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Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem



A bible class discussion on theories of the Star of Bethlehem.

A bible class discussion on theories of the Star of Bethlehem.



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  • Daniel prophecy (Dan. 9) counting of years, around 3/2 BC
  • Iran
  • Wise men still seek Him.
  • Herod “troubled” understandable w/ Persian force and leaders present; garrison at Jerusalem weakened, off fighting the Homonadensian War
  • Pictures, school, MAGI 2 While oftentimes conflicting lore muddles the story of the Magi, those bearing gifts for the Christ child are Caspar of Tarsus, Melchior of Persian and Balthasar of Saba. Weary from desert travel, the Magi humbly offer their gifts. Caspar is young, European and offers gold. Gold finances the Holy Family's coming flight to Egypt and also symbolizes Christ's immortality and purity. For his generosity, Caspar receives the gifts of charity and spiritual wealth. Melchior is middle-aged, Persian and offers myrrh. Myrrh is a fragrant gum, which the ancient Israelites believed to strengthen children. This symbol of Christ's mortality was blended with wine and offered to him on the cross, and also mixed with aloes to wrap his body for the tomb. Melchior receives the gifts of humility and truth. Balthasar is elderly, Ethiopian and offers frankincense. Frankincense is a resin used in incense for worship and also symbolizes prayer and sacrifice. Balthasar receives the gift of Faith. And Christ, humbling himself to become man, offers us the greatest gift of all, the light that forever burns in the darkness.
  • The elaborate story that we know today can be found in the Historia Trium Regum , the History of the Three Kings , which is attributed to the fourteenth-century cleric John of Hildesheim . In this compilation of the legend, we are told much more about the star: "When the day of the nativity was passed the Star ascended up into the firmament, and it had right many long streaks and beams, more burning and brighter than a brand of fire; and as an eagle flying and beating the air with his wings, right so the streaks and beams of the Star stirred about." And we are told that the three wise men, named Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar, are the kings of "Ind, Chaldea, and Persia." They only meet on the outskirts of Jerusalem having traveled from their own lands "in great haste" and without stopping. And so they reach Bethlehem and present their gifts. John of Hildesheim continues the story of the wise men: "after many years" a Star appears above the cities in which the kings dwell just before Christmas, indicating to them that their lives were nearing an end. "Then with one consent they built, at the Hill of Vaws, a fair and large tomb, and there the three Holy Kings...died and were buried in the same tomb by their sorrowing people ."
  • ____ is thinking…. Date a star? Okay. I hear Jessica Simpson is available again….
  • Numbers 24:17 = who is talking? Balaam, got done talking to some jackass…. Where are the Christmas points? Moab = Area of Edom. Not Moab Utah which means he is a Mormon. …or at least I think not…
  • Balaam’s Fourth Oracle Who is Balaam talking about? HEROD!
  • Balaam’s Fourth Oracle Who is Balaam talking about? HEROD!
  • 30BC, Augustus defeated Antony and Cleopatra, Herod murders anyone he thinks may be threat wife, mother, sons gave order that 1 person from each household be killed on his death to have sorry evident killed probably more than 25 boys on decree, Bethlehem small town
  • Source = ASKELM.com site Ernest L Martin author
  • Everyone is excited when Herod dies, and so are we. Herod’s death date helps us pin Christ birth date which in turn helps us research star Eclipse of moon occurred in 4 BC, Josephus reports Herod dies shortly after Moon eclipse Quirinius census took place on 6 AD, usual practice every 14 years, “usual” variable gap of time between Jesus birth and Herod’s death to allow Jerusalem, rite purification, 40 days, move to house, visit of magi, flight to Egypt Which is it? Don’t know…
  • The Jewish historian Josephus, records that there was a Jewish holiday celebrating Herod's death on 2nd day of the month Shebat. Significantly, this date is in accord with only one of those 4 eclipses, namely the one an 9th Jan, 1 BC. The 2nd Shebat date fell just 15 days after that eclipse. This means that Herod died 24th January I BC. Consequently, the Christmas star must have appeared throughout 3 and 2 BC. This accords with the census completed by late 3 BC. Setterfield source
  • For about 100 years there has been a consensus among scholars that Herod the Great reigned from 37 to 4 BCE. However, there have been several challenges to this consensus over the past four decades, the most notable being the objection raised by W.E. Filmer. This paper argues that Herod most likely reigned from late 39 BCE to early 1 BCE, and that this reconstruction of his reign can account for all of the surviving historical references to the events of Herod's reign more logically than the current consensus can. Moreover, the reconstruction of Herod's reign proposed in this paper accounts for all of the datable evidence relating to Herod's reign, whereas the current consensus is unable to explain some of the evidence that it dismisses as ancient errors or that it simply ignores. Sections on Jesus' birth and Herod's death now discuss both the standard dating (nativity before 4 BC), and that of Martin, Keresztes, etc (3/2 BC); Finegan favors the latter dating, as well as 33 AD for the crucifixion. The Handbook of Biblical Chronology , Jack Finegan (Revised Edition; Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, 1998) ISBN 1-56563-143-9 ???
