Complete process cycle of data services offered by reliance communications sip


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It is the Summer Internship Project in Reliance Communications.. IT is the descriptive study of data services offered by Reliance Communications and its B2B selling. Its the complete details from how service is generated up to the delivery of the service to the end user.

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Complete process cycle of data services offered by reliance communications sip

  2. 2. 2 STATEMENT BY THE CANDIDATE I wish to state that the work embodied in this Project titled “Complete Process Cycle of Data Services Offered by RCOM” form my own contribution to management. Wherever references have been made to intellectual properties of any individual / Institution / Government / Private / Public Bodies / Universities, research paper, text books, reference books, research monographs, archives of newspapers, corporate, individuals, business / Government and any other source of intellectual properties viz., speeches, quotations, conference proceedings, extracts from the website, working paper, seminal work at all, they have been clearly indicated, duly acknowledged and included in the Bibliography. _________________________ Signature of Candidate Roll No: Ex-01(Marketing) _______________ Signature of Guide
  3. 3. 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sincere gratitude to my industry guide Mr. Santosh Gavane. (Sr. manager Reliance Communications) for his guidance, continuous support and cooperation throughout my project, without which the present work would not have been possible. I would also like to thank the entire team of Reliance Communications. For the constant support and help in the successful completion of my project. Also, I am thankful to my faculty guide Deepak Agnihotri. (Dr.V.N. BRIMS), for his continued guidance and valuable encouragement. I, sincerely acknowledge the support and guidance given by my mentor, without whom, this project would not have taken shape in the desired pattern. Every single bit put in by my mentor is precious in its own kind and style. I would also like to give my sincere gratitude to all my college librarian staff because of whom I am able to complete my project. _________________________ Signature of Candidate Roll No: Ex-01 (Marketing)
  4. 4. 4 Reliance Communications Profile Name: Reliance Communications India ltd. Slogan : Kar Lo Duniya Mutthi Mein Segment : Telecommunications Launched: 2004 Website: Headquarter: DAKC, Navi Mumbai, India Revenue: 11,110 Crore Key people: Anil Ambani (President)
  5. 5. 5 VISION • By 2015, be amongst the top 3 most valued Indian companies. • Providing Information, Communication & Entertainment services, and being the industry benchmark in customer Experience, Employee Centricity and Innovation.
  6. 6. 6 MISSION • Meeting and exceeding Customer expectations with a segmented approach. • Establishing, re-engineering and automating Processes to make them customer centric, efficient and effective. • Incessant offering of Products and Services that are value for money and excite customers. • Providing a Network experience that is best in the industry. • Building Reliance into an iconic Brand which is benchmarked by others and leads industry in Intention to Purchase and Loyalty. • Developing a professional Leadership team that inspires, nurtures talent and propagates RCOM Values by personal example.
  8. 8. 8 INTRODUCTION: Genesis of Project: Data services are now widely used worldwide. Data services helps to extend business. Data services allows user to have video conversation (Cloud meeting). This meeting helps to expand the business with new people. Data services are cost effective; it saves cost of the business. By using data services one can start business with very low cost like online stores. This stores are open for 24 hours and they do not need to maintain inventory. It is also helpful in improving employee productivity as well as improving employee and partner collaboration. Its main feature is to provide connectivity by voice, video or data. We often use internet at our home either for fun or to get some knowledge. Internet is also used in offices, business. Internet is nothing but a kind of data service. Internet is moved up from ‘good to have’ to ‘Must to have’ utility. We connect with friends by using social media sites like facebook, twitter. Many of us daily use this social media sites. But, we never thought of how this internet or (data) services reach to the final user. So, here is the something we should think of and try to study about it. So knowing data services and how it is generally function and sold to the consumer will give us some knowledge about it.
