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Todd shaw

  1. 1. Director of Spa and Wellness Capella Resorts and Auriga Spa Director of Program Advising Canyon Ranch Health ResortsTODD SHAW MBA, CSS Director of Spa Operations Steiner Leisure Limited Spa Director Steiner Leisure Limited Inspiring Teams Fitness Director and Steiner Leisure Limited & Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Maximizing Potential Membership Director Penfield Fitness and Racquetball Club
  2. 2. EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF KNOWLEDGEUniversity of Phoenix• Masters in Business AdministrationEast Carolina University• Bachelors in Exercise and Sports ScienceHerkimer Community College• Associates in Science Sports Medicine
  3. 3. CERTIFICATIONS REFINING SKILLS Certified Spa Supervisor CSS Certified Group Fitness Instructor Health Fitness Specialist CEC’s Certified Adult CPR/AEDCertified Risk Manager for Spas TelefFitness Certification Online American College of Sports Medicine American Red Cross International Spa Association Fitness Information Systems Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Crowd and Crisis Management, Food Safety Training Certification – Windows SharePoint Services, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Selling Emergency Response Training, Level 2 SharePoint Designer More by Phone and How to handlePersonal Survival, Fire Fighting & Monroe County Department of Health New Horizons Computer Learning Difficult Customers Hazardous Materials Training Center Rockhurst University Continuing The Standards of Training Education Center Certification and Watch keeping(STCW-95); International Mariner Organization (IMO)
  4. 4. EMPLOYERS SHAPING MY EXPERIENCEPENFIELD FITNESS AND RACQUET CLUB•Penfield Fitness and Racquet Club is an independently owned and operated private health, wellness and racquet club with over 40,000 square feet, 100 employees and over 2500 members. Serving the Rochester, NY Community for over 30 years Penfield Fitness and Racquet Club’s multi-purpose Health and Sports Complex realizes its success through delivering programs in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment with a team dedicated to supporting members in achieving resultsCAPELLA HOTELS AND RESORTS AND AURIGA SPA•Capella Hotels and Resorts and Auriga Spa serve top-tier travelers and residential property owners at world class properties around the world. Capella and Auriga offer the benefit of fine boutique hotels and spas, including superb architecture and interior design, privacy, individualized service and attention to detail. Led by founder Horst Schulze, Capella and Auriga are brands focused on customer choiceCANYON RANCH HEALTH RESORTS•Recognized throughout the world Canyon Ranch aims to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life. Canyon Ranch continually achieves the highest honors for excellence and its distinctive services and has received awards from Condé Nast Traveler, Robb Report, Spa Magazine, Luxury Spa Finder, Zagat Survey, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Mobil Travel Guide and numerous other national and local awardsSTEINER LEISURE LTD•Steiner Leisure Limited is a global provider of spa services and operations, a manufacturer and distributor of premium skin, body and hair care products and an accredited educator teaching students the skills necessary to be a spa professional, including massage, skincare and spa management and operates over 175 venues on land and sea
  5. 5. PENFIELD FITNESS AND RACQUET CLUB MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR AND FRONT OFFICE MANAGER Profit and Loss Special Assignments Responsibilities•8.75% reduction in Membership Payroll •Website redesign and development lead •Direct all Membership Sales and Marketing and an increase in Membership dues draft •Vitamin Supplement integration review and •Direct Member Retention Activities of 5% program development •Manage front desk team and front of•Achieved highest increase in Protein shake •New Cardiovascular equipment review and house operations sales of the vendors 100+ customers recommendation •Manage Blossom Acupuncture•Achieved $60,000 increase in total dues •Membership NCAA Bracket Contest Relationship and promotions revenue during second year strategy, implementation and execution •Manage Food and Beverage Shake Bar•Achieving 45% close ratio on all prospects •Membership dues review and new strategy •Strategic planning, Budgeting, weekly and• Initiated Groupon membership promotion development monthly Financial review achieving 50% close ratio on redeemed coupons; a projected $28,500 in revenue Members Membership Draft (millions) 2700 2651 *2011 Projected 1.30 2600 1.28 2524 1.28 2500 1.26 1.25 2400 1.24 2284 1.22 1.21 2300 1.20 2200 1.18 2100 1.16 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011*
