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Rahul report

  1. 1. Page | 1 1SUMMER INTERNSHIP RESEARCH PROJECT on the topic “To compare the market potential of internet services in the ISP industry” (with special reference Sify Technologies Ltd.) SUBMITTED TO GLA UNIVERSITY, MATHURA Towards Partial Fulfillment of Requirement for Masters in Business Administration Degree PROJECT GUIDE: SUBMITTED BY: Mr. Deepak Agarwal Ravi bhushan (Territory Manager) Sify Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Page | 2 2 Preface As a part of the course, the students of MBA must undergo practical training session. The object of the training session is to provide practical knowledge of business world and to make the trainee worthy to understand and analyze situations in the organization. It also increases the knowledge and confidence. I, Rahul Rathore, working upon the topic “To compare the market potential of internet services in the ISP industry” in Sify Technologies Ltd. in Marketing. The experience of working in the training session was wonderful. I know that this experience will help me in my profession. Whatever I’ve learned in this training would help me through my life.
  3. 3. Page | 3 3Acknowledgement My sincere thank to those who did support me…………. I thank to all those who helped me during this project work and gave me their valued guidance, direction and advice. I express my deep gratitude to my mentor Mr. Deepak Agarwal (Territory Manager, Sify Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). During this entire project; he guided me, gave his valuable suggestions to improve my performance at every level of activity. He has been a great source of inspiration, motivation, and direction towards the fulfillment of this project. I further would like to express my thanks Sify Technologies Limited, 258, Okhala Industrial Estate, Okhala Phase-3, New Delhi-110020, India for accepting me as a trainee in such an esteemed organization. Ravi Bhushan (G.L.A. University) (MBA Programme).
  4. 4. Page | 4 4Declaration I hereby state, to the best of my knowledge and belief that the project report entitled “To compare the market potential of internet services in the ISP industry” in Sify Technologies Ltd., 258, Okhala Industrial Estate, Okhala Phase-3, New Delhi- 110020, being submitted for the partial fulfillment of MBA programme at G.L.A. University isn’t the same as any piece of work which has already been submitted for any degree or for any other academic qualification of any other university, institution, or examination. I further assure that this project report is entirely genuine and all the work and efforts required to prepare this report are done by me. Any resemblance with any other piece of work is entirely coincidental.
  5. 5. Page | 5 5Table of Contents Chapter 1- Overview of ISP industry and Sify TechnologiesLtd.  Introduction to ISP Industry  Introduction to Sify Technologies Ltd. Chapter 2- Introduction to the project  ObjectiveNeed of the project  Significance of the study Chapter 3- Research and Analysis  Research Methodology  Analysis Chapter 4- Findings and Suggestions  Findings  Suggestions Chapter 5- Appendix and Bibliography  Appendix  Bibliography
  6. 6. Page | 6 6INTRODUCTION This report entitled “To compare the market potential of internet services in the ISP industry” is around Sify Technologies Ltd., 258, Okhala Industrial Estate, Okhala Phase-3, New Delhi- 110020, which is an ISP(Internet Service Provider). The project is concentrated upon evaluating the value of Sify and different ISP’s in Agra city. The study went through the survey around the Internet services that are being used in “corporates”. The best part of this process is that whatever samples I’ve taken are all “establishments”; not individuals. Hence, during this project, the establishments from which I did survey are  Banks  Colleges  Stock Broking establishments  Hotels  Hospitals  A few Cyber Cafes
  7. 7. Page | 7 7Objectives of the project This study helps the company to which it is prepare for in some issues such are  To evaluate the market share of Sify and its competitors.  To examine Sify on various service criteria and compare it with its prime competitors.  To get the future corporate preference for these ISP’s.  The project helps the organization to make its corporate connections to achieve lead on other players.