  9. 9. 9 LITRATURE REVIEW Background Of the Organization Reliance Communications Ltd. (commonly called RCOM) is an Indian broadband and telecommunications company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India. It was founded by Late Dhirubhai Ambani, and later its look over by Anil D. Ambani. RCOM is India's second largest telecom operator, only after Bharti Airtel. It is world's 15th largest mobile phone operator with over 150 million subscribers. Established in 2004, it is a subsidiary of the Reliance Group. It ranks among the top 5 telecommunications companies in the world by number of customers in a single country. Reliance Communications is the flagship company of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) of companies. Listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange by the script name RCOM, it is Rs.80,395 Crore (US $14 billion company). Reliance is India’s leading integrated telecommunication company with over 80 million customers. Company’s business encompasses a complete range of telecom services covering mobile and fixed line telephony. It includes broadband, national and international long distance services and data services along with an exhaustive range of value-added services and applications. Their constant try is to achieve customer delight by enhancing the productivity of the enterprises and individuals they serve. Reliance Mobile (formerly Reliance India Mobile), launched on 28 December 2002, coinciding with the joyous occasion of the late Dhirubhai Ambani’s 70th birthday, was amo ng the init ia l init iat ives o f Relianc e Co mmunicat io ns. It marked the auspici ous beginning of Dhirubhai’s dream of ushering in a digital revolution in India. Today,
  10. 10. 10 we can proudly claim that we were instrumental in harnessing the true power of information and communication, by best owing it in the hands of the common man at affordable rates. The company has five segments: Wireless segment includes wireless operations of the company; broadband segment includes broadband operations of the company; Global segment include national long distance and international long distance operations of the company and the wholesale operations of its subsidiaries; Investment segment includes investment activities of the Group companies, and Other segment consists of the customer care activities and direct-to-home (DTH) activities.
  11. 11. 11 A DREAM COME TRUE Few men in history have made as dramatic a contribution to their country’s economic fortunes as did the founder of Reliance, Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is more enduring and timeless. The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India — an India where the common man would have access to affordable means of information and communication. Dhirubhai, who single- handedly built India’s largest private sector company virtually from scratch, had stated as early as 1999: “Make the tools of information and communication available to people at an affordable cost. They will overcome the handicaps of illiteracy and lack of mobility.” It was wit h this belie f in mind t hat Reliance Co mmunicat io ns (formerly Reliance Infocomm) started laying 60,000 route kilometers of a pan-India fibre optic backbone. This backbone was commissioned on 28 December 2002, the auspicious occasion of Dhirubhai’s 70th birthday, though sadly after his unexpected demise on 6 July 2002. Reliance Communications has a reliable, high-capacity, integrated (both wireless and wireline) and convergent (voice, data and video) digital network. It is capable of delivering a range of services spanning the entire infocomm (inform ation andcommunication) value chain, including infrastructure and services — for enterprises as well as individuals, applications, and consulting. Today, Reliance Communications is revolutionizing the way India communicates and networks, truly bringing about a new way of life.
  12. 12. 12 LOOKING BACK-LOOKING FORWARD Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, an offshoot of the Reliance Group founded by Shri Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002), ranks among India’s top three private sector business houses in terms of net worth. The group has business interests that range from Telecommunications (Reliance communications Limited) to financial services (Reliance Capital Ltd) and the generation and distribution of power (Reliance Infrastructure Limited). Reliance – ADA Group’s flagship company, Reliance Communications, is India's largest private sector information and Communication, Company, with over 80 million subscribers. It has established a pan India, high capacity, integrated (wireless and wire line), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network, to offer services spanning the entire infocomm value chain. Other major group companies — Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure — are widely acknowledged as the market leaders in their respective areas of operation.
  13. 13. 13 NATURE OF THE PROJECT: The project is descriptive in nature. It is value adder to the exiting knowledge of data services. It is helpful in understanding the B2B selling and negotiation process. Data services are generally used in home, office, small scale industries and business. This project helps to know which are data services are available in the market and how they are required by the corporate companies. It gives us knowledge about how the pricing of the services is decided. In this fast moving world technology play an important role in the industry. All the industries like education, manufacturing, trading are base on the technology Reliance communications play an important role in industry by providing them data service.
