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Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Basic Product Knowledge


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Rodan + Fields is well positioned to take a significant part of the $2.9 billion dollar market, which is expected to double in the next 3 to 5 years. Remember how the Doctors captured the acne market …

Rodan + Fields is well positioned to take a significant part of the $2.9 billion dollar market, which is expected to double in the next 3 to 5 years. Remember how the Doctors captured the acne market with Proactiv? Look out for our MOMENTUM as Rodan + Fields and our independent business partners take over the anti-aging market. Contact me to get on my list to be one of the first to try this amazing system. Incentives for hosts of launch parties. I'm also looking for new business partners across the U.S. and Canada to launch their business and penetrate their respective markets. This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime and it only happens once. Be one of the FIRST! Get in touch today! Visit and follow the links.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 3. • Stanford trained Doctors• 50+ combined years experience• 20+ years as university professors• Practicing Dermatologists• Creators of Proactiv ® Solution• Creators of Rodan + Fields ®skincare products and the foundersof Rodan + Fields DermatologistsDR. KATIE RODANAND DR. KATHY FIELDS
  • 4. • Received Cosmetic Executive Women’sAward for “Changing the Direction ofthe Industry”• Bringing dermatology-based skincareinto the home• Created regimens to treat skinconditions, not skin typesLEADERS IN THE SKINCARE INDUSTRY
  • 5. • Based on dermatology, but accessible without adoctor’s appointment• Exclusive Multi-Med® Therapy approach to skincaredelivers real results• Safety meets FDA standards• Effective formulations feel like luxury skincare• Developed to deliver visible results in 60 days -guaranteedSKINCARE PHILOSOPHY
  • 6. • Addresses multiple causes and manifestations ofspecific skin issues• Combines over-the-counter (OTC) medicines withactive cosmetics to create effective formulationsthat feel like luxury skin treatmentsMULTI-MED® THERAPY
  • 7. The key to Rodan + Fields ® skincareincludes these two fundamental truths:1. It takes real OTC medicines to achievereal results2. It takes more than one ingredient orproduct to effectively treat a complexskin condition—thus Multi-Med®TherapyMULTI-MED® THERAPY
  • 8. OTC medicines are registered by theFDA and change the function andstructure of skin. Identified by a “DrugFacts” label that includes:• Active Ingredients: lists non-prescription medications• Uses: indicates the purpose• Warnings: explains possible adverseeffects• Directions: recommends usage• Inactive Ingredients: lists non-drugsOVER THE COUNTER (OTC) MEDICINE
  • 9. • All formulas are manufactured in FDA (Food and DrugAdministration) and GMP (Good ManufacturingPractices) compliant facilities• Products are clinically tested in independent facilities forsafety and efficacy• The clinically-proven OTC medicines are regulated andallowed by the FDA to be used without a prescription• Active cosmetic ingredients, including naturalingredients, are selected based on clinical research• Products are not tested on animalsSAFETY AND EFFICACY
  • 10. FDA SUNSCREEN REQUIREMENTS 2012FDA recognizes and requires the importance of broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection to guard against skincancer. All Rodan + Fields sunscreens are incompliance.1) All sunscreens need to be broad-spectrum2) Stop: ‘Water-proof, ‘Sweat-proof’ and ‘Sunblock’claims and use ‘Water-resistant’ and “Sunscreen’3) Drug Facts boxes on packaging are completedand accurateAll R+F sunscreens are recommendedby the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • 11. • Provides the right ingredients, in the right formulations, inthe right order• Is based on treating the full face with an entire regimenbecause spot treating is ineffective• Easy-to-use: color coded regimen with numbered stepsREGIMEN PHILOSOPHY
  • 12. CHOOSE THE SKIN CONDITION• Dark Marks• Brown Spots• Dullness• Sun Damage• Blemishes• Clogged Pores• Acne Marks• Fine Lines• Wrinkles• Enlarged Pores• Sagging• Sensitivity• Redness• Irritation
  • 13. MATCH THE TREATMENT REGIMENREVERSE Regimenfor Brown Spots,Dullness, andSun DamageUNBLEMISHRegimenFor AcneandPost Acne MarksREDEFINERegimenfor the Appearanceof Lines, Pores andLoss of FirmnessSOOTHE Regimenfor Sensitive,Irritated Skin andFacial Redness
  • 14. Everyone has sun damage:• Freckles, age spots and melasmaare visible on the surface• It’s not only what you see, it’swhat you don’t see• Changes beneath the surface robskin of vibrancy• Dull shadows on the skin’ssurface indicate darkness underyour skinPROBLEM—SUN DAMAGED SKIN
  • 15. SOLUTION—THE REVERSE REGIMENDeep ExfoliatingWashExfoliatesSkin LighteningTonerLightensSkin LighteningTreatmentBrightness DullnessBroad SpectrumSPF 50+ SunscreenProtects
  • 16. • Beads and acid smooth texture and prepares skin• Toner contains hydroquinone, an FDA allowedmedicine that our Doctors consider ‘the gold standard’for skin lightening• Treatment provides a second layer of hydroquinone tohelp increase uniform lightening• Broad-spectrum sunscreen helps prevent futuredamage, SHIELDrf to prolong UVA protection anddecelerate photo-aging• REVERSE Regimen is clinically proven to reduce theappearance of sun damageHOW DOES THE REVERSE REGIMEN WORK?
