The Stanley Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti


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The Stanley Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti

  1. 1. A Story of Growth
  2. 2. A Story of Growth 
  3. 3. A Story of Growth Hello!My husband, Jason, and I began our adoption journey in the springof 2007. Our biological children were 5 and 3 years old, and wefelt called by our Heavenly Father to complete our family throughinternational adoption.Our children arrived at the gates of God’s Littlest Angelsorphanage on January 15, 2008. They had just turned 4 years oldand their mother could no longer provide for them. The childrenwere malnourished, but otherwise healthy. Though they weretwins, Jon was far shorter than his sister Hope, indicating that hewas not getting the nourishment required for growth.GLA was quick to take action. The children immediately receivedimmunizations, vitamins, protein shakes and nutritious food toallow their bodies to begin developing at a healthier rate.
  4. 4. A Story of Growth By May of 2008, the kids were looking much healthier, both emotionally and physically.It was this month that our family received and accepted the referral of Hope and Jon. Webecame very eager to bring these sweethearts home!Our paperwork began making its way through the Haitian social and legal systems andslowly but surely the adoption was finalized in November of 2009. There was still somepaperwork required to obtain passports and visas but Jon and Hope were Stanleys! Itwas such a comfort to know that our children were in great care while we awaited theirhomecoming. Receiving monthly updates with pictures, growth information and a littleupdate on what they had been up to was so encouraging. Through the adoption webecame friends with Molly and Joyce, the GLA staff responsible for the ToddlerHouse, and we will always love and support them. They provided love and structure forour children who were recovering from the trauma of loss. Our children began to learnabout God’s love for them, how to receive and offer affection, how to get along with otherchildren, how to get along with adults, and they learned what it felt like to no longer bein physical pain from hunger. We are so thankful for God’s blessings to our kids throughGLA.
  5. 5. A Story of Growth The earthquake and subsequent evacuation was not the way we hadenvisioned our adoption story concluding, but God knew all alongthey would be ushered home to us this way.Our son and daughter have now been home for 2 years and arecontinuing to make such great strides in life. They are in 1stgrade, learning to read, write and solve math problems. They areactive at church and can both tell you how much God loves them andthat Jesus is our Savior. Their prayers are heartfelt and wouldcertainly warm your heart if you heard them.The kids enjoy daily life as a family, bonding well with their sisters Aliand Whitney. They enjoy extracurricular activities such asbasketball, swimming and dance and physically keep growing byleaps and bounds!
  6. 6. A Story of Growth 
  7. 7. A Story of Growth 
  8. 8. A Story of Growth God continues to use GLA to shape our lives. Jason is now amember of the American GLA board, and both of usreturned to Haiti in 2011 to serve GLA on missions teams.These visits will likely continue and the gratitude we havetowards GLA for loving and serving our family will last alifetime.Thank you God’s Littlest Angels for all you have done. MayGod bless your efforts as you continue to serve Him throughcaring for His “littlest angels” in Haiti daily!Jason, Jaime, Ali, Whitney, Hope and John Stanley
  9. 9. If you’d like to talk about helping God’s Littlest Angels, please contactLaurie Bickel at 719-638-4348 or or Tom Vanderwellat (616) 884-8901 or Thank you!