  14. 14. 14 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: Reliance is one of the top 3 telecommunication companies of India. It offers various data services. Reliance Communications has network reach over 2,100 Indian and multinational corporations, and over 800 global, regional and domestic carriers. The company has established a pan-India, next- generation, integrated (wireless and wireline), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network that is capable of supporting services spanning the entire communications value chain, covering over 24,000 towns and 6,00,000 villages. Reliance communications wants to be the number one company in India in telecom industry. For that they are trying their best to expand their distribution network. During this project I found that reliance communication will soon achieve their mission with the sincere efforts of their employees.
  15. 15. 15 Data Services Reliance Communications owns and operates the next-generation IP-enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 1,90,000 kilometers of fibre optic cable systems in connecting over 1 million building across 44 cities with over 1.4 million access lines. It is the Providers of cutting edge connectivity to over 850 of top 1000 companies in India. It has 4 data centre with data storage space of over 6.5 lac sq ft. Its data centre is located at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. It offers IT infrastructure management services to large, medium and small enterprises. It is one of the leading data- centre service provider in India. Reliance Communications shares ring topology architecture. This topology makes sure that service always stay connected even if one end is damaged. Reliance uses star topology for its Hub and Spoke needs and serves the customers with star topology architecture. This helps reliance to provide a continuous service to its customers. By using the services without interruption customers also feels happy and claim reliance as a worthy service provider.
  16. 16. 16 RING TOPOLOGY
  17. 17. 17 STAR TOPOLOGY
  18. 18. 18 OBJECTIVES i. To find out which data services are available in the market. ii. TO find out which services are required by the corporate customers. iii. To find out how this services are provided to the end customer. iv. To get knowledge of selling & Negotiation process of data services.
  19. 19. 19 Data Services Offered by RCOM - i. MPLS VPN Multi Protocol Label Switching - Virtual Private Network. ii. WDVPN Wireless data Virtual Private Network iii. Ethernet VPN Ethernet Virtual Private Network iv. Leased Lines v. High Availability Leased Lines (HA-LL) vi. Ethernet Leases Line vii. E1 PRI (EPABX)
  20. 20. 20 MPLS VPN The overall benefit is a reduction in administrative overheads that makes more time available for core responsibilities. The resources that get freed up in the process are available for redeployment in core IT activities. Enterprise can now build their corporate networks by simply plugging into the Reliance pan- India and International network to bring their offices and other business entities online with IT applications. It is a comprehensive solution that provides convergence of business data, internet, voice and video carriage on the enterprise WAN. Maximum Reach Enterprise can now extend IT applications and services to all the office locations such as regional offices, branches, call centers, company points of sale and factories or development sites with India’s largest MPLS network. Choice of bandwidths range from as low as few Kbps to multiple s of Gbps. Connecting Employees Travelling Abroad Employees travelling abroad can connect to their corporate network with SSL Office Connect, a remote access solution, using any internet connection. The security policies can be set by the enterprise administrator and the same are applies automatically and seamlessly whenever a user tries to connect to his company VPN. Remote Site Connectivity Remote site user can opt for 3G1X CDMA wireless data solution or ISDN/POTS dial – up solution to avail a secure VPN access with no exposure to internet. This pan-India network provides connectivity from 20,000 towns and 450,000 villages with more towns being added every month. The Reliance MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) VPN (Virtual Private Network) and associated managed services is a suite that enables CIO’s to outsource building and or management of enterprise Wide Area Network (WANs) that confirm to their business and functional requirements.
  21. 21. 21 Connecting People on the Move Business travelers, who need to be always connected to their corporate network, can use CDMA Wireless data Cards on their laptops and stay connected in a secure private network even while they travel. Telecommute CXOs or other senior users in the organization aspiring for an office-network experience @ home and telecommuters or employees working from home can avail India’s first ‘Telecommute’ service. They can stay connected securely to their corporate network through an internet- free WiMAX connection. Traffic Prioritization It is important to appropriately prioritize mission critical, business critical, delay sensitive and general purpose data traffic in order of importance and application requirements. Reliance MPLS VPN comes with a class of service (CoS) capabilities that enable enterprise to assign different priority levels to traffic from specific applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM to the traffic generated from voice, video, internet, e-mail and other applications.
