regional and global balances; and for complete understanding of the realities of today’s economy, which is very different from that it was even 10-20 years ago. The today’s worldwide economy is networked economy, with some of the networks creating the wealth which is greater than GDP of some of the countries as well as having global connections which are above the national or even supranational regulators. 263. Training for unemployed graduates. (importance: 80%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 9) One problem particularly affecting my life at the moment is unemployment. There are many young graduates now who are finding it very difficult to find an appropriate job in a sector that interests them. Due to the economic crisis many companies are not recruiting new graduates with no experience, so things are particularly difficult right now. I think the EU could do more to encourage training schemes and encourage companies to recruit young graduates. 264. Unemployment, financial crisis ,pollution ,injustice (importance: 80%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 16) If we do want to change our life , make a compassionate and fair society and protect the environment we live in ,its reasonnable to see things in a more humanistic way .European Union must be built again considering its values and goals.It must a be union of people who feel equal and able to participate ,to play role in political things and decide all together about the future.Citizens must feel they can play political roles and take initiatives . And this is so important when we come to the point to discuss seriously about financial crisis and what can be made .Its a problem influences all of us and we need to change our point of view becoming more rational in what we buy and consume. Its a hard period and we must know we will sacrifice things in order to get through this crisis and loose only material things but not humanity and faith in people . 265. new technologies (importance: 80%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 18) realistic answers should be found concerning the issues of piracy/ internet and copyrights, in particular, so that - citizens really understand what is legal/ not - artists get what they deserve - every citizen in the EU has the same access/rights 266. Economic crisis (importance: 80%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 12) Of course the EU should work together to end the financial crisis, but that is a given. 267. big market,one currency (importance: 80%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 5) really big market, cheaper all, working chances, less unemployed currency - Euro - usable all over the world - more stability as USD .. 33
  • 34. 268. The economy (importance: 80%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 16) My uncle committed suicide on Thursday because he lost everything in the recession. Thanks a million for the great help all you people in the EU haven't been with the recession. 269. Unemployment-insecured jobs- (importance: 80%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 16) In the place where i live but also jeneral in Greece, the unemployment of young people and the flexible working conditions (working for the public sector as self-employed person) is one of the most crucial problems in Greece. For example in my region the unemployment rate is around 15% stable for many years! From the other hand, many people who work in the public sector for certain time frame do not have any rights and usually stay unpaid for a large period. (could reach 1 year!) This is a rather 'technical' way to show lower unemployment because the people who work in the public sector are not paid but cannot count as unemployed people. In the private sectror the salaries are quite low, with the employers do not respect the working laws and the rights of employees. Of course this is not always the case. There are also some good employers either in the public or the private sector but I could say that these are just the exception. 270. economy (importance: 80%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 17) At the times of such crisis it is highly important to do everything that is possible in order to try to keep all Member States on the right track. Not every EU country can afford stimulus packages it self and that's where EU can help. 271. environment,employment,security (importance: 80%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 6) 272. human rights democracy unemployment equal oppurtunity (importance: 80%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 26) 273. Economical strength (importance: 80%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 14) I think the EU should focus constantly on its competitivity compared to other regions in the world. Try to keep or expand a leading edge in the economic areas and functions with the highest added value. 274. employment and social stability (importance: 80%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 8) unstable employment and lack of social stability during the crisis 275. Job, international jobs, failing traditional markets (importance: 80%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 8) I think people should have direct automatic information to any job on any part of the EU, a data base not just for hiring, but for creating enterprises, allowing schools/uni to get protocols, letting people find alternative countries, markets and jobs in their areas. The traditional markets should be helped to be internationalized, most of the traditional products are not exported and I wouldn't be surprised if there was Chinese people interested to buy a lot of the traditional pottery from my town. This way traditional and high quality products could have a fair fight against cheap mass imports. 276. Energy markets and climate change (importance: 80%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) The EU should take the moral lead, dominate the discussion and the measures taken. National governments talk, but hardly walk. Energy companies are transnational already, let supervision and policy making go there as well. 277. work,energy,economic situation,banking (importance: 80%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 7) 278. Increase investments in science (importance: 80%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) EU has no really big natural goods (for example gas, oil, mines and so on), nor it has big amounts of manufacturing. So i think you should increase investments in scientific researches in physics, chemistry and it, so we could become a leading spot of science in world. Look at USA or eastern countries - they invest in science a lot and their production amounts of hi tec devices are increasing rapidly. 279. Programms (research, supporting etc.) of EU (importance: 80%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 8) Easier ways of realization the calls of EU for participating in calls, for instance 7FP, where only the established organizations such as large Universities and Research Centers and have collaborations. In this way, small entities from small countries, let say the University of Western Macedonia in Kozani, Greece, where I teach Fluid Mechanics, is deterministically drived to disregard. The same also for SME and, in gereral, for enterprisies to have economical support by the EU. In each call the criterions become "harder and harder", giving opportunities only in well established entities. This is a real problem in small countries! 280. genius in the attic research (importance: 80%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 8) EU promotes institutionalised research, i.e. many scientists from many countries collaborate on a joint effort of paneuropean interest. This is fine for incremental research, but real quantum leaps in science was never achieved this way. All societies of the past had their "strange" people who in the solitude of their undemanding day job --or by being patricians with no need for one-- produced some of the most weird theories and conducted their experiments. 34
  • 35. 281. An EU social/economical way of life (importance: 80%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 7) Today EU is particulary invole in economic aspect of european citizens life. I think that building a new model well balancing with sociological meaning could offer to each citizen the pride of being european. An EU plan for employement security, good healthcare and childness could make people confident with future. 282. fighting cartells and consolidation in food retail market (importance: 80%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 7) 283. Research, Development and Design are not enough supported (importance: 80%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 14) We have difficulties competing with developing countries, and this is made worse by the fact that we have slowly abandoned innovation at the industry level. 20 years ago, a lot of industries would imagine and build their own machines. Now they work on standard machine and what makes a difference is often more the marketing rather than the product or the way it is built. Practical research should be encourage, creation and innovation should be supported since childhood through education. Seeing that design is not only what the product/tool/machine looks like but how it works should foster more innovation Copying ideas should be recognized, except when huge investments are needed. But IT innovations should not be protected. It is not normal to have lawyers making more money than our inventors. 284. Employment (importance: 80%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 11) I believe that working opportunities should be more explained and developped so that people can really feel the impact of being in the EU. If noone has a job that fits their ideal, they cannot see the usefulness of a Union. 285. Economy (importance: 80%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 14) Stimulate the economy, not by lowering taxes for all companies, but by lowering taxes for companies who contribute to ethical, moral, ecological alternatives. Give subsidies to companies who pollute less,... Stimulate innovation in industries that have a future and are wanted in Europe. So a big yes to green high-tech industries and a big no to industries that are doomed in Europe like agriculture,... 286. human rights, job opportunities in eu, adult education (importance: 80%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 13) 287. Employment related to the EU. (importance: 80%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 22) I'm a student in Maastricht of European Studies. This is my last year in June I'll finally get my bachelor. I've been studiung this subject for three years, and I think that the main problem of the EU is its complexity. If any person who's not a specialist in the field will try to get some information about europe and its mechanism will find himself trapt into an overcomplicated environment. I think one of the main objective of the EU will be to simplify its mechanism in order to get closer to ordinary people. 288. Police & law, maybe healt care, trade, education, transport (importance: 80%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) - I think police and law are very important. It is difficult to have the police deal with crime over internet for example because there is no obvious place where the crime is committed. Also the laws in some countries and others are different, leading to confusion and abuse. - maybe health care, now already that is going quite good, but to have the opportunity to use specific treatment in other countries without you having to pay for it personally should be possible. - trade is one main and big thing Europe is doing well, it's our strength, so let's not neglect it. - education, is quite different everywhere. It should be made possible more for students to get a budget from the EU to go study in other countries than your own. Totally depending on your own budget and what your home country provides. But EU must work with students and help them search for places to live to start their eduction. - transportation, it is so expensive in certain countries! and than in other it is totally not. And in some it is very bad, as a student I do not have a car to go everywhere. Public transportation should be better connected and cheaper. 289. Energy, Economics (importance: 80%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) There should be a combined energy politics in Europe. And a combined economy politics. 290. Full-employment (importance: 80%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 8) Stop telling us full-employment is not possible. If you can't deliver it step aside and let people work. 291. Invest in our future (importance: 80%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 16) Europe should focus its resources to become no.1 economy: -invest more in clean energy which happen to help with the independence from foreign countries (see russian crisis last this winter!) -invest more in technologies that should improve our lives and give Europe an edge in competition with US, Japan and china 35
  • 36. 292. Environment, transport and fair competition (importance: 80%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 13) My town is located in mountains having an extraordinary natural environment. I think the nature conservation should be maintained. However, I suffer from difficulties of travelling to another locations because the infrastructure is very badly constructed. I also think the EU should supervise the competition towards the citizens protection. I mean that the competition minimis approach affects negativelly mostly countryside countries which appear to have the poorest and unable citizens. 293. Economic downturn and jobs (importance: 80%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 10) 294. economic problems (importance: 80%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 14) fisrt i think that banks get in the authority of the goverment,then we must give money to the low incomes businness in very low interest and the low the taxes so,the business can breath and get again healthier and grow up,this in a time about5-7 years project which must be checking by the eu with tactical checks to those business 295. financial crisis-Swine Flu danger-unemployment for young (importance: 80%, disagreement: 1, evaluations: 2) How long will it last?Is there any answer close to reality?What will be the situation after this crisis?The "social state" as anyone knew it in Europe, will come back?I believe the answer is no! Less social rights for the working people (maybe and worst...). I hope that there will be a well-planned common way to face thw swine flu... 296. Economy (importance: 79%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 14) I think that especially in time of economic crisis the member states of the European Union should coordinate their efforts in order to help one another. I know my country, Greece, probably is an insignificant one when compared with other bigger countries of the Union, but this does not mean that it should be left alone during this period. You all know that Greece is borrowing money from the international markets and with conditions that are much worse for us, than they are for Germany for example... This is unacceptable! Where is your solidarity then? If my country is obliged to borrow "expensive" money, then my government will have to cut spending in all sectors... They will freeze the salaries in the public sector (they already have frozen salaries for 2009!), they will not make public works, they will send people to unemployment, they will increase taxes, they will make our lives a living nightmare! And if we don't have money and feel uncertain for our future, then we will not buy goods and we will not spend money for tourism, which, as you can certainly understand, will create problems for the commerce and tourism sectors too! So, helping member states in difficulty is imperative, because if you don't, we just don't need the Union... 297. Economy-Finances (importance: 79%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 5) 298. Invest in the European Research Area (importance: 79%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) The EU's future is in knowledge, not agriculture. Swap the budgets around and look ahead, not behind. 299. education, health, poverty, employment, imigrants, drugs (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 11) A better organized and useful education system to make students to want to be educated. Health system equal for everybody and better oganized hospitals and cleaner. Construction of places for poor people with good food, clean beds and doctors. Help them to find a job. Give jobs to young people. Pay them good and respect them. Young people dont have to beg for a job and feel useless coz people with connections and less qualifications get the good jobs but hey are not able to help the country. More respect for imigrants. The fact that they leave their countries for a batter fututr doesnt mean that we are better and that we have the right to hiumiliate them, pay them less and say that they are responsible for criminality and drugs. Give options to young peope so they stay away from drugs. Give them a strong education, keep them away from the tv, guide them to sports, art, music. 300. unemployment (importance: 79%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) 301. abolishing trade barriers (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 9) 302. employment (importance: 79%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 19) 303. safety,economy,health,transpotation,democracy (importance: 79%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 8) european pilicy about safety but without racism suport small buisness european health system more democracy 304. competitiveness of EU economies (importance: 79%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 12) EU needs to become more competitive than what it is today. - labor costs are extremely high - even innovation is more and more outsourced to lower cost regions - etc. ... so, we need to re-develop competences in the EU ! 36
  • 37. 305. work, employment (importance: 79%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) There may be some innovative propositions regarding employment which is a really important issue especially now. There is no miracle solution but improvements have to be defined in order not to see the situation get worst. 306. EU should focus on economic issues. (importance: 79%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 8) Economics is important area because people firstly are in need of economic security and later matters cultural, education and so on. So the most important is to reduce poverty and to biult up midle-class society. 307. financial stability, creation of jobs, climate change (importance: 79%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 9) 308. A more social economy based on longterm goals (importance: 79%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) There is not enough long term thinking in the private sector. Every manager is working for his bonus and his bonus only and every year they have another short term goal. Long term planning can help in realising a more social economy which is not based on profit and more profit and more profit. Profit is good but a boundary is necessary. Blindly chasing after profit is wrong! 309. research (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 11) 310. school, employment (importance: 79%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 3) 311. Economy (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 14) Form a central dogma for a new economic era. The way research activity was described, supported and developed through shaping the European Research Area, maybe we are in need of a new form of New European Economy Area. Support synergistic activities, and see the big picture. If German workers lose their work, they want be able to come to Greece for summer holidays. Hotel managers and restaurant owners in Crete, Aegean and Peloponese will have to cut down on their staff, meaning less greeks will by the BMs the Renaults and the Volvos 312. job oportunities (importance: 79%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 16) 313. Job security and creation. (importance: 79%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 19) I would like to see EU focus on making people more confident and secure about their job and livelihood,hence providing them with the confidence to spend money and get the economy moving again! 314. Economy, social security and other pan-eu projects (importance: 79%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) A stronger Europe means a better Europe to me. As longs as the European Union will not control the vital elements of countries the EU will be no more than a club of countries that make pseudo-important decissions. 315. Education, higher education, research (importance: 79%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 11) We should strengthen our support to public, cheap and quality education institutions. This is because some countries are still low on higher-education degrees. We should provide citizens with the tools to be more active in social and technological change. This is where public higher-education institutes and research centres come to play. The EU should finance more of these in order to create a better and more competitive Europe! 316. help to find the first employment (importance: 79%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 10) I graduated recently in Political Science, and even though I have the best grades, finding a job is extremely hard. Most of the empolyers ask for at least 2 years of professional experience for an entry-level post. Graduates are therfore forced to do internships, that most of the time are unpaid even if the load of work is the same as a normal employer. The EU should regulate this matters in a way that is more convenient to the graduates, investing in the youth is the only way to go trough the current economic crisis. Expand the Leonardo or Erasmus Placement program, make it more easy and independent from the heavy university bureaucracy, easier access to bank loans..there are several way to facilitate our life and reward those who are willing to work hard! 317. war, unemployment, financial crisis, ageing society (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 8) 37
  • 38. 318. Farmers need access to technology, including biotechnology (importance: 79%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 7) The current GMO moratorium on approvals of new products is tying the hands of Europe's farmers. Farmers need access to the same technologies as farmers elsewhere around the world. These same technologies have demonstrated that they can help to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment (ex. reduced pesticide usage) while sustainably supporting agriculture and food production by increasing production with reduced inputs and land usage while generating higher profits and greater invcome security for farmers. Europe has been held hostage by the fear-mongers and so called environmental activists for too long - our politicians need to be brave, support the science and give farmers access to this technology. Mr President, you have shown a trust in science and an urgency to move forward in allowing our farmers access to this technology - I support and commend you in this, but urge that without an approval, your courage, energy and leadership will have been wasted. 319. Economic changes, inovation, New step (importance: 79%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 6) If we want to get out of economic crisis and recession we must build, we must make everything for development, this can only happen if we just simply in 10 years end the dependence of oil, and power by magnets, hydrogen etc. This can only happen if we encourage innovations by making them real. That means the true battle against climate change and making a new step and new future. 320. Bank competition (importance: 79%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 5) Hi Mr Barroso, I'm asking many questions to myself in those times of recession. Why always states prone for more competition and when a service is well done by the state and makes profits, those profits are not used to make that particular state run branch work even better or used on other branches that may loose money but are critical to the well being of the society as a whole. Instead, they are liberalised, so that all the investments made and all the money spent to raise this service are eaten by a group of private entrepreneurs (or banks I should say because nothing is possible without them). This brings me to the other point of my thinking, why don't we change our whole politics on banks ? USA made a revolution and broke with England because the king wanted that the colonies borrowed money to the bank of England, opposed to the system they had in the USA at that time. Why can't we do our peacefull revolution, after we injected in the banks as much money needed to feed the world for six month, why don't we give ourselves the opportunity to live in a society that is a little more fair, sustainable and slave of the whole concept of debt and competition. For example why don't we create a complete pubblic bank that lends money at no interests to compete with the modern commercial banks, who do you think would win ? 321. Life in Greece is too expensive and salaries are too low. (importance: 79%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 9) Many people in Greece believe that salaries in private sector are too low if you think that employees in public sector work 7 hours a day and get paid more. An employee (having a middle positision of responsibilities) in private sector get paid the most 800-850 and the same employee in the public sector get paid 1000-1500 euro per month. This is why most people in Greece want to work for the public sector,plus you never fired! Life is too expesive. We have the lower salaries in Europe and the same or even more expensive prices in some goods. We produce cheece or milk for example.And its better for us to go to England or Germany to buy the same milk or cheece because its cheaper!!!! And expept from all the above,our social security system! You pay 400 euros per month (when you get paid 800 euros)and its better for you to pay a visit to a private doctor if you really want to know what is going on with you! Our social security servants don't have the right eqipments to examine you and at last, they dont pay attention to us. I believe that public servants must adopt a new philosophy for their work. work the same hours with private servants and the most important must stop get paid all the extra money that they call "benefits". 322. health, environment, jobs, future, technologie, economics (importance: 79%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 13) I believe Europe should keep on thinking about a green future. Economics and technologies are very important, yet, we must make sure that our world will still be there for our children and their offspring. Our generation is facing hard times. Econimics are failing, moral is failing, belief is fading, values are failing, traditions are fading... Europe will have to find an answer for the future. A new world must be created, but first, we need to make sure that we know what we want! 323. jobs (importance: 79%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 16) The Commission has an important role in - disciplining member states to follow growth oriented structural and macrofinancial policies. - establish european norms for products and processes on safety, environment, consumer and labor protection that can form the basis for the EUs input into global norms so that a level playing field is preserved - making all EU policies future oriented nand shift money to this effrect on the budget. 38