  8. 8. Page | 8 8 Significance of the study  This report would help the organization to cast itself in the view of corporate.  The findings and analysis of the report would help the organization to know its stand in the competitive market.  Since the report analyze the players in the market on essential criteria (such as Speed, Downtime, Future Preference etc), so the organization can govern its operations accordingly and can put efforts to make them much better.  The report also project future preference of chosen samples; hence, helps to know customer choices.
  9. 9. Page | 9 9 Introduction to ISP Industry An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides a telecommunication connection to the Internet that allows a user to "be online". The connection may be provided in many different forms. It could use existing telephone lines, existing cable TV lines, new fiber optic cable may be strung or the user has to use a modem and dial a phone number. It also known as Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Internet Access Provider (IAP). In last several years, India has seen the number of internet users in the country, increasing by leaps and bounds. Today almost every house, every individual and every office has an internet connection. Several public and private sector telecom giants have come up in India, offering customized internet solutions. The internet service providers in India are long in the process of offering quality internet services suiting the need and pocket of the users. The year 2010 witnessed a 44% growth rate among the internet subscribers. Majority of these subscribers have been broadband users. The growth rate seems to be increasing each day. At present, India has about 52 million internet users.
  10. 10. Page | 10 10ABOUT ORGANISATION Sify is an Internet service provider in India. Seventy five per cent of the 1.6 million visitors in 2008 to the web site sify.com hail from India. It was rated as one of "The ten top technology companies world-wide recommended for investment"by Fortune in 1999. Sify was one of the first private sector player to offer internet access, when internet access was opened to private sector (until then the state run VSNL had a monopoly in providing internet access). It leased international bandwidth from global vendors, domestic connectivity from telecom players and set up last mile connectivity by multiple methods: wi-fi connections using roof top antennae, copper connections using phone lines or cable TV connections. Sify also started providing internet network connectivity for business enterprises in India. Sify set up a chain of franchised internet cafes (today a network of over 3,300+ cybercafes). In 2007, Sify got the registration of its UK branch. Mr. Raju Vegesna, the entrepreneur who has made several billion dollars with his other company Server works, now runs Sify. He took over the company in June 2006 after Mr. Ramaraj quit as the company's CEO. Under the leadership of Mr. Raju, his company has earned a maiden profit after 10 years of its existence. Sify Technologies Limited (Sify), incorporated on December 12, 1995, is an integrated Internet, network and electronic commerce services companies in India, offering end-to-end solutions with a range of services delivered over a common Internet backbone infrastructure. The Company’s services enable its business and consumer and customers to communicate, transmit and share information, access online content and conduct business remotely using its private data network or the Internet. The Company’s segments comprised: corporate network/data services, which provides Internet, connectivity, security and consulting, hosting and managed service solutions; Internet access services, from homes and through cybercafés, online portal services and content offerings, and other services, such as development of e-learning software. Sify Software Limited, Sify Technologies (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd., and Sify International Inc. are its wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries.
  11. 11. Page | 11 11Mission and Goal Mission To make a qualitative difference to the lives of millions of people and organizations in India and across the world by empowering them with the power of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs). We will do this by leveraging the capabilities of Indian knowledge resources. Goal A profitable global business with ICT based solutions · To empower businesses and individuals to keep them ahead. · To be a leader in market share, quality, revenue, growth and gross margins. · To add value to stakeholders, our investors, customers, partners and associates. · To build on India's unique advantages.
