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This document povides URLs for 300+ Dotnet Difference between questions & answers

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Dotnet differences list

  1. 1. S.No Difference Between Category URL1 Abstract Class and Interface OOPs Class and Stucture OOPs 2012/07/oops-difference-faqs-1.html3 Property and Indexer OOPs4 Overloading and Overriding OOPs5 Value types and Reference types OOPs6 Events and Delegates OOPs Class and Object OOPs 2012/07/oops-difference-faqs- 2_11.html8 Static Constructor and Private OOPs Constructor9 Properties and Methods OOPs10 Singleton Pattern and static class OOPs11 Abstraction and Encapsulation OOPs Composition and Aggregation OOPs 2012/08/oops-difference-faqs-3.html13 Private Class and Sealed Class OOPs14 Static Class and Sealed Class OOPs15 Abstact Method and Virtual OOPs Method16 Class and Static Class OOPs17 Method Overloading and Method OOPs Overriding18 String and StringBuilder OOPs Delegate and Interface OOPs 2012/08/oops-difference-faqs-4.html20 Virtual and Abstract Keywords OOPs21 Functions and Methods OOPs 2012/08/difference-between- functions-and-methods.html22 Class and Module OOPs 2012/08/difference-between-class- and-module.html23 Method Parameters and Method OOPs Arguments 2012/08/difference-between-method- parameters.html24 Hash table and Arraylist Dotnet Programming 2012/08/dotnet-programming- Concepts concepts-difference.html25 Hash Table and Arrays Dotnet Programming Concepts26 Dictionary and Hashtable Dotnet Programming
  2. 2. Concepts27 Dotnet Array and Stack Programming Concepts28 Dotnet Stack and Heap Programming Concepts29 Dotnet Array and ArrayList Programming Concepts30 for and foreach loop Dotnet Programming 2012/07/dotnet-programming- Concepts concepts-difference.html31 Covariance and Contravariance Dotnet Programming Concepts32 IList and IEnumerable Dotnet Programming Concepts33 IEnumerable and IQueryable Dotnet Programming Concepts34 IEnumerable and IEnumerator Dotnet Programming Concepts35 directCast and ctype Dotnet Programming 2012/08/dotnet-programming- Concepts concepts-difference_8.html36 Convert.ToString() and Dotnet object.ToString() Programming Concepts37 String.Equals(string1,string2) Dotnet and string1.Equals(string2) Programming Concepts38 catch(Exception objex) and Dotnet catch() block Programming Concepts39 "Convert" class and "Parse()" Dotnet method Programming Concepts40 ref and out parameters Dotnet Programming 2012/08/difference-between-ref-and- Concepts out.html41 Checked and Unchecked Dotnet keywords Programming 2012/08/difference-between-checked- Concepts and.html
  3. 3. 42 Clone and CopyTo methods in Dotnet .NET Programming 2012/08/difference-between-clone- Concepts and-copyto.html43 Int and Int32 Dotnet Programming 2012/08/difference-between-int-and- Concepts int32.html44 Constructor and Destructor in C# Dotnet Programming 2012/08/difference-between- Concepts constructor-and.html45 Boxing and Unboxing in C# Dotnet Programming 2012/08/difference-between-boxing- Concepts and-unboxing.html46 Implicit Conversion and Explicit Dotnet Conversion Programming 2012/08/difference-between-implicit- Concepts conversion.html4748 DataReader and DataAdapter ADO.NET DataSet and DataReader ADO.NET 2012/07/adonet-difference-faqs- 1.html50 DataSet.Copy() and ADO.NET DataSet.Clone()51 RecordSet and DataSet ADO.NET52 ADO and ADO.Net ADO.NET53 Typed DataSet and Untyped ADO.NET DataSet 2012/08/adonet-difference-faqs-54 DataView and DataTable ADO.NET 2.html55 Connected and Disconnected ADO.NET Environment56 ExecuteNonQuery() and ADO.NET ExecuteScalar() 2012/08/adonet-difference-faqs-57 ExecuteNonQuery() and ADO.NET 3.html ExecuteReader()58 Inline code and Code Behind ASP.NET Code 2012/07/aspnet-difference-59 Global.asax and Web.Config ASP.NET faqsdoc.html60 Server.Transfer and ASP.NET Response.Redirect61 custom control and a user control ASP.NET62 Caching and Application ASP.NET63 web farm and web garden ASP.NET64 Application and Session Events ASP.NET65 Session Cookies and Persistent ASP.NET Cookies
