Global climate change

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By Dominique M. Varik H. Chloe H.

By Dominique M. Varik H. Chloe H.

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  • 1. Dominique M. Varik H. Chloe H. Global Climate Change Image found via
  • 2.   Image found via Will this be us?
  • 3. Image found via High levels of CO2, like the smoke from factories and exhaust from vehicles, or burning fossil fuels are a problem for the atmosphere. The CO2 warms the earth, changing the global climate change and the environment around us.
  • 4. Image found via If the air around us is warmed to a certain extent, cold climates may increase, causing glaciers like these to break and melt into the ocean.
  • 5. Image found via If the glaciers and ice environment melt, then arctic inhabitants like polar bears and penguins and seals may not have any environment to live on.
  • 6. Image found via Also, if the glaciers melt, they raise sea levels. Countries and cites that are close enough to the oceans may flood like in Australia, leaving the population and animals in that environment to search for safety.
  • 7. Image found via Some inhabitants of these flooded environments help try to salvage the environment by saving their possessions, and in this case, the animal population as well.
  • 8.   Image found via In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the government placed a ban on ozone-depleting chemical compounds to reduce CO2 release in the atmosphere.
  • 9. Image found via In some areas, there are groves for reforestation, to rebuild the wildlife that was lost.
  • 10.   Image found via One person can start a trend: Any person can easily plant a tree in their backyard and we're closer to a better environment.
  • 11.   Image found via A person can't travel the globe and fly to Australia to save animals, but you can save the environment by riding the bus sometimes or reduce burning of fossil fuels.
  • 12. Work Cited Chiras, Daniel D. “Global Climate Change.”      Encyclopedia Americana. Grolier Online,      2011. Web. 17 Nov. 2011. “ Global Climate Change.” National      Aeronautics Space Administration, n.d. Web. 17      Nov. 2011. Dennis, Jerry. “Atmosphere and Climate Change.”      The New Book of Popular Science. Grolier Online,      2011. Web. 18 Nov. 2011.