Agile Software Consulting


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vt.enterprise offers custom software development services for banks and hedge funds

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Agile Software Consulting

  1. 1. VTE’s IT Consulting for Financial Firms 30-nov-09
  2. 2. Introduction  Financial firms increasingly rely on information technology  But IT departments may find themselves overburdened  Projects tend to be spiky, but with deadlines that should not slip...  Hiring (via exec. search) can bring resources, but this takes time...  Consultants can bring immediate resolve w/o adding to headcount  VT Enterprise has been serving financial firms since 2001  Provides IT consulting and project management services  Has developed an innovative reference data platform  Has a proven track record with tier 1 and tier 2 customers  This presentation details VTE’s IT consulting services 2 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  3. 3. VTE’s IT project management approach  VTE consultants form teams together with customer staff  VTE can take full project management responsibility (if desired)  Agile software development is deployed  Short cycles between deliverables  This allows for consistent incorporation of user feedback  This is key to ensure the project stays on time and within budget  VTE has a partnering approach that is focused and practical  VTE has a proven track record within the financial industry  Some customers compare the VTE team to the Delta Force;  “Quick swift action with disproportionate results” 3 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  4. 4. Agile software development is critical... Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 (optional) Configuration & Development Project Planning Training & Business Scrum & Support Process Review Application & Data Reviews 1st functional deliverable Quick cycles Final fully functional software Project Management Oversight  Quick cycles of (fully) functional software deliverables  Application & data review scrums in between these cycles  Incorporates feedback, tests properly, delivers on time 4 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  5. 5. Project methodology targets high quality  Keep team motivated and anticipatory  Daily brief (15 minute) status meetings  Promote open and uninhibited collaboration  Encourage people’s creativity for problem solving  High quality systems result by incorporating  Short incremental releases of fully functional software  Unit and functional testing  Continuous integration  Issue tracking system and packaged deployment  Code reviews and source code search engine  Source control  Virtualization for development / production compatibility 5 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  6. 6. Open source software saves license fees  Best of breed open source software is recommended  Java, Python, GNU C programming languages  Ubuntu Linux  Mantis bug tracking  Review Board  OpenGrok source code browser  Subversion source control  DokuWiki  Effective communication and collaboration are encouraged  Use of issue tracking, wikis, and forums  Avoid long meetings and/or endless e-mail threads,  Avoid traditional waterfall SDLC 6 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  7. 7. All projects benefit from agile approach...  For example:  Development of trading strategy tools (e.g. for credit derivatives)  Development of transaction and P&L databases  Development of pricing and risk allocation models  Implementation of reference data solutions  Integration of data license feeds  Data migration between databases  Web applications porting  Cross system C/C++ porting  And many more... 7 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  8. 8. Project can be tailored to needs…  A phased project structure is typically best  Brainstorm/analysis  Project proposal + contract  Phase I (few weeks): envision  Phase 2 (bulk of the project): build, test, and deploy  Phase 3 (few weeks): training, support (can be optional)  Wrap-up / debrief  Project can be tailored in various ways  Project team: customer staff / VTE staff (on-site or off-site)  Note that VTE can provide cost-effective off-shore programming support  Rates: fixed fee / hourly  Software: open source / licensed 8 VTE consulting presentation / confidential 30-Nov-09
  9. 9. Recommended next steps  First step is detailed plan  Get NDA and/or LOI in place  Investigate detailed needs plus user requirements  Deliverable is implementation plan plus contract  Details goal, milestones, team structure/leadership, fees (fixed/hourly), etc.  Second step is the implementation phase  Agile software development is used;  Short cycles between software deliverables (2 weeks)  Platform builds steadily and incorporates user feedback  Key to deliver in time and on budget  Open source software minimizes licensing fees  Deliverable: fully operational software p9 VTE ref data solution / confidential 27-Oct-09
  10. 10. THANKS!