  • How long does a census take? A Roman census document, dated 104 A.D., has been discovered in Egypt, in which citizens were specifically commanded to return to their original homes for the census. 6 Another census document from 119 A.D. has been found in which an Egyptian man identifies himself by giving (1) his name and the names of his father, mother, and grandfather; (2) his original village; (3) his age and profession; (4) a scar above his left eyebrow; (5) his wife's name and age, his wife's father's name; (6) his son's name and age; (6) the names of other relatives living with him. The document is signed by the village registrar and three official witnesses. 7 This latter document is of special interest, because it gives us an idea of the kind of information that Joseph and Mary would have had to provide for the census. We know that the chronology of Dionisius Exiguus has a built-in error of 5 years and that his date for the Nativity of December 25th 1AD, when corrected, is December 25th 5BC, just three years after Caesar Augustus’s census decree.
  • Do the math… what’s the problem? NOTE THE LITTLE AD at the end.
  • Shepherds: only 2 times a year when sheep on fields instead of in sheep pens, when lambs being born in spring or autumn - Bethlehem sheep used for sacrifices in Jerusalem (appropriate) - Setterfield Rev. 12, constellation Virgo clothed w/ sund and had moon at feet, Jesus born when sun and moon were in Virgo, at time of Sept New Moon, autumn lambing season (Setterfield: between 10th and 25th of September, 3 BC)
  • The Complete Artscroll Machzor . Trumpet blew in Revelation to announce new era.
  • Sept 11, 3 BC = Ernest Martin = June 17, 2 BC = “The Christmas Star” by John Mosely. (Flash video) Dec 25, 2 BC = Rick Larson = Bethlehemstar.net (Video) Day of Atonement, 5 BC = Robert Faid Sept/Oct 2 BC or 3 BC = Setterfield
  • Halley’s Bible Handbook = Supernatural Announcement of a Supernatural Birth
  • Halley’s Bible Handbook = Supernatural Announcement of a Supernatural Birth
  • Meteors and meteor showers such as the Leonids though impressive last a maximum of a few weeks. A nova or unstable star is longer lasting. The only nova recorded at the time was a faint one in 4 BC. They rarely last 2 years. By contrast, a supernova has been seen in broad daylight and can last several years. The Wise Men claimed to Herod that the star they followed was visible for 2 years. two supernovae recorded near the Nativity: 134 BC and 173 AD. Source Setterfield Comet = Typically omen of doom through literature (Larson)
  • No comets 3 or 2 BC. Halley’s comet in 11 BC; another in 4 BC
  • We thus have a Chinese object in the north of Capricorn in March 5BC and a Korean object in the constellation of Aquila in March 4BC. The apparent observation of two separate objects in consecutive years has and still causes considerable confusion. We assume that the Magi took anything from 6 to 8 weeks from first sighting the Star to arrival in Bethlehem. Part of this time would have been spent in preparations for the journey, part in the journey itself and part waiting for their audiences with King Herod in Jerusalem. Even if the Magi took as much as 8 weeks to arrive in Bethlehem, we are still well within the period of visibility of the Chinese nova that we know to be more than 10 weeks. A star rises 2 hours earlier each month as a result of the change of perspective caused by the Earth’s orbital motion. Nova Bethlehem would thus be further south at dawn with each passing day. Thus a star initially seen in the east at dawn will, in time, be seen in the south at dawn. For Nova Bethlehem, by April 30th it would have been due south at dawn in Jerusalem, as shown in the example above. Had the Magi set out for Bethlehem from Jerusalem at dawn around this date, the Star would have been directly in front of them on the road. At astronomical twilight, as seen from Jerusalem, the approximate position of the Star in the sky would have been: So, effectively, had the Magi headed for Bethlehem as the first light of dawn broke on the eastern horizon at any time in the first half of May, the nova would have been almost exactly due south and ahead of them on the road as we see in the following figure. “ All the known aspects of the observations of the Star of Bethlehem can be understood in a simple fashion if it was a simple bright nova observed in northern Capricorn or southern Aquila in mid-March 5BC and chronicled by the Chinese and Koreans. Oriental and biblical references are consistent with each other and the Star described in Matthew and in other early documents can be explained in a perfectly natural way. “ = Astrosurf.com article
