Ajax difference faqs compiled- 1


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This is compiled version(part-1) of AJAX Difference FAQS

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Ajax difference faqs compiled- 1

  1. 1. AJAX Difference FAQs-11.Difference between AJAX and jQuery S.No AJAX jQuery 1 AJAX is a powerful tool which JQuery is a light weight language cannot use HTML since it is a that focuses the interaction in the simple tool and it can not HTML elements. reload the page after it is once loaded. 2 AJAX is a combination of JQuery cannot provide a new several technologies such as functionality by combining with CSS, HTML, DOM and many other technologies. more. In combination with these technologies, AJAX provides new functionalities. 3 AJAX should be accessed in a JQuery can be accessed through proper procedure to retrieve front-end therefore JQuery does data from the server. not require understanding of the complete procedure to setup a page. 4 Heavy usage of AJAX often There is no chance for overload of leads to the server overload server while using JQuery since due to more number of there is no such heavy usage in connections created. JQuery.2.Difference between AJAX and JavaScript S.No AJAX JavaScript 1 AJAX allows the coder send JavaScript is a client side scripting request data asynchronously in language that allows the creation of order load new data without dynamic web pages by providing a changing the web page. new level of interactivity. 2 AJAX supports the server side JavaScript provides support to the scripting Language. client side scripting language. 3 AJAX can load the web page JavaScript cannot load the pages after it is been loaded for the after it is once loaded. first time. 4 AJAX does not install Trojan in JavaScript can install Trojan in the the computer. computer.3.Difference between AJAX and PHP S.No AJAX PHP
  2. 2. 1 AJAX is an Asynchronous PHP is a Hypertext processor that JavaScript XML that has a is a general scripting language group of web technologies which produces dynamic web which are interrelated. pages. 2 AJAX is not a stand alone PHP is a stand alone technology. technology. AJAX is a group of technology. 3 AJAX needs a specific platform PHP can run on any platform and and operating system to run. operating system. 4 AJAX is difficult to develop on PHP is easy to develop on static static pages. pages. 5 AJAX will only run if the PHP is highly vulnerable and does browser supports JavaScript or not require much support. XMLHttpRequest.4.Difference between AJAX and DHTML S.No AJAX DHTML 1 AJAX does not have the DHTML makes a Button glow or feature of making the button pressed when the cursor is moved glow when the cursor is moved over it. over it. 2 AJAX can load a single link DHTML loads a fresh new page to instead of loading the whole load a link. new page. 3 AJAX saves the loading time. DHTML consumes more time than AJAX takes in loading the page. 4 AJAX permits the browser to DHTML does change the element request certain elements which on the screen depending on the reduces the strain on the request from the user. internet.Reference: http://onlydifferencefaqs.blogspot.in/2012/08/ajax-difference-faqs-1.html