  12. 12. Page | 12 12Corporate Network/Data Services The Company offers end-to-end network, hosting, application and security services that provide its corporate customers with Internet and private network access. Its services enable its corporate customers to offer a range of business-to-business and electronic commerce related services. It provides national long distance (NLD) and international long distance (ILD) services through its network. It carries voice traffic, both national and international, using the IP back-bone and deliver voice traffic to Direct Inter-connect Operators. It also provides managed infrastructure services and managed security services in all aspects of infrastructure services, network security and hosting, with digital certificates based authentication service and virtual private network (VPN) solutions. It offers a variety of intranet and extranet configurations for connecting offices, remote sites, traveling employees and business partners, whether in India or abroad. Site Connect offers site-to-site managed multi protocol label switching (MPLS)-enabled Internet protocol based virtual private network (IPVPN) solutions for connecting regional and large branch offices within India to the corporate Intranet. Global Site Connect is an international site-to-site managed MPLS-enabled IPVPN solution, is used for connecting international branch offices to the corporate offices. Express Connect offers a range of Internet bandwidth solutions for connecting regional offices, branch offices and remote locations to the corporate network. Roam Connect is its national and international remote access VPN, which is used for connecting employees, while they are traveling, to the corporate intranet. Partner Connect is its remote access VPN offering, for providing secure and restricted dial-up access to business partners, such as dealers, distributors and suppliers to the corporate extranet. The Company also offers a suite of security solutions, including security design, audit, procurement and integration. Its enterprise solutions portfolio includes a range of application services, such as enterprise class e-mail platforms, audio and video conferencing solutions and business Web services. It offers value-added services to organizations, such as Website design, development, content management, search engine optimization, hosting and management services, including domain name management, secure socket layer (SSL) certificate for Websites, and server space in required operating system and database. It provides messaging and collaboration services and solutions, such as e-mail servers, local area network (LAN) mail solutions, anti-spam appliances, bulk mail services, instant messaging, and also offer solutions and services to enable data and access security over the Internet. It also offers Web-applications, such as online merchandising with on-line payment gateways, sales force automation, supply chain management, intranet and extranets, workflow engine and knowledge management
  13. 13. Page | 13 13systems. It also provides infrastructure-based services on demand, including on-line testing engine and network management. On-line testing services include test management software, required servers and proctored examination facilities at Sify’s e-port cybercafes. On-line exam engine offered allows a way of conducting examinations involving a range of question patterns. Sify offers a suite of security solutions including security design, procurement and integration services for infrastructure security, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Implementation services include implementation of security products, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, content security, authentication tools and VPN services. It also provides assurance services covering information systems (IS) audit, risk assessment, and business continuity/disaster recovery planning. It operates India’s first level 4 Internet Data Centers (IDC). It also offers a variety of managed hosting services, such as storage, back-up and restoration, performance monitoring and reporting hardware and software procurement and configuration, network configuration, as well as spares and replacement. It also offers cloud service, on demand storage, digital certification, remote management services, voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) services, ILD voice and hubbing. Internet Access Services Sify offers public Internet access to consumers through a retail chain of e-ports cybercafes. It also has agreements with certain cable television operators through which it offers Internet access through cable. As of March 31, 2010, it had approximately 0.3 million retail Internet access subscribers. Its Internet access services for retail consumers include high- speed/broadband access to homes over cable, public Internet access from its network of e-ports and VoIP. It has also started offering the premium broadband connection, branded Platinum to the small office, home office (SOHO) market segment and wireless service to homes at select cities. It provides public Internet access to the large segment of the Indian population that does not own a personal computer through its network of e-ports. Sify operates these iway cybercafes on a franchisee model. As of March 31, 2010, it had 1227 operational e-ports in 253 towns and cities.
  14. 14. Page | 14 14As of March 31, 2010, Sify had approximately 1227 operational e-ports. It has launched a model of e-port Xpress with a single PC with value added services as a kiosk chain offering services like travel ticket booking, bill payment, mobile recharge and e-commerce transactions in addition to Internet browsing, chat, e-mail and gaming. VoIP can be used in India for making International calls. It has leveraged on its extensive network of e-ports to offer VoIP. As of March 31, 2010, more than 540 of the e-ports had the capability to provide VoIP. It provided these services through standalone VoIP booths at various strategic locations in major cities. In addition to offering VoIP services through e-ports and VoIP booths, it provides VoIP services for all home users. This product is called Sifytalk and is a personal computer (PC) 2 Phone prepaid product. Online PortalServices The Company operates online portals, such as www.sify.com, www.samachar.com and www.sifymax.in, that function as principal entry points and gateway for accessing the Internet by providing useful Web-related services and links. It also offers related content sites specifically tailored to Indian interests worldwide. Sify.com provides a gateway to the Internet by offering communication and search tools, such as e-mail, chat, travel, online portfolio management and channels for personal finance, astrology, lifestyle, shopping, movies, sports and news.