  • 17. Clinically-proven to deliver brighter, smoother, younger-looking and more even-toned skin.*REVERSE CLINICAL STUDY RESULTSExperiencedvisibleimprovementin brightnessExperiencedsmootherskin textureExperiencedvisiblereduction inbrown spotsand dullness98% 98%90%*Average results asindependently and clinicallygraded after eight weeks of use.Clinical data based on use ofREVERSE UVA/UVB SPF 15Sunscreen. Results may vary.
  • 18. Treats environmental aging to create even-toned skin60 DAY RESULTSBefore AfterAfter BeforeDigital Photographs UV Photographs
  • 19. We are all aging … all the time• Skin renewal slows and dead, dry cellsbuild up• Skin thins and retains less moisture• Skin structure slackens due toreduction in collagen and elastin– Lines and wrinkles appear– Skin sags– Pores appear largerPROBLEM—AGING SKIN
  • 20. SOLUTION—THE REDEFINE REGIMENDaily CleansingMaskSmoothes SkinPore MinimizingTonerRefines Skin TextureTriple DefenseTreatment SPF 30Prevents and CorrectsOvernight RestorativeCreamFirms Skin
  • 21. • Encourages cell turnover and refines skin’s texture forsofter, smoother skin• Stimulates the natural processes that strengthen skin’sstructure• Peptide technology signals natural collagen to firm skinand reduce wrinkles• Minimizes the appearance of pores and tightens skin• Replenishes skin’s natural moisturizing factors andvitamins A, C and E• Provides prolonged, broad-spectrum sunscreenprotectionHOW DOES THE REDEFINE REGIMEN WORK?
  • 22. REDEFINE CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS*BONUS!!BEFORE TREATMENTAFTER TREATMENTSkin replicas of crow’s-feet*Independent clinical study. Results may vary.
  • 23. Improvements in forehead lines, crow’s-feet & nasolabial foldsBefore AfterBEFORE TREATMENTAFTER TREATMENTBEFORE TREATMENTAFTER TREATMENTBEFORE TREATMENTAFTER TREATMENTREDEFINE Results* After 60 Days*Results may vary.
  • 24. • Clogged pores, blemishes, breakouts and blackheadsare all forms of acne• Genetics and hormones are the main drivers to acneproduction• Every pore has pimple potential• 85 percent of people and almost all teens experienceacne• Some women have blemishes for 20 years• Acne cannot be cured but it can be managed• Post-acne hyperpigmentation (dark marks) can be asdevastating as the blemishPROBLEM—ACNE AND BLEMISHES
  • 25. SOLUTION—THE UNBLEMISH REGIMENAcne TreatmentSulfur WashClears poresSpot FadingTonerLightens post acnemarksDual Intensive AcneTreatmentPenetrates tokill bacteriaOil Control LotionSPF 20Reduces oil andprotects skin
  • 26. • Wash with sulfur penetrates to clear pores and is the onlyacne OTC that reduces redness and irritation• Use Spot Fading Toner with hydroquinone if you have postacne marks OR use Clarifying Toner if you do not• Treatment uses benzoyl peroxide, an OTC, that penetratesdeeply to kill bacteria and speeds recovery• Broad-spectrum sunscreen helps prevent dark marks andreduces surface oil• UNBLEMISH Regimen is clinically proven to reduce acne andpost acne marksHOW DOES UNBLEMISH REGIMEN WORK?
  • 27. UNBLEMISH CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS WITH SPOTFADING TONERAs independently and clinically graded23% decrease in acne grade in 2 weeks43% decrease in acne grade in 4 weeks59% decrease in acne grade in 6 weeks80% of participants experienced a decrease in overall pigmentation52% of participants experienced a decrease in brown spots*Independent clinical study. Results may vary.