  • 39. 324. Economy: Let's face it we are in a mess. (importance: 79%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 16) I realise there is very little that can be done in this respect as we have been enjoying a great lifestyle with the money of tomorrow for too long. However, nobody has any better ideas to beat the crisis but get banks loaning each other so that we can do the exact same thing all over again... Frankly, liberal capitlism is about as workable and leninist socialism (and maoist and all the variations we've tried). Someting different is needed. As borders fall wold-wide and distances shrink, it is capital the reaps the benefits of improved business. Governments and trade unions are still largely fractured and in total discord with each other. The only realistic solution is : 1) That governments world-wide and trade unions work together and do the following. 2) Create a relatively slow-growth but sustainable technology based world economy. 3) Regulate it jointly with a common regulations base that is differentiated accordingly by the community to suit local needs in different countries accordingly. 4) Stop liberalising key industries. Privatisation is not always the answer. Some things are also not meant to make a profit but return benefits indirectly. I know this is impossible to make given that most world governments are to selfish to take part in such initiative. But starting the paradigm from home in the EU would be a great step forward. 325. economic development (importance: 79%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 16) 326. environment,education,employment,research.culture.communicat (importance: 79%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 17) first of all it should focus on environmental issues.Help countries not as developed or equipped to do their best for the sake of all of us.It should train,educate and finance efforts towards the benefit of the environment. Education.we need a unified-all european education system,with the same standards and levels for all member countries.Its the best way to create an all-europoean economy and working market.Giving all european citizens the same skills and chances to succed in an all european market.Guide people to do what they are best at,what there is need for and encourage them with specific measures, to move in order of a better future.Employment.we need a observation-control system of the working market.Its ways and methods should be closely monitored.We shouldn't allow ruthless profit-making to be the guide of our socities. Research.we shouldnt rely on pharmaceutical companies,which their motivation is making profit and nothing else,for cures and new treatments.The eu should create research centers,gather and sponsor its greatest minds,and whoever wants to offer,in order for the world benefit.Culture.In rough times,such as now people tend to forget the culture of their soul.Artists and philosophers,look uneccesary to a society thats trying to survive on a daily basis.We shouldnt allow that to happen.The eu should support all forms of art ,new ideas,new philosophies.Our best chance to become one whole is by communicating. Everybody must have access to forms of communicati 327. Technology;innovation; education; culture; investigation (importance: 79%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 15) I think European Union should focus on the the development of technology and innovation networks, bringing forward its competitiveness capability and investigation effort. Investigation is a key-point for future European prosperity. Universities and Professors should have more finantial incentives to implement investigation as an extra-curricular activity and students should be likewise supported and encouraged to set up new business opportunities, vital to European survival, prestige and economic development. Europe should act as a whole cohese organisation, bringing closer citizens, politicians, governments, academies and enterprises to better respond to economic times of uncertainty and new emerging challenges. Further opportunities for economic cooperation among industry should be provided so that Europe may conquer new strategic markets beyond its borders and to increase the dissemination of knowledge and technology transfer within. Vital to Europe is the increase of its educational standards, providing the opportunity to implement in schools new experimental practice in sciences learning and ICT innovative usage in the several cross-fields of knowledge. Implement new forms of creative teaching and learning by resorting to ICT. Foster European mobility programmes among school organisations is vital to bring up in students an European awareness as well as a sense of identity. Finally, take care for its patrimony and preservate its cultural heritage. 328. economic crisis (importance: 79%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 8) 329. employment for the youth (importance: 79%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 6) economic stimulus is today geared to eliminate toxic assets from bank accounts, to offset the financial consequences of bad management and lack of regulation of the financial sector, notably hedge funds which were totally free of any control. Banks have offered credit to unsolvable debitors, have ruined them and all the hope they had in the capitalist system. Today equivalent stimulus should be given to those which need it the most, to the unemployed people, it is key to foster training and give young people a chance to earn their living. This should be a key priority of Europe and one area of EU integration where much progress is still needed. 330. health, job oportunities, cheap telephony, cheap transport. (importance: 79%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 20) 39
  • 40. 331. Security policy, immigration, environment, free trade (importance: 78%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 7) I love the EU to focus on the big things that keep the European Peoples safe and secure and get us closer together. I don't think the EU should focus on details and local issues. 332. Facilitation of free movement of employees (importance: 78%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 10) I think that the EU should concentrate in reducing the hurdles as well as the administration of movement to work between the member states (in all respects as social insurance, recognition of diplomas etc.). In my opinion there are still a lot of hurdles that hinder free movement of labour between the member states. Moreover, I think that the movement of labour both among the member states as well as within the member states shall be promoted and supported by measures on european level. Interconnected with this area are also measures that would facilitate integration of the migrated labour in the receiving memebr states. 333. Environment, Education, Economy, Immigration, Culture (importance: 78%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 4) I'd like EU to pay more attention to environmental issues such as carbon emissions, natural life conservation and energy/water management. Education opportunities must be given to everyone; continuous education is the key. No more risks and bad decisions at financial planning; poor people does not owe to pay others' mistakes. More careful policies for immigrants... Europe needs people that deserve to live here and of course doesn't need people that can't appreciate it Cultural exchanges with East, cultural development of rural areas is needed for the existence of equivalency between big urban centers and smaller cities. 334. global warming - economy - state of the dipraved / disabled (importance: 78%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 18) Pollution, global warming, water resources should be on top of the list simply because our children will be much more affected than we are. If we care about them if we want them to keep living in a decent world, then EU policies should be set in motion towards this direction. It's not a question whether we can reduce emissions, stick to the Kioto protocole or punish the violators, it's a case of simple human or better still parental sensitivity of those in charge. Synergies between countries, and exploitation of all those who want to help should set the first step towards fighting the problem. It's not the leaderships of the countries who can do it, it's the people within the countries. However, leaderships and governments can inspire simple people. As far as the economy is concerned the problem is not poverty, the problem is not the world crisis, but it is much simpler and we all know it; it is a matter of how wealth is divided. It is simple mathematics (which does not have any relation to politics whatsoever). If each one of the 6.7 billion people had half a million dollars, everyone in the world would be rich and still the money the banks have received as an extra aid would not finish. 335. Undistorted competition in the internal market (importance: 78%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 14) The EU must not allow distortions of competition in the internal market through protectionist policies like state aid etc. (Example: French car industry) 336. Education, migration, green jobs, unemployment, crisis (importance: 78%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 15) Need for equality in labour market. Equality in all fields of action. Green way if thinking in everything we do. Face unemployment with instant drastic measures. Standardisation of financial standards. 337. better employment opportunities (importance: 78%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 20) 338. Encouraging Innovation in Europe (importance: 78%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 18) the EU is making big declarations but never applies this in day-to-day actions. the use of ag biotech is a typical case. Nothing is moving - young scientists are leaving europe the rest of the world is moving and poiliticians decisons are dictated by a few activists groups (heavily fuinded by the EC by the way !!!) without taking into considerations the need a the "silent majority" . 40
  • 41. 339. Mobility, Economy, Defense, Foreign Policy (importance: 78%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 7) At first, I would like to say that Europe should focus on this four subjects, and leave everything else to the regions itself... Mobility needs to be in European hands. The only way forward is the way of getting the problems out. Every citizin in Europe will grow in value of life when the mobility is arranged well. Big citys like Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin etc. need to be brought back in motion. Every day the people stand still there. Europe has to lead the works on infrastructure in whole the continent and has to build up a research bureau. Because when the mobility is increased, the economy will follow. Europe has to stop making al those rules and has to simplify the laws, decrease and unify the taxes and so on. After the economie is repeared, Europe has to build op a central army with for instance a kind of Pentagon in Strasbourg and training camps in the countrys wich offer the best training. Navy in Britain and Holland, Airborn in France, Landforce in Germany and Poland, Special Forces in Belgium etc... When Europe has a united economy, a linked net of roads, railways, subways and so on, we can put ourselves back into the leading role we have always played in the worl politics. The time of America is over, Obama is isolating again. Europe has to take this chance, reform and take the lead ! 340. It's necessary to take more attention to small business stim (importance: 78%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 15) It's necessary to take more attention to small business stimulation 341. Employment-fianancial crisis (importance: 78%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 11) Are you sure that European Union is able to control globalisation? I don't believe so! Why Europe did not resist enough to the desastrous projects of neoliberalism? How governments can take back their lost control on their nationals economies? Why do we go back to a severe protectionism, which corresponds to a racist exclusion? Why do we try now to resolve the problem of financial crisis and we did not take action in the past by puting limits to the banks. Where is the global capital? It is not surely a bird!!! How will Europe create new posts of employment, when governments are not any more able to control investements? 342. employment and equal opportunities, internal market, climate (importance: 78%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) 343. unemployment (importance: 78%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 14) Employment focus is not enough. EU needs to focus on unemployment in every memberstate 344. Energy, foreign policy, labour market, tolerance, (importance: 78%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 5) First of all I think the EU should focus on energy issues. It's dangerous to encourage big coroporations that develop coal technologies, however clean might they seem. I'm worried seeing how strong coal lobby is, for example in my country - Poland. CCS is not a solution. Speaking with one voice in external relations is also important. Why couldn't we harmonise our positions while negotiating with Russian Federationm especially during crisis? Thank you for what you do, anyway. I bless the fact I can live in the times with almost no limits. 345. Economy (importance: 78%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 10) As witnessed today, April 2, at the G20 summit, nations must agree on both stimulus and regulations 346. Competition issues, environment, pan European transport (importance: 78%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 7) EU shoud focus on its core competences. Focus is the key word. Competition, consumer protection are visible and give clear benefit in the eyes of the citizens. Internal market is and shoudl stay at the core of the EU, but explaining it better to the citizens is clearly needed. The money now spent on structural funds on a country per country basis should be put firmly in the hands of the Commission to build trans-European transport connections, like Rail Baltica. 347. job issues (importance: 78%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 10) i think that eu have to force the issue of the same obligations and rights at jobs within the countries of eu (such as working hours and conditions in the work enviroment). 348. employment, housing, education (importance: 78%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 9) 349. employment (importance: 78%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 8) stimulate and enable people to go to another country to get a job, and learn languages to be able to do that. Let people move, without losign their social bebefits ro unemployment 350. education, student jobs, student finance support (importance: 78%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 13) In my opinion the EU should focus on to establish a European system of student support. It would be ideal, if student from all over the EU were entitled to the same financial support in EU countries. Studying abroad should be supported more, and there should be a lot more help offered to us how to get settled in a new country. 41
  • 42. 351. Jobs in the Eu?! (importance: 78%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 11) Is there anybody in the eu whom is thinking between the jobs and the size of the European Union?! I live in Viennna. It's a multiculture City and a big " Springbord " to east european. Now, when i take look to the future i am afraid what will be. Many people comes to this place and want an better future for his self! No problem! But the jobs are looking empty!!!! You have only to drive with the underground => you will feel and listen the racism!!!! My Mind tell's me! Not even longer ? What does the EU do for this part? 352. enterpreneurship (importance: 78%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 11) help its citizen be independent enterpreneurs 353. The "free" market (importance: 78%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 5) Agriculture policy As I have understood the agriculture policy of today we give a lot of money to France due to their agricultural policy. But how come we cannot open our bourders a bit towards for example Africa to buy products from there - the customers would be happy due to the fact that the prices would decrease and the agriculture in France could develop in another way - instead of taking too much money for producing things that costs twice as much as African/middle east products. The "free" market The free market is really good! We get products from all of Europe - but what about the products from outside Europe? Many of the things that we produce in the EU are things that consumers can buy cheaper if i.e. the African product comes to the market. We have to open our boarders a bit. 354. cross-border employment (importance: 78%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 9) simplifying employment in other EU countries, with a prospect to be hired without local language but with opportunity to study it; wider recognition of foreign work experience and qualifications 355. employability (importance: 78%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 9) work - is main thing in life of all of us - the place where we can become grownup, realise ourselves, to be usefull for our comunite, to create and so on... 356. economic viability for all, education, working and vocations (importance: 78%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) Social cohesion and social justice is important. People less "fortunate", who are not born "rich" should not have to suffer from social unjustice that is currently the case. Everyone should have decent life conditions, irrespective of gender, IQ factor, beauty or other such parameters. Taking that into account, less people would be affected by exploitation for money or selling their vote to parties. Being able to guarantee a security level at basic every-day expenses and comforts for everyone would create a society of less violence and crime. Utopia is possible. We should stop dividing people in two categories - rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, smart and stupid, successful and mediocre... All these have to be reflected in an ethical educational and vocational system. (ethical not meaning strict but having a core of set values acceptable by the majority) 357. The realisation of opening the energy market in Europe (importance: 78%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 4) It should be adapted to the average income of a nation. There are countries where the citizens have to pay way too much for their energy (water, electricity, ...) and there a countries where everything is really cheap. I think there should be a standard price for every form of energy in every country that's a part of the European Union. 358. The economy of Europe. (importance: 78%, disagreement: 29, evaluations: 8) 359. Establish the European Institute of Technology (importance: 78%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 8) It seems like copying the USA but the reality is that we probably need this university (or a series of them). It could have different faculties in different member states or be altogether in the EU Parliament building in Strassbourg! IF this is not done soon I think in some years it will be late. The EU should try to project for the mid and long- term future. 360. Internal market (importance: 78%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 7) The internal market is and should be the the essence of the EU. To open up the market, to reduce barriers and create an economy of scale 42
  • 43. 361. Employment and Unemployment (importance: 78%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 10) The EU should , as much as allowed by the Member States, try to regulate minimal standards in terms of Labour law. Trade Unions as well as employer repeatedly call for this. An EU court in charge of Labour law conflicts should be set up. An EU-wide minimum wage should be set up: not in a fixed amount, but by a fixed bying power. This means the EU-minimum wage would differ depending on prices in different member states, but would not depend on the wage averages in those member States. National Authorities would then be free to set a higher minimum wage than the amount imposed by the EU-wide one. In terms of Unemployment, the EU should help combat it by putting a strong focus on life-long learning. The globalisation adjustment fund is a good step, but it needs to be increased 15 or 20-fold to have a true effect. In countries where this is not offered, the EU should cover continued unemployment benefits for people who decide to pursue further full- time education as an alternative to prove that they are looking for work. The EU should regulate the amount of unemployment benefits to insure every unemployed European receives enough to live with dignity. 362. The employment and the european companies (importance: 78%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 9) This is a crucial question for the European citizens. The financier support is very important to help the member estates to get a hold on a major employment tax. However the EU should have a major intervention and accompaniment about the European companies. This action, besides being a real proof that the UE is concerned about the European citizens, is the best way to help enterprises to restructure themselves in a European vision of business and employment. 363. EU should help smaller business right to patents (importance: 78%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) Today a big Company can use its money power over a small competitor over a Patent. EU should verify the claims and if necessary support the small companies. thus sending a signal not to missuse the legal systems for the bigger companies own gains 364. job creation (importance: 78%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 5) 365. Employment (importance: 78%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 15) - Facilitate the entry of young people in the labour market - Encourage stable forms of contract - Harmosize parental leave schemes - Harmonize pension systems 366. Research (importance: 78%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 16) Make Framework Programmes for research more versatile by increase funding towards smaller groups, teams and collaborations. Alright with the huge networks of excellence but what then? where do we go from there. Help smaller groups/ teams of researcher shrive and develop 367. Liberalize Labor Markets (importance: 78%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 11) stiff, uncompetitive, socialized, costly (taxes, social security, all are a HEAVY BURDEN on entrepreneurs and companies) labor market policies ARE AT THE ROOT OF THE EU'S LACK OF COMPETITION 368. bring ethics back to business (importance: 77%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 22) the Commission must take the lead to ensure that once the crisis is over the banking and business world does not return to the law of the jungle 369. Promote Research (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 26) Promote and fund research projects 370. my job (importance: 77%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 19) being highly educated i have the uncertainty of a job... ridiculus 371. defence, politics, economy, social (importance: 77%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 6) I believe the EU should be built upon a real common defence policy that enable all of us to be protected from threat beyond european borders. Also, if the EU wishes to be more united on that subject, there has to be more political understanding amongst the citizens on how the EU really works. Another point relates to the need for a stronger more comprehensie economic policy. Often we have to rely on an ECB that is not adapted to the reality of EU members' economy. We shall find a new way to globalize policies in the areas of taxes, interest rates and employment. Social is the last but not the least important subject. Inequalities are growing beyond EU borders and now touch more vigorously EU countries. In regards to those growing issues, the EU commission should be more close to the citizens and explain more clearly what its stance is on the social issues that the European Union is facing. I believe social also relates to how the EU interacts with developping countries. We know that a lot of the migrants come from developing countries. The global crisis is making it more and more difficult to get a handle on problems such as immigration and unemployment. If the EU doesn't find a solution, there will be a growing fear about the social futur of the Union. 43