  • For about a month back in late 1999, there was an extra star in the night sky. Anyone who knew where to look could have spotted Nova Aquila, an aged stellar corpse that had just exploded -- or "gone nova," as scientists say. Earthlings have been noting these cosmic-sized hydrogen bombs for at least 1,000 years. Chinese astronomers noted more than 20 novae and supernovae dating as far back as the year 1006, for example. In 1572, the astronomer Tycho Brahe saw a new star in the sky, in the constellation Cassiopeia. He wrote a book about it, "De Nova Stella," or "About the New Star." Since then, whenever a "new" star appeared in the sky, scientists called it a nova. As early as the 1930s, astronomers realized that one class of these objects, supernovae, were something far more powerful. Though Nova Aquila was briefly 100,000 times brighter than our Sun, it didn't appear that bright on Earth because it is roughly 6,000 light-years away, in the constellation Aquila. Still, it was the brightest nova visible from the Northern Hemisphere since 1975.
  • Two major novae have been observed in Aquila; the first one was in 389 BC and was recorded to be as bright as Venus, the other ( Nova Aquilae 1918 ) briefly shone brighter than Altair, the brightest star in Aquila. Source = Wikipedia.
  • Star led them. Lead as in yahoo maps, or lead as in learning the name of the place you are trying to go.
  • 1 – I don’t know the answer. I like learning. 2 – My personal opinion is that I believe God set up the game with the rules, why wouldn’t he play it? He didn’t have to send his son to die unless he bound himself to the original set up. I believe in natural causations that you and I cannot control. For example, the fact I think a couple of planets may have come together in no way gives me the power to 3 -What do you need from God? Do you need something “Magical” that you cannot explain to make it something from God? If you knew how something was accomplished that you could not do, is it still God working in your life? 4 – The billboard isn’t the important part. If God wanted me to know the details, he would have listed the chart of the heavens. Instead, he focused on what the angels were saying, that God, the creator of the universe, loved me enough to allow himself to be bound by the limitations of human body, to go through puberty and middle school pe classes, to be teased by his friends when he wouldn’t go along with bad decisions (hey, look who things he’s God’s gift to the world…”, to die for something he did not do. God didn’t tell us the details of the star, but he showed us the depth of his love. The important part is the billboard message, not the messenger. …Just like today. Amen Resources listed

Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem Presentation Transcript

  • The Star of Bethlehem Holy Cross Bible Class December 20, 2009
  • Star Investigation
    • Why even ask the question?
    • Search Luke 2:1-20 and Matt 2:1-20
    • Find clues left regarding:
      • Time, Location, Who Involved
  • Outline/Plan
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • Wise Men ? = 1. Essenes
    • Jewish monks (near Dead sea)
    • Astronomy studiers
    • Matthew indicates from another country = not really an option
  • Wise Men ? = 2. Indian Buddhists
    • Had similar teachings of Buddha and Christ
    • Used astronomy to select their leader (Dalai Lami)
    • Reincarnation, theological positions rule them out
  • Wise Men? = 3. Arabians
    • Gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh were tied to Arabians.