  4. 4. 66 Server Controls and HTML ASP.NET Controls67 ViewState and Hidden fields ASP.NET68 SQL Cache Notification and ASP.NET SQL Cache Invalidation69 absolute time expiration and ASP.NET sliding time expiration70 Cache.Add() and Cache.Insert() ASP.NET71 page-level caching and fragment ASP.NET caching72 Label control and Literal control ASP.NET73 HyperLink control and ASP.NET LinkButton control74 HtmlInputCheckBox control and ASP.NET an HtmlInputRadioButton control75 Content Page and Master Page ASP.NET76 Submaster page and top-level ASP.NET master page77 page theme and global theme ASP.NET78 default skin and named skin ASP.NET79 Globalization and Localization ASP.NET80 web.config and machine.config ASP.NET81 Web site and Web application ASP.NET Local storage and cookies ASP.NET 2012/07/aspnet-difference-faqs- 2.html83 Session and Cache ASP.NET84 Datalist and Repeater ASP.NET85 ASP.NET and PHP ASP.NET ASP and ASP.NET ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 3.html87 ASP.NET and VB.NET ASP.NET88 Java and .NET ASP.NET89 HTTP and HTTPS ASP.NET GET and POST methods ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 4.html91 User Controls and Master Pages ASP.NET92 Build and Rebuild ASP.NET93 generic handler and http handler ASP.NET94 ViewState and SessionState ASP.NET ViewState and ControlState ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 5.html96 SessionState and Cookies ASP.NET
  5. 5. 97 DataGrid and GridView ASP.NET ListView and GridView ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 6.html99 DataList and GridView ASP.NET100 Repeater and ListView ASP.NET101 Repeater and DataList ASP.NET102 trace and debug ASP.NET ASP and ASPX ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 7.html104 thread and process ASP.NET105 ASPX and ASCX ASP.NET106 HTML Controls and ASP.NET ASP.NET Standard Controls 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs-107 Response.Redirect and ASP.NET 8.html Server.Transfer108 ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET109 HttpHandler and HttpModule ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between- httphandler-and.html110 .NET Application Development ASP.NET and Traditional Application 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- Development 9.html111 CSS and Themes ASP.NET112 Postback and Callback ASP.NET113 Session.Clear() and ASP.NET Session.Abandon()114 ASP.Net 2.0 and ASP.Net 3.5 ASP.NET 2012/07/difference-between-aspnet- 20-and-aspnet.html115 Invoke() and BeginInvoke() ASP.NET Build and Release ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 10.html117 Windows forms and Web forms ASP.NET118 XML Serialization and Binary ASP.NET Serialization 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs-119 CurrentCulture and ASP.NET 11.html CurrentUICulture120 Forms Authentication and ASP.NET Windows Authentication121 CTS and CLS ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-cts-and- cls.html122 OLEDB Provider and SqlClient ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-oledb-
  6. 6. provider-and.html123 Two Tier and Three tier ASP.NET Architecture 2012/08/difference-between-two-tier- and-three.html124 Pre-Render and Render events in ASP.NET ASP.NET page execution 2012/08/difference-between-pre- render-and.html125 Response.TransmitFile and ASP.NET Response.WriteFile 2012/08/difference-between- responsetransmitfile.html126 Layer and Tier ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-layer- and-tier.html127 Response.Write and ASP.NET Response.Output.Write 2012/08/difference-between- responsewrite-and.html128 Response.Write() and ASP.NET Response.WriteFile() 2012/08/difference-between- responsewrite-and_23.html129 Assembly.LoadFrom() and ASP.NET Assembly.LoadFile() methods 2012/08/difference-between- assemblyloadfrom-and.html130 .NET 1.1 and 2.0 ASP.NET .NET 2.0 and 3.0 ASP.NET 2012/08/aspnet-difference-faqs- 12.html132 .NET 3.0 and 3.5 ASP.NET133 .NET 3.5 and 4.0 