  • 44. 372. Education, Social Security System, Labour Market (importance: 77%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 15) Bring Mobility and Open Borders in Harmony with Social Security Systems! Minimum Wage in ALL EU countries! EU-wide Tax Harmonisation to prevent competition bias 373. research (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 12) fund research, also fundamental research 374. Encourage investments by arranging tax policies (importance: 77%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 13) The E.U. has a good start in encouraging investments by funding part of them with the programs that are running, but it is not enough. The largest obstacle for people that want to start a business is the TAX policies. The E.U. should enforce a common policy around all of Europe. Here in Greece, many people prefer to work as employees than start their own business, because the taxes are way to high, reaching at least 40% of the total income. This of course leads to a 0% growth of the whole country. Arranging the taxes will of course even encourage citizens from non-E.U. countries to move there funds here and invest their capitals, even in off- shore companies, which the E.U. could really use for it's own benefit. 375. freedom of movement on the labour market for the new EU MS (importance: 77%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 10) 376. new eco technologies, new bussines, innovation (importance: 77%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 7) The present crisis must be a moment to create new chances for the future. We must developpe new technologies and invest in innovative new projects. At the same time each country schould invest fully in infrastructureworks as roads, rails, watertransport and everything that is needed to make transport more efficient. I think that it is neccessary to protect a crucial sector as the banks, wich are hughely needed to provide credit for these new industries and private enterprises. I think that one of the priorities must be that dangereous financial constructions must be better controlled. As for the carindustrie: I believe it is time to finally invest in the ecological car for the future and the infrastructure needed for that. We must see this crisis as a real challenge for the world. 377. unemployment (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 19) 378. 1.Laws 2.Tourism 3. Foreign Investments (importance: 77%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 4) 1. We need more laws valid for the whole EU, that will increase business activity and decrease criminal power 2. We are tourist country, so we need more activities from EU to our tourism industry - why not to make EU Tourist Summit in Bourgas or Varna ? 3. Foreign investors in Bulgaria have changed our Balkan sense of work - more investors, more real economy 379. finance market, renewable energy, consumer behaviour (importance: 77%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 8) indroduce stricter rules for finance market (close gaps in cayman island, etc.) cut subsidies for companies which fire staff only because of profit more research ressources for new environment technologies (alternative cars, renewable energy, etc.) - less ressources for nulcear power launch campaing for consumers showing how to safe ressources (e.g. tell that construction of a passive energy house on a play where no public transport is availalbe is not "green", etc.) 380. measures against rising unemployment, protecting rights (importance: 77%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 8) The global economic crisis is a fact. We are going to face even tougher times. What are the measures you are going to undertake in order to soothen the rising unemployment? How are you going to protects employee? How are you going to prevent employers from misusing the economic crisis and get rid of employees? 381. innovation (importance: 77%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 9) Bring European Entrepreneurs together. Let them meet up, to tell about their businesses and common challenges, not to speak about European institutions. 44
  • 45. 382. Remove non tarrif trade barriers for sustainable practice (importance: 77%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 21) The EU is in practice not a free market. National, regional/provincial and local regulations and standards by dominant market forces are blocking free trade. Examples from the biggest economical sector, construction: 1. the most used construction material "concrete" is produced according to national prescription based standards. Lower carbon footprint concrete from the Netherlands is not allowed in Belgium or Germany. 2. More energy efficient plus cheaper German housing techniques cannot be used in the Netherlands. 3. Concrete made out of recycled waste from a steelplant in Gent Belgium is not allowed in the Netherlands, etc. With concrete alone we could save with proven practice 600 Million tons of CO2 per year by giving EC organized "ambulance priority" to the Best Sustainable Practice (in the EU)", going through the red traffic lights put up by non EU burocracy. This does not require innovations, just a change of mindset and facilitation by the EC. The Climate & Crisis presents an opportunity for the EC to Change Construction Culture and respond to the Lisbon and Kyoto/Copenhagen objectives. Within the EC things are not well structured yet. Climate change concerns DG TREN, DG ENV, DG RES, DG ENT and the most shocking absense is DG EAC! Through another channel I suggested the appointment of an 2020 objectives highly visable sustainability "Solana" to coordinate the actions. That person can drive the sustainable ambulance without being stopped by the local poli 383. develop economic and environmental European policies (importance: 77%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 11) economic and environment have always been opposed till now. what is economically profitable is usually environmentally harmfull. Europe should think of developping economic within a sustainable environment and rule directive to apply in this regard 384. EU economy crise and environmental problems (importance: 77%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 9) Because of american and world crise we also feel the consequenceses of it. Our country is strongly integrated into German export-inport polices, so we feel this low cash flow inpacts directly on our lifes. On the second subject, we have to invest in sun and wind energie policies, because this will save us!! With this kind of actions, we will save our Planet! 385. Helping to find a job (importance: 77%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) 386. economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 12) the quality of our everyday life is mainly affected by the economic conditions in the world, in Europe, in our country and of course in our family 387. creating jobs! (importance: 77%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 25) no job, no future 388. economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 20) 389. Take care of our competiveness in global markets. (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 7) 390. economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 3) we are the post war country and stil have a lot of problems to have a normal life and I beleive we can live better if our economy develops as fast as possible 391. improve immigr. and asylum policy,ensure fair trade with DC (importance: 77%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 4) 392. jobs - recrutment - medical research (importance: 77%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 9) to improve the recrutment offers and to let belarus pass into the european union and have a chance , as a doctor with such salary i wish to have a much larger salary and best life to improve my work sciences research and projects for the humanity , 393. Economic issues (importance: 77%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 15) The biggest countries of EU pay not enough attention to the smaller ones. I'm not saying that they should care evrything about them, but sometimes it seems like Eu ignore the opinion and issues of small countries 394. the economy and its direct impact on work related issues (importance: 77%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 7) the eu should be focusing on boosting the economy across europe and providing the means that every single person regardless of ethnicity and educational or professional background finds a job that ensures his living. it is of no use to talk about a united europe, when many europeans struggle to even survive, since they are losing their work left and right and in many cases they might be unemployed for more than a year, when they have families to raise. at a time of crisis that actions are needed most of all, politicians and policy planners are still discussing the best ways to react, when in reality, they should be acting. thank you. 45
  • 46. 395. social cohesion and economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 7) Europe has a unique social contract with citizens -totaly different the the US or China. This is part of what makes Europe unique. Thus, we must support, develop and strenghten the welfare states, at the same time as we strengthen the economy. 396. Innovation (importance: 77%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 17) The 2009 year - the year of innovation truly makes a big step towards building up a world in which the development is the key. Not only the world can be better by improving itself but also by the intellectual work of people who find new ways of solving todays global issues. The innovation is a motor which turns on the machinery of the mastermind created of all people by improving and developing better ways to educate and exchange information. As the societies grow bigger and more complicated the world will need an innovative look on the arising issues. We cannot predict every issue which will arise as the structures of the societies are changing. The only way to be always ready for the oncoming issues is to be always ready to think innovative. Thats the only way the arising difficulties can be quickly resolved. Innovation is needed where there are no answers in the past. As the world goes on it gets everyday more different from the past. Therefore we must challenge the arising issues by looking in the future by taking the most from the past. This is what I understand as the point of innovation. I believe that what the global development brings us is fay beyond our imagination and I believe that we can challenge the future issues efficiently only by being more and more innovative in every sphere of life. 397. Economy and common actions. (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 11) One must have his "belly full", in order to think about other issues as ecology, constitution etc. Another think that bothers me, is that there is no sence of comunity in the countries of the E.U. Everybody thinks and acts for himself. We as Greeks must stuggle for the well beeing of Finland, Portugal, France etc.(if you know what i mean) and also the other way around. 398. employment, wages, family, crime (importance: 77%, disagreement: 34, evaluations: 7) Future I feel is uncertain. Will i be emloyeed in the future, near or far, will i be able to live with an honest and just wage, will i be able to start a family of my own (i am 30 and live with my parents)? will I have the chance to live in a safe environment just like the one I witnested in my childhood , where we could sleep on the balconies, or terraces and had all the doors and windows wide open? 399. Economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 15) Looking at best practices, harmonization of taxes/VAT/... Focus on developing business in new technology/ environmental/IT sector 400. World Trade Policy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 12) The EU must fight to secure the Doha Trade Round. This will require resisting pressures within the EU which do not want the Doha signed. the EU must also ensure that it does not engage in bilaterals to such an extent as to hamper the world trading system. It must reassert its commitment to multi-lateralism and do as it says. 401. work, business, job (importance: 77%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 14) the unemployed is the worst problem of nowadays. there must be another solution. we, young people want to work espiciallay in eu 402. Well developed plan for national economy (importance: 77%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 5) People need to have a stable economy that isn't easily affected by speculations or rumours. The leaders of the Union should find a more long term solution that is more profitable for our children, not for our own pockets. 403. unemployment and fairness in the working environment (importance: 77%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 5) how fair are the standards that must be filled out in order for someone to get a job, or get promoted, and how are each employees qualifications reflected in his paycheck, e.g. postgraduate studies, foreign languages. 404. help the development of scientific mini-research groups (importance: 77%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 7) less is more or less is genius. Big spending, big government, big institutes, big budgets don't create big ideas. Just big waste. Nature killed the big dinosaurs and gave the earth to the small intelligent mammals for a reason. 405. lack of job opportunities for graduates (importance: 77%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 20) I have studied international relations and european studies, but work as an administrator in a chemical company, I would love to be able to work in my field, in the field i studied for many years. However still i have not found any opportunity in the area i live in. 406. small business (importance: 77%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 2) the interest for mortgage are too high 46
  • 47. 407. Economy,social justice, taxation,unemployment,no expansion (importance: 77%, disagreement: 28, evaluations: 12) Create more jobs, help the needy ones, DONT LET IN ANY MORE COUNTRIES IN THE EU, dont we have enough problems already?? Creat a foreign policy that is a EUROPEAN ONE NOT ANERICAN. Help countries like Greece and mediterannean ones deal with the illegal immigrants,a ticking bomb for the whole EU 408. More control over financial markets (importance: 76%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 21) The financial world is merely a broker of liquidity and is as such not producing wealth. However, the financial world is the richest segment of our economy ( in salaries, buildings, ... ). With its greed, it has generated a crisis that all citizen must bail out, with - up till now - no rights in return. - More control on financial engineering ( products must qualify to standards as in the pharmaceutical markets ); - No combination of investment banking and savings banking; - Control and restriction of transaction commissions; ( Tax transactions ) - Impose extremely high transfer taxes to and from tax save heavens; - End banking secret in Switzerland; if Switzerland refuses, treat them as above; 409. social and economic security (importance: 76%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 11) 410. Favour free trade and competition (importance: 76%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 9) Protectionism helps no one and certainly doesn't help the EU as a whole. 411. Social market. (importance: 76%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 7) Large companies making profits, people get lost in financial crisis. 412. unemployment, free trade, globalisation (importance: 76%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 11) 413. taxation, economy, research, education, public trust (importance: 76%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 9) Taxation should stimulate stable economy where research activities backed up by solid education stimulate further economy growth and gain public trust. 414. alternative energy technologies, independency of Russia (importance: 76%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 15) More focus on alternative energy technologies (development and building plants); trying to become independent of Russian gas/oil 415. Job search (importance: 76%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 12) 416. climate change, world economy, world democracy, biodiversit (importance: 76%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 16) I think this economic crisis offers an opportunity to work on a long-term vision and strategy for our planet and all beings inhabiting that planet. A green, sustainable and fair future for mankind with new jobs in new sectors, more sharing between the wealthy and the poor so that people no longer need to migrate for economic reasons but will be able to to make a decent living and enjoy welfare in their home country if they choose to do so. Get rid of the big traditional lobby groups paralizing change, get rid of the weapon industry feeding war, get rid of fear for everything that is different. Respect for our planet and all beings that inhabit it, sustain and improve biodiversity. World democracy: end human suffering caused by a regime of terror in countries such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, North Korea, China, many African countries etc. but always respect that no country is superior to any other country and that we all need each other. 417. corruption, freedom, liberaism, market economy (importance: 76%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 9) I'd like to live in a place where everybody should be able to line on his own and take a responsibility for his/ her choice. I don't believe that the state shuold mix in the economy. Too much state influence leads to a corruption. 418. environment, communication, employment, crisis (importance: 76%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 10) 47
  • 48. 419. Security in economy, family, education, health, environment (importance: 76%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 10) To help the people in each country, the EU should help all countries to achieve a security in the economy. Helping the economy of the big companies, the small enterprises, and of each family. Another point I believe the EU should focus on is the security of the family. A society is formed by millions of families, so it is in the interest of the state and of an organization like the EU to protect it. Protect the marriage, trying to reduce the number of problems in the family. This is a very difficult point to develop, but to achieve a exemplar society, all policies should be created to protected the family and the well being of the children. Furthermore, education must be a point in which the EU should help countries improve. With the difficulty existing in getting a job, a better education will help people to work better, in a more effecient way. This will not only improve the skills that people have, but also improve the economy. Security in the health system must be guarenteed. People want to be sure that they will have someone to help them when they need, and a better system for health care is always needed. Finally, environment must be an essential point in the policies of the EU. With global warming, we are starting to understand that we must change. What better than green policies that will help countries to be more competitive in a world where the "green energy" is gaining importance? 420. responsabilization of corrupt and/or incompetent governing (importance: 76%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 12) Portugal seems to be, for the last few decades, ruled (at all levels) by corrupt or incompetent people. This is visible at all levels of our society. I am tired to see bad (and stupid) decisions taken by the governing bodies and, worst than that, the lack of responsabilization and punishing for those who should take good care of the people. This is, of course, a result of corruption (low-level and high-level) and a culture of favours in polithics! This is WRONG and it's a shame that nowadays some keep doing whatever it's best for THEM and not for ALL OF US, and go unpunished. I guess this happens also in more EU countries so...someone should take care of it. How much power and money does one need? How many people one powerfull person/company is allowed to step over?? Do something about it - and I'm sorry for this one - if you (EU rulers) are really serious and humane people. 421. Employment and Internal security. (importance: 76%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 8) 422. global economic situation (importance: 76%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 6) 423. Environment, Economy, Illegal immigration (importance: 76%, disagreement: 33, evaluations: 2) 424. The European Union should put emphasis on economy & security (importance: 76%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 11) Taking under consideration that the global financial crisis has created major problems in all European countries, I think that it is very important that the EU has a persistent and well structured policy on economy which should apply in all countries. Countries the economy of which has been inflicted the most, should receive aid from the wealthiest ones so that a minimum financial safety is ensured for all countries, members of the EU. Another major issue is security. In our days, terrorism & crime have become a threat greater than war itself. The EU must therefore focus on fighting terrorism and organized crime so that it can eventually offer its citizens a truly safe environment in which a truly Pan-European culture can flourish. To this end, I believe it is important that the EU stops its further expansion, and no more countries are included for the time being. First certain standards should be ensured for the existing EU citizens and then more members should be added. Last but not least, I believe that the EU should have a certain homogeneity as far as culture, origin and religion are concerned so as to ensure its viability in the future. The EU cannot just be a geographical and financial endity - if we want the EU to become an emblem in the minds of its citizens, then they must be able to feel that the things they have in common are more than the things setting them apart. As such, I believe that countries such as Turkey have no position in the European Union. 425. job and just payement (importance: 76%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 11) if i have a good job and a good payement for this job, i can feel good and be good in my familly 426. Job creation, security (importance: 76%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 17) 427. Give me a good job market. (importance: 76%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 18) The best job protection is lots of jobs to choose from! 428. Free Trade (importance: 76%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 16) Free Trade! 429. economy immigration citizens mobility european identity (importance: 76%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 12) The final target is to investigate the ways in which subjects come to recognise or identify (or not) themselves as citizens of United Europe and integrate into the European project. 48
  • 49. 430. Strong commitment to Social Market Economy (importance: 76%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 16) Europe needs a strong commitment to "Social Market Economy": yes to the positive social effects of the market (creating prosperity, grwoth and employment), giving consumers choice, fostering innovation - but also yes to a strong legal framework to guarantee fair competition and yes to granting a fair social standard to those that cannot participate in the competition (like for example old people or single mums). 431. International Trade (importance: 76%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 6) Focus is on China at the moment, every country is focused on exporting to China. I do think it is also important to stimulate the trade within EU and producing products in EU in stead of China, India or South American countries 432. currency, politic mind that effects country economy (importance: 76%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 5) We always live currency problem in Turkey. It effects our life and psycology very much. Please dream that you go to bed one night than wake up at the morning and you loose %20 of your money investment. Or wise versa. Second think political minds effects our country economy, people. 433. lower unemployment monies, invest in startups (importance: 76%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 9) Many people have creative ideas, ideas for new businesses. Help these people to startup their idea, and create new jobs this way. 'only' giving unemployment money does not create anything, but is an attitude of wait and see, till others have taken the initiative. 434. Trade (importance: 76%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 9) Trade must be more balanced - Greece, in particular, has many severe trade deficits with various nations, both within and without the EU. These deficits further undermine our local economy and our ability to maintain the financial standards required for full membership within the EU. Greece is losing more jobs because we import goods that we could have produced ourselves at a higher price; but that higher price would be offset by the additional jobs and the taxes collected from those jobs. Expansion is the only true marker of growth. 435. economic recovery, sustainable growth, climate change (importance: 76%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 16) 436. 4.Global Competitiveness (importance: 76%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 4) Race China in light industry. Race Japan in heavy industry. Race US and Russia in agriculture. Why manufacturing continues to decline ? 437. Alternative Economy (importance: 76%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 7) think outside the box. Do we really want to continue with this right-wing libertarian and selfish system. Mayby we should rethink the role of banks (IMF,...) in our system. We should create a more moral economy that values freedom and human development above profits,... 438. Economical equalisation among EU countries (importance: 76%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 13) 439. job market (importance: 76%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 13) 440. Energy security, sustainability, creating employment (importance: 76%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 19) Europe needs to ensure each country in the EU has a good system of energy transmission and distribution which is secure and robust - resillient to terrorism, ready for renewables and delevering energy to all - energy security is the thin crust on which all modern civilisation rests and it needs to be protected - the EU must not let a single light go out in Europe ever! 441. reverting to a Common Market (importance: 76%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 14) That's what I voted to jmoin and have never been asked if I want to be in the European UNION 442. business regulation (importance: 76%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 11) See disastrous results resulting from our laissezfaire attitude. 443. Eu should respond faster to economic turmoil (importance: 76%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 12) 49