    • Nearness of Arabia to Palestine
    • Language of Arabians similar to Jews, probably knew Messianic prophecies.
  • Wise Men? = 4. Chinese
    • Recorded astrological events
    • They thought China was the center of the world so why leave?
    • “ East,” but very far away. On the other hand, they had up to 2 years to get there.
    • “ We Three Kings of Orient Are”
  • Wise Men? = 5. Babylonians
    • Experts in astronomy and astrology
    • Saturn & Jupiter represented kings & royalty so planetary changes meant earthly events to them
    • “ Multi-godded” people
  • Wise Men? = 6. Persians
    • Emerged from Parthian Dynasty
    • Upper house of government, priestly class. Heroditus and Plato visited.
    • The Magi were followers of Zoro aster , a pupil of Daniel
    • Zend Avesta “Bible” includes Daniel prophecies
  • Daniel 9: 25-26
    •   "Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven 'sevens,' and sixty-two 'sevens.' It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After the sixty-two 'sevens,' the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing.
  • Wise Men? = 6. Persians
    • Zoro aster = state religion of Persia, prophesied birth of king heralded by sign in stars in constellation Virgo .
    • Zoro aster included: a Good spirit fighting against a Bad spirit, eventually a savior comes to defeat bad, a son of a virgin
  • Wise Men? = 6. Persians
    • Precedent existed
    • “ When Tiridates was made king over Armenia by the emperor Nero, the new Magian king went to Rome with the other Magi to present gifts to Nero . A great deal of ceremony was associated with this visit of the Magi.”
    • Persians/Parthians were at war with Rome . Israel often the battleground between Romans and Persians
    • Magi delegation guards would have penetrated Roman territory
    • Groups probably riding horses, camels only carry baggage
    • Herod “troubled” understandable
    Wise Men? = 6. Persians
  • Magi Kings by Tradition
    • Caspar of Tarsus
    • young, European and offers gold
    • Melchior of Persia
    • middle-aged, Persian and offers myrrh
    • Balthasar of Saba
    • elderly, Ethiopian and offers frankincense
  • 3 Kings Traditions
    • The elaborate story that we know today can be found in the History of the Three Kings , which is attributed to the fourteenth-century cleric John of Hildesheim.
  • Outline/Plan
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • King Herod
    • Read Numbers 24:17.
    • Herod the Great, an Edomite, becomes King of Israel
    • Herod murders any threat – even his wife, mother, sons, etc.
    • Orders that upon his death one person from each house killed
    • Ordered Bethlehem baby slaughter
  • Numbers 24:17 (NIV)
    • "I see him, but not now;
    • I behold him, but not near.
    • A star will come out of Jacob;
    • a scepter will rise out of Israel.
    • He will crush the foreheads of Moab,
    • the skulls of all the sons of Sheth.
      • Balaam’s Fourth Oracle
  • Numbers 24:17 (NIV)
    • "I see him, but not now;
    • I behold him, but not near.
    • A star will come out of Jacob;
    • a scepter will rise out of Israel .
    • He will crush the foreheads of Moab,
    • the skulls of all the sons of Sheth.
      • Balaam’s Fourth Oracle
  • King Herod
    • Find Numbers 24:17
    • Herod the Great, an Edomite, becomes King of Israel
    • Herod murders any threat – even his wife, mother, sons, etc .
    • Orders that upon his death one person from each house killed
    • Ordered Bethlehem baby slaughter
  • “ King of the Romans” Precedent
    • According to Julius Marathus, a personal confidant of Augustus Caesar, the Roman Senate in the year 63 B.C ordered all boy babies to be killed who were born in that year because prophetic dreams and astrological signs suggested that a “King of the Romans” was to be born.
    • The Senate ostensibly considered a “King of the Romans” to be anathema to the government of the Republic.
  • “ King of the Romans” Precedent
    • So concerned were some of the senators of this astrological interpretation , whose wives were pregnant, that they refused to register births from their wives in hopes that the signs applied to them.
