Simple present vs present progressive


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Simple present vs present progressive

  1. 1. Simple Present vs.Present Progressive
  2. 2. Use the simplepresent for:1) An action thathappens repeatedly(habitual action)2) General orpermanentsituations3) FactsUse thepresentprogressivefor:1) Something thatis happening now2) A temporarysituation
  3. 3. Simple Present (Examples)1) Habitual Action:Camila goes fishing every Sunday.I usually work until 2:00 p.m.My family comes to visit me every year.*Frequency adverbs: these adverbs arecommonly used with simple present:Always, never, usually, sometimes,often, etc.
  4. 4. Simple Present (More Examples)2) General or Permanent Situations:My family lives far away.Jack doesn’t work on Saturday.Beth and Toan work at the Hospital.3) Facts:The bus passes everyday.Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
  5. 5. Present Progressive (Examples)1) Action happening now or close totime of speaking:Where’s Tom? He’s playing soccer.Don’t bother the kids. They are doingtheir homework.2) Temporary situations:Martha and her husband are travelingaround Europe for two weeks.Lisa is living with friends until she findsan apartment.
  6. 6. GrammarStructure:Here are some remindersabout how to make thesimple present and presentprogressive:
  7. 7. Simple Present:The most important thing to rememberabout this tense is . . .3rdperson singular (he, she, it)We say:IYouWeThey
  8. 8. Simple Present:But for 3rdperson singular, we say . . .HeSheIt
  9. 9. Simple Present (Negative)To make negative tenses we use:
  10. 10. 1) Sara works on Sunday.Sara doesn’t work on Sunday.2) They have a big house.They don’t have a big house.3) Sam takes classes at night.Sam doesn’t take classes at night.4) I have a lot of free time.I don’t have a lot of free time.
  11. 11. Present Progressive:Don’t forget that VERB BE is part ofthis structure.I AMYou, We, They AREHe, She, It IS
  12. 12. Examples:Fabian is studying hard.They are celebrating their 40thanniversary today.I am cleaning my room right now.
  13. 13. Present Progressive (Negative)For this tense, simply ADD the wordNOT after the verb BE.They are working today.They are NOT working today.She is taking a Math class.She is NOT taking a Math class.
  14. 14. Practice!Do these exercises with your class.Choose the simple present or presentprogressive and discuss why each iscorrect.1. On Tuesdays, I ________ (go) to the gym.2. Karen ________ (paint) her apartment right now.3. This room ____ (be) very large.4. He _________ (have) two dogs in his house.5. It ________ (rain) really hard right now.6. What is John doing? He _______ (work).7. I ________ (study) for the test by the moment.8. My family ________ (come) to San Diego every Saturday.
  15. 15. Answers!1. On Tuesdays, I go to the gym. (habit)2. Karen is painting her apartment right now.3. This room is very large. (fact)4. He has two dogs in his house. (permanent)5. It is raining really hard right now.6. What is John doing? He is working.7. I am studying for the test by the moment.8. My family comes to San Diego everySaturday. (habit)
  16. 16. For more practice . . .Do a quick guide about Present Simple vs.Present Progressive.Ask the teacher whenever it is necessary.