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B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment
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B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment


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Gaining an insight into how your business can create a better synergy between marketing and sales. …

Gaining an insight into how your business can create a better synergy between marketing and sales.

This presentation was given at the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) Annual B2B Marketing Seminar in Melbourne the 28th of February and Sydney the 1st of March 2012.

Published in: Business, Career
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  • overall theme - without the right marketing strategy you’ll never get sales alignment.Implemented in Australia > lead to Asia > then rolled out to NA and EMEA.
  • The core underlying problem here is that Sales should not drive the agenda for the’s aim = headlights for the businesshow?
  • CA years ago > how can we fix it?marketing = longer term focus than sales | needs to change to be relevant
  • executing a campaign once only to throw it out? Why? > customer needs haven’t changed > we are still looking for revenueExample:100 people > 10% response. > lets run it again next monthmoving away from tactical once off activity.
  • sales, tell me your problems – we ‘ll solve them. can’t cover everything > focus on Continual Improvementtools > BPA and Lifecycle
  • similar to audience > what not to do > because we cannot cover everythingmethodical approach is required to understand what to focus onBRAND PORTFOLIO ANALYSISLifecycle Maturity Analysis
  • The Brand Portfolio Analysis > relative attractiveness of the market (things we can’t control) vs the relative strength of a company (things we can control)example: no focus on service mgmt > turned it from being a $0 business into a $12M business in 1 year. Lifecycle > maturity of a solution to help show what marketing mix to usereiterate > what mix of what elements?
  • maturity lifecycle = determine what mixeach is critical > combination to be successful.innovators stage = 75% CR / 25% DG / 0% AMexample: shouldn’t sales look after their own piece? well complex company 1,400+ products - it is pertinent they understand their part to play.
  • 1,400 different products > Needs Hierarchy facing CIObenefit to marketingbenefit to salesexample: showing customer and saying you wanted to talk about this piece right? well actually I have this other need.right tactics and message for the customer > complex sale > steps to becoming customer. But what were they?
  • This was our global standard for the journey a buyer would take to becoming a customer. This helps to create alignment by default.eMarketing automation tool > built into campaigns > define stages they are Every activity = progressionsales benefitcustomer benefit
  • Campaign development to buyers flow > automated with StrategyMix > as you move through you can be more specificexample: our japan team 14 step logical campaign > 1000 per month > each month the campaign ran a seminar > automated no extra work > the right message at the right timebenefit to salesbenefit to customer
  • example: business meeting > failing business > still failing regardless of marketing performancewe are supposed to be headlights in business > are we relevant?
  • communicate plans with the whole team > analysis data inputs > understanding on the plan and sign offexample: helped minimise the noise for doing ‘stuff’ late in quarter
  • the key is measures and regular meeting to discuss progress > gain buy in
  • engaging your plan with sales and doing the right things > cop out50 attendees at a seminar > are they the right 50?better to get 5 attend who are in your right target audience at the right buyers journey stage?Complex company > Tools > BPA, Lifecycle and mix of marketing elements, Buyers Journey, Demand Gen Council
  • marketing is responsible for the flow of revenuesimple view > measures are important – the easy option is to shy away from targets but they are important to the businessTrack throughout the funnel > should we focus entirely on the top half?
  • marketing is not solely responsible for lead generation > mix of marketing services (DG, CR, AM) to maximise flow of revenue through funnelsocial media is another tactic > how does it progress buyers journeyexample: we were handed down an advertising budget; agency wanted to spend it all in 2 weeks
  • focuslagleakageexample: hospitality with a specific target
  • sales qualified lead is tracked as an opportunity > value is easily tracked and shown - tracking pipe is much easier.Campaign Code
  • feedback loop > why is this important… how we do that.regular reviews with sales – how are they doing with the lead, nail on each one rather than trying to throw more and more their way.
  • overall theme: without the right strategy you’ll never get alignmentBPA and Lifecycle > focus and mixBuyers Journey > messageDemand Generation Council > engagementpipeline review > short term objectivescontinual improvement > headlights for business
  • Thank you – I appreciate your time; if anyone would like to contact me here are my details.
  • Transcript