  15. 15. Page | 15 15Others The Company’s facilitates Web-based learning for various organizations by digitizing and uploading content to facilitate the same. It also provides remote infrastructure management services, such as data center management, network management, security management and desktop management to support the clients from offshore command centers, on an around-the- clock basis. Multiple Aspects Sify Technologies Ltd. is one of India’s leading integrated Information Communications Technology companies. It launched corporate connectivity services over India’s first TCP/IP backbone telecom network infrastructure. This enabled connecting multi-location offices seamlessly, across multiple platforms and applications. Simply put, we helped change the way enterprises communicate and grow. We have since remained the leader in quality levels, standards and services. Later that year, it became India’s first private ISP with a dial up service. State-of-the-art cyber cafes with broadband connectivity were our next offering. We followed this up with broadband home access using wireless connectivity. In doing so, we helped define Internet and networking in India, pioneering services, infrastructure, processes and setting standards along the way. It also developed the most extensive range of managed enterprise services, solutions and applications. With millions of man-hours spent gaining expertise and experience in delivering Internet Protocol based services, our standards are industry benchmarks and our innovation constant. For enterprises
  16. 16. Page | 16 16It gives a vast array of solutions in managed network, hosting and voice services, applications and system integration to enable you to work smart and do more. Together, these solutions can help an enterprise bypass bottle-necks to grow rapidly. For global businesses Companies with global IT infrastructure find our infrastructure management services invaluable. Our remote monitoring and management of networks, servers, applications and managed security services help them cut costs and make their infrastructure more reliable, so that they can focus on growing their core business. While our eLearning services help develop cutting edge content to train and empower their global work forces with the latest applications and tools. It is the first private ISP, so we know exactly what works. You can connect and start surfing with minimal fuss using our simple but reliable connections. Sify.com, one of India’s popular portals, gives you the latest general, sports and finance news. Or you can watch videos of the news, sports, and a whole range of entertainment, including the hottest reality TV shows, Hollywood, Bollywood and regional cinema. Application Services Sify's suite of application services caters to needs across messaging, learning, document management and forward supply chain management. The messaging solutions include SLEMS (an open source messaging platform) and Microsoft Exchange, offered as both on-premise and hosted solution. Both these, available in flexible service models, enable organizations to address their messaging needs with little or no upfront investment or hassles. The online learning
  17. 17. Page | 17 17solutions include I-test, enabling online assessment in a planned, secure and controlled manner. Sify's new integrated learning platform, LiveWire, enables seamless management of training processes across the organization. The document management system eliminates the cumbersome paperwork that slows down many organizations, and enables efficient and eco- friendly management of documents electronically through a secure and reliable process. Forum - a forward supply chain solution that caters to the needs of organizations, manages their distribution and inventory processes by improving process visibility and cost savings at every point in the supply chain from central distribution point to the retail outlet. Connectivity Services Sify Technologies limited is India's leading provider of end-to-end services network, application and security services. We help enterprise extend through intelligent network, security and applications services that maximize your employee productivity with the collaborative efficiencies that they unlock. Sify has expertise, mature processes and experience to set the standards for the industry in pursuit of our mission of ensuring customer delight. We have a history of pioneering IP based services. Some of our many firsts include: First managed IP network First National ISP in India First to implement Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) First Service Provider in Asia Pacific to achieve the Cisco Managed Services Channel Program certification. In addition, we built the first ATM and Frame Relay backbones, as well as the first Level 3 Internet Data Centers (IDC) in India.