    • We are informed that in that very year (23 September, 63 B.C.), the person who later became the first emperor of the Romans (Augustus) was born.
  • Herod the Great TO DO LIST Do Laundry… Buy some stamps… Kill babies in Bethlehem.. Pay bills…
  • Herod’s Death Date?
    • Josephus records:
    • Herod died shortly after an eclipse of the Moon seen at Jericho , and sometime before the Feast of Passover.
    • There was a Jewish holiday celebrating Herod's death on 2nd day of the month of Shebat.
    • Herod died after a reign of 37 years from the time he was made king by the Romans and 34 years from the death of Antigonus.
  • Checking Eclipses: Lunar/Solar
    • 7 and 6 B.C. = No eclipses.
    • 5 B.C. = Eclipses March 23, Sept 15.
    • 4 B.C. = Partial eclipse March 13 .
    • 3 and 2 B.C. = No eclipses
    • 1 B.C. = Total eclipse on January 10 .
  • Herod’s Death Date?
    • "When Did Herod the Great Reign?", Andrew Steinmann , Novum Testamentum , Volume 51, Number 1, 2009 , pp. 1-29.
    • Professor of Theology and Hebrew at Concordia University Chicago. (R.F.)
    • Argues Herod most likely reigned from late 39 BC to early 1 BC .
  • Census Ordered
    • Three empire-wide censuses were in
    • 28 B.C., 8 B.C ., and 14 A.D.
    • Records of Roman Census from 104 AD and 119 AD found as well.
    • The Greek verb is apographo, which literally means to "enroll" or "register" as in an official listing of citizens.
  • Census Document
    • Qvirinio = Quirinius?
    • Censvm = Census
  • A Quirinius Problem?
    • Roman historians Tacitus, Seutonius, and Dio Cassius, and Jewish historian Josephus all wrote of him. We know Quirinius governed around 6-7 A.D.
    • This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governing Syria.
    • The Greek word for "first" (prote) is sometimes translated " prior to " or "before.
    • Also beliefs that Quirinius may have been “elected” twice to office .
  • Birth Date: Weather
    • Shepherds: only 2 times a year when sheep on fields - spring or autumn
  • Birth Date: Day of Trumpets?
    • Kings announced with Trumpets .
      • Solomon, Jehu, Joash
    • AKA. “Rosh Ha-Shanah”, which starts between Sept 6 to Oct 5.
    • Considered a New Year’s Day . (Joseph freed from Egypt prison on this day). Period ends with the Day of Atonement .
  • Ceasar Augustus
    • " Caesar Augustus" reigned as emperor of the Roman empire from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D ., 41 years in all. His real name was Gaius Octavius and he lived from 63 B.C. to 14 A.D. He was the Grandnephew of Julius Caeser who legally adopted Octavius as his son. Octavius took the name "Caesar" from Julius, which in later years became a name almost equivalent to "emperor." "Augustus" is a Latin term that means "worthy of reverence."
    • From http:// www.orlutheran.com/html/census.html
  • Reign of Tiberius
    • Luke is very explicit that Jesus was on the threshold of his 30th birthday when he was baptized in the 15th of Tiberius (Lk. 3:1, 21). ... Thus, the 15th year of Tiberius’ reign would be A.D. 29-30.
    • Using the accepted method of reckoning, which makes the 15th of Tiberius equal A.D. 29-30,   this means Jesus was born in 2 B.C. and turned 30 years old soon after his baptism, before Dec. 31st, A.D. 29.
  • Virgo Reference in Dating
    • Again… Zoro aster (state religion of Persia) prophesied birth of king heralded by sign in stars in constellation Virgo .
    • Revelation 12 mentions “when sun and moon in Virgo.” This is usually considered Sept 10th 3 BC. or Sept 29th 2 BC.
  • Virgo in Revelation 12
    • “ A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head . She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth . …..The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.”