  22. 22. 22 Near 100% Uptime The MPLS VPN network’s self-healing architecture provides high uptime for the enterprise data networks and ensures a near 100% availability backed by a 24x7service support and industry leading SLAs. This is made possible with ring topology and fibre-to-the-building investment made in the access and edge networks that touch the enterprise offices. So in case of a disruption on one segment of the fibre network, the traffic is automatically routed through the other segment of the ring, thereby making the network self-healing. The traffic in the core network is protected even further. The core is composed of a thickly meshed network providing for multi-path restoration. Finally, even the international submarine cable network is operated by Reliance Globalcom’s (a division of Reliance Communications) wholesale product Reliance FLAG. IT has two paths to any international destination, i.e. through the west and the east. SLAs (Service Level Agreements) Optimal service quality is guaranteed by the industry’s most advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA), covering Service Availability inclusive of the last mile, Network Latency, Network Packet Loss. Network Jitter and Mean Time to Restore (MTTR). SLAs are further differentiated class wise, in cases where in enterprise opt for a Class of Service (CoS) implementation. The SLA achievement is by far the best in the industry and understandably so, since the entire network components are owned and managed by Reliance Communications. Online Performance Reporting – Customer Network Management (CNM) portal IT administrators can leverage the powerful feature set of CNM for proactive capacity planning, viewing performance of their corporate network, doing trend analysis& for co-relating with IT application performance and other purposes.
  23. 23. 23 The CNM feature suite includes: Online performance reports - Link performance reports – Bandwidth Utilization, Latency, Packet loss, Jitter - Device specific reports – Device availability, Buffer Utilization, Memory Utilization, Error IN, Error OUT Facility to raise Trouble Tickets (TT) Alerts on planned events and service outages Contact information of Reliance Account managers and Service Assurance managers. Disaster Recovery (DR) Architecture The combination of MPLS VPN service with IDC services that include shared/dedicated hosting and IT infrastructure services provides a very elegant solution for enterprise to build their primary/secondary DR site at the Reliance IDC and get it seamlessly networked with their corporate WAN. Topologies Supported Hub and Spoke, Any to any, Partial Mesh, Redundancy of Last Mile. Security Routing separation between VPNs is achieved by the usage of separate VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) instance for each configured VPN. Each VRF contains routes for only one VPN populated using static routing or dynamic routing between Customer Edge (CE) routers. Every VPN having a separate VRF results in complete routing information separation between the VPNs on the PE router. Even without IPSec, the security is as good as Frame Relay or ATM. Flexible IP Addressing Support for existing public or private addressing schemes
  24. 24. 24 Time of Day (ToD) Bandwidth Enterprises can avail additional bandwidth for a pre-defined time of day on specific days. Bandwidth on demand (BoD) Customers can request for additional bandwidth as and when required online. Managed Services Enterprise can opt for a host of end-to-end managed services covering; Network Design Consultancy Remote management of CPEs 24x7 Technical Service Desk CPE configuration Management Change Management Bandwidth Optimization Security Management Network Migration Services
  25. 25. 25 WDVPN The WDVPN can be deployed for specific industry applications such as point-of-sale for retail chains, wireless ATMs for banks and lottery terminal connectivity for lottery operators. It can even be deployed for enterprise specific applications such as Sales Force Automation or other field force applications that create immense benefits for the enterprise such as higher acquisition and retention trough improved responsiveness, increase in number of successful transactions, sales force productivity gains and cost savings. Benefits Include Reach and Scalability that ensures business automation reaches every office. Quick deployment ensures quicker establishment of business operations. Simple to use for business users, which is important as usually sites that are expected to be connected over a WDVPN are either smaller branches or remote locations and hence may not have IT staff positioned there. A secured-encryption, authentication and integrity check on end-to-end basis brings it at par with wire line VPN security. Wireless Data Virtual Private Network enables enterprise to connect their remote terminals and mobile workforce for accessing ERP, CRM and other applications. The enterprise application servers can be either hosted at Reliance IDC or connected through a private leased line between Reliance Wireless Data Network and the enterprise servers.