  18. 18. Page | 18 18Social Responsibilities Many companies are involved in socially responsible activities such as supporting the mentally handicapped, the spastics, orphans and so on. Sify also does so. However Sify's focus is on the use of the Internet for a higher purpose. To build a sense of unity and nationality; a sense of community and belonging. Gujrat One of the most prime responsibility was that when the earthquake struck Gujarat in January 2001, it moved swiftly as a company to re-establish our Internet backbone connectivity in the state. We achieved this within hours, realizing that there were two areas where Sify could contribute effectively: One, “as a bridge between the people of Gujarat and their relatives in India and abroad through e-mail”; two, “using the reach and visibility of our portal Sify.com to issue an appeal for voluntary financial assistance from users in India and abroad”. It began by asking people anxious about the welfare of their friends and relatives to contact Sify.com on e-mail. Within hours, Sify was deluged with thousands of inquiries as the media kindly let this be known in print and electronically. We had these email messages printed out and physically delivered to the affected people in relief camps in different parts of Gujarat, took down their responses, returned to Ahmadabad, and emailed them back. In this way, we were able to help thousands of people who could otherwise not reach their relatives, to do so, and to find out their status. Sify raised a sum of Rs 22.79 Lakhs, from people who had deep sympathy and a feeling of kinship for the people of the state. This was about 50% of the total money raised by the Red Cross for Gujarat. Unity During the time of the Kargil incursion by Pakistan, we had a Bulletin Board on Sify.com for users to express their feelings or post messages. Thousands of Indians responded, expressing their anguish at this violation, and displaying a deep sense of community and nationhood.
  19. 19. Page | 19 19 ABOUT SIFY BROADBAND Wide range of plans Choose from a wide range of attractive plans, from data limit plans to unlimited plans to multi- month plans to special day/ night plans, designed to meet your specific Internet requirements and fit your budget. Our exclusive multi-month, day/ night plans provide higher speeds at night and help you save more. Furthermore, unlike other broadband service providers, we do not enforce a fair usage policy (FUP) on our unlimited plans. Value added services Along with superior Internet connectivity, sify broadband also comes with an attractive bouquet of value added services to make your broadband experience more fulfilling - Free Antivirus, Educational packages, Travel ticket booking, Utility Bill Payment, Mobile recharge etc. Anywhere in India We have presence in more than 200 cities across India so you can transfer your Sify Broadband connection in case of relocation. Multiple renewal options To make the account renewal process simple and hassle-free for our customers, we have provided multiple renewal options. Sify Broadband customers can now renew their broadband account online through the sify broadband website, by calling sify customer care, through their cable TV operator (CTO), at a nearby sify powered cyber cafe or on the sify broadband client. During renewal, you can select any plan of your choice.
  20. 20. Page | 20 20 Reliable Speed Sify broadband offers home broadband plans with speeds from 192 kbps to 1 Mbps.What is more, it comes with a contention ratio of less than 30 to deliver consistent browsing speed. Also get 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted connectivity. 24x7 Support A team of dedicated and qualified customer service executives are at your service anytime of the day. You have multiple avenues to get in touch with our customer care - through call, sms and email. Partners
  21. 21. Page | 21 21Main Competitors AIRTEL TATA BSNL RELIANCE
  22. 22. Page | 22 22Awards 2010: - Sify Technologies Limited wins Franchisor of the year award for 2010 - Sify wins Best STG Solution Partner 2009-10 from IBM. 2009: - Sify Technologies Wins Award for “Best Telecom Data Center” at INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Awards 2009 For the fourth successive year, the Brandon Hall awards are ours! - Brandon Hall silver award Category: Excellence in the Best Use of Mobile Learning category 2008: Two golds Brandon Hall! - Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning category. - 3D online training program developed using Second Life. 2007: Silver and Bronze Brandon Hall! - Silver for Cisco accessible e-learning platform - Bronze for GT Exhaust Gas Thermocouple Installation 2006: Two golds Brandon Hall! - Mobile Learning Delivery Platform for Cisco - PATAT Generator Brush Inspection and Maintenance.