  • Suggested Dates of Christ’s Birth
    • 5 BC = R. Faid, Day of Atonement
    • 4 BC = Many historians
    • Sept 11, 3 BC = E. Martin, Day of Trumpets
    • Dec 25, 2 BC = R. Larson
    • June 17, 2 BC = J. Mosley
    • Sept/Oct 2 BC or 3 BC = B. Setterfield
  • Outline/Plan
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • Supernatural = Shekinah
    • Closest OT equivalent of “Holy Spirit”
      • John 1:8 =
      • John 8: 12 =
      • Ex 3:4-5 =
      • Ex 33: 18-23 =
      • Num 9:15-17 =
      • Luke 9:28-36  =
      • Acts 26:12-18  =
    • Bear witness to the Light
      • I am the Light of the world
      • Burning Bush episode
      • Moses + God’s face
      • Tab. Cloud/Fire
      • Transfiguration
      • Road to Damascus
  • Revelations 22:16
    • "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star ."
  • Supernatural = Other?
    • God made a star move because He can …so deal with it.
    • God’s motion detector went off in his driveway and the backyard lights went on.
    • Pastor Sorenson said so and that is good enough for me.
  • Outline/Plan
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • Natural Options
    • Meteor
    • Comet
    • Nova/Supernova
    • Planets/Constellation Conjunctions
  • Chinese Guest Star
    • The chronicle, the “Ch'ien-han-shu” makes a statement which can be translated as:
    • “ During the interval between March 10th and April 7th of 5 BC, a comet that was visible for more than 70 days appeared close to Alpha and Beta Capricornii”
  • Korean Star
    • A controversial record is found in the Korean “History of Three Kingdoms - the Chronicle of Silla (Samguk Sagi)” which can be translated as:
    • “ On March 31st of 4 BC a bushy star appeared close to Altair”
  • Comet’s “Standing”
    • Dio Cassius ( Roman History , 54, 29) describing the comet of 12 BC (Halley's comet) which appeared before the death of Marcus Agrippa writes 'the star called comet stood for several days over the city [Rome]'.
    • Marcellinus describing a comet of AD 390 writes 'a sign appeared in the sky hanging like a column and blazing for 30 days '.
  • Comet’s “Standing”
    • Josephus ( Jewish War 6,5,3) states 'a star, resembling a sword, stood over the city Jerusalem]' , probably referring to the comet of AD 64 mentioned by Tacitus ( Annals , 15,47), comets frequently being described as 'swords' in ancient literature because of their upward tails (in a direction away from the sun).
    • From http://www.asa3.org/ASA/topics/Astronomy-Cosmology/S&CB%2010-93Humphreys.html
  • Novae Aquila
    • Occasional Star in Aquila quadrant
    • Some known flare ups dates:
      • 389 BC , 1918 AD, 1999 AD
    • Others at 134 BC and 173 AD.
    • Supernova 100,000 brighter at first
    From http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/astronomy/nova_burst_010910.html
  • Novae Aquila = 1999 From http://www.astro.uu.nl/~bassa/gallery/v1494.htm
  • Planets/Constellations
    • 1. Planets have astrological meanings
      • Saturn = Royalty
      • Jupiter = King
      • Regulus = King
      • Pisces = Hebrews
      • Leo = Kingship ( Rev 5:5 calls Jesus “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” )
    • 2. Placement in constellations
    • 3. Meeting other planets = conjunctions
  • Triple Conjunctions
    • 17th century Christian Astronomer, Johannes Kepler , calculated that a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn had occurred in Pisces 7 B.C.
    • “ A Messiah-king will be born in Israel? ”
    • Conjunction happened three times in 7 B.C. (in May, October and December)
    • Additional massing of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in 6 B.C.
  • The Star of Bethlehem Holy Cross Bible Class December 27, 2009
  • Early Record of Dec. 25
    • A Roman city calendar for the year 354* A.D. lists burial places of the martyrs arranged in the order of the days of the year on which festivals were held in their honor.
    • The sequence of festivals in the church year begins with the item: “ VIII Kal. Ian. Natus Christus in Betleem Judeae” 
    • The eighth day before the calends of January is December 25th. Thus, in the year AD 336, the festival of the birth of Christ was held on Dec. 25. 