  26. 26. 26 Ethernet VPN The ease and scalability (64 Kbps to 1 Gbps) associated with Ethernet LAN technology and standard LAN interface eliminates complex circuit re-provisioning in case of bandwidth upgrades, resulting in cost savings and instant upgrades. It is a wide area based service which helps to connect multipoint locations with ease. It gives more power as it is supported up to 1Gbps. Reliance IDC acts as a mediator to connect all the locations. Reliance Communications also offer the Layer2 Ethernet VPN solution that is built on a Metro Ethernet Network infrastructure. Ethernet WAN service is available for both intra and inter-metro multipoint-to-multipoint private Ethernet network requirements.
  27. 27. 27 Leased Lines Leased Line is the oldest and most basic data connectivity service but is still popular among enterprises. Reliance Leases Line service suite not only provides the traditional version of leased line but also some of the more advanced flavors that are required by enterprises for different business applications. The advanced flavors of Leased Lines include : The High-Availability Leased Line variant that is suitable for business critical application. It is built on HDX- a new multi- patch restoration technology. The over-the-wire upgradable Ethernet Leased Line suitable for inter- node connectivity that is expected to require regular bandwidth scaling. The virtual fiber or dedicated lambda (wavelength) variant suitable for disaster recovery implementation. The Leased Line service is built on a network that is architected to provide dual path (ring) protection in the access and edge segments, unlike most traditional networks that are single path. In the core segment, due to the large perimeter of the rings, the protection is made even more robust with a multi-path protection mechanism. The result is that enterprise gets a higher uptime on their leased lines than they ever got in the past. The service is further supplemented with SLAs for uptime and for time taken to restore the service in the rare occurrence of service degradation or a failure. The SLA performance reporting is proactive and available to the enterprise administrator online as opposed to the current practice that requires enterprises to manually administer SLA achievements of the service provider and report violations to the service provider later. Leased Line is the traditional point-to-point, dedicated TDM circuit that is built on the SDH transport technology. It provides choice of bandwidths, ranging from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps (STM1) and multiples thereof.
  28. 28. 28 Enterprises can opt for the appropriate flavors of the Leased Line Service for connecting key nodal locations such as the data centers, corporate offices, DR sites, call centers among others, on dedicated links. Reach 200 cities & growing Delivery Media- Fibre, Electronics to the building Wireless Broadband LMDS-Microwave-based access for buildings yet connected on fibre. Scalability N x 64 Kbps, 2 Mbps(E1), 34 Mbps(E3), 45 Mbps(DS3), 155 Mbps(STM1) Flexibility Choice of framed & unframed links Interfaces available – Wireless, Optical Fibre Reliability Last mile reduced to few feet of Fibre cable Fibre to the building Electronics mostly placed in enterprise buildings Ring based Access Networks Meshed Core Networks – More than 2 alternate paths End-to-end SLA Single point responsibility including local leads at both ends. High service availability up to 99.9% Performance Reports An online web-based view (CNM portal) of the enterprise leased line network along with performance reports on SLA parameters can be accessed through internet by designated users or enterprise administrators.
  29. 29. 29 Over –the-wire bandwidth upgrades Cumbersome physical provisioning for bandwidth upgrades is history; all it takes to increase bandwidth is a call to upgrade the bandwidth. 64 Kbps to E1 - without change of modem, E3 to STM1 – Over the same fibre.