  23. 23. Page | 23 23 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award: for the IP VPN Market in India 2005-06. Sify security services awarded for the second time the ALL INDIA - BEST PARTNER AWARD for the Year 2005 from FORTINET Inc. Sify awarded BS 7799 Certification for Information Security Management Systems. Sify awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification for provisioning of corporate VPN, Internet bandwidth, Voiceover IP and Integrated Security Solutions.
  24. 24. Page | 24 24 Sify awarded CMM level 5 Certification. Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award: for the IP VPN Market in India (August 2004). Sify Enterprise Solutions awarded "INDIA TOP RESELLER AWARD" for the period July 2004 to June 2005 by NOKIA. Sify bags the ISP of the Year Award at the Internet World Asia Industry Awards, 2001. Sify (Satyam Infoway) wins the Golden Web Award for the year 2001 for the website www.india.ford.com
  25. 25. Page | 25 25IDC report 2001 puts SIFY as the clear cut leader in VPN services in India. Sify (Satyam Infoway) bags the ISP of the Year Award at the Internet World Asia Industry Awards, 2001. Sify (Satyam Infoway) bags Techies Award 2000 for the Best ISP. Sify (Satyam Infoway) bags the Company of the Year 2000 Award, at the Silicon India Annual Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference, San Jose, California. Sify's (Satyam Infoway) corporate site www.sifycorp.com wins the Golden Web Award for the year 2000. Sify Becomes First Indian Company to be Certified ISO 9001, 2000. For Network Services, Data Center Operations and Customer Relationship Management.
  26. 26. Page | 26 26RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research: It can be defined as the search for knowledge or as any systematic investigation, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas, or develop new theories, usually using a scientific method. It is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge. Research Problem: 1. Market coverage of Sify and its prime competitors. 2. To evaluate possible future preference. 3. To make a comparison among players. Sampling Plan: For this study, I’ve surveyed ‘50 establishments’ of Agra. This is a “descriptive” type of research. Source of data: Primary source of data is used for the study. Instrument of data collection: The instrument used to collect data is ‘questionnaire’. Sampling Details: Universe – All ‘50 establishments’ that have Internet. Sampling Unit – An establishment of Agra that has Internet connection. Sampling Method – Judgment sampling. Sample size – ‘50’. Area – Agra city.
  27. 27. Page | 27 27Analysis The analysis of the questionnaire is done on some criteria that are prime concerns that make any ISP worthy. Criteria Market Share  Number of PCs  Time(since using the services)  Speed  Best Feature  Percentage downtime  Problem Solution time  Satisfaction  Future Preference
  28. 28. Page | 28 28 NOTE 1: The method used in analysis is Average point method. The options provided for each question in the questionnaire are arranged in such a manner that they are in ascending order. If for an establishment, the 2nd option of the question which corresponds to a particular criterion is been selected, then for the ISP (of which services that establishment is using) it is given 2 points for that criteria. Similar procedure is applied to all the establishments for the corresponding ISP they are using on the basis of criteria. After adding all points, the sum is divided by ‘number of establishments’ to get average (mean) of that series. Hence, if an ISP gets ‘k points’ as an average (mean) for any criterion; it means the “option no. k” would represent that ISP on that particular criterion. The formula used for the calculations is of “mean of the series of observations”. Hence, if sum of points is represented as ‘∑x’ and no. of observations is ‘n’, then, Average or Mean = (∑x)/n . NOTE 2: Except the criterion ‘Market Share’, only those establishments which have no common service provider are used in analysis. Common establishments are counted to represent ISP’s market share; but for other criteria, establishments that are having services of only one service provider are used.