    • * = Exact year varies with sources
  • Split Celebration
    • Western Churches celebrated Christmas on December 25 after Emperor Constantine had declared Christianity the empire's favored religion.
    • Eastern Churches used January 6 until eventually adopted December 25.
    • The Armenian church still celebrates on Jan 6.
  • Previously
    • A Latin treatise written around 243 A.D. pegged March 21 , because that was believed to be the date on which God created the sun. So Polycarp (c.69-c.155) concluded that Christ's birth and baptism most likely occurred on Wednesday, because the sun was created on the fourth day.
  • Other Dates Suggested
    • Clement of Alexandria (c.150-c.215) favored May 20 but noted that others had argued for April 18, April 19, and May 28 .
    • Hippolytus (c.170-c.236) championed January 2 .
  • 9 Months after Conception?
    • Early Christian writer Sextus Julius Africanus (220 AD) speculated that the world was created on March 25 th , based on his chronology of Jewish and Christian history.
    • Since the Word of God became incarnate from the moment of his conception, this meant that, after 9 months in the Virgin Mary's womb, Jesus was born on December 25 .
    • * from http://www.ancient-future.net
  • Why Christmas on Dec 25?
    • Converted Pagan holiday with Christian
    • 1 ) Romans celebrted the Winter Solstice , SOL INVICTUS, the “ Unconquerable Sun ”
    • 2 ) Birthday of Mithras, the Iranian " Sun of Righteousness"
  • Christmas Opposition
    • Origen (c.185-c.254, Clement of Alexandria’s student) preached that it would be wrong to honor Christ in the same way Pharaoh and Herod were honored. “Birthdays were for pagan gods.”
    • - Christianity Today article
  • “ Modern” Opponents?
    • While Beza, Luther , and other reformers found no fault with Christmas, many Calvinist and Presbyterian reformers did, adopting a rule of worship that excluded all things not positively prescribed. 
    • - from http://www.dec25th.info/
  • John Knox
    • “ By contrary Doctrine, we understand whatsoever men , by Laws, Councils, or Constitutions have imposed upon the consciences of men , without the expressed commandment of God's word: such as be vows of chastity, foreswearing of marriage, .. and keeping of holy days of certain Saints commanded by men, such as … Christmas, … Epiphany …. Which things, because in God's scriptures they neither have commandment nor assurance, we judge them utterly to be abolished from this Realm…”
  • The Star of Bethlehem
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • Star Characteristics
    • Read Matthew 2:1-12 .
    • Try to come up with 5+ facts / characteristics of the star.
  • 9 Characteristics (R. Larson)
    • It signified birth .
    • It signified kingship .
    • It had a connection with the Jewish nation .
    • It rose in the east , like other stars.
    • It appeared at a precise time .
    • Herod didn't know when it appeared.
    • It endured over time.
    • It was ahead of the Magi as they went south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
    • It stopped over Bethlehem .
  • The Starry Dance
  • Caveat
    • “ Just in case you are ready to proclaim the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem solved, remember that this whole scenario rests on Herod dying in 1 B.C . rather than in 4 B.C. The majority of historians and biblical historians can't accept this critical revision. If Herod indeed died in 4 B.C., all of these coincidences …are just that, coincidences .”
    • - Ray Bohlin = Leaderu.com = Probe Ministries
  • Outline/Plan
    • Background – Wisemen/Herod
    • Dating the Star
    • Supernatural Theories
    • Natural Theories
    • Theory Specifics
    • Conclusions?
  • Personal Conclusions
    • “ Natural” is still “Supernatural” to me!
    • Why wise men from afar and shepherds in the field?
    • Billboard vs. the Message.
  • Resource Suggestions
    • The Star of Bethlehem DVD by Rick Larson. ASIN: B002RBHDFK
    • The First Christmas: The True and Unfamiliar Story   Paul L. Maier ISBN-13: 978-0825433306 (GOOGLE BOOKS)
    • The Star that Astonished the World by Ernest Martin. ISBN: 0-945657-88-9
    • The Christmas Star by John Mosley ASIN: B000V8ALN2
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