  • 50. 444. Education, infrastructure, control, research,common language (importance: 76%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) Education affects my life the most at the moment. In my opinion education is the most important part of the stability and long term development of one country. I have the oppurtunity to study in the Netherlands. Hence, I am able to compare the differences both positive and negative between Bulgaria and the Netherlands in terms of facilities, human capital, students. I find the Dutch system quite efficient, influencing all young people by motivating them to study and work by giving money. I bealive that the tax system in many countries around European Union should be changed, just because in that way the local governments would be able to finance such programs. Infrastructure is part of the heart of each economy. Without efficient and effective infrastructure business loses importan resources, and the comulative effects of time could help for the loss of enormous capital. Control, is one of the most important things for me in order Europe to be able to stay stable during the current volatile times. Countries with centuries of experience of free market economy could help other members develop and execute stronger governmental control of capital resources. The future of humanity is dependent of energy resources, food and capital. The EU should elaborate on alternative energy resources and increase the environmental regulations. There should be one second official language for all members of the UE. This will further develope the union's economy. 445. technological development to utilise alternative power (importance: 76%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 12) The EU should be a leader in innovation in the transition from traditional energy resources to more sustainable ones. I believe eu countries possess the natural resources and the appropriate research facilities to make alternative energy accessible to a wider market. 446. Free markets (importance: 76%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 12) Increase awareness of the benefit of a common an free market, make some propaganda. The commissioners success in tackling microsoft and the mobile roaming charges: make citizens aware of what they benefited from this and how individual governments would never have been able to. Open boarders (Schengen), many of us enjoy it often, yet people have a feeling of insecurity instead of freedom. Make them aware that we all benefitted from 'the polish plumber' and that open boarders balance wage differences quickly in newbie countries. 447. Economy (importance: 76%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) 448. AN ECONOMY AT THE SERVICE OF HUMAN BEINGS! (importance: 76%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) Stop making it work for business, corporations, shareholders only! Real people wait for real improvement of their living conditions. Emphase people´s rights instead of corporate rights. 449. Re-education, new economy, reinvent transportation (importance: 75%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 13) I live in Limburg, a belgian province. In the late 1980's, all the coal mines closed due to low profitability. The government set up a big education and investment program. Now, almost 30 years later, unemployement is even lower than it was before the mines closed. We have alot of chemical industry, logistics, technology, etc.. . I believe we can do it again, and we have to. Since I think this so called financial/economic crisis, is really a structural crisis, caused mainly by lack of market regulation and overproduction. That's why I believe the EU should invest in education. Education is the basis of the rest of our lives, well educated people means less violence, less waste,..... a higher awereness tout court. Today, it's mainly young people that invest time and money in preserving energy and water, because they are educated. About transportation: I live in a rather small city, with about 40000 inhabitants, but it's more suburbian, about 80km from Antwerp. I work in Antwerp, and I take the train to work, it takes me about 1h20min. For me, this is acceptable, but alot of people can't get to work by train or bus. They have to buy cars and drive there. I think if the EU or the local government fund the transport companies so the can intensify their grid, so that people don't ever have to walk more than 10minutes, alot of people will take the bus. Also, making corporations pay their worker's transport fee will help alot. This way, families won't have to buy 2 or more cars. 450. economy, labour and finance (importance: 75%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 11) 451. The pharma industry has nothing to gain us to be healthy! (importance: 75%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 5) They have too much power and too greedy! I know 2 persons who have healed from a cancer by fasting while nowadays, 7 000 000 people a year are dying from that desease! Our health care institutions, system and policies have been built by former nazies such as IG Farben ! Alternative heath care such as nutritherapy, hygienism and other method wich can not be patented must be encouraged and promoted! 50
  • 51. 452. Economic policies. (importance: 75%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 18) Sure, they're important - they are the basis for any integration, so the parliament should make them more clear, detailed and apparent to the everyday European. These include job opportunities, transport issues also if we look at them from this perspective etc. 453. job security,enviromnental policy, (importance: 75%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) 454. Regulate the economy (importance: 75%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 8) 455. INNOVATION (importance: 75%, disagreement: 29, evaluations: 9) If every government-countries know that a true european oriented research and development policy will help us with the crisis why NOTHING IS DONE?? It remains a national competence and it s a shame. Why not pull our ressources together? and specialize each country on specific areas? That would mean giving more power to europe and I assume this is for the best. Last but not least I would like to know what are the results about reaching the lisbon's criterias? (Making europe the more competitive...bla bla) Something shall be done in that area as well. 456. climate change, economic crisis, terrorism, european defense (importance: 75%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 7) To me, the first and most pressing issue is climate change. Everything else is secondary... After that, of course, the crisis and it's implications. I feel that there should have been a more EU answer, rather than the chaotic national answers (but member states act as they which). Overall, I believe there should be more europe: on defense, on foreign affairs, everything to insure a better european weight in international affairs. 457. Entrepreneurship within the EU (importance: 75%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 16) - simple procedures/ minimise bureaucracy/ unify requirements throughout europe - make it easier for SMEs to get awarded government projects and participate in funding programs - join forces and export to the world - common platforms - technology 458. economy (importance: 75%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 17) at any price stop the economic deterioration (environment must be a priority though) 459. economy (importance: 75%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 13) 460. unemployment (importance: 75%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 14) 461. Enhancing Research and R&d applications domains (importance: 75%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 5) Th R&D activities will give us the key for living tomorow .So we right now to invest in.Futhermore Research is related to a large panel of EU matters enviroment, Health, ICT,Energy , AgroFood ,Aeropace, transport , Industry and entrepreneurship ... and so on. Innovation is a starter to success :-) 462. Economy (importance: 75%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 6) I firmly believe that European countries should have economic stability and sturdy coin (Euro). 463. Economic situation (importance: 75%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 8) The economic situation in Lithuania is very bad at the moment. There is huge unemployment (but well, I guess that's not Europe, but Lithuanian Government should do sth). What concerns me directly is the situation of the state servants. Working as a professional in one's field after 6 years at university you earn nothing in comparison with the state servants in some other European countries. That is very much unfair! And yes, I would love to work in my country and I love my job, but I guess there is no way out and we should do anything to get the jobs (win the competitions) in the EU institutions.. And well, not only for a job in a multinational and multicultural environment, but also for money....... 464. Good Jobs for Young people (importance: 75%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 12) We need more investment in good education and creation of good jobs for young people. These investment will pay itself back 465. environment crisis constitution unemployment (importance: 75%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 8) 466. unemployment (importance: 75%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 4) 467. liberalisation of service market (importance: 75%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 5) This would make this market more competitive. In that case we will pay less for number of services. 51
  • 52. 468. employee rights, green fuels, bank bailouts, social security (importance: 75%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 18) What I see happening is that the state is spending all the taxpayers money in banks. I don't see any social policies coming into place. As a citizen I feel that I work only to bailout greedy corporations that don´t contribute to the well being of the citizens in Europe. There is no coherent development of reusable fuels as well... 469. European union must focus on illegal immigration,unemplyment (importance: 75%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 7) I continue my think.I am the accountant who told you about the small village(examlpe effect).An economy and a state generally is depending on population increase.When population in a country increase then we have more consumers to spend money,and economy developing.In Europe we have the opposite phenomenon(population decreasing)some saying that population of Europe in 2050 will be 620million people from 730million people who are today 2009.This means decreasing of economic market of Europe.From the other side European Union accept all illegal and legal immigrants from Africa and Asia,who they will flood Europe in the future.These immigrants cant consume money as Europeans do,so this is one factor that leads Europe to further and more serious economic crisis.Plus that those immigrants send the 30% of their money they gain here to their countries,which means that all the Economic richness is going to third world countries,and europe will not have money in future.You are leading Europe and its people to very dangerous paths.What will you succed if Europe consist in 2050 of 120million people who are not born in Europe,in a totall population of Europe of 620miilon people?Plus that is sure that Europe is slowly becoming a Islamic continent.Some studies saying that by 2050 the 1/4 of Europe population will be Muslims.And that will happen because Muslim woman give birth to 5 children each and european woman give birth to 1,5 children each. 470. unemployment, climate change, air quality, pensions, welfare (importance: 75%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 6) I perceive these issues to be the immediate and important challenges of our society. Achieving dynamic economies, which ensure employment, a radical effort to preserve our climate and environment with substantial welfare state provisions based on activation, retraining and individual responsability 471. reducing red tape for businesses (importance: 75%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) too much of our time is spent filling in forms 472. economic crisis (importance: 75%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 18) 473. Economic situation (importance: 75%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 13) 474. INNOVATION, NEW SERVICES, PRIVATE BUSSINES WITHOUT ADMINISTR (importance: 75%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 8) 475. Harmonisation of taxes on : employment, fiscal & VAT (importance: 75%, disagreement: 28, evaluations: 9) 476. Environment, business and social (importance: 75%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) 477. economic free trade zone (importance: 75%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 4) see previous impressions ,and my comments 478. taxation and competitiveness (importance: 75%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 12) I suppose that the recent quality of life in Europe, our modell of social state has to be maintained. But these activities needs financing. And financing of the welfare of the society needs a competitive and dinamic economy. There are different traditions of social redistribution among Member States but it is clear that the economy must perform well if we need either more tax income or more personal responsability from the citizens. And in the global stage where the European economy competes with giants like China, Japan, India, USA, we must act in a more common way because the indidual Member States are too small in this competition. 479. cross boarder jobs (importance: 75%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 11) I feel the EU should work to eliminate brarriers to cross border working, like moving pensions between countries. Allowing people who loose their jobs move countries with out loss of entitlment (and not just once for three months, as it the current situation.). 480. Education, research, means of communication and law. (importance: 75%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 14) Teaching english at the very beginning of people's study life with erasmus program also for high school. Finding a "european scholastic method" that will be used throughout Europe. 52
  • 53. 481. Economy (importance: 75%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 6) Everything possible should be done to stabilize the financial market. Doing something that helps should be rewarded. Today leaders in most company gets bonuses no matter how they perform. For that reason it doesn't really matter to them if they do a good job or not. Bonuses or extremely high pay should be connected to the performance or the worker. If they do a good job, they get the extra pay/bonus, but if they ruin the company they shouldn't get it. 482. Help people change from one job to another (importance: 75%, disagreement: 5, evaluations: 5) The past experience of an employee conditions his/her new job opportunities, especially for higher graduates. Assuming that many people understand who they really are and wish to do with their life at later stages, it would be of greatest benefit for the society to ease the conversion process from skills gathered in the past to new skills allowing self accomplishment in a new job. How to support financially this conversion is the key hard point, whereas the offer for trainings and education is rather satisfying. 483. Ecology, Society, Economy and European Integration (importance: 75%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 9) In order to make a better tomorrow I think we need to stand together. By standing together Europe should be pushed further to become one, and the Union it's members need to think more in terms of 'Europe' rather than individual nations. Only then can we make a difference in the world. Furthermore I believe ecology is going to be a great challenge for the future, and measures must be taken through technology and growth: the economy must keep growing but in a way not harmful to the enviroment. And let's face it, we need wealth to realize our projects and fund research. But the most important is society and what we want youngsters like myself to become. The young generation in my country is not living up to their potential, and I think it is because they are not pushed hard enough to become something, or protected from negative influences. Elaborating I mean advertisements specifically made to exploit childish naivity, the values of rebellion put forward certain music styles, and the bad image created of hard working students [ pricks, nerds]. A large part of my generation feels hard working doesn't pay, to be cool you need to rebel, party etc... In the long run this isn't good for them. I believe in democracy, but political apathy is taking horrifying forms, and to truly make things work we need to change this. If not for ourselves then for our future. For 5000 years our ancestors kept the world going, I don't want it to be this generation to break that. 484. on crisis, employment, equall opportunities for men and wome (importance: 75%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 12) Eu should give more attention on how to solve the crisis. It should also control each EU member state how they're dealing with the crisis.In Slovenia we have more and more unempoyed people, on the other hand bank manager gets 1 mio euros benefit award.EU should give more attention to courts and how are they solving the cases. Here in Slovenia, you have to wait for ages, many cases aren't solved in a nomal time or not at all. Sometimes I get the feeling that Eu doesn't really know what is going on in EU countries. Sometimes the governement doesn't play by the rules of law and the damage is done before Eu notice it. Next problem that I see are very expensive cell phone calls. My average use per month is 100 euro, and my pay around 700 euros. I guess that's not really normal, especially as I really use cell phone mostly for work. Eu should be doing more for equall opportunites for men and women. Women have more problems in finding work, as they're potencial mothers. Employers rather have someone without children, preferably man. 485. Preventing unemployment (importance: 74%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 9) I think that the most important thing is to keep people working, this is a way to prevent social problems such as crimes and mental problems. To come to this EU should try to invent ways how to keep the economy going. If the recession will be deep EU should try to invent other ways to keep people in daily rhytm, it can be for example fostering civil society in some new way. Project money that EU gives at the moment might not be the best solution if you think individual lives as such. I think it is important that people feel secured, that they could buy a house ect knowing that they will have income also next year. Maybe a citizen wage could be one answer but this is not of course something that EU decides. 486. law order and business clearance (importance: 74%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 5) In Italy law trials are tomuch long Banking in Italy is not clear and any answer need a lot of time in most times some months. Furthermore you have not a system that controls the operate of the bank chief. 487. Business - Work - prosperity (importance: 74%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 11) Free hands, with no bureaucracy and state breaks...... promote technology with a way of challenging the youths.... 488. innovation (importance: 74%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 9) 53
  • 54. 489. Creating new jobs, crating new jobs possibility. (importance: 74%, disagreement: 36, evaluations: 3) Creating new job possability in local area's like Latvia, which has only 2,5 mil. citizens. That mean, EU should give Latvia some ideas, give some sector in which she would work and grow and give some goods and contribute to EU. 490. climate change, energy, environment, trade, industry, (importance: 74%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 12) climate change can't be solved by one country alone. We need to fight together, as one. Energy and environment are therefore crucial matters. Barriers to trade can't be put back, however we need safe and secure products and we need to fight counterfeight products and child labour worldwide. 491. unemployment (importance: 74%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 19) 492. green economy (importance: 74%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 7) invest in a sustainable future by investing in cleaner technology, it will not only create more jobs build a robust economy but also deal with energy security issues. 493. Raising salaries,fight unemployment,protect environment (importance: 74%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 11) European Commission is away from reality, its employees are interested in how nice things look on paper, they don't come from real life. This deficiency is demonstrated perfectly in Agriculture. European leadership hates farmers and does not want to understand their role in the society and how much cities depend on them. The crisis started because people had not enough liquidity to buy homes,consumables,pay for their health,education and for their entertainment. The solution lies there. Increase the salaries of all people so that they dont need to borrow or they may pay what they borrow. Farmers will soon stop producing because no one controls the wholesalers that buy their products at ridiculous prices and sell them to us at exorbitant prices. This also has to stop. Banks -Stock Markets and financial services showed their ugly and most unreliable face. Banks must be forced to give money to people and then to businesses. Stock market should be forbidden to play over the real value of a product or service, the real value based on the official turnover profits&assets, allowing a minus plus 10% maximum for speculation. Nobody needs more growth and nobody needs low inflation. There is no stability and dont push governments to implement an accord that was conceived before the crisis, grow up and adopt to the new reality. Stop the use of oil and oblige everyone to use electric cars and alternative energy. You can imagine the world without Gates but you cannot imagine it without us. 494. thinking outside the box, original, competent and prepared (importance: 74%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 8) 495. INNOVATION, NEW SERVICES, PRIVATE BUSSINES WITHOUT ADMINISTR (importance: 74%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 9) 496. economic crisis (importance: 74%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 15) I think we have to "relax" the aggreement for financial stability. I think that EU does, in particular in the greece case, exactly the opposite than the market need to. And what the market needs at this time, more money to move, so better salaries to the employees, easy loans to enterprises, more public investments. Otherwise Mr Barosso, as it happens now, nobody spends money, the enterprises could not sell their products, the employees are loosing their jobs or in the better case they are loosing their salaries and the circle be continued and so does the crisis. I think that this crisis is in 70% due to bad psycology. You have to do sth for that than to impose more taxes and less salaries or job to the medium and low social clases. In any case I think that the humans are more important than the financial figures. 497. Answers to the economic crisis (importance: 74%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 10) The economic crisis is what worries most people at the moment. Still, national policies have to a huge extent dominated the answers that have been given to the economic crisis so far. This is insufficient for many reasons: - The internal market operates EU-wide, and EFTA countries are closely associated. Therefore common answers need to be found. - Companies and enterprises act often European, if not gloablly. Therefore it complicates business life to only have national solutions - The question of how to find answers to the economic crisis is one which is largely linked to the question of standards and ethics. Therefore a European solution would provide a credible commitment for everyone to engage in respecting those codes of conduct. - With regard to "burden-sharing" a European mechanism will provide more fairness. - Lastly, the process of deliberating common solutions to achieve a policy acceptable to all member states may make clearer the causes and effects of the economic crisis. - In international negotiations, as for example IWF , G8, G20, Europe will have a bigger say if acting jointly. The economic crisis provides a big chance for Europe to gain confidence of the Europeans in the EU to act as a problem-solving mechanism. I would be very relieved if Europe would use this chance! 54
  • 55. 498. thinking outside the box, original, competent and prepared (importance: 74%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 10) 499. Technology driven society - Computer science & Telecoms (importance: 74%, disagreement: 0, evaluations: 1) Nowadays, new technologies play a bigger role in our daily life. They can make our life easier, safer and give better access to more information sources. EU needs to invest more in new technologies. E-businesses , telecommunications and bio-informatics are some of the sectors that EU needs to focus on and be an important player in the world's tech advancement. 500. Support SMEs and other enterprises in the single market (importance: 74%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 9) More harmonisation across the singel market so that a company can easily sale products and service in another Member State. 501. Job creation and social safetynet. (importance: 74%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 21) EU, in coordination with national and local govts should create incentives for job creation, especially during the tought times like today. 502. security food safety open market education human rights (importance: 74%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 8) 503. economic development (importance: 74%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 13) 504. education, unemployment, child care, health care, climate (importance: 74%, disagreement: 28, evaluations: 11) 505. make the single market work (importance: 74%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 10) 506. Job security and creation. (importance: 74%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 24) The EU should focus on job security and creation as there are too much definite employment contracts and unemployment. 507. consumer protection, employment, research and innovation (importance: 74%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 19) I think that these are sectors were the EU coulf effectively comtribute to enhance the general level of welfare of EU citizens. It has the competences and the powers to do so. In a time of crisis, the EU has to focus on those sector which are not covered by the governments'emergency measures. 508. less gov spending, no debt, no protectionism and trade wars (importance: 74%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 4) and for the love of god, do not create more silly gov jobs as a result of that poll! no trade wars with china less silly taxes less welfare stop centralization which is now killing the whole idea of that union oh and stop that global warming fight which noone can afford, people KNOW that, why don't you? 509. socioeconomic development strategy climate/povertycorrection (importance: 74%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 12) synergies betwen European and global poliies in ordfer to eradicate poverty, increse of purchasing power in EU countries coroborate with other regions, promote the civil rights, health care and eduction through out the globe. Initiate a stronger initiative for EU rural develoment and peri urban socila and economic development policies at a glance in EU, with a deeper need of socio economic cohesion. Increse the framework for a better flow of capital and the building up of marketing chains in the field of production, industries and servicies. Initiate programes for developing business and cooperation inititives at local and regional level. Combyning raw production with industrial services, labour force, services and valuate them in a coherent manner. Invesments skills to be developed in all economies, specialy in the emergent countries, where the midlle class of society has to be strongthen/incresed. Training sessions and policy advisory is need to be provided, and a friendly monitoring system to be assure. In other words, comunity services has to get more involved in develping efficient network of tehnical assistance at public governamental level and local and regional level, the civil cervants which will be able to provide the assistance should have better acknoledgment of the local situation and to be able to understand the EU framework of the strategic policy issues build up in cooperation with commision servicies. The national trainners sholud became part of the framework 510. Unemployment (importance: 74%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 7) It is a major issue all over Europe. I have already moved abroad twice (within the Eu) and I am willing to do it again... all because of lack of employment and career progression. Unfortunately now possibly due to the crisis, things are not better in any side of the atlantic. 55
