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Real World Ethics_Mora


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2010 Fall Seminar Presentation - Dave Mora, ICMA

2010 Fall Seminar Presentation - Dave Mora, ICMA

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  • 1. Real World Ethics in Local Government Management “Bell” Dave Mora ICMA West Coast Regional Director California Contract Cities Association October 30, 2010
  • 2. City of Bell July 15, 2010 – Los Angeles Times -- Bell City Administrator is paid $787,637 per year. -- Bell Police Chief is paid $457,000 per year. -- Bell Assistant City Manager is paid $376,288 per year.
  • 3. City of Bell July / August / September / October Los Angeles Times: -- Council members salary revelations -- Total Compensation -- $1.5 million for the City Administrator -- Police Chief disability retirement -- Supplemental Retirement Program
  • 4. City of Bell Reactions – Bell the exception: – LCC CM Department Leadership / LCC / Cal-ICMA – series of conference calls to discuss the breaking Bell stories – Local area managers group response posted on the LA Times website – Cal-ICMA Letter to the Editor – LA Times – ICMA National News Release
  • 5. City of Bell LCC CM Executive Committee Dept Meeting – regular meeting previously scheduled -- July 29 – 30 Bell revelations the focus of the agenda – media presence: -- development of overall strategy -- immediate and longer term
  • 6. City of Bell Short Term Responses: – Coordinate LCC CM Department, Cal- ICMA, CCMF, and LCC responses – Express support / cooperation to state and local agencies in their efforts o Letters to Attorney General, Los Angeles County District Attorney, State Controller o Review / Comment on State Legislative Proposals
  • 7. City of Bell Short Term Responses: – Establish Compensation Task Force – Media o LA Times Letter to the Editor o ICMA National News Release o CCMF News Releases – Salary Survey – Develop Compensation Guidelines – Consider “Red Team” response
  • 8. City of Bell Longer Term Responses: – Cooperative Efforts among LCC CM Department, Cal-ICMA, and CCMF – Continue LCC sponsored Compensation Task Force efforts – Develop / Present Compensation Guidelines / Policies for Consideration by local government professional managers
  • 9. City of Bell Longer Term Responses: – Value of Professional Management – CCMF and ICMA efforts for general distribution / information – Aid in the development of State legislation
  • 10. City of Bell Longer Term Responses: – Ethics and Values – ICMA, Cal-ICMA, CCMF initiatives – Manager support – ICMA, Cal-ICMA, CCMF initiatives – Future of the profession – focus on values / ethics with the next generation of local government managers – work with MMASC / MMANC
  • 11. Contact Information: Dave Mora ICMA West Coast Regional Director 831-737-8133