  29. 29. Page | 29 29Findings 1. BSNL is holding rich amount 61% of market. Sify is at fourth position. 2. Problem solution takes very less time(within 5 hours). 3. Percentage downtime is very low(less than 10%). 4. Speed is appropriate approximately 512 kbps. 5. Sify as future preference isn’t that good(7.14%). It has the lowest percentage as forthcoming choice.
  30. 30. Page | 30 30Suggestions 1. Company should put appropriate marketing efforts to promote itself in locality of Agra. 2. It should also target individual consumers that would increase its market coverage and awareness in locality. 3. It should continuously increase its provided speed which is one of the prime concern. Today BSNL is enjoying its capability of providing approx 100 mbps speed. 4. It should advertise its capability to provide 1:1 speed which means surfing speed and downloading speed is equal, which is rare.
  31. 31. Page | 31 31Sify Questionnaire Company’s Name:_________________________ Person’s Name_________________________ Address:_________________________________ Contact No:.___________________________ __________________________________ 1. Whichinternetservice you are usingat your site? a) Sify b) Airtel c) Reliance d) BSNL e) TATA f) Other (Specify)____________ 2. How many PC’syou are running? a) 1 – 10 b) 10 – 20 c) 20 – 30 d) 30 – 40 e) 40 -50 f) More than 50 (Specify)______ 3. Since when you are usingthis service? a) 6 Months b) 6 Months– 1 year c) 1 year– 2 years d) 2 years – 3 years e) 3 years – 4 years f) More than 4 years (Specify)___ 4. What is the price range you are paying to your ISP? a) 500 – 1000 b) 1000 – 2000 b) c) 2000 – 3000 d) 3000 – 4000 e) More than 4000 (Specify) ______________________
  32. 32. Page | 32 325. What kind ofproblemyou are facing? a) ConnectivityBreak b) SpeedIssue c) Other (Specify)_____________________________ 6. What is the best feature of your ISP? a) Connectivity b) Speed d) Other (Specify)______________________________ 7. How much time doesyour ISP takes to resolve youproblem,If any? a) Within5 hrs b) Within 12 hrs c) Within 1 day d) Other (Specify)___________________________ 8. What is the percentage downtime of your ISP? a) Less than 10% b) 10 – 40 % c) 40 – 70 % d) More than 70% 9. Are you satisfiedwithyour service provider? a) Yes b) No (Specify)____________________ 10. Do you want to change your ISP? a) No b) Yes(Please prefer) 1. Sify 2. Airtel 3.Reliance 4 BSNL 5. TATA 6 Other (Specify)______________
  33. 33. Page | 33 3311. What are the suggestionstoimprove internetservice forISP industry? Signature:
  34. 34. Page | 34 34Analysis of Questionnaire 1. Whichinternetservice you are usingat your site? TABLE-1 Sify 50 10 Airtel 50 10 Reliance 50 5 B.S.N.L 50 20 Tata 50 5 others 50 0 CONCLUSION- Fromthe above data we can say that out of 50 observations10 are using sify, 10 are using Airtel,5 are usingReliance,20 are using B.S.N.L,5 are using Tata and 0 using others sify airtel reliance B.S.N.L Tata others
  35. 35. Page | 35 352. How many PC’syou are running? 1-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 More than 50 3. Since whenyou are using thisservice? 6 Months 6 Months– 1 year 1 year – 2 years 2 years – 3 years 3 years – 4 years More than 4 years
  36. 36. Page | 36 36 4. Whatis the price range you are payingto your ISP? 500 – 1000 1000 – 2000 2000 – 3000 3000 – 4000 More than 4000 5. What kind ofproblemyou are facing? Bibliography The things that did help me in this project:
  37. 37. Page | 37 37 Research Methodology (by C.R.Kothari)  Internet  www.sifycorp.com
  38. 38. Page | 38 38 End of Report
  39. 39. Page | 39 39