  • 56. 511. security/jobs/poverty (importance: 74%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 12) Security is in danger in EU countries.The main reason is the illigal imigrants that enter most of the EU countries without jobs or places to stay.You have to do something on this. Economic crisis is a joke.The rich people lost some of their profits which were extremelly huge during all the previous years and suddenly they feel that they need to be supported.Why you support by founds the Banks?Why don't you support the people with all that money you are giving to the banks?The Greek Goverment supported the banks with 28 billion euros.If this amount would be in the hands of the people it could giive solutions to a lot of probles.It's a joke to support car industry...A big joke... 512. Unemployement (importance: 74%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 17) The unemployment rate rose to 6.7% - up 0.6% over the quarter and 1.5% on last year. 29.3 million people were in work in the period December to February according to the labour force survey (LFS). The number of people employed fell by 126,000 this quarter and down by 227,000 on the last year. The working age employment rate is 73.8% - down 0.4% on the last quarter and down 1.1% on the last year. ILO-defined unemployment in December to February was 2.1 million (6.7%) - up by 177,000 unemployed on the quarter and 486,000 from this time last year. The claimant count for key out-of-work benefits was 1,464,100 in March - up by 73,700 on last month, and up 672,100 on last year. Earnings growth over the year to February (including bonuses) was 0.1%, down 1.6% from the previous month. In other words, unemployment is one of the most crucial problems that not only my generataion byt everyone faces. EU should focus on changing the structure of the market works and the State or the EU should take some control and supervise the Private sector. I am not fun of protectionism however, a kind of supervising and setting new rules to the market will boost again the economy and the confidence between people. 513. environment, economy (importance: 74%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 10) stop giving all the money to big companies and big countries... think about more investment in small, innovative companies developing green technologies. More money for energy efficiency in cities! 514. Economical crisis, eko-friendly energysources, cyprus (importance: 74%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 2) We need to come out from the economic crisis with are heads held high. I think tha one of the key factores in achieving this is to find a cheap and enviormentaly frendly energysource. We also need to include new important members in to the EU like Turkey and Kosovoa. They are to countries with great potential if they are given the support of a larger international union. The EU als needs to concentrate on upholding a good business and security relationship with Russia, this is something that needs to be done by every country in the EU not just the ones sharing a border with russia. And the cyprus problem must be figured out, the demands on turkey membership should be that once the north of cyprus is reconected with the republic of cyprus theyr membership is possible, because in the EU we dont have any other territorial disputes. 515. the current economic crisis (importance: 73%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 19) I believe that the best way to tackle the current economic crisis is to bring back honesty in the way business is done. Capitalism is a wonderful system as long as it is controlled by government regulation. The whole concept of free trade should be revalued, and determine how much it has brought the loss of jobs within Europe. Products that come from abroad should have some type of arancels, while products made home may have some kind of tax exemption in order to pull down its price and be more ready to be bought against a similar one produced in a third world country. Also, a good idea will be to put the banking system under tight government scrutiny and start lending again to enterprises that have hopes of going out of the crisis. I do not agree with the American view of giving freely to spend. That will only make the rich richer. 516. defend entrepreneurship! (importance: 73%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 6) 517. Salary, pensions and other benefits. (importance: 73%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 6) Take a close look at all the pensions, salary and other benefits that the politicians have in the administration. We have a really big financial crisis and many people across EU are unemployed or will be in a short time if the crisis continues like this. It dont look good if the public servants are living a totally cut off life from the citizens in the union. 518. de bureacratization, easier trade, less gender fascism (importance: 73%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 3) EU should refrain from all forms of social engeneering, especially mad gender control like gender mainstreaming. This theories behind this is based on mad marxist feminism from the 197os. Women in the West are not class victims, they redproduce more than men, they live longer, they are not forced into death professions, etc. Allthough it has become easier, there are still too many trade barriers and especially for small or medium sized businesses. EU should concentrate on the essential, make trade easy but stay away from more regulation of the individuals. 56
  • 57. 519. Unemployment, Human Rights violation, Political manipulation (importance: 73%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 3) (1500 characters left) - is this enough space in those characters that can be described the Human Life's manipulation /even in EU.../, Political manipulation and "chameleony" - my first and second Political asylum and all Special Services STUPIDITY - Holland, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Denmark... *For me it is interesting how far will be going EU in Bulgaria's association and acceptance /labor market and rights for Bulgarian people to join and work equally on the market...? Why NATO "gives" so much opportunities, but in Germany - they are happy to be "Americanos free zone" after American Bases /Ruppertsweiler and others/ was "left"... . *Why when Political asylum is applied /Germany 1993, 2007/ all attempts are focused in manipulating the person, stealing all his actual/important proves that proves Special Services participation in Big Brother's activities and manipulations over the Humanity and "illegal" methods for torturing are used to be convinced /the person with real Political problems/ to "go back voluntarily" and than - "WELCOME to the wonderland..." /before Bulgaria's border in Serbia - Bulgarians custom-house officers call me "It is an death certificate on foreign language..."? . *EUROPOL, INTERPOL or whose interests we are protecting...? . *Why it is so easy to be tested new/test medicine to Political asylum seekers...? . *Hi-Tech microwave equipment used on Irak - is that so popular in daily use for torturing unwitting and peaceful Political asylum seeke 520. green economics (importance: 73%, disagreement: 31, evaluations: 12) lead the definition of the future rulebook for economics and eu politics by bringing ecology, managed growth, ethics and long term quality of life into the equation. define the vision, the roadmap and then go for it. 521. New technologies (importance: 73%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 12) Intellectual rights can protect our progress. 522. Better salaries distribution. (importance: 73%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 8) 523. economy (importance: 73%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 14) The economy should be regulate. WE HAVE TO FORGET THE NEO-CLASSIC theories to find the way every european can enjoy the market. No lobbying, no freedom that causes less regulation. The market works only if it's regulate. We can't avoid it. Also, the market can't work for everything. Some fields should be public, like : education, energy, transport (train, fly, bus, road...), health, justice, weapons and military force (security), ... 524. Economic growth, research, innovation (importance: 73%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) My personal feeling is that Europe lags behind US and Japan in terms of research and innovations. We spend an amazing amount of money in stimulating scientific research, however we see few effect mainly on US supremacy over technological and economical progress 525. Job oppertunaties around the Union (importance: 73%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 15) At the moment it is very difficult for someone to work in another E.U. country. The paper work is way to big, and companies are not encouraged to hire employees from other countries. Also, there is no guidance for people that want to do so (Europass is a good start but not enough). Fixing this problem would take advantage of Europe's human resources a lot better, using the right people in the right places, leading to high specialization in all fields and more importantly, economic growth. They way things are right now, is that there are many talented and educated people around the Union which are left to do jobs that are not in their field of expertise, leaving them untapped. If we find a way to move these people around the Union and putting them in the right positions, filling the gaps, Europe will be a remarkable place. 526. economy, socisl policy, edication, COMMUNICATION (importance: 73%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 13) 527. finding job (importance: 73%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 7) 528. wellbeing, financial security, job security, adeqate pension (importance: 73%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 9) The life in EU is not getting better but worse, retired peeple can not liv on 300 euros pensions 529. Working performance, economie, daily life (importance: 73%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 10) 530. A more integrated European defense market (importance: 73%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 12) If the EU could present unified import/export rules and harmonise internal regulation on the subject, we would be a more credible entity internationally, and the possiblity of greater specialisation would help to reduce defense costs. An ESA-style system of optional participation could imrpove efficiency and lead to the development of more projects like Galileo. 57
  • 58. 531. more chances for job and more chances for improving money (importance: 73%, disagreement: 3, evaluations: 5) i am from albania but i live in greece for 15 years and we have a lot of problems with our green cards..we have to pay every year a lot of money and we can't afford all this procedure.. i would like to know whether is any solution about this...??????????????????????????????????????????????????? 532. Infrastructure, Employment Oportunities, Lifegoing Knowledge (importance: 73%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 18) In Greece we still need a lot of work in infrasture in all areas, economy is the other issue that would make our lives easier (if your working environment is stable your life becomes easier, even without infrasture !) and last but not least, living in an everchanging economical environment, (I'm working for the national radiotelevision company and even there I don't know if I'm going to be working in 6 months or in 1 year etc.!) lifegoing studying & getting knowledge and new skills would probably be helpfull 533. Places of employment (importance: 73%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 3) The European Uninon should ensure to the local community their places of employment, so that people do not have to move or locate away from their homes. 534. culture (intercultural), job opportunities for the poor. (importance: 73%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 11) I think culture it's deeply important in any areas for a more civil life. Anybody desserve good job opportunities to achieve goals in life: family, health, social security and peaceful living in harmony with neighbours. Since decades it's really hard to find jobs to old people, not so old: I mean even under 50! This the same for young people under 22, maybe not so tragic but I think this the first point to focus energies on. Not caring about this will be as like playing with dynamite and it will be not that far, maybe we can talk on months! 535. woman enterprising and education of undisabled people (importance: 73%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 5) The Woman Entrepreneur...... Ilive in Samsun in Turkey.I'm the member of an organisation about woman enterprising.But I can't explain my ideas to our managements.Because they only think themselves,especially money...I went to a course in İstanbul in KAGİDER...They work professional....I want to be and work with professionals like you.I only need help....How can I work in Brusells,with the others?...I'm married anda I have a son called BİLGİN.I want to be in Europe,and work hard for being a succesfull woman.I'm very bored in my town because noone hel me,these projects are very secret for us.We only go for being together,not making projects...Please contact me... I'm the owner of a centre,where undisabled children are learning something,like a school...I love my job....May be we can contact with other schools like that,so our students learn more about Europe,and your culture,language,and interests.....I want to contact with Turkısh people who work for your organisations but nobody explain something,why???I know why,they want to earn more money,and no help!!!!!What a pity,it's the real for my town.......... 536. tax harmonisation - freedoms - competition - citizenship (importance: 73%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 14) 1. The crisis is there, we, Europeans have more in common than the market, to help us to reach more stability, I think it will be sensible to have more incomes for the E.U. with an equalisation of the tax system. 2. We need more protection of our civil rights. There are too many control and restrictions for basic freedoms. Open up. 3. We have to accept competition inside E.U. and also with the rest of the world. Strong insitutions and a good level of protection and an opening of competition. 4. We need to find an European identity. It is not an easy question and I fear certain of the answers, but we have to explore that field. 537. New economic order (importance: 73%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 13) How to instaure & provide a new trust on new whole economy system 538. International trade (importance: 73%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) Belgium fails to succesfully privatise government companies to the free market. It concerns electricity, gas, telecom, post and trains. When ever such a company is privatised the consumer ends up with just 2 or 3 big providers of which non is better than the other. I believe it's crucial that more European competitors should be able to enter the Belgian market freely to increase the competion. I'd love to see Europe more as one trade zone and less as 27 zones. 539. Technology, added value in education, digital age (importance: 73%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 9) Do something for education and try to conciliate two sectors of Europa funding : ICT research and ICT in education 540. equalization of salaries in europe (importance: 73%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 16) 58
  • 59. 541. Support the researcher carrear outside of universities (importance: 73%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 12) By creating the conditions that allows someone to follow a research carrear in public domain (e.g. not in industry) but without the association to public universities. National and Internacional research centers should be created and supported. 542. Economy, individual freedom, social protection, (importance: 73%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 3) A strong EU is important to me may it be politically or economically. There is a need for a powerful economy based on investment,trades within the eurozone, spendings, research and a highly qualified workforce (implying a top of the line educational system). This force also needs a strong political backup on intra- national and international levels so Europe can stand up for its positions. I have more trust in the EU institution to protect my rights, privacy, freedom and self than I have in national governments. Thus a strong EU can only be better for europeans and human kind. 543. job (importance: 73%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 5) 544. Improving trade and business efficiency (importance: 73%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 12) The single greatest contribution the EU can make is to continue the excellent work it has begun to integrate markets and increase trade efficiency. I'd like to see an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship. There is such a big difference in process for starting a business in France vs. the UK, for example. The EU needs to focus more on small business, innovation and entrepreneurship, demanding a simplification of rules, making financing available etc. 545. economic and social standards (importance: 73%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 8) In My opinion the EU should focus on regulating and coordinating the economic policies of the member-states, as well as social standards for every citizens of the EU 546. A new economical iron curtain must be avoid (importance: 73%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 2) The policies barriers for eastern workers must be banned. It is possible in the future that western workers to come and work in eastern countries. How the governments in eastern countries to react? To deny access of the workers for their labor markets? 547. Will the EU help keep the economy regulated? (importance: 73%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 10) Will the EU make sure that European countries will have their economies regulated, and will not start a "runaway capitalist system" as the US has had in the last few decades? 548. free trade (importance: 72%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 23) 549. Reverting to a Common Market (importance: 72%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 13) Because I was never asked if I wanted toi be in a Union 550. Larger salaries (importance: 72%, disagreement: 34, evaluations: 3) Still the economic imbalances regarding the amount of the monthly salary between the member-states are big. EU should work on that.There has to be a common legal platfrom concerning the lower salary possible. 551. Getting a minimumtaks for industry in every country (importance: 72%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 9) We should be thinking of a minimumtaks in every country for the industry. It is not good that big companies move to the east of europe because of the takses while they are making enough profit in the first country. We shouldn't be afraid that they move to china because of our free market and if they go over there they have to import their goods what will cost them again a lot of money. So we should defenitly consider to raise takses. It is not only good for the rich countries among us but also for the less rich countries because the companies that allready settled there also have to pay more to the gouvernement in that country.. 552. Funding theEuropean Space Agency and other research projects (importance: 72%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 10) 553. Economy, internal market competitiveness (importance: 72%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 17) 554. Economic support (importance: 72%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 7) Economic support for my family, if any catastrophe happens, 59
  • 60. 555. Globalisation-Immigration-Economics-Poverty-Parliaments (importance: 72%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 8) The EU needs to spend more of its time, energy, money, regulation on finding ways to bolster efforts to improve the economic and social situations of people in the neighbouring and poor countries of the world. There needs to be coherence between its aid/trade work. Technical aid and capacity building with parliaments particularly on scrutinising the budget would do alot to ensure that aid and income from the natural resources available goes towards investment in human development. This would be one of the best things long term things it could do to slow the tide of immigrants. less time and money should be wasted trying to physically stop them from coming. as long as life is better here they will come, and its simply not fair to try to stop them. 556. Encourage small business (importance: 72%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 17) Other than the UK, running a small business or operating as a sole trader is quite the most complicated thing one can do. Rules, laws, procedures, process, information, costs are just too complex and tend to keep people away from starting their own business or going freelance. 557. Fundamental right of research as basis for mobility (importance: 72%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 2) The Fith Freddom is a very prominent idea of tackle a mobility of researchers in Europa. But without the fundamental right to do research Europe fall behind. All Member States should sign this findamental rigt of ree research otherwise they should be not allowed to take part in European Research Programmes financed by the EU. 558. The EU should focus on pushing an economy reform. (importance: 72%, disagreement: 7, evaluations: 3) The economy crisis that is affecting the world is caused by a system which obviously does not work and needs to be changed. Buisnesses close and the state isn't able to help, all of this deeply affects the daily lives of the people in the EU, that is why I think a new system must be conceived and a reform must be pushed to change the very basis of the global economics workings. Higher transparency and more control over banks could be a start. 559. Employment Issues (importance: 72%, disagreement: 35, evaluations: 2) Bringing social welfare systems into an EU debate 560. justice, trade regulatory gap, Convntn of Human Rights (importance: 72%, disagreement: 0, evaluations: 1) It is important that issues of justice, policing and asylum are left to each indivdual country. Ireland currently has one of the most lenient systems of jurisprudence in terms of the human rights that are granted to detainees in custody. The Euroinisation of human rights does not account for the indivdual approach of each country on these sensitive topics. I am in favour of passing the Lisbon Treaty, because it would help the institutions of Europe to function more efficently. I do not want to see Ireland or Europe take detainees from Guantanamo Bay. 561. Local economic models, nested in EU and global networks (importance: 72%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) Creating global markets for local products with trade between participants of telecommunities. 562. Crime, economy, better salaries, better work conditions (importance: 72%, disagreement: 40, evaluations: 4) Due to the vast poverty we are constantly living in a beautiful European country which once was crime free. The salaries are pathetic for the hours of work that individuals put in...overtime is never paid. The basic salary definitely needs to be increased to at least 1,300 eur per month. How can one expect to live on 700 eur a month??? It is so sad. I had so many beautiful dreams... 563. Free trade for Insurances (importance: 72%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 11) To have unified regulations governing car, life, household insurances etc. throughout the EU and allow the consumer to purchase insurance anywhere within the EU to encourage competetion and value for money. 564. employment and skills (importance: 72%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 17) The situation of employment affects the EU citizens in very direct way - theirs quality of life and theirs satisfaction with EU polices. This is especially urgent in the situation of current crisis. The skills development affects the quality of human capital - the driving force of any growth, especially in age of technologies and challenges, following the slogan - "The difficult I do today, the impossible will wait until tomorrow". 60
