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This is a presentation on UNICEF Ethiopia's digital media strategy prepared for field offices

This is a presentation on UNICEF Ethiopia's digital media strategy prepared for field offices

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  • 1. UNICEF Ethiopia Digital ECO Digital Media Strategy Presentation
  • 2. UNICEF Ethiopia Digital
  • 3. Digital Media at UNICEF Ethiopia Parameter Number Digital Media Channels Average Website hits NA Number of Facebook likes 219 Number of Twitter followers 821 Number of YouTube Subscribers 4 (1,935 views) Number of Flickr Views 12,268 Number of Delicious followers 3 Number of LinkedIn followers NA Number of E-Newsletter subscribers NA Data correct as at: 16th April 2013 17:35
  • 4. Why Social Media? • Joining in conversation with target groups
  • 5. How? Consolidating Partnerships Expanding professional networks Providing VisibilityYouth engagement Policy advocacy and influence
  • 6. How can UNICEF Ethiopia utilize Digital Media? • UNICEF Ethiopia “The Thought Leader” – Channels: FB, Twtr, LinkedIn – Fulfill Donor/Natcom visibility requirements – News and event information – Research papers, policy analysis, debate + discussions – Informative blogs
  • 7. Vision UNICEF Ethiopia will be the go-to agency for children in Ethiopia by 2014
  • 8. Influencing target groups
  • 9. Who are we targeting? Primary: UNICEF Donors with a presence in Ethiopia at mission and agency levels; National Committees Secondary: Media; Ethiopian government partners Tertiary: UNICEF Family (HQ, ESARO, and ESARO country offices) Fourth:Other UN Agencies and multilateral organizations Fifth: Private Partners (IKEA, Montblanc, ING, Rotary Intl, Starwood, etc..)
  • 10. 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00% 100.00% Government Donors Donors agencies National Committees Ethiopian partners Media ESARO country offices) UN Agencies + multilateral orgns Private Partners Website Facebook Twitter Youtube Who is on social media?
  • 11. Who is tuned in? The Donor Community National Committees Foreign Correspondents
  • 12. Who is tuned in? Other UN agencies Private and Government Partners Ethiopian Media