ASP.NET134 lock and Monitor.Enter() ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-lock- and-monitorenter.html135 Encoding and Encryption ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between- encoding-and.html136 DataReader,DataSet and ASP.NET DataAdapter 2012/08/difference-between- datareaderdataset.html137 DataTable and DataSet ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between- datatable-and-dataset.html138 div and table ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-div-and- table.html139 Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock ASP.NET and Page.RegisterStartupScript 2012/08/difference-between-
  7. 7. pageregisterclientsc.html140 UniqueID and ClientID ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between- uniqueid-and-clientid.html141 PlaceHolder and ASP.NET ContentPlaceHolder 2012/08/difference-between- placeholder-and.html142 Panel and PlaceHolder ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-panel- and-placeholder.html143 URL and URI ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-url-and- uri.html144 ASP Session and ASP.NET ASP.NET Session 2012/08/difference-between-asp- session-and.html145 Authentication and Authorization ASP.NET in ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between- authentication-and.html146 EnableViewState and ASP.NET ViewStateMode properties 2012/08/difference-between- enableviewstate-and.html147 Grid Layout and Form Layout ASP.NET 2012/08/difference-between-grid- layout-and-form.html148 Synchronous and Asynchronous ASP.NET HTTP Handlers 2012/08/difference-between- synchronous-and.html149 Asynchronous and Synchronous ASP.NET Postback 2012/08/difference-between- asynchronous-and.html150 ASP.NET and Silverlight Silverlight WPF and Silverlight Silverlight 2012/07/silverlight-difference-faqs- 1.html152 HTML 5 and Silverlight Silverlight153 Flash and Silverlight Silverlight154 Custom Control and User Silverlight Control in Silverlight 2012/08/silverlight-difference-faqs-155 DataContext and ItemsSource Silverlight 2.html property in Silverlight156 Silverlight and Flex Silverlight157 LINQ and SQL LINQ LINQ to SQL and Entity LINQ 2012/07/linq-difference-faqs-1.html Framework
  8. 8. 159 LINQ and Stored Procedures LINQ160 LINQ to SQL and LINQ to LINQ Objects161 LINQ to SQL and LINQ to LINQ Entities162 LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET LINQ LINQ and nHibernate LINQ 2012/07/linq-difference-faqs-2.html164 LINQ and Entity Framework LINQ165 First() and Single() extension LINQ methods in LINQ 2012/08/linq-difference-faqs-3.html166 FirstOrDefault() and LINQ SingleOrDefault() extension method in LINQ167 Count() and LongCount() LINQ extension methods in LINQ168 LINQ findall() and where() in LINQ 2012/08/difference-between-findall- and-where-in.html169 LINQ Skip() and SkipWhile() 2012/08/difference-between-skip- extension methods in LINQ and-skipwhile.html170 basicHttpBinding and WCF wsHttpBinding 2012/07/wcf-difference-faqs-1.html171 Message and Transport level WCF security172 Buffered transfer and Streamed WCF transfer173 WCF and Web Services WCF174 Self Hosting and IIS Hosting WCF Service Behaviour and Service WCF 2012/08/wcf-difference-faqs-2.html Contract176 proxy and channel factory WCF177 DataContractSerializer and WCF XMLSerializer178 WCF Data Services and WCF WCF RIA Services 2012/08/wcf-difference-faqs-3.html179 Close and Abort in WCF WCF Channels180 ASMX and SVC WCF181 reliable messaging and reliable WCF sessions in WCF 2012/08/difference-between-reliable- messaging.html