  • 61. 565. create single market in all areas ahere there is none/little (importance: 72%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 16) the single market is still a dream in many areas - a good instrument to abate obstacles woudl be to foster incubators of single market enterprises i.e. enterprises set up with the intention to capture all teh contractions of the single market and that are beign pid for indentifyign and explaning the obstacles they find in their internationalisisation process. 566. Free Market and Social dumping have stolen our jobs ! (importance: 72%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 9) 567. Economy, fighting the crisis (importance: 72%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 7) I wish the European decision-makers would do everything they can to secure jobs and financial stability in Europe. I am worried about losing my job, about the loss of my savings due to a decrease in value of the euro and about rapid changes of the economic situation. I hope the leaders will fight all protectionism and join forces. 568. Economics of the E.U (importance: 72%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 13) The current economic crisis that is now facing not only Europe but the world is startling to say the least. What it is that is bothering me is why exactly nobody shouted stop from the inside or if they did as some almost inevitably must have done why was more not done to prevent it? Was it too easy to go along on the gravy train and not say STOP! It is easier in a perveted sense to legislate for something that had already happened and wreacked havoc on the worlds economic system rather than rock the boat when all seemed rosy. Also what should the E.U's position in the international banking system be exactly? 569. environment - economic crisis - defence (importance: 72%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 4) 570. EU has to focus on the employment policy in EU (importance: 72%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 4) In the times of crisis EU authorities have to focus on employment policy in the whole EU. Nowadays its not easy to find a job for the young generation. The authorities might unit to create unique strong strategy, new vacancies to fight against unemployment in EU! 571. Defend the principle of a free and undistorted competition! (importance: 72%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 11) 572. 1)Economy, 2) Environment 3) Social Freedom (importance: 72%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 7) Day by day the economy of my country affects my daily life, affects my pocket. Since today i haven't seen any serious meters taken by the EU and by the government of my country which they helped me to improve my life. Instead of this the EU asked from Greece to increase the years of work for both men and women, where is our freedom and the respect from the EU when you are asking from us to work until we die??I'm wondering Mr Baroso are you ging to work until 65???I'm not so sure about that... 573. Environment, economy, legislation, integration, education (importance: 72%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 9) I consider myself as a person that involves herself strongly with environmental and economical issues of our time. I am a "European studies" student in France and thus am rather open minded and tolerant towards new ideas and people with other opinions or beliefs than mine. Furthermore, I live in Luxembourg, one of the most culturally diverse countries of the EU and in addition one of the administrative centres of the community institutions. This allows me to be an convinced European but on the other hand gives me the chance to see that even 50 years after the signing of the Rome treaties, there still a lot of people that aren't convinced by the EU yet and still have got some euroskepticism. So I believe that the EU should really take on the problems of our time and fight climate change more energetically, handle the financial and economic crisis that started in 2008 more coordinated, and finally give the EU the constitution it needs to gain a larger acceptance among the European citizens. Last but not least, as a student, I feel the urge to express my concerns that nowadays the EU still doesn't invest sufficient amounts of money in the development of its educational facilities, this means that Europe in general lacks competitiveness in the R&D sector against the thriving Asian economies and the United States. 61
  • 62. 574. Fight structural unemployment (importance: 72%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 17) I'd like to bring up a problem which is often sidelined and a threat to the level of competitivity accross the european union. We are currently living an age where a lot of young people between the ages of 20 and 35 are having trouble finding a job because they are having serious difficulty convincing employers that they are capable in what they do or being systematically excluded due to not having a typical profile. I am 33 years old, willing, hardworking and perseverant in all I do. I also have a lot of knowhow and can speak both French and English as if they were both my first languages. But I am human and I've hit my physical and mental limits a few times. Since I was forced to stop university-level studies ten years ago, I have barely worked less than two solid years. Not only that but I am portraying a reality that very employers want to acknowledge. My possibilites have been severely limited due to living to an old industrial region which has become a trap with time. And it's only now that I have been able to repair the damage and do what I must to get a degree at night school. My story is far from being an isolated one. It's a massive waste of potential and it can only do harm in the long term. It's time to shout "all hands on deck !" and get everyone involved in building smarter, stronger and more efficient economies. Wouldn't you agree that it's time to move from a Europe of finances to a place where people want to help build a better future for everyone 575. More Common Market, utilities etc but less petty regulations (importance: 72%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 7) Ideally move to the Spirit of the directives rather than the Words. Allied to a more vigorous and much faster sanctions on those breaking the Spirit! 576. Economy (importance: 72%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 16) 577. Economy (importance: 72%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 11) Economy: we should try to focus on a europeen economy, not so much on a national economy, many countries are to small to have a big effect on the economy so we should stick together, even more than we are dowing now. 578. progress,cartels,unjustice in progress,full employment,Turke (importance: 72%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 2) the progess in E.U. is not for everybody...large numbers of the society are at the corner,this will certenly cause revolution!junging from my country, the financial situation is dominated by 3-5 big businessmen,at the supermarket ,at the oil industry,at the transportation,they fix the prizes and the salaries are low as you don't give permission for REAL raise full empoymenty is the key,as only throught that way the economy will start again mouving..when people are pain witd with 400-500 euros,they cannot spend! Turkey ,here in Greece we believe that E.U. are no support us at the Turkish issue.houndrends of immigrands invade daidy from the Turkish borders and the small islands of Aegean see are foul of them without help.your help is tinny!each time the Turks have problems with their inside policy,they move that at their foreigh policy(incidents above the aegean see-provocation of the T.air force-accidents and deaths)we cannot afford of paying billions for our defence and fix the economy at the same time, you must take clear position and you must take measures! 579. Have a bad economic life (importance: 72%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 8) I think you should give me opportunities to create a small company. In Portugal, everything deppends on the Government. 580. safety in general; business (importance: 71%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 11) environment protection; safety in web, when used by children; safety measurements at school; education issues in poorer areas; bank pressure over the "small and mid-businesses" in Bulgaria; stimulation of the enterpreneurs 581. Extra-funding for student, teacher and researcher exchanges (importance: 71%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 15) so that many more students, teachers and researchers could study, teach, work and do research in universities, academic centers, libraries and laboratories across the European Union through such exchange programmes as Erasmus, Socrates, Leonardo etc. 582. Human trafficking especially in sex industry (importance: 71%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 13) Many people are exploited when moving to more prosperous EU states- measures need to be put in place to stamp this out. 62
  • 63. 583. Entreprenours (importance: 71%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 13) I think the EU should do more to encourage entrepreneurship on a Europe wide level. This will allow even more integration of ambitious people while generating jobs and incomes at a wider level. I know there are several initiatives to help start up small and medium scale businesses but more should be done to spread the message horizontally, right now they are vertical programs which do not reach the right people and but if they are targeted at students just leaving universities, then more small scale businesses will be started among a population of people who are willing and capable to travel. 584. Economic Crisis. (importance: 71%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 4) 1.What the European Commission did to prevent it? 2.What kind of regulation regarding the Banking system has put in place? 3.Please inform me of the documents that the EU commission has issue to warn member states, or to guide them against risky banking practices PRIOR TO THE CRISIS? 585. Position of self-employed persons (importance: 71%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 11) Not surprisingly even your questionnaire does not have the category self-employed, so I had to enter OTHER. Yes, we self-employed are just other. Yet we work and fight for our lives, to survive and provide existence to ourselves and our families. I assume we fall under SME category, but although there is a lot of self-praising about what is done in SME sector, self-employed and mini companies (2-3 persons) are never given favorable business conditions. The accounting and VAT obligations are the same as for large companies, and that squeezes a lot of our already scarce resources (time and money). In Germany (Berlin) where I live and work self-employed (klein Unternehmen) have 2 years without VAT obligations (with limits EUR 17000 and 50000 turn-over, not profit, nota bene) after which one must charge VAT which makes us increasingly uncompetitive. Mini companies are even obliged for the Chamber of Commerce fee. There is never any incentive to make our business position and chances better. We pay the same expensive software prices, plus mostly US software (Adobe for instance) is much more expensive in EU. Yet in talking about unemployment and how to reduce it, self-employment should be recognized and given a boost through better financial conditions (as I mentioned above). In addition to all this self-employment of old and not only young, and issues of health insurance and pension is an extra problem. 586. Worldwide free trade (importance: 71%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 11) Stopping the lethal protectionist policies towards poor nations, especially in agricultural products. 587. Employability of graduates (importance: 71%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 23) All member states have different education systems but I think there should be a more cohesive approach to gaining work experience to improve employability. In the current economic climate students could learn a lot from businesses but they cannot get their foot in the door. An EU wide system of gaining maybe six weeks work experience for University students as a compulsory part of their degree and with countries being encouraged to particiate through tax incentives and CSR policy endorsment by the EU. 588. Support intensively innovation as a crisis strategy exit (importance: 71%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 5) One of the main instrument to support innovation (recoup investments in innovative activities) is the Intellectual Property System. There is no prpoper strategy in Europe to use the IP sytem. The present system is formed by dislocated pieces, with no common approach to support really the European Inventors. A political input is necessary in this sector to overcome the blockage of the different institutions and to align them in an efficient policy. This is the task of the EU Commission. 589. more freedom to innovate and to establish (importance: 71%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 13) there is too much red tape and there are too many obstacles to free and fair competition still in place. 590. Help the medium-size companies survive the economic crisis. (importance: 71%, disagreement: 29, evaluations: 16) The economic crisis has affected most sectors of the economy, because as economy is a "chain" , if banks do not provide the market with money, most people are affected. Medium size companies, as well as multinationals do not hire employers, and in many cases fire in order to be able to survive. Employers on the other hand are afraid and they cannot be sure about their financial situation in the close future, so they do not spend as much as they did and consequently there is not enough money in the market, so it is hard for smaller companies to overpass the crisis. Talking about the situation in Greece, I see that most people of my age (27) are afraid of unemployment. Finding a job near our home is difficult and going in some other city to work is not always a solution because we cannot afford to rent a house and pay the bills with the salary of 700 or 800 euros, even if we have a lot of qualification. I saw in during tha last year people with families losing their jobs because the banks did not give loans to the companies they worked in. How could young people dicide to make a family or live alone? It seems almost impossible, no matter how hard someone is willing to work. 63
  • 64. 591. Immigration, financial crisis, foreign relations, economy (importance: 71%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 16) Currently the main problem is that of immigration. Therefore we need to address this problem better. All Europe has to help a small country like Malta which is already over populated to deal with this problem. Several solutions can be found by trying to hold negotiations with Libya because the problem is a three tier problem. First you have the country at source and Europe tries to tackle this problem through financial aid. Secondly there is the Libya which is the country where immigrants start their journey to Europe. Here much more can be done. Thirdly there is the problems of people who arrive in Malta and the detention centres which are over crowded and not up to UNHCR standards. Other problems which I would like to mention are also the financial crisis and the economy. I believe Europe is now stronger with Euro and we have to make everything possible for all countries to adopt Europe and really be the strongest economyt in the world. Lastly I wanted to mention the foreign relations with countries around the world. This is something of huge importance if EUrope wants to take the leading role in the world. 592. Economy, agriculture, education (importance: 71%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 7) I think that in the times of global financial crisis it is essentially necessary that EU not only creates the feeling of presence in Latvian economy, but also supports it. It can be not only financial assistance, but also help in education of local politicians. The support of agriculture is also essential to create fair play between European countries. Right now there are lots of disagreements and disappointments about the EU agricultural policies and probably it is important to solve these problems by informing the farmers, giving them more information of their possibilities and EU role as it. Education is one of the cornerstones of a successful future, so it is essential to improve the cooperation between EU countries and institutions in creating the next generation of politicians, scientists etc. In short - people need to feel the presence of EU and need to understand more about it's functions! Otherwise the negative thinking will remain very popular not only in Latvia, but also in other countries. 593. migration particularly in industrialized european states (importance: 71%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 14) Migration to supply the needed work force particualrly in industrialized wetsern european members recenly has become a great deal. people wirh different habits and values face bitter difficulties to integrate to the society they entered in.Most of time, though, they do not mind to integrate.they just keep their their way living and that kind of conservative attitude lead serious problems about the harmonization of society. On a positive correlation, crime rates increase. 594. Environment, economy, education, immigration (importance: 71%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 13) 595. illegal immigrants. high salaries to meps and officials. (importance: 71%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 15) 596. economical safety (importance: 71%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 16) 597. Free Trade - replace subsidies with re-education grants (importance: 71%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 5) Whilst the single-market is a great European achievement I think the EU fails to keep its member states in check as regard protectionism. This is likely a result of the frailty of the EU governing structures and lack of parliamentary sovereignty - certain member states retaining strong veto powers protecting, for example, agricultural subsidies. With less inequality that our transatlantic partners the EU is in a prime position to experiment with novel systemic adjustments that increase the freedom to trade in a non-preferential nationalistic manner. For example phasing out subsidies of specific sectors and transferring funds to provide European re-education/training grants for workers to reskill/equip for careers they can potentially compete in. This would render Europe a non-discriminatory, safety net providing, open marketplace and synthesize the values of liberty and solidarity in a simultaneously progressive and efficient manner. I am, however, skeptical - with 47% of the budget currently spent subsidizng agri-business and 22% of that going to powerful member states like France I do not see any likely changes until such time that the right to propose and pass legislation regarding such things passes fully to the European parliament. Until that time I see no reason to get involved with these European institutions to promote such ideas and values - it is out of my control, I am not French. If the Treaty of Lisbon moves us closer to parliamentary sovereignty I support it. 64
  • 65. 598. instruments / institutions that support employees rights (importance: 71%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 15) The 40/48 hour working week is rarely if ever enforced. Most international firms ignore it completely. I know of many cases where well known global names (Deloitte, PWC, EY etc) regularly flout this rule, expecting their employees to work 11 hours a day. In a recession, when there are plenty of skilled unemployed people to hire, and in an age when birthrate is falling in many countries because women cannot choose careers AND children, it seems incredible that such firms are allowed to break the law and squeeze their employees, body and soul, rather than being forced to hire more workers. Nevertheless, instead of punishing them, the EU continues to award these firms lucrative contracts. As a former employee of one of these firms, who was urged to work harder for greater rewards, and who was recently given a paycut when I was due a promotion and pay rise, I can tell you that I had nowhere to turn to for support. When the firm regularly demanded a 55 hour working week from me, and I still had clients and colleagues calling me at home after hours, there was no institution or organisation who would support me. If I had complained to the HR department, they would have informed my manager, which would have meant bad relations in the office, or even dismissal. The EU needs to stop rewarding such firms and start building institutions and organisations which regulate their activities and enforce the 40-48 hour working week. It is a sensible law. Now, start to enforce it! 599. Pollution and economic welfare. (importance: 71%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 10) Especially in Greece, there should be more strict orders to comply with pollution control. Also, you should mandate the Greek government to force businesses to follow pricing of goods as in the rest of EU. 600. I think energy is the main and economy the next step (importance: 71%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 16) European Union must find cheap kinds of energy, cope with unemployment and find ways to move forward economy. 601. Monitoring/ensuring market competition in EU members. (importance: 71%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 12) People are effected on daily basis the most when it comes to providing food and other basic goods for their families. When market, specially food area, is monopolised by two or three bigest merchants in the country the result are increasing prices. In order to maximise profits and stay competitive those merchants are even under suspicion to be agreeing on prices for specific products. I believe law enforcement should be more strict and efficient in preventing these kind of violations. 602. enviroment, education,economy,scientific researchs,salary (importance: 70%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 5) We should think about gaia, our enviroment, nature, than everythink can get into form. If we loose our green nature as human beings we don't need anythink. I believe that every people need to be educated. Scientific researchs are very important for developing the countries and awakining of people. There is capitalist management most of the countries, but it seems that no more life for capitalism, it has to be get into new form. 603. Unemployment for women and people over 50 (importance: 70%, disagreement: 12, evaluations: 18) Job offers in this country end for women once they are 35. University degrees are worthless in this country, and if you are out of the job market, you won't get in again unless you accept a job far below your experience, education and standards. Te minimum salary is 670 Euros, not even enough to pay the rent and the basic bills. 604. migration particularly in industrialized european states (importance: 70%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 16) Migration to supply the needed work force particualrly in industrialized wetsern european members recenly has become a great deal. people wirh different habits and values face bitter difficulties to integrate to the society they entered in.Most of time, though, they do not mind to integrate.they just keep their their way living and that kind of conservative attitude lead serious problems about the harmonization of society. On a positive correlation, crime rates increase. 605. economy, work,safety,forein affairs (importance: 70%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 19) give money to the people not to the bankers which are responcible for the crisis, we have problems with turkish attitute and their claims on everything we are onr of the oldest partenerns and want to be helped in all difficulties we have to change our forein affairs in energy field and to all how we see Russia and USA 606. economy (importance: 70%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 7) jobs jobs jobs 65
  • 66. 607. economics, legal,academic, democracy, environmental,cultural (importance: 70%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 11) EU should protect and support the right and obligation of each member country to create those circumstances that will lead to a prosperous, fair, democratic, peaceful, well educated and well informed human environment for its citizens. For example, Greece effort to take back the Parthenon marbles shouldn't be not even an effort but a right strongly supported by EU. EU should check with a better mechanism the money she gives to help other countries where this money go and when people take them. EU also should respect its country's characteristics so she will not ask to follow every each law she follows, e.g. private universities in Greece should be very carefully checked. EU should be very tough on environmental and democracy issues. 608. Internal market (importance: 70%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 14) 609. Economic Crisis, International Development, Unemployment (importance: 70%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 10) Immigration and threatning nationalist movements are rising throughout Europe, spreading fear and racism. The Economic Crisis has reached the European coninent and working together as a European Union is more important than it has ever been. Especially with sanctions in Europe to improve collaboration and common prosperity. In Internatinal Development, the European is still not seen as a power and respected as one of the big players. I think the European Community could work far more effectively as it does at this point, for instance peace keeping missions as in Chad could be more effective and European Diplomacy should have a much higher Status. As an example the European Union should be able to mediate among the fighting parties in the middle east and in other areas of this world strugling through war and unrest. Especially in international development coorperation the European Union should be able to do more than it is doing today. We are a union of some of the wealthiest countries worldwide, we should be able to help a lot more. As the economic crisis still hasn't reached its final climax, unemployment is raising all over Europe. The European Union is capable of solving such a problem and should make it one of its top priorities, since high numbers of unemployed people are going to cause problems in a not so distant future. Apart from that the European Union needs to be stabilized and set under a secure "constitution". I think the treaty of Lisbon is a good start. 610. Salary rates - VAT - intraEU marriage - schools (importance: 70%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 12) Salary rates of a country should be adhered to. The practice whereby a Romanian can be employed in Manchester at Bucharest salary rates should cease. Value Added Tax should be the same of similar goods throughout the EU. Laws for marriage and divorce and living together should be the same throughout the EU. Schools should become increasingly European schools with at least one class being taught systematically in a foreign language and also sharing similar curricula/learning methods making moving from one country to another easier. Shorter days with fewer holidays to be encouraged in those countries where it is not yet the case. 611. It's necessary to stimmulate the global economy in EU (importance: 70%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 13) It's necessary to stimulate the creation of common international enterprises and various international multi culture projects inside EU in goals to improve the connections among people and many areas of life and economy. 612. employment, elderly people, education, payment (importance: 70%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 2) There are many people in my country without a job, EU should find ways to create new jobs. The elderly people cannot live their lives with dignity because their pensions are to low (from €450 to €800). Public education hasn't the quality comparably to the taxes we pay for. Our salaries are to low relatively to the ones that other people within EU. 613. Trade (importance: 70%, disagreement: 38, evaluations: 2) 614. Earth, job, family (importance: 70%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 3) Earth must be saved; I need a job to live, I don't live for my job; I would like to create a family... but I can't because here it's too expensive! 615. economic problems (importance: 70%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 4) the crysies made our live very defficult,greek governers seems anable to handle this issue,so the bank system grows up pressing down the middle income people,so how can eu help the simple civilian to make up with this economivc problems?does the tax erasure and the freezing of sallries help the country improve?in now days the young people does not creating any business because of the fiar of failure and bank draft,how can you reverse this status? 616. Respect the principle of a "social market economy" (importance: 70%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) 66
