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Here is a snapshot of PMBOK 4th Edition Process MAP created by Ali Vahedi.
For more Info and downloading more usefull files in English and Persian, please refere to my website:

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    بیشتری اگر برایتان مقدور باشد معرفی فرمایید جهت تکمیل و ارائه

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PMBOK 2008 Processes-english-snapshot

  1. 1. 1 Project Management (PMBOK 4th Ed.) Ali Vahedi Diz, MSc, PMP, RMP 2010 2 Ali Vahedi PMI RMP PMP PMI Portfolio Management PMBOK PMP BSC BSC BSC BSC EFQM Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 1
  2. 2. 3 CHAPTER 3 The Standard for Project Management of a Project Project Management Processes Project Management Processes Groups Process Interactions Project Management Process Mapping Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 4 PM Process Groups Monitoring & Controlling Processes Planning Processes Initiating Closing Processes Processes Executing Processes Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 2
  3. 3. 5 PM Knowledge Areas Scope Procureme nt Time Risk Integration Cost Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Communic Quality ations HR Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 6 Process P. Group K. Area Initiating Planning Executing Controlling Closing 4. Integration 4.1 Develop 4.2 Develop Project 4.3 Direct 4.4 Monitor and 4.6 Close Project Charter Management Plan and Manage Control Project Project or Project Work Phase Execution 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control 5. Scope 5.1 Collect Requirements 5.4 Verify Scope 5.2 Define Scope 5.5 Control Scope 5.3 Create WBS 6. Time 6.1 Define Activities 6.6 Control 6.2 Sequence Activities Schedule 6.3 Estimate Activity Resources 6.4 Estimate Activity Duration 9 Knowledge Areas 6.5 Develop Schedule 42 Processes 7. Cost 7.1 Estimate Cost 7.3 Control Costs 7.2 Determine Budget Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 3
  4. 4. 7 P. Group Controllin I Planning Executing Closing K. Area g 8. Quality 8.1 Plan Quality 8.2 Perform 8.3 Perform Quality Quality Assurance Control 9. Human 9.1 Develop Human 9.2 Acquire Resource Resource Plan Project Tm 9.3 Develop Project Tm 9.4 Manage Project Tm 10. 10.1 10.2 Plan Communications 10.3 Distribute 10.5 Report Communications Identify Information Performance Stakeho 10.4 Manage Stakeholder lders Expectation 11. Risk 11.1 Plan Risk Management 11.6 Monitor 11.2 Identify Risks and Control 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risks Risk Analysis 11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 11.5 Plan Risk Response 12. Procurement 12.1 Plan Procurements 12.2 Contact 12.3 12.4 Close Procurements Administer Procurements Procurements Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 8 Initiating Process Group Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Develop Identify Project Stakeholders Charter Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 4
  5. 5. 9 Planning Process Group Estimate Define Activity Activities Collect Resources Requirements Estimate Sequence Activity Define Activities Durations Scope Develop Schedule Create WBS Estimate Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Cost Plan Determine Develop Budget Procurements Project Management Plan Perform Plan Quality Plan Risk Qualitative Management Risk Analysis Develop Perform Human Identify Quantitative Resource Plan Risk Risk Analysis Plan Communications Plan Risk Responses 10 Executing Process Group Acquire Perform Project Quality Team Assurance Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Develop Project Team Direct & Manage Project Execution Manage Project Distribute Team Information Manage Conduct Stakeholder Procurements Expectations Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 5
  6. 6. 11 Monitoring & Controlling PG Control Schedule Verify Scope Control Costs Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Control Scope Monitor & Control Project Work Perform Quality Administer Control Procurements Perform Integrated Change Control Monitor Report & Control Risks Performance Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 12 Closing Process Group Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Close Project Close or Phase Procurements Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 6
  7. 7. 13 PLAY The Game! Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 14 Contact Information Name: Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP Email: Web: Good Luck! Ali Vahedi, MSc, PMP, RMP 7