  6. 6. CAPELLA RESORTS AND AURIGA SPA CORPORATE DIRECTOR OF SPA AND WELLNESS Financial s and Sales Leadership Assignments Key Projects •Opening budget and operating budget •Directed New Resort Opening and •Developed Spa Financial Reporting system development and review Operations in Cabo San Lucas and established reporting policies and •FFE and OSE ordering and management •Directed New Program Development and Procedures for new builds and development Opening Team Lead Sentosa Island, •Developed Spa Training Manual and Brand •Monthly Financial review of three Singapore Standard Operating Procedures properties Spa and Wellness financials •Development of new wellness services and •Food and Beverage Spa and Wellness •Retail management, inventories and implementation of new policies and Menu development lead ordering and vendor relations procedures in Velden, Austria •Kids Club program development and •Sales and marketing strategy and training •Initiated and developed Medical Wellness oversight to position spa and wellness services Package offerings with Raffles Hospital •Auriga Wellness Website Development •Negotiation of contracts with Spa and Singapore and the American Hospital •Sourcing, Interviewing and hiring Spa and Wellness contract staff Mexico Wellness team personnel Austria, Mexico •Developed Auriga Spa Wellness Mission and Singapore and Strategy Spa •Treatments •Wellness Integration into all facets of •Experiences operations to promote an emotional Strategy connection with guests and employees •Products Fitness •Atmosphere Rooms •Training •Activities and Lectures •Air Quality •Classes •Cleaning Supplies •Lectures •Recycle Program •Equipment •Ambiance •Spa and Wellness Services •Spa and Wellness Packages Development •Food and Beverage Wellness Menu Food and Beverage Public Space•Wellness Menus •Community Spaces •Training Manuals•Healthy Food Options •Private Spaces •Standard•Training and lectures WELLNESS •Energy Conservation Operating•Community •Safety and Security Implementation Procedures •Cross training •Review and Refine
  7. 7. CANYON RANCH DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM ADVISING Profit and Loss Special Assignments Responsibilities•Responsible for the promotion, Sales and •Managed Property Spa Scheduling Software •Managed Four Managers and team of 50+ Scheduling of Spa and Medical Services conversion members with the goal of driving the Mission achieving revenues in excess of $20 million •HIPPA Committee; Health Insurance •Resort Manager on Duty a year Portability and Accountability Act •Guest Problem Resolution Lead•Reduced Department Payroll $250,000 a •Miami Living Property Opening Team •High Profile Client Liaison year by refining processes and improved •Executive Program Development Committee •Annual Budget development and review training •Cruise Ship Spa Development Team •Guest Experience •Developed Property Guest Services process •Design Guest stay •Administrative •Service advisement Assistant to Guests 100 • Sales and Program Advisors 90 92 80 Program Program 71 Advising 70 Advisors Guest Assistants 60 60 Satisfaction Ratings % GUEST ENGAGEMENT 50 40 Days Training Guest New Staff Registered 30 Engagement Nurses- RN’s Trainer 20 20 •Guest Health intake, •Property wide 10 Review, Triage and services and process service advisement management trainer 0 Start End
  8. 8. STEINER LEISURE LTD DIRECTOR OF SPA OPERATIONS HOLLAND AMERICA LINES, SPA DIRECTOR, FITNESS DIRECTOR Director of Spa Operations Spa Director Fitness Director•Directed Cruise Ship Spa and •International Teams of up to 25 •Directed Fitness Operations, Fitness Operations of 12 with members Fitness areas and Fitness 150+ team members •Massage Staff, Beauty and Spa equipment•Extensive International Travel Therapies Staff, Skin Care •Developed group exercise schedule•Travel Plans and logistics for Department, Hair Salon, Nail and activities and promoted fitness international staff Technicians, and Fitness activities to 2,000+ guests a week• Responsible for Teams Total •Managed the set up and and successfully led group exercise achieving revenues exceeding $16 development of two new ship build classes million a year projects from shipyard through •Consistently exceed sales goals•Responsible for Reporting and high profile launches and seasons through personal training services Communication between Steiner •Oversaw and responsible for daily and retail sales by over 100% Corporate office and Holland operations, Retail management, •Requested by Cruise Operator and America Corporate Operations promotions, sales and profitability placed on two new high profile ship •Consistently exceeded revenue builds based on performance targets and retail sales in excess of guest satisfaction ratings 25% Developed and maintained Trained annually at Steiner and Invited to and Spoke at annual relationships with Steiner Elemis training academy in Steiner Leisure Ltd. Spa Director Executive Leadership and Cruise London and participated in the conference about the Ship Operators Executive teams ongoing development of new Spa development of fitness programsthat supported winning situations Directors and revenue achievement for both organizations
  9. 9. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Board Member; Implementation Associations andBoard of Directors Task Force Membership Present Member Aerobics and Fitness Membership 2007Community Association Committee Forum Development American College of Annual Golf 2008 Certified Spa Sports Medicine Tournament Courses review Spa Exec and Spa Committee 2009 Technology Task Trade Force Resort & Commercial Recreation Association
  11. 11. GUEST COMMENTS CANYON RANCH GUEST SURVEY Todd went the extra mile to help me resolve a problem Todd was amazing and immediately stepped in to correct a problem Todd really worked hard to rectify any problems and was ver y open to feedback I would like to commend Todd for being attentive, gracious, always available to help us and able to receive positive feedback as well as critical comments Todd does an outstanding job and is warm and helpful Todd did an excellent job at resolving some issues for me Some of my particular highlights were my interactions with Todd Todd got things straightened out with appointments and was ver y nice and outstanding Todd is a key member of your company. For him to know me by my name after one day, I was impressed.
  12. 12. TODD SHAW MBA, CSS Inspiring Teams andMaximizing Potential