  • 67. 617. free european market. that´s all!!! (importance: 70%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 17) we do need the eu mainly for a free mark. I do want to see acting the eu ONLY if it´s necessary. 618. poor economy enviroment between countries within EU (importance: 70%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 11) It is necessary for small businesses with in EU to have ability for free trading within EU. EU should support the small businesses by providing free environment on for trading online between countries. 619. Health, Economy, Culture, Defence Policy (importance: 70%, disagreement: 32, evaluations: 6) These are, as far as I am consearned the main issues EU should focus on, in the upcoming period of time: Health - People in EU should have a proper helath system which could be controlled by an European Organization, not each country's Ministry, so as all Europeans can enjoy their lives in the future. Economy - The whole world lives under capitalism and new-liberalism, which protect Democracy. EU should focus on problems that affect the foundations of capitalism. Culture - It is the future of Tourism in Europe Defence Policy - Europe should someday make it's own step to a new Europe independent of other non-european countries (which effect in Europe's Economy etc) such as US, Russia etc Hope that these are useful With honor, Chris 620. pan-European consumer rights in a truly internal market (importance: 70%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 14) People will truly feel the added value of the EU once we can buy 621. Employment creation and Technology investment (importance: 70%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 4) Encourage SME development, favor European made, promote technology companies, favor open source software movement (make sure all public institutions abandon Microsoft software and get into opensource avoiding m€ to be delivered to the US), reduce costs in EC spending, use staff from countries when possible or at least start a reform to do so. Make sure European institutions become an example of cost saving and cost cutting. Stop building fancy buildings in Luxembourg. Encourage teleworking which in turn will encourage technology and open source development. BE AN EXAMPLE. Cut cars and other similar privileges. Oblige to fly economy... etc 622. Counterering unemploiment and building a strong economy. (importance: 70%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 11) It is of great importance that incentives be given for the European market to convalesce. I am not one to claim that capital can incetivize the creation of job, or the other way around; rather they are both constituents of the same cycle that fosters their growth, in an almost organic fashion. The key is the cycle’s recursiveness; the EU government and its social partners must take up the cause to help drive economic activity ever higher. They must cause people and institutions to release their hold on money, but only to channel it to productive ends. Also, we must help people reject the idea that there is a crisis going on, and make them aim at the prospect of a better tomorrow. The longer people think of the current situation in terms of "the crisis", the more credibility it will gain in our collective psyche. To recapitulate, I do not believe the European economy is in such bad shape as sources around us claim, but rather it's the credit system that's been compromised in popular perception. Once people stop believing in the perpetuation of their economic wellbeing, then credit, i.e. faith in long-term economic prosperity, ceases to exist. Closing, I do not wish my insistence in a reinvigorated EU economy to detract from other global causes and concerns; rather it is my firm belief that we can successfully face such challenges as pollution, climate change and the adoption of renewable energy sources, only if we are united and have the economic stamina to addr 623. Energy Security (with economic stimulus on the side) (importance: 70%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 12) The EU should focus in long-term real integration by finishing the electricity and gas interconnection and coordination of the whole EU, to prevent other countries taking the EU hostage for political reasons yet again, and fostering development in all the member states in the process (particularly the new ones now in economic trouble). The current scheme where some MS and regions are isolated only benefit non-MS. Interconnection will finally realize the single market in the energy sector and help lower energy prices in the whole EU, further boosting the economy and allowing MS to diversify their energy supply and consumption. Secondly, the EU should see that alternative energy supplies (be it alternative green energy from wind or alternative supply lines like Nabucco) are strongly supported and quickly built. 624. Company fusion/joint/takeover along the EU (importance: 70%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 11) Fusion and takeover among EU countries are OK. But I am anxious about some companies that have reputation taking out all financial resources from the other companies that is taken over, just to misused the local countries subsidies to prevent first stage of bankruptcy. The most common way is obligating internal ordering through the mother company in combination with extraordinary pricing. 625. Economy ,health care,chidren,old age (importance: 70%, disagreement: 34, evaluations: 12) 67
  • 68. 626. unemployee rate (importance: 69%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 14) 627. Employment, political and economic coordination (importance: 69%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 8) I think the EU needs to bring all members closer to the table, as countries such as Ireland where I live, treat the EU like an ATM machine, Ireland takes EU money, but has a lot to learn about European cooperation. This coordination and harmonization of European efforts will benefit us all. This would directly feed into employment etc. where all Europeans would gain. 628. world trade and doha (importance: 69%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 16) The EU should focus its attention on securing a completion of the Doha Development Round of the WTO talks. This is help bring many developing world countries out of proverty and hunger. It will also strengthen the world trading system from attacks arising from the proliferation of regional and bilateral trade agreements. 629. film industry (importance: 69%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) film gets far better made, promoted and subsidized in some countries then others, make a unified european movie industry. 630. security, resillience, making EU the prime business power (importance: 69%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 11) 631. unemployment, low income/high output, safety (importance: 69%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 8) 632. the economy (importance: 69%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 4) it affects our daily lives and in the end it is what matters the most. If the economy is doing well then everyone is happy, there's more jobs going around and more money is being spent. 633. economy (importance: 69%, disagreement: 0, evaluations: 1) As a new entrepreneur to believe that reinvigorated the already frozen market in goods and especially what he sees as most luxury goods (flowers, gifts, etc.) that banks should be more ellastikes consumer loans and lower interest rates (especially in Greece Following pressure from the committee) in order for people to buy as usual and move money into the market and not only to repay debt. 634. employment and Member State bureaucracy (importance: 69%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 15) While the right of free movement of persons is enshined in the EC Treaty and there has been developments to help EU citizens to realise that right through the ability to transfer social security rights/family members etc. I believe Member States do not make it easy for EU citizens to excerise that freedom. Many member states have either chaotic or overtly complicated national bureaucraties, that spill over into complicated/confusing rules and procedures that must be completed in order to satisfy national registration requirments when moving to another Member state to live/work. I think the European Commisison should get involved to make it easier to for EU citizens to exercise this basic freedom of movement. The Commission could do this by helping Member states to standardise procedures for EU citizens and making available the paperwork in one of the EU's working languages(French, English, German) across all Member states. This however, does not go in any way to prevent the newcomer to integrate into their new country, but it does significantly help them deal with Member State bureacracy in a country that may not have a widely spoken national language. e.g. Poland to offer paperwork in English/French/German to EU citizens who are dealing with freemovement of people within the EU. 635. People's economy, inflation (importance: 69%, disagreement: 18, evaluations: 11) Today's European citizens, see the daily products in the markets raising it's prices every month. That cost to each citizen a lot of money. I believe that European Union, should, control the major industries to maintain their prices, so as for the people to save more money. 636. STOP CONTAMINATION FROM INDUSTRIES (importance: 69%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 5) STOP CONTAMINATION FROM INDUSTRIES WITH HARDEST LOW .ALSO MAKE FASTER THE PATROL OF THOSE AREAS WITH A WEEKLY INVESTIGATION 68
  • 69. 637. Low competitiveness of regional economy-abstract way of work (importance: 69%, disagreement: 16, evaluations: 10) Again in Greece and particular for the Region where I live to, there is an isolated private sector from others countries resulted to low competitiveness and low absortion of working force. The reason for that is the low entrance to the modern technologies, the small size of enteprizes usually family based, the non-cooperation behaviour (each one for himself) and the large responsibility of the State that do not help directly the SME to merge together and became stronger in the vast international competition. There are plenty of money coming from the EU for strengthening competittiveness but without exceptional results. The reason is again the low intervene of the State to the real need of SME's. They just give money away without to examine the real problems that an enterprise could have, without mentoring of these companies, without prerequisities for modernise their businesses, for true and honest assistance to their problems, to their needs. 638. Job opportunities and variety is dwindling. (importance: 69%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 12) The credit crunch has hit us all hard. What I see locally is more job losses and manufacturing dying in this region. Has hit this region hard. From the last bad days of heavy industry going and then investment in the region by companies setting up call centres. Trouble is that there has been very little variety replacing that industry. Its all mostly service sector stuff. Of course the credit crunch has hit this sector hard aswell. The North East of England has suffered a double blow. What I would like to see is investment from Europe with the money that has been agreed by G20 to be invested in jobs foremost. Invest in jobs = People with wages = People buy goods = Employs people to make them. Circle of growth which we need again. No point in throwing it down the pit of bankers funds.... That pit is forever and always hungry. Or thinking out of the box here... Why not throw the money at massive renewable energy projects and research? Especially with our current urgent need to fix that problem. To possibly in the greater good head off a war over energy and resources in the near future? 639. SME economics: credit for new startups, support existing (importance: 69%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 16) Small Medium enterprises are the bulk of all our businesses, in most EU-countries. These companies don't have a loud voice, therefore, are less visible. However, they employ millions. With the credit crises, their daily running of the business has become difficult: - less credit lines available, or more expensive. - their revenue is under pressure. By focussing on more guarantees for loans, we can tackle the first issue. By lowering the cost of employment (employers share) for these companies, we lower the risk that they will have to fire people. Focus should be 1-2 year plan. In return, VAT can be increased to 25%, as this will be spread on all products and services: including all imported once from Asia, USA. 640. economics (importance: 69%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 11) 641. Jobs (importance: 68%, disagreement: 34, evaluations: 7) If this scenario continues to grow, Europe will face terrible times, crime will increase a lot and people will lose their faith in the system... everything will collapse. It's time to guarantee Jobs for all... 642. Well developed plan for national economy (importance: 68%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 12) People need to have a stable economy that isn't easily affected by speculations or rumours. The leaders of the Union should find a more long term solution that is more profitable for our children, not for our own pockets. 643. young generation and unemployement (importance: 68%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 10) young generation are graduating from university to be unemployed and they have no hope or future . work on this issue it is very important they are our future leaders and they need our help 644. Education, energy (prices),economics,corruption, health care (importance: 68%, disagreement: 1, evaluations: 2) Education - very bad quolity (you cant imagine) and very expensive. Energy - we want to have independence from Russia and safe energy with good price, after will close our nuclear plant. Also its big corruption, we have too many intermediaries while energy reaches customer. Economics - just make it better like in Germany, France or Belgium. If we are all in EU do we should have the same level. all in the same economic level. Corruption - it's everywhere. Corrupted polyce, doctors, and especialy government. Health care - just make normal salary,because we have to pay our sefs. Save us from GMO !!!!!! Or u dont want to have any people in EU ??? What is wrong with you ?!!! Answer for any kind of GMO should be NEGATIVE! 645. Burocracy and New Technologies (importance: 68%, disagreement: 19, evaluations: 7) New technologies must be used to eliminate burocracy and facilitate citizenship. 69
  • 70. 646. Independent small companies' leadership formation (importance: 68%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 14) In a world of congested regulations, sprawling bureaucracies, and arbitrary social engineering, independent small companies offer a unique freedom to their founders. As stated by Thomas Jefferson -"Freedom is the right to choose". and on my modest opinion the right to create for oneself the alternatives. Without the possibility of choice, and the exercise of choice, a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing. Independent small companies, as I think, provides an escape from the petty executive concerns of size, rank, salary levels, fringe benefits, and lunch partners. All new small companies present an extraordinary opportunity to do something fundamental and imaginative. Bankers and institutional investors hoard money during prosperity and lament its loss during bad periods as now. Entrepreneurs usually react in just the opposite manner: they feel most challenged, if I am permitted to say, they feel exhilarated and fulfilled during bleak times. As a surprise they tend to feel nervous, unfulfilled and unneeded during prosperity. A true joy and reward of entrepreneurial life is freedom and exhilaration of the new venture dream! On my opinion the entrepreneurial role is therefore highly individualistic and creative. The new companies must be erected where nothing existed before. This job demands enthusiasm, endurance, conclusiveness, LEADERSHIP, pride in one's product, marketing skills, nerve and shrewdness. 647. Invest now to save in the future! (importance: 68%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 14) My grandad once told: I am not so rich to buy cheap! I think therefore it is worth to pay extra penny for the modern technologies which will make our daily life brighter, more enjoyable and more safe and pleasant!!!! 648. focus on developing the industry in all EU countries;pension (importance: 68%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 10) I am a Bulgarian citizen living in Belgium (temporarily or not I don't know?!). For 20 years this county is without working economy! Thanks to the construction+tourism+trade,this economy got a temporary boost, but THIS IS NOT A REAL WORKING ECONOMY,THIS IS NOT SERIOUS, THERE IS NO INDUSTRY! The crisis came and everything is down - no construction works betonizing the seaside anymore, etc... So, now what? EU is going to save it, the World Bank is going to help... But this is just trying to make up for aftermaths... Make it a working economy, with investment, with STRICT watch on those that stops entrepreneurs... In my humble opinion, this rule applies to all NEW EU countries! OTHERWISE - do not accuse people that do not want to live with 200 Eur/month, or pensioners with less than 100 Eur per month, that they suffocate Western EU economies and their social systems escaping in Western EU countires! This is logical no? If things are FAR from equalized, more or less distributed ... More and more problems from our countries will become yours....... The priorities I see: 1/ No illiterate person in EU and all with at least basic English (many BG gypsies are completely illiterate these days); 2/ If possible - strict sanctions to the BG judiciary system: no more cheating and trading the country to the mafia; 3/ Equal minimum salary and pensions across EU; 4/ Eco and industry development - assuring JOBS! Thank you for your attention! Hopefully my ideas help! Great campai 649. Economic issues (importance: 68%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 10) In Hungary many people, including politicians are dissatisfied by banks, who are not giving financial assistance to their branches, functioning abroad. Thus, national governments have to finance them to avoid bancrupcy. But nowadays the national budgets are in difficult situations, too much to finance non-national banks too. 650. health,green energies,bio food,education,scientific research (importance: 68%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 11) What's important for people in their daily life? The quality of the food they eat, the quality of the hospitals,doctors + inssurance system,the quality of education, green energies for their cars, their heating systems + industries, live in an sustainable and "balanced" planet earth and develop research to improve the healing of mortal deseases like cancer, leucemia..., research to improve green energies in transports,..etc. And feel protected and supported by the EU the and governments for which they have voted and to whom they pay taxes. They do not like feeling that national or european politicians have cheated on them, do not care about their daily problems, like now the labour problems with the crisis, and don't take quick decisions to solve their quite important mortage or other nature economic problems with the crisis. Personally, I would like an EU that goes deeper and closer to the problems, take concrete measures, quicly, effectively. Not an EU administration that seems lost in its bureaucracy, its administrative and decisional procedures, ...veeery far away from the EU citizens, even with this "transparency policy show" that has been performing for the last years. 651. employment and Member State bureaucracy (importance: 68%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 15) hhhh 70
  • 71. 652. Unemployment,Safety,Education,Enviroment (importance: 68%, disagreement: 14, evaluations: 9) Every year people finish their studies..They get diplomas etc but no one can find a job on the profession he has studied.This makes you feel too pressured...As for the safety,it is known that in EU the big changes on the society have made people to turn on theft,raids and generally in illegality.But as we try to feel safe with the police,lately we have witnessed many times the delinquent behavior of the police itself.No one can forget the whole Athens being burned by protestors because of the death of an innocent child,nor can we forget the death of a camera man in the UK because of a police man that pushed him on the back without any reason. Can we feel safe in the EU with this police?As for the education,I think that we do not get educated in order to be thinking persons,but for the exact opposite!Finaly,as per the enviroment there is not much to say,we should adapt a more enviromental-friendy policy... 653. circumscribed free market (importance: 67%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 15) support to SMEs should remain high on the eu agenda. At the same time economic activity in the eurozone needs to be secured through better lending and borrowing regulation. 654. Making European research programmes more efficient! (importance: 67%, disagreement: 9, evaluations: 9) Europe is at risk of falling behind its major competitors (USA, Japan, and China) in terms of its capacity to provide an adequate infrastructure for transformative innovations, which are needed for sustainable economic growth. To tackle this problem, the EC has increased its spending on research. Unfortunately, the potential impact of this welcome initiative is unlikely to be fully realized, because of the associated bureaucratic burden and financial control over users. A draconian level of administration and control was installed to create accountability and to avoid fraud, but it achieves exactly the opposite of what is supposed to deliver, resulting in poor value for taxpayer’s money. There is ample evidence that many research groups in Europe refuse even to apply for European funding, because they are wary of the disproportionate time taken by administration of potential grants. For those who are successfully funded, the reality of bureaucratic control, which is typically highly inefficient, wastes valuable time and creates a climate of learned helplessness. The greater the administrative burden, the less attractive the grant becomes to excellent researchers, and the greater the risk that funding goes to the mediocre and the desperate. Researchers use grants to increase scientific output and to enhance their career prospects. Their incentive to misuse taxpayer’s money is negligible. A flexible funding scheme would recognize the inevitable uncertainties in the day 655. Democratic economy - For a Non-capitalistic Europe (importance: 67%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 10) 1% of the people living in the European Union, own a 30% of the prosperity. So there has to be an alternative form of sharing prosperity. A democratic mode of economy activity has to be installed and replace capitalism in Europe. 656. The educational system is old -Few money for research (importance: 67%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 15) In Greece like almost everything is centrally based. The educational system and especially the examination of entering to the universities is changing every three years! (When a new goverment is taken the power). There is no any good colleration of studies with the needs of the market and the knowledge inquired is not well integrated by one study level to another. The problem of course is not at the final examinations but at the job that is taking place until that level. There is no any assesment of the teachers and proffesors by their students as it happens elsewhere, but the most important for me is the structural way of teaching (one book, very tight framewok of the lesson, no interaction with the students, no promotion of active participation, no promotion of the students imagination and their personality. From the other hand when the students graduate they is no any organisation to assist them to enter smootly into the market, to explain them what the choices of work (of course these should take place much earlier at the age of 15!). Another point has to do with the low level of innovation and research in my country. There is no any specific interest to promote research to the universities and the industry research is something unknown here. The research of the univerisities is usually the EU programmes that give some money to the Universities and to professors but there is no actually a research, there is no such real planning! Therefore with have large braindrain. 657. market regulation (importance: 67%, disagreement: 29, evaluations: 18) 658. keeping their collective noses out of our business (importance: 67%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 9) 659. Use our military technology to stop covert drug importation (importance: 67%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 4) We should be utilising satellites & radar to protect against drug importation along our vast and vulnerable coastlines. 71