  9. 9. 182 regular WCF Services and a WCF Silverlight-Enabled WCF 2012/08/differences-between-regular- Services wcf.html183 C# 3.5 and C# 4.0 CSharp C# and VB.NET CSharp 2012/08/csharp-difference-faqs- 1.html185 C# and C++ CSharp186 Factory Pattern and Abstract Design Patterns Factory Pattern 2012/07/design-patterns-difference-187 Abstract Factory Pattern And Design Patterns between-faqs.html Builder Pattern188 Builder Pattern And Composite Design Patterns Pattern189 Proxy Pattern and Observer Design Patterns Pattern190 Singleton Pattern and a static Design Patterns class191 Strategy and Inversion of Control Design Patterns (IOC)192 Factory Pattern and Dependency Design Patterns Injection193 Strategy Pattern and Factory Design Patterns Pattern194 Proxy and Adaptor Design Patterns195 Decorator and Visitor Design Patterns196 Sequence diagram and UML Component diagram 2012/08/uml-difference-faqs-1.html197 Sequence diagram and Activity UML diagram198 Sequence diagram and UML Collaboration diagram199 XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 XML XML and XSLT XML 2012/08/xml-difference-faqs-1.html201 XML and XHTML XML202 DTD and XSD XML 2012/08/difference-between-dtd-and- xsd.html203 HTML 4 and HTML 5 HTML HTML and DHTML HTML 2012/08/html-difference-faqs-1.html205 HTML and XHTML HTML206 HTML and PHP HTML207 HTML and XML HTML 2012/08/difference-between-html-
  10. 10. and-xml.html208 AJAX and jQuery AJAX AJAX and JavaScript AJAX 2012/08/ajax-difference-faqs-1.html210 AJAX and PHP AJAX211 AJAX and DHTML AJAX212 PHP and JavaScript JavaScript JScript and JavaScript JavaScript 2012/08/javascript-difference-faqs- 1.html214 Java and JavaScript JavaScript215 == and === in JavaScript JavaScript 2012/08/difference-between-and-in- javascript.html216 "setTimeout" function and JavaScript setInterval functions in 2012/08/difference-between- Javascript settimeout-function.html217 undefined value and null value JavaScript 2012/08/difference-between- undefined-value-and.html218 onSubmit and onClick events in JavaScript JavaScript 2012/08/difference-between- onsubmit-and-onclick.html219 Flowchart and Data Flow Design Diagram 2012/08/difference-between- flowchart-and-data.html220 ASP.Net Web services and .NET Web Services Remoting 2012/07/difference-between-aspnet- web-services.html221 API and WebServices Web Services 2012/08/difference-between-api-and- webservices.html222 SOAP and RESTful webservices Web Services,WCF 2012/08/difference-between-soap- and-restful.html223 SQL Server 2008 and SQL SQL Server Server 2012 2012/08/difference-between-sql- server-2008-and.html224 TRUNCATE and Delete SQL Server Primary key and Unique key SQL Server 2012/07/sql-server-difference-faqs- 1_11.html226 Clustered Indexes and Non- SQL Server Clustered Indexes227 Stored Procedures and User SQL Server Defined Functions228 Where and Having clauses SQL Server
  11. 11. 229 Union and UnionAll SQL Server230 Select statement and Cursor SQL Server231 Instead of Triggers and After SQL Server Triggers 2012/07/sql-server-difference-faqs-232 Views and User-Defined SQL Server 2.html Functions233 Triggers and Stored Procedures SQL Server234 Identity and Sequence in SQL SQL Server Server 2012 2012/07/sql-server-difference-faqs-235 Temp table and Table variable SQL Server 3.html236 RAISERROR and THROW SQL Server statements237 Local temporary table and SQL Server Global temporary table238 Correlated subquery and Nested SQL Server subquery 2012/07/sql-server-difference-faqs-239 Weak Entity Set and Strong SQL Server 4.html Entity Set240 char and varchar data types in SQL Server Sql Server241 Sql Server 2005 and Sql Server SQL Server 2008242 Database Mail and SQL Mail SQL Server Azure Table storage and SQL SQL Server 2012/07/sql-server-difference-faqs- Azure 5.html244 DBMS and RDBMS SQL Server245 SQL Server 2000 and SQL SQL Server Server 2005246 SQL Server and PostgreSQL SQL Server Cross Join and Full Outer Join SQL Server 2012/08/sql-server-difference-faqs- 6.html248 SQL Server and Oracle SQL Server249 View and Stored Procedure SQL Server250 IN and EXISTS SQL Server251 Checkpoint and Lazy Writer SQL Server Mirroring and Log Shipping SQL Server 2012/08/sql-server-difference-faqs- 7.html253 Change Track and Change Data SQL Server Capture – CDC in SQL Server 2008254 Index Rebuild and Index SQL Server Reorganize in SQL Server 2005255 User -defined SP and System- SQL Server