  • 28. BEFORE TREATMENTTWO WEEK RESULTS*Treats acne prone skin to create a clear, healthy complexionAFTER TREATMENT*Independent clinical study. Results may vary.
  • 29. • 50 percent of the US population suffers from sensitive skin• Underlying conditions:• eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or dermatitis• a larger percentage of population have a genetic predisposition• Triggers for sensitive skin• stress, climate change, pollution, smoke, smog, sun exposure,friction or even certain ingredients in skincare products• lead to dry, flakey and irritable skin• No cure for these conditions, but CAN treat symptomsassociated with sensitive skinPROBLEM - RED SENSITIVE SKIN
  • 30. SOLUTION—THE SOOTHE REGIMENGentle CreamWashCalms skinSensitive SkinTreatmentRepairs irritated skinMineral SunscreenSPF 30Protects & calmsMoistureReplenishing CreamNourishes skin
  • 31. • Wash calms and repairs lipid barrier• Treatment uses dimethicone and allantoin, OTCs, to protect skin• Exclusive RFp3 shields against biological and environmental aggressorsthat trigger inflammation, breakouts and aging• Optical diffusers diminish redness• Moisturizer includes patent pending technology to combine ingredientswithout emulsifiers that can trigger sensitive skin• Sunscreen is broad spectrum• 100% mineral based sunscreen contains no fragrance or dyes• Calms skin with soothing anti-inflammatories, protects skin’s natural barrierand conditions skin• The SOOTHE Regimen is clinically proven to reduce redness and irritationHOW DOES THE SOOTHE REGIMEN WORK?
  • 32. SOOTHE CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS*When using SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment, those with mild to moderate rosacea,found an improvement in redness and overall irritation in 5 minuteswith continued improvement over time.*Independent clinical study. Results may vary.
  • 33. FOUR WEEK RESULTS*BEFORE TREATMENT AFTER TREATMENTTreats sensitive skin to create calmer, less reactive skin*Independent clinical study. Results may vary.
  • 34. REDEFINE: Increase Natural Collagen– MACRO Exfoliator™– Multi-Function Eye Cream– Night Renewing Serum– Lip Renewing Serum– Eye Cloths– Hand Regimen:• Brightening Treatment• Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30UNBLEMISH: Decrease Oil/Acne– Blot Papers with Zincidone™OTHER RODAN + FIELDS® PRODUCTSENHANCEMENTS: For All Regimens– Micro-Dermabrasion Paste– Body Micro-Dermabrasion– Lip Micro-Dermabrasion– Mineral Peptides SPF 20ESSENTIALS: Maintain Healthy Skin− Maximum D3® Vitamin D3Supplement− SPF 30 Body Sunscreen− Daily Body Moisturizer− Foaming Sunless Tan
  • 35. REDEFINE MACRO-EXFOLIATORWith exclusive DOC-SMART™ programming,this handheld personaluse exfoliation tool is usedonce a week to remove aweek’s worth of dullingdead skin cells to revealyour best skin. *** For more details see the REDEFINE MACRO-EXFOLIATOR video in PULSE.
  • 36. Multi-Function Eye Cream: Utilizes powerfulpeptides to minimize the look of crow’s-feet andreduce the appearance of dark circles andpuffiness. Optical filters visibly brightenthe eye area.Eye Cloths: Gently removes makeup whiledepositing anti-aging peptides to reduce theappearance of lines,wrinkles and puffiness.ADDITIONAL REDEFINE PRODUCTS
  • 37. ADDITIONAL REDEFINE PRODUCTSNight Renewing Serum: Each capsulecontains a potent, proprietary blend of peptidesand retinol to visibly improve skin texture andfirmness and reduce the appearance ofwrinkles.Lip Renewing Serum: Each peptide andantioxidant-rich capsule helps lips retainnatural moisturizing factors, visibly smoothslip texture, and reduces the appearance of lipwrinkles.