  • 72. 660. how to improve the SMES partecipation in the innovation (importance: 67%, disagreement: 36, evaluations: 5) I think that Smes should partecipate more to the innovation of the Eu but there is a lack of cultur and of hearing. I think there are many ways to improve this cultur and to stimulate the Smes to partecipate but Eu should speack directly to the Smes in each countries not through a system of intemediaries such as the European interprise network that it is formed by the same istitution (similar pubblic or with pubblic mind) not able to understand the Smes way of thinking and speaking. 661. With more capatalist economics coming, what about labour? (importance: 66%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 8) As economies in the EU become more capitalistic, what will the EU do in order to make sure that these markets do not infrindge on labour laws in EU countries? 662. Employment, Solely 1 Constitution, Strenghting Economy (importance: 66%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 11) EU should focus to optimize employment all through the entire continent. There shouldn't be regions were employment is high and other's where employment is very low. This will reduce migration and mobility problems since less people would move from 1 country to another. We should also have 1 constitution, for the good & for the unity of the European Union. We should also focus on strenghting the economy of the whole region and transforming a saturated market into an economic giant to counter for new emerging economies. 663. economics (importance: 66%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 11) 664. let european students know what the job market needs in eu (importance: 66%, disagreement: 37, evaluations: 4) When students are still in the university, allow them to know what are the main necessities of the job market in various different european countries, besides your own. have a list with activities that are more needed at the time being and others that are not, do so to avoid unemployment 665. remove governmental control in peoples life; make free trade (importance: 66%, disagreement: 8, evaluations: 4) facilitate more removal of bureaucracy, government, taxation, regulation, especialy of idivduals 666. Providing level playing field in economic development (importance: 66%, disagreement: 17, evaluations: 4) Increasing the weight of separate European nation states into one powerful, striking economic fist capable of breaking through protectionist barriers. Ensuring that there's no cheating inside the block and applying the full might of reasoning in favor of promoting Europe economic interests as global player, when dealing with the outside. Deals in favor of individual parts at the expense of security of other individual parts are destructive. 667. Ensuring the "common-market" aspects of the Union work well (importance: 66%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 8) In discussions with people who initially supported the UK joining the European Union but who now are either against or unsure about our membership, a repetitive comment is that "we signed-up to be part of a Common Market, not a European State". This, while on the one hand can be seen asboth a negative point and a disappointing point of view, it does provide a ready vehicle for the Union to present its work in a way which people can better understand and relate t5o. Success in showing people why and how particular things are necessary for the fair and effective working of a Europe wide common market would help grow the realisation of the good things the Union brings. If this could be achieved, it would move the control of the debate agenda away from the anti-Europeans, thus allowing for a more balanced and rational debate to develop. 668. Rising prices,unemployment,criminality, pollution (importance: 66%, disagreement: 32, evaluations: 5) First of all the EU should focus it's attention in the ever increasing prices of basic products which can be found in almost every house whatever the country. This is a really serious problem for many people around europe, especially for those whose their salaries increase at a lower rate than this of the inflation. This combined with the problem of unemployment creates even more more problems which affect the society in general. The rising unemployment rates in virtually every country of the EU leads to smaller productive capabilities which affects trade, GDP etc. The increase of the unemployed leads inevitably to a rise in the number of criminal offences and the problem seems to pass on a different scale. Another major problem in most urban and rural areas ( and especially in my country, greece) is pollution. The quality of the air in big cities throughtout europe is dropping, something that makes many scientist concerned about the enviroment we live in. The damage in rural areas is by no means less than that of urban areas. Many acres of forests are lost every year due to fires etc. Water shortage is becoming a reality in some countries of the mediterranean and floods are often catastrophical in northern europe. 72
  • 73. 669. consumers, competition, internal market etc. (importance: 66%, disagreement: 10, evaluations: 7) 670. Economy - Conditional Sale (importance: 66%, disagreement: 11, evaluations: 2) At the moment there is a lot of commotion around the fact that EU laws accept conditional sale and our Belgian laws do not. Being an entrepreneur of a SME myself, I'm not pleased with the acceptation of conditional sale. The revival of our European economy is very important at the moment, and this conditional sale will encourage 'only' the large companies to strengthen their position which will enlarge the gap between small and large companies. At first, it looks like conditional sale may encourage the economy by creating more competition which benefits the consumers. But in the end, the small companies will not be able to compete with the large ones. This lack of competition will finally pave the way to increasing prices for the consumer, which will influence the economy in a negative way. 671. Legislation is strangling innovation and much else (importance: 66%, disagreement: 28, evaluations: 16) So much law has been passed by the EU in its short life that it is many times that of all the European countries together, for the last 50 years. Yet what does this bring us - Nothing but dying innovation, and industries tied up with nonsense report and targets. The EU countries will die without innovation - remove the laws that are clearly adding to this burden and not working... 672. Quality of life, economy, safety, security, immigrants (importance: 65%, disagreement: 6, evaluations: 3) Quaity of life is what is what is expected to be improved by any Govermental authority and politicians. Certain standards for the everyday life should be attainable for everyone. even for migrants looking for a better life. Social inequalities in the near future will sharpen. Already it is not secure to walk in some streets, more and more people are begging on the streets, burgleries have risen. If as EU we accept people from other countries than we should have the infrastructre for this, otherwise we should close borders. Quality for life is not only being able to find the fruit you wish in the supermarket, or having a school for your children close by, but also living in a society that respects human life, considers all people equal and creates same chances for all people. 673. Ensuring common legal-economic rules (importance: 65%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 5) Single marketspace, single legal puzzle, single regulatory and supervisory maze in Europe. Roman Empire revisited. At the same time varying in every way as model for future World integration, spreading across different religious, cultural and national regions. This is most promicing current feature of the EU. 674. Transition to a sustainable global economy and governance (importance: 65%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 7) 675. Good economic - Financial system (importance: 65%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 9) As one united states of europe we should have to collaborate with the multi nationals (GM). We need one vision! More control on the banking systems... And one strategy... 676. illegal immigration, employment opportunities, energy (importance: 65%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 15) The EU has done very little so far to help Malta with the illegal immigration problem which is now repidly evolving into a diplomatic conflict with Italy and an intolerable situation which could also mean serious clashes with the illeagal emigrants themselves. Inflation in Malta is making it uncompetitive and this could mean a big loss in employment opportunities. Europe's experience can help Malta in the introduction of alternative energy thus making it more competitive. 677. economic and secotral integration (importance: 65%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 15) 678. should focus on immigrants and economic issues (importance: 65%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 15) First of all, it is necessary for the EU to help immigrants to have the chance to work to country they live.In particular, immigrants should have the same opportunities in finding jobs as the native people do.For example, here in greece we are not in par with the greek people, i am from albania, i live in greece for 14 years, i study in university for political issues but i am not allowed to work in greek ambasey just because i am foreign. 679. Farm Subsidies- End farm subsidies and introduce free trade (importance: 65%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 16) By ending farm subsidies and opening intra and inter EU borders to free trade prices of food in Eurpe will drop. Special interests are proving to be a huge tax burden for the benefit of the few. 73
  • 74. 680. Cancel CAP. Support free trade with non-EU countries. (importance: 65%, disagreement: 22, evaluations: 7) Common agricultural policy have negative impact on food prices, we need to import more cheap food from non-EU area - let the market to work, if people will not want low cost, low quality food - they won't buy it! We need less less laws, less regulations - EU's ultimate target should be completely free market within EU, but also outside of EU. 681. SALARY, EVERY DAY LIFE (importance: 64%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 9) We can not live in dignity if the rich people get richer by stealing and playing their games on our expences. We are the true power of Europe they just profit on us, so please make our lives easier let us spend our money, earned so hard, in away that will make us happy. After all we all have only one life to live it must be a pleasand one. When we all be dead money will not have any value for us. So every day life is the only thing that maters, and it is your job to make it easy for the simple people. If it was to make life a living hell it will be easy for everyone to create it. 682. European union must focus on illegal immigration,unemplyment (importance: 64%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 10) I think that Europe needs to control immigration,and i could say that Europe must stop to accept immigrants,because it hurts the economy of Europe and the world generally.I am an accountant,and i could explain to you how i think the economic problem of the world is caused.For the economic crah,is not responsible either the Golden boys of the Banks,either the Managers of the companies,it has deeper effects,and i will explain.I think the problem of the economic crisis is caused because Europe is aging and women in Europe dont do more children than the past centuries did.This problem is not only for Europe but for all developed countries,like USA,Japan,Russia,Canada,Australia.I will give an example to unterstand. For examlpe i have a store(supermarket) in a small village of 200 people and i sell them all the products,that they need.This village in the next two decades,would have a population of 100 people and this is caused by aging of people of that village and because the woman of that village they dont give birth.This automatically will affect my store because i will have less clients than before,which means that i am leading to economic destruction.I mean that this phenomenon of the small village example is happening in Europe(aging of people,and woman dont give birth)are the two factros of economic crisis.If you dont take measures in that sector,Europe will face serious economic damage.You cant demand people to consume and buy more when the population of europe is going dow 683. Employ (importance: 64%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 4) In this moment a lot of countries in the world are having trouble with the crisis. As a citizen of European Union every step you take is very important to us, because affects us. I would like to see more discussion in this area , more help ... employ, better salaries, more opportunities to study (active workers with continuous formation) 684. Turkey, Democracy, Foreign Policy, Innovation, Sustainibilty (importance: 64%, disagreement: 33, evaluations: 13) Turkey and EU-membership: Negotiations on Turkey jouing the EU should be accelerated immedeately. Turkey can act as a bridge between the Muslim world and Europe. This would be a major step in overcoming ideological differences. Forein Policy: Too often, the member states of the EU show no unity at all, when geo- political questions are at stake. 685. Economy, security, awareness of communist regime terrors (importance: 64%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 9) 686. Agricultural Biotechnology (importance: 64%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 13) The EU should deregulate and approve biotech crops to improve yields and help find innovative ways to preserve our environment and feed our growing world population. The EU also has a profound influence on Africa and other parts of the world. Adopting biotech crops would influence developing nations that could benefit the most from improved agriculture and increased food security. 687. Redesign Car industry (importance: 64%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 13) Impose a design that splits a car into 2 parts : TOP and BOTTOM. The BOTTOM is standard for all cars and to TOP is free designeble. Both parts have specific requirements that allow them to be freely interchangable, allowing to TOP of any make to be bolted onto the standard chassis. The TOP is Free to be desisiged and the bottom needs to have high durability standards and high technological standards to minimize environmental impact using standardized engines. 688. Financing entrepreneurship (importance: 64%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 11) EU should support entrepreneurship with easier financing models and methods. 74
  • 75. 689. Get the people behind Europe: do the marketing (importance: 64%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 5) Back in the Roman empire: food and games for the people. Things have not changed that much since then. However, competing against each other within Europe is already well established today. My idea: get some high-visibility global gaming event and compete with a European team against the American, Australian, Russian, Arabian, Asian teams. For example the Olympics, Biking, TV game Expedition Robinson, Formula 1, TV game De Mol, Soccer, baseball, Jeux sans frontieres. The objective is for Europe to get more of the "United" feeling that the US already have. Also, it would demonstrate in a nice way the size of Europe within the global context of today. Good luck ! 690. Ethics/politics/economy/ think of it... (importance: 64%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 12) What on earth is happenning to politicians in the whole europe...Think of the citizens not the countries. Micro politics and microeconomics gentleman. Think of how to improve the life of us supporting you all. macroeconomics are good to supply the reports but not the everyday life...THINK gentlemen THINK. but to the right direction. The economic crisis and the domino effect is not all that harsh to the long term viavility of the planet. Companies are taking the opportunity to unload personnel and keep the finances positive but they do not realise that the unemployed will not buy cars and luxury or staple items and will reduce consumption. Without consumption the So relax the sanctions and stay closer to people. Riots are closer than before... Also think of your ethics people. Stop the protocol visits and reduce the cost of your living. You cannot ask people to reduce their way of life so as to support yours. Or do it on your hard earned money and not our taxes. For the rest you think of it. This is why you are voted to be there. Work for it...We DEMAND MORE 691. Equalize the level of economic development residual areas (importance: 64%, disagreement: 44, evaluations: 4) I live in the village Gvozdansko - this is war-affected area during the Serbian aggression against Croatia, 85 km from Zagreb. From here population is mainly displaced, currently here lives population older than 50 years. This is mainly low-education population. Place even no organized garbage collection and population burns trash or thrown into the stream. Almost no one is not engaged in agriculture although there is a perfect conditions. People live mainly from the social assistance. I moved here because I want to develop tourism - for a very interesting history of the place (here there is an old fort, which is responsible for the defense of Croatia and Western Europe since of the Ottoman Empire - but and the production of healthy food. I think the State should encourage more of such or similar projects. Especially environmental protection, which is here obviously violates. 692. competition (importance: 64%, disagreement: 33, evaluations: 8) the first example of how EU influenced my life is when they forced telecomunication companies to reduce the roaming tariffs. it was a brillant idea. I expect them to intervine and force companies that find themselves in a position where they can abuse customers not to do it. 693. Employment for freshly graduated students (importance: 64%, disagreement: 30, evaluations: 11) Being myself a newly graduated student (I do have a tri-national master degree in Law) I find it hard to get a job because most of the companies in the private sector ask for a several year working experience and it is obvious that new graduates cannot have this experience. In addition I think the companies should give to the freshly graduated students a chance to work and to get working experience. It is only by trying and doing sometimes mistakes that one gets this experience. So why somehow excluding the young work-willing generation from the job market? For me this should be an area the EU may focus on by developing new employment friendly politics for young graduates. 694. Revigorating our economy, under direct supervision of EU (importance: 64%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 6) After the communist regime fell, we were left with a number of successful industries. I think it was a strategy of outside influences that this industry was to be left to ruin. This, doubled by corruption and incompetence of the romanian authorities (government) led the country to near ruin and towards more and more dependence of the imports. I also think that the EU had its interests here. This has to change. Our economy has to be supported to become less and less dependant of the imports and start relying on exports. The EU should stop considering Romania as a "third-world" market to sell its goods, but to really consider us equal partners in developing the economy of the EU, based on productivity and self-sustainability. 695. fair trade instead of free trade (importance: 64%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 7) Stop imposing a discredited and anti-social economic model on developing countries 696. The regulation of commerce/industry (importance: 64%, disagreement: 26, evaluations: 19) The EU already seems to lead the way in many sectors, but it should do more. Member States are often more keen to support business than to protect citizens. Particularly in developing a strategy for reestablishing financial stability, it is essential to establish a strong, fair, EU-wide regulatory framework for the financial/ business sector. 75
  • 76. 697. Black Economy (importance: 63%, disagreement: 24, evaluations: 14) To tax more cash transaction than non-cash transaction is useless, if cash transaction are completely black. For example dopes and so on will not emerge. A policy of severe fines, of lower bank account expences, a system of lower taxation, with simplifyed and advantageous taxation procedure for those who use exclusively electronic payments. Moreover, for combacting transaction of illegal goods (dopes and weapons), the elimination of banknotes above 100 EU would block transaction of black cash money. Those who use cash money for this transaction may experience severe difficulties in convert these money and may leave the change of these banknotes, with an advantage to all the citizens. Also a policy of restyling banknotes every 5 years, leaving as out-of-corrency the previous shapes, could be a valid preventive measure, also against counterfeit! 698. harmonization of EU business licences procedures (importance: 63%, disagreement: 15, evaluations: 13) once a business licence ("autorisation de commerce") obtained in one of the 27 countries, it should be valid in all the other countries. this would bring many services from one country in another, beside and non-obstant the schengen treaty. i.e. luxembourg is a very small country surrounded by france, germany and belgium. we, as sme companies, have a huge interest as of our very small market, to expand to other markets/countries. with 3 borders, it lies on the hand to look in the immediate neighbor countries. our luxembourgish business licence should at least be valid in these three countries to be allowed to work in the border zone and bring our services and/or products in these countries without the need to demand an extra domestic licence separately in every country! 699. Co-ordinating aid in the economy of the member states. (importance: 63%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 17) Since the single market is the heart of the EU, I would like to see co-ordinated action across the EU in aiding industries where it is necessary. I am concerned that the aid provided by some member states (particularly France) will have a distorting effect on free trade and weaken the single market. I would like to see a more flexible, yet stronger co-ordination of state aid during this economic crisis. 700. Economic opportunities, bank sector is terrible in Bulgaria! (importance: 63%, disagreement: 29, evaluations: 6) We need more understanding of all politics areas of the EU. The most of the people don't understand how important the cultural, economic and political integration and mobility are. EU has to adver4tise more the positive sides of this intergration and colaboration. 701. Unemployed people doing volintary work (importance: 63%, disagreement: 21, evaluations: 12) People who are unfortinate enough to be become unemployed should be encouraged to carry out volintary work for their local community before they receive full Unemployment benefit. 702. Finding business opportunities accross Europe. (importance: 63%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 7) 703. The preservation of forestindustry in Finland (importance: 62%, disagreement: 23, evaluations: 6) Finlands biggest industry sector is forest and paper industry. Today both are fleeing Finland in search for cheaper albor, how could this be avoided? 704. Health/ Economy/ Sports/ Economic help for students/Antidrug (importance: 62%, disagreement: 25, evaluations: 9) Helping all these topics mentioned above. 705. Economy, economy and economy! (importance: 61%, disagreement: 13, evaluations: 5) EU musf focus her energy on economy. 706. black economy (importance: 61%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 10) It is good to apply procedures that making black money productive for the normal economy than spending money to stop the production of black money. For example countries in EU could tax differently the non cash transactions than cash transactions because it is easier to control non cash transactions 707. Creating the number of new job opportunities for older peopl (importance: 61%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 7) Decreasing the budget for developing countries 708. Also I am worried about nanotechnology. (importance: 61%, disagreement: 27, evaluations: 10) Since 2008 I am the webmaster of I think there are a lot of incertainties about it and when an employee of Unilever asked me by phone : " What do you realy want" I answered; " that we, as consumers have a choice so put a sign on the products that are made of nanotech of have ingredients which are nanotech particles. 76
  • 77. 709. An economic crisis? or a regulations crisis? (importance: 61%, disagreement: 20, evaluations: 11) The over exposed economic crisis has come to be known as something that American financial institutions are at fault for. Although this may be true, I believe that the roots of the problem ultimately lie in the people behind the regulations that the banks have to abide by, politicians who are not strong enough to take tough decisions, and administrations who are too proud to unite with other countries to secure a better future for their own economies and of Europe overall. 710. The EU should focus on stenghtening research and education. (importance: 61%, disagreement: 32, evaluations: 5) Research & development is the future. Member states don't do enough to promote scientific research and to support young scientists. In order to stay compatable in the knowledge society, this should be different. 711. Keeping the producers within the EU borders for saving