    • 1. gaining an insight into how yourbusiness can create a better synergybetween marketing and salesTim Hill
    • 2. Topics 1. Understanding how to align your strategy to make your funnel flow more effectively 2. Learning the best way to engage sales with your marketing plan and get buy in 3. Determining the right reporting mechanisms to demonstrate the value of marketing to the business 4. Developing a consistent framework for your lead management2 31/03/2012
    • 3. aligning strategy and engaging with sales3 31/03/2012
    • 4. sales alignment • Our leads are crap • Our Brand is not strong enough • I want a “Golf” day • Why aren’t we at this trade show? • We should be in Qantas magazine…4 31/03/2012
    • 5. marketingWhat a Successful Marketing Plan DOESN’T Look Like;  Ad Hoc Activities  Planned Quarterly  TacticalFor every Marketing activity can we clearly explain it’s objective,how it integrates to other activities and how it generates realopportunities for us in the near term?If we couldn’t, are we going through the motions? And did wesimply not have a strategy aligned with the business.
    • 6. marketingWhat a Successful Marketing Plan DOES Look Like;  Ongoing  Aligned to Business Goals  Even if that means changing the business goals  Comprehensive  MeasurableOngoing … often after a successful campaign we were wonderingwhat to do next … DO IT AGAIN!!
    • 7. 1,400 unique products8+ major verticals5 different individuals per organisation
    • 8. B2B organisations usually have many complexities;•Many potential solutions•Many potential customers•Many potential activitiesIt’s often said however not easily done … the key is in decidingwhat you are NOT going to do.
    • 9. portfolio analysis and lifecycle analysis9 31/03/2012
    • 10. elements of marketing Demand Generation Channel Readiness Awareness Marketing Awareness Marketing10 31/03/2012
    • 11. Align IT with theManage Risk Manage Cost Improve Service business11 courtesy Dominic Schiavello, CA
    • 12. buyers journey V1 – Untroubled and Unaware V2 – Established Interest V3 – Recognise a Problem V4 – Looking for a Solution V5 – Evaluating Alternatives V6 – Customer12 31/03/2012
    • 13. Campaignbuyers journey logical campaign ProblemEmail Invitation whitepaper Solution whitepaper,Sales Invitation ROI Analysis Document Seminar Lead passed onto sales Demo and case study Workshop customer solution Teleprospecting day follow up call lead qual. Y met Acknowledge Y problem Nurture program park and revisit PR – objective to show problem exists
    • 14. just a marketing plan?First of all, you have to start by realising it is a SALES AND MARKETING PLANAnd not a Marketing plan that Sales have given anotional ‘TICK’ to …
    • 15. ANZ Business Demand Gen Council Technical Sales BU’s Partner ANZ Demand Gen Direct Sales Marketing Councils market intelligence Partner Sales Corp Comms15 ANZ Field 31/03/2012 Marketing
    • 16. Demand Generation Council  Identify representatives from around the business and gain buy in  regular reviews, bi monthly on what is working and what isn’t;  joint targets set and measured – each time we meet these targets are discussed16 31/03/2012
    • 17. In a B2B environment, the absolute key to having Buy In to your Marketingplan is … DO THE RIGHT THINGS … Don’t be stuck with ad-hoc / random activities Be able to explain where each activity fits into the Buyers Journey Be able to explain how your integrated marketing plans will developopportunities for Sales As with Sales, understand how every activity develops a ‘progression’.
    • 18. Reporting and Lead Management18
    • 19. funnel Inquiries Leads Accepted Leads Pipeline Closed
    • 20. Are we missing the point? 31/03/2012
    • 21. funnel Inquiries 100 Leads 10 Accepted Leads 8 Pipeline lag leakage 4 Closed
    • 22.  We use for all our reporting  Benefit of this approach:  We can track from lead to opportunity.  Sales team use it for forecasting as well22 31/03/2012
    • 23. LEAD QUALIFICATION, TRACKING Client completed Marketing ActivityAND REPORTING PROCESS Client receptive 2. Element 1. Element ‘A Buyer’ to contact ‘Acknowledges Problem’ LEAD Direct Lead YES Enterprise NO PARTNER AccountQUALIFICATION MQL 3. Element Receptive to contact’ 1a.Enter into Partner Salesforce 1b.Associate to Campaign 1c. Activity TRACKING detail in message AND REPORTING 1d. Rep notified via email 1f. SM notified NO 1e. Accept YES 2a.move to via email next stage 2b. Pipeline Report 3c. Review Monthly 3c. Review by State SM/MM
    • 24. Example of lead email 1. Clearly defined owner and next steps. 2. Description, Needs and Next Action 3. Solution Area 4. More details are attached in a lead document 5. Link to where it resides in SFDC 6. Their actions that are required.24 31/03/2012
    • 25. gaining an insight into how your business can create a better synergy between marketing and sales  alignment with the business comes from a unified strategy with the right planning.  every marketing activity needs to mean something and be part of a much larger campaign  it comes from knowing the business intimately and not hiding from real objectives25 31/03/2012
    • 26. Thank you tim.hill@ca.com26