  12. 12. defined SP256 Constraints and Triggers SQL Server Cast and Convert in SQL Server SQL Server 2012/08/sql-server-difference-faqs- 8.html258 CUBE and ROLLUP SQL Server259 VARCHAR and NVARCHAR in SQL Server SQL Server 2012/08/sql-server-difference-faqs-260 SQL Server and MySQL SQL Server 9.html261 SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER SQL Server ON and SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF in SQL Server262 DateTime and DateTime2 SQL Server DataType263 Crystal Reports and SSRS SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between-crystal- reports-and.html264 OLTP and OLAP SQL Server DTS and SSIS SQL Server 2012/08/sql-server-difference-faqs- 10.html266 Count(*) and SQL Server Count(column_name) in SQL 2012/08/difference-between-count- Server and.html267 Check Constraint and Rule SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between-check- constraint-and.html268 MSDE and SQL Server 2000 SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between-msde- and-sql-server_23.html269 MSDE and SQL Server Express SQL Server 2005 2012/08/difference-between-msde- and-sql-server.html270 STUFF and REPLACE in SQL SQL Server Server 2012/08/difference-between-stuff- and-replace-in.html271 rdl and rdlc SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between-rdl-and- rdlc.html272 Windows Authentication and SQL Server SQL Server Authentication in 2012/08/difference-between- SQL Server windows.html273 SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL SQL Server Server 2012 2012/08/difference-between-sql- server-2008-r2.html
  13. 13. 274 table scan and an index scan in SQL Server SQL Server Database 2012/08/difference-between-table- scan-and-index.html275 SQL and T-SQL in SQL Server SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between-sql-and- t-sql-in-sql_24.html276 SET and SELECT in SQL Server SQL Server 2012/09/difference-between-set-and- select-in.html277 Group By and Order By in SQL SQL Server Servers 2012/08/difference-between-group- by-and-order.html278 Database and Schema SQL Server 2012/08/difference-between- database-and-schema.html279 .NET and Sharepoint Sharepoint Site Template and Site Definition Sharepoint 2012/08/sharepoint-difference-faqs- 1.html281 SharePoint 2010 and MOSS Sharepoint 2007282 Asynchronous Event Handler Sharepoint and Synchronous Event Handler 2012/08/difference-between- in Sharepoint asynchronous-event.html283 WPF and XBAP WPF Silverlight Applications and WPF 2012/08/wpf-difference-faqs-1.html XBAP Applications285 MediaPlayer and MediaElement WPF 2012/08/difference-between- mediaplayer-and.html286 body.onload() function and jQuery document.ready() function 2012/08/jquery-difference-faqs-287 jquery.size() and jquery.length jQuery 1.html288 Json Array and Json Object jQuery 2012/08/difference-between-json- array-and-json.html289 console and window application Winforms 2012/08/difference-between-console- and-window.html290 Group box control and Panel Winforms control 2012/08/difference-between-group- box-control.html291 ViewData,ViewBag and MVC TempData in MVC 3.0 2012/08/difference-between- viewdataviewbag-and.html292 Read(),Readline() and ReadKey Console
  14. 14. in C# Application 2012/08/difference-between- readreadline-and.html293 CCW and RCW Dotnet Framework 2012/07/net-framework-difference-294 DLL and EXE Dotnet faqs-1_11.html Framework295 Managed Code and Unmanaged Dotnet Code Framework296 Finalize() and Dispose() methods Dotnet in .NET Framework 2012/08/dotnet-framework-297 Dispose and Destructor in .NET Dotnet difference-faqs-2.html Framework298 Close() and Dispose() methods in Dotnet .NET Framework299 Namespace and Assembly Dotnet Framework 2012/08/dotnet-framework-300 System Exception and Dotnet difference-faqs-3.html Application Exception Framework301 COM and .NET Component Dotnet Framework302 Private Assembly and Public Dotnet Assembly Framework303 Weak-named .NET components Dotnet and Strong-named .NET Framework 2012/08/difference-between-weak- components named-net.html304 STA and MTA Dotnet Framework 2012/08/difference-between-sta-and- mta.html