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Internship Abroad Documentation
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Internship Abroad Documentation


Description of inspiration used during design works while working abroad in Europe.

Description of inspiration used during design works while working abroad in Europe.

Published in Design
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  • 1. Sources of Inspiration The effects of travel on creative output. © Victor Khramov 2013
  • 2. About The Need for Inspiration My time as a foreign designer. Inspiration is the source of many different kinds of creative pursuit. It is the spark that ignites the fuel of skill and talent. Despite its importance, it is often an intangible thing. Similarly what may be inspiring to a certain person, at a certain time, may not be as equally stimulating to someone else in a different environment. For this Honors Project, I decided to examine my personal sources of inspiration as I worked and traveled in Europe. I traveled to Europe in order to complete an internship as per the requirements of The University of Cincinnati’s Industrial Design program. It was my fourth such experience, but the first with a European firm. In addition to my daily professional work, I took advantage of my surroundings to complete some personal work. The following is a concise summary of what inspired me to create during the three months that I lived and traveled in Europe. 2
  • 3. Contents The Making of Inspiration Three parts that form the whole. 3 For the duration of this experience, I believe the following three things were the most useful in my search for inspiration: sources of information, changing geography, and time. I will elaborate on these further.
  • 4. Making Of Sources Looking out and in. 4 My main purpose in Europe was to perform at work. My primary goals were to support my employer and improve my design skills in a professional environment. As such I could always count on my work environment to engage and stimulate my thinking. After work and on weekends, the time was my own to pursue my own information and make my own conclusions. Learning new things at work allowed me to better question the design choices in my personal work. As such I deemed these two separate environments important for the stimulation of inspiration. Belgian Comic Strip Center; Brussels, BE
  • 5. Making Of Geography Drawing upon wide and varied influences. 5 Europe is a particularly fantastic place for travel because it offers subtly different experiences in relative close proximity. The countries that make up the continent vary in architecture, culture, and general impression. Travel reveals these minute differences amongst the similar backdrop, which enhances their distinctness. This is a sampling of the variety that can be found, sourced from the four countries I traveled between. A street in Bruges, BE
  • 6. Making Of Time Allowing for experience to accumulate and distill. 6 The final ingredient necessary for the enticement of inspiration is time. I don’t believe I’m alone in knowing the value of sitting on an idea and letting all that you know work its magic toward resolving an outcome. Often, all that is left to do is allow time for the mind to put the pieces together in the background. In Europe, time was often plentiful on the trains and parks of the European cities. Train arrival; Antwerp Central Station
  • 7. Output The Results Collected works from time spent abroad. 7 This document and the photos contained within are as much the output from this experience as the works detailed further. As design is my passion as well as my profession, nearly everything I do has a design application. As such, this experience was a chance to improve not just my design skills, but my photography as well. Within the enclosed works, you’ll find instances of story-telling, iterative design, and sketching, all skills that stand alone while enhancing my skills as a designer.
  • 8. Results Story Book Concept Story and illustration. 8 This project is the product of my long-standing desire to simply tell a children’s story. The exercise, while appearing simple at first, demonstrates design thinking in the creation of the story outline, iteration of character design, and the emotion of the actual story telling. This story concept also features simple line drawings in black and white allowing the child to color their own story book as they see fit. Only the main characters are colored to excite the imagination.
  • 9. Results Initial inspiration and my surroundings. 9 Views of the city of Antwerp formed my initial impressions of Europe. The setting was fascinating enough to always hold my interest no matter where I explored.
  • 10. Results Setting the scene. 10 The city would become the setting for the story. Here the buildings that form the backdrop for an early page are enhanced with color. This style choice was ultimately only reserved for the main characters. pen on paper; Photoshop
  • 11. Results Story outline and page mock-ups. 11 Any story starts with an outline. Here the number and content of pages is mapped out to ensure the story is easily understood, while maintaining a strong visual dynamic. pen, pencil
  • 12. Results Old and new sources of visual style. 12 Everywhere I went, I was struck by the contrast of old and new. That was most evident in the variety of graffiti all around Europe, combined with the stained-glass art of ancient churches.
  • 13. Results Exploring character visual style. 13 The characters were drawn until they felt right. Ultimately, to fit the mood of the story, the animals became full bodied, and nearly realistic, with human expressions and movements.
  • 14. Results People watching: dress & pose. The streets of Europe, were full of interesting, and interesting looking, individuals. From stylish fashion to traditional dress, there was no shortage of inspiration to be gleaned from Europe’s residents. 14
  • 15. Results Exploring character motion. The characters in the story are very active. To ensure the poses corresponded with the actions, extensive iteration was done to ensure the masses of the animals moved as close to reality. Here, the motion of the cat is explored and finessed as he tugs on the tail of a dog. 15 marker; pen & Photoshop
  • 16. Results 16
  • 17. Results 17
  • 18. Results 18
  • 19. Results Time-Honored Craft Old world luxury and intricate detail. 19 Rich details and extravagant use of material is a quality in the art of the aristocracy. These works can be found in museums all over Europe.
  • 20. Results Watch Illustrations Freelance visualization. 20 These sketches were done in preparation for presentation drawings for a designer of a particular high-end watch. graphite on paper
  • 21. Results Cutting-Edge Modernity Forms in glass and steel. 21 To contrast the elaborate details of old architecture. Modern designs favor the straight line and high-tech materials.
  • 22. Results Modern Appliances Upcoming portfolio projects. 22 These are the beginnings of future portfolio projects. Examinations of traditional forms on modern appliances. Work begun while in Europe. graphite, pen on paper
  • 23. Results Professional Work A brief overview of work for my employer. 23 The main focus of this presentation and client NDAs prevent me from showing all but the most brief look at what I did in the office. Nonetheless it’s noteworthy as a product of the same environment responsible for the aforementioned works. graphite, pen on paper; Photoshop
  • 24. The Tools The mechanics of design work. 24 Before my camera, and before my preference for pens, the ultimate necessity for encouraging inspiration is my notebook. The one pictured fits comfortably into a jacket pocket, allowing me to take it anywhere. Shown here is one of the first exploration of scenes for the story, and the very first sketches for the tea kettle. graphite, pen
  • 25. Epilogue Final Thoughts Last remarks and contact information. This is by no means an exhaustive study on inspiration, instead this is meant to resemble a diary entry that reflects on my time in Europe. I can be contacted for more information at: More photos can be viewed at my personal blog: The full story book can be found at: All photos, text, and illustrations copyright Victor Khramov 2013. 25