  30. 30. 30 High – Availability Leased Lines (HA-LL) The High Availability feature is achieved with intelligent devices deployed in the backbone transport network that have the capability to automatically route the traffic through another path, if the existing path is not available. Existing ring network provides a 1 – cut not out feature that means there is 1 – protection path and 1 working path. HA Leased Line provides a 2 (or more) cut not- out feature that provides 2 or more protection paths and 1 working path. Thus, HA-LL routes the traffic through the next available path even if 2 or more fibre links are down. HA-LL can be provided between any of the following 12 locations. Mumbai Delhi Nagpur Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Vijaywada Ranchi Ahmadabad Allahabad Bhuvneshwar Bhopal High – Availability Leased Line (HA-LL) is a product flavor of the leased line service, which can provide customers with a very high uptime (99.98%) even in case of multiple fibre cuts in the Reliance Backbone Transport Network.
  31. 31. 31 Managed Lambda For high bandwidth requirements (beyond 1 gbps) a dedicated, virtual fibre (Wavelength/Lambda) can be provided between any two customer location which is managed by Reliance Communications.
  32. 32. 32 Ethernet Leased Lines WAN bandwidth requirements are growing at rates exceeding 30% year fuelled by bandwidth hungry real time network applications and business growth. Ethernet Leased Line services Offer the ease and scalability of Ethernet LAN technology across a wide area communication network that makes them the right choice for building WANs of growing businesses. Scalability is unmatched compared to traditional access technologies. Bandwidth is easily scalable from 64 Kbps to 1 Gbps on the same interface. Ethernet Leased Line services enable customers to link their sites together with the same equipment and solutions they use in their local networks. Ethernet Leased Line services support both Point – to – Point and Point to multipoint links. Savings on Cost The network simplification offers savings in capital and operational expenditure. No special learning curve to set up WAN connections. Additional of bandwidth beyond contracted bandwidth without additional port deployment. Reliance Ethernet Leased Lines services can be used for the interconnection of Ethernet networks between two or more enterprise offices.
  33. 33. 33 Simplicity Ethernet has established its presence virtually on every networking device and hence using Ethernet services simplify network operation, administration and maintenance It provides an Ethernet hands-off that makes it’s plug and play.
  34. 34. 34 E1 PRI (EPABX) Networking Offices across the country Integrates multiple EPABXs across locations, thus building a company – wide national ‘ Private telephony Network’ enabling the users to call each other by dialing short digit extension number instead of long number. Linewise Billing Smart PRI, provides extension- wise bill for each DID number and eliminates the need for additional investment in PBX billing software & PC. Authorization code for Long Distance Calls Available as a network feature. Users can make official long distance calls from any office extension or any Reliance Fixed Line phone in the city, irrespective of the call class of that line. Call charges billed to office billing account Enterprise Administrator is provided with an Online Self – Service Portal for generation, assignment, editing & deletion of authorization codes/PINs to users. Others benefits of standard E1 PRI Enhanced Service Availability Performance and availability is no longer a cause for concern. Reliance hosts a state of the art fibre optic network with ring architecture right up to customer premise, to provide automatic recovery of traffic, in the rare event of a failure. E1 PRI is a Digital Trunk Solution of 2 Mbps capacity providing 30 digital channels over a 4 – wire system. Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing or two way, which gives the customer an edge of efficient voice, traffic management.
  35. 35. 35 Similar Board Number Enterprise can have a Similar Board Number (SBN) offices in different 7/8 numbering digit towns, which gives their customers, business partners and employees the ease of remembering one number to reach them in any of these towns. Digital Experience Direct line for ever user – Each extension on the EPABX is assigned a direct telephone number by virtue of the Direct Inward Dialing (DID) feature. What’s more, with the Dialing Line Number Display (DLND) feature, the user’s direct number is displayed as the CLI to the called party. No congestion or busy signals – E1DID ensures that a call will be connected through the first available free channel from a group of channels. Reports of the voice traffic are provided on demand to plan for resources ahead of saturation of capacity.