  • 38. Brightening Hand Treatment :Hydrating formula replenishes skin’s natural moisturizingfactors to improve elasticity and resiliency, while skinbrighteners visibly even skin tone and improve theappearance of hands.Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30:Multitasking balm deposits the visible spot-reducing andfirming benefits of pure vitamin C and the broadspectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 protection benefits ofSHIELDrf sunscreen technology onto the backs ofhands.REDEFINE Hand Regimen:ADDITIONAL REDEFINE PRODUCTS
  • 39. • Blot Papers with Zincidone™:Reduces oil up to 84 percentimmediately and over time canreduce oil production by up to22 percent• Reduces surface bacteria thatcreates acneADDITIONAL UNBLEMISH PRODUCTS
  • 40. • Micro-Dermabrasion Paste: Increases cellturnover to improve tone and texture; alsoavailable to Consultants only in packets fordemonstration• Lip Micro-Dermabrasion: Exfoliates, conditionsand protects the lips and surrounding area• Body Micro-Dermabrasion: Triple action stickexfoliates, cleanses and conditionsENHANCEMENTS PRODUCTS
  • 41. ENHANCEMENTS PRODUCTS• Mineral Peptides SPF 20: Light-deflectingminerals even skin tone while RFp3 peptidesand UVA/UVB sunscreen shield againstenvironmental aggressors that triggerinflammation• Mineral Peptides Brush: Synthetic hairs aretreated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutionthat repels bacteria and Kabuki style reducespowder scattering
  • 42. • Moisturize with Melaslow™: Lightweightmoisturizer does not clog pores and driesto a matte finish, brightens with Melaslow• Maximum D3: Once-a-week dose provides10,000 IUs to be utilized in a week• Gauze: For application of all R+F TonersESSENTIALS PRODUCTS
  • 43. • Daily body lotion relievesdry, flaky skin• RF-Dcell technology:– Helps skin retainmoisture– Skin remainscomfortable whenchallenged by climateand other environmentalaggressorsDAILY BODY MOISTURIZER
  • 44. • Helps to normalize thelifespan of healthy cellsso skin is more resilientto the climate-inducedstressors that cause it tofeel dry, tight andgenerally uncomfortableRF-D CELL TECHNOLOGY
  • 45. • Dual-active formula:– Ensures even, natural-looking color– Contains RF-Dcelltechnology to extendthe duration of thesunless tanFOAMING SUNLESS TAN
  • 46. • Non-sticky, non-whitening• Water-resistant• Protection against agingUVA and burning UVBrays• Perfect for the wholefamilySPF 30 BODY SUNSCREEN
  • 47. • Goes beyondmoisturization to provideprotective skincare forthe lips• Use daily for soft, smoothand healthy-looking lipsLIP SHIELD SPF 25
  • 48. • We always recommendyou consult your doctorbefore using any skincareproducts when you arepregnant or nursing• Download the ingredientlists and confer with yourdoctor from the websitePREGNANCY AND NURSING
  • 49. Utilize these additional tools and resources for moreproduct information, training and support:• The Solution Tool− Customized skincare routines available online• RF Connection− Nurses and product experts to answer your questions.• Online Product Training in PulseRODAN + FIELDS® SUPPORT
  • 50. • Delivers customized skincarerecommendations from Dr. KatieRodan and Dr. Kathy Fields• Provides detailed productdescriptions and usage directions• Available online in PulseTHE SOLUTION TOOL
  • 51. • You can be in business day one• No memorizing products, ingredients or combinations• You don’t need to be a doctor, nurse or aesthetician• Anyone can use it at any time; local or long distance,Customers and Consultants• Go to your Personal Website and click on the SolutionTool to receive your customized recommendationTHE SOLUTION TOOL
  • 52. • Rodan + Fields® provides anexclusive team of nurses andproduct specialists trained by theDoctors• Available M-F 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. PSTto answer skin and productquestions•• (415) 273-8000 extension 3CONTACT THE RF CONNECTION
  • 53. • Go to Pulse for more product training• You’ll find:– Ingredient list– Glossary list– Frequently asked questions– Reference guide– Results picturesONLINE PRODUCT TRAINING
  • 54. • Integrates the RFConnection’s frequentlyrequested information inan educational andentertaining magazinestyle• Available on the RF MallPRODUCT CATALOG
  • 55. • Book contains no product information• Consultants convert interest in thebook to interest in R+F productofferings and business opportunity fora “sponsoring environment”• This book transforms the Doctors fromthe creators of Proactiv® Solution toauthorities on anti-aging skincareBOOK: WRITE YOUR SKINA PRESCRIPTION FOR CHANGE
  • 56. We are proud to bring youclinically-proven, safeproducts that create visibleresults - guaranteed.RODAN + FIELDS® DERMATOLOGISTS
  • 57. The information provided in this training material is presented foreducational purposes only and is not intended to create adoctor-patient relationship. Nothing contained in thispresentation is intended to be used for medical diagnosis ortreatment. The information should not be used in place of theadvice of your physician or other qualified health care provider.This information has been provided to assist you in yourpersonal research on skincare issues. Results from the use ofRodan + Fields® products may vary depending upon theindividual and Rodan + Fields makes no guarantee as to theresults that you may experience.DISCLAIMER