  36. 36. 36 Selling Process for Data Services Pre Approach Delivery Follow - UP Approach Feasibility & Capex Negotiation & Closure S.O. Raised
  37. 37. 37 Pre- Approach Reliance appointed few channel partners. Reliance has large product portfolio so it is better for channel partners to contact customers with all types of data and voice service needs. Channel partners work is to find the customers with such needs and arrange appointment with them. It is a kind of mediator role. For channel partners there is monthly revenue for channel partners on customers billing amount. No capital expenditure needed for channel partners. Reliance is an only telecom in India which offers its Enterprise solutions to the channel partners. Reliance is a few telecom service providers which have a dedicated team to ensure business’s sustainability & growth. It created models wherein customers can reach out to Channel heads anytime. It allows channel partners to do business in any city. Even in any of the country. Every channel partner allocated an account manager which helps them to do the business. RCom takes the responsibility of channel partners commitment and try to fulfill the commitment by delivering services on time. Reliance is backed with strong, dedicated product team, to ensure that channel partners are best equipped to explain products in depth to customer. In addition it supports channel partners with product information in both on-line & off-line formats to ensure channel partners are able to present any product at any point of time to any customer. Approach As soon as the channel partner find a customer and appointment with them. Account manager approach customer along with a channel partner. They try to get the exact requirement of the service need by the customer. They have to get the details about the service as well as the location where the service is needed. After this need customers order is provided to back end (Technical) team. At this stage back end (Technical) team looks for feasibility and capex. Feasibility At this stage back end team check for the feasibility to determine whether the given location is feasible to provide services or not. Feasibility of location is decided on the presence of service at that location. If reliance doesn’t have presence at the required location it looks for all possible options to arrange the feasibility. If it’s not possible to provide the wired line service for certain reasons reliance looks for wireless option to provide services and suggests a wireless model for the customer. In rare cases reliance also gets feasibility from competitors and provide last end to the customer.
  38. 38. 38 Capex Capex is nothing but a capital expenditure. Reliance looks for the capex involved in feasibility. If there is no feasibility at the required location, reliance tries to arrange it for customers. In arranging the feasibility there are lot of processes are involved like taking permission of BMC to dig the wires under the road. Arranging network towers on building. All these processes require capital expenditure and are to be calculated to get back from the customers. If there are certain impossibilities like BMC not giving the permission then it has to look for wireless and other options. Follow up In this phase a quotation is sent to the customers. This quotation includes the amount required to provide service to the customers. This amount is calculated on the basis of service cost + capex involved. In certain cases capex cost is waived off if customer is going to made contract for 3 yrs or more. Negotiation & Closure This is the phase where customer and account manager discuss on the quotation provided by the reliance. Customers try to negotiate the cost as much as possible. Where account manager try to defend the cost provides. After few hours discussion both of them look for possible outcomes. If it happened order is given to the reliance if not customer may look for competitor. But mostly at this stage customer already analyzed the competitor’s rate and service and finalized reliance to provide order in terms of quality or cost. So if order is placed account manager takes the advance from the customer to proceed on the order and give him the expected delivery date. Service Order Raised After getting the order account manager pass this order to the head. By getting the message from account manager head raises the service order to provide the service to the customer.
  39. 39. 39 Delivery In this stage back end team gets the S.O. raised by the department head. And works on it to deliver the services to the customer.
  40. 40. 40 Outcomes i. Reliance is one of the leading data service providers in the world. And has large amount of product portfolio. It has its presence almost in every part of India. And abroad also. ii. Reliance provides services little bit costlier as compared to its competitor but it has strong sales team to get orders on that cost also. iii. It waive off the capex to the customer if he agrees for 3 or more yr contract. It is a kind of strategy to hold customer and its capex value also get delivered by this contract.
  41. 41. 41 Learning i. Got a glimpse how B2B selling is done in big companies. ii. Why it is important to know your complete product details. iii. How to tackle barriers in an ongoing sales process (call).
  42. 42. 42 References