Color healing


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Color healing don't get enough attention you can heal many different illnesses from the common cold to bi-polar disease, this is a must read, I hope you enjoy it. I am a lover of knowledge so I spread free valuable information to the world. go to for lots of free E-books

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Color healing

  1. 1. ==== ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to healing with crystals. ====Color therapy is healing with the power of light as color. It may be as basic as using specificcoloured filters covering a high wattage lamp bulb, or wearing specific colored clothing. Or it maybe the ability to bring forth intense multidimensional frequencies of light vibration called the colorrays for profound healing. We will be discussing primarily the latter, for that is my specialty.However, an introduction of the history of healing with color is a good place to start.Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and China are all cultures whounderstood and worked with the power of healing with color. Much of these teachings werepassed on through the ages to those who were adepts, not commonly used by the masses. Thisancient knowledge was housed in the "mystery schools", secret gatherings where the sacredinformation had to be earned by the initiate who could prove himself worthy of it.More recently in the 19th and 20th centuries, there were people who used color and light therapyto medically treat the ill. In the 1800s, Dr. Edwin Babbitt from Great Britain used a "chromodisc"that put light on the body. He also placed water in colored bottles under the sun (called solarelixirs), whereby the patient would later consume to effect a particular cure. Dr. Dinshah Ghadialiof India, who moved to the United States in the early 1900s, developed Spectro-Chrome to applyvarious colors of light to specific body areas to heal. His student, Dr. Kate Baldwin, a Philadelphiansurgeon used light frequently in her long career as a physician. Light therapy has not beenreceived well by the American medical establishment, who banned these devices and attemptedto shut down the practices of the practitioners, calling it quackery. Today, they are barelyacknowledging the validity of this healing modality, although there is an unofficial interest anddelving into the alternative healing modalities by some of the more open-minded of the profession.Almost 25 years ago, I completed my training as a registered nurse. By the end of my schooling, Ihad not only a serious case of burn-out, but disillusionment as well. I wished to work with healing,but not the way it was set up in the medical profession. I left the field, and turned my gaze awayfrom the entire field. Eventually, my long interest in metaphysics began to take the front burnerposition again, and I found myself at many of the holistic faires and an occasional workshop. Iloved getting psychic readings, but every time I got one, they would tell me that I was a healer.How frustrating! I would tell them "Been there, done that", but the answer would come back. "Idont know what it is, but it is unusual."I am sure that you readers have had experience with being in "the right place at the right time", atbeing "led" to the perfect class or book or person who has a piece of information for you. That iswhat happened to me. Eventually, it became clear that I was to have something to do with lightand color. In the early days, I was asked to run the aura camera, and then to read the photos. Theaura camera, as it was then, was developed by a California man named Guy Coggins. He and Iagreed that it was impossible for some of the things that showed up in the photos to have occurred
  2. 2. only from the camera itself. We would see strange lights and shapes in the aura. Most of the timethey were the non-physical guides of the photographee. And the color light emanating from theelectromagnetic field of the person tells a story. Color is representative of "who you are". It was anexcellent training for me, for it helped me to acknowledge my intuitive ability as well as groundmyself in the "rays of the rainbow".One of my first experiences of being healed with color came through one of the color lamps about15 years ago. I had a low-grade flu, not severe, but debillitating. I could move around and performmost of my normal daily duties, but I did not feel great. A friend had one of the lamps, and wethought I should have a session under it. She used a turquoise color filter over a mega-watt light. Ilaid down and absorbed the light. About 1/2 hour into it, I began to have your classic healing crisis:shaky, cold, shifting energy. I knew at that point that I had had sufficient exposure to the color. Iremember bouncing back to a state of health not long after this session.On the earth, color is known for its healing (or lack of healing) propensities. Color in theenvironment has a subtle but definite effect upon the well-being of a person. There have beenstudies using specific colors in hospitals. Mint green was shown to be effective in operating rooms,facilitating more rapid post-operative healing. Rose pink in the psychiatric areas calmed downhyper, irrational patients. Light blue in the conference rooms allowed for greater communication inmeetings.The color of clothes you wear can also affect how you feel in your day to day life. The colors onthe walls of our rooms and the furniture within them impact us; really, any color around us has aneffect. But all of this is considered pigmented color. Radiant color is different.Color is frequency of light. The color therapist utilizing light energy in the form of radiant color isreflective of the full color spectrum. Each color hue and shade vibrate on a specific frequency.Certain rays of color, or "laser light energy", can be used not only for enlightenment, attunement,and communication with intelligences beyond our five senses, but also for healing the body, mind,and the emotions. Color therapy can align the spiritual essence of a being. Its multi-level source ofemanation makes it one of the most powerful methods of healing. It does not strictly rely onphysical methods of therapy.It is possible, as healers, to tap into interdimensional realms of consciousness to access this colorenergy. We call the source of this collective consciousness by many names: God, Allah, Jehovah,Great Spirit, or the Creator to name a few. Or we can call it simply the Universal Flow or LifeForce. There is no need for any particular philosophy or religious belief. It is the Universal LifeForce.The color therapist sees the universe as a hologram; or as a multi-faceted gem. The color energyhealer views the person he/she is working with in a "wholistic", holographic way. Asmetaphysicians, or spiritually focused seekers, we also see, just as the quantum scientist does,that the universe is not necessarily composed in a linear format, with everything in a neat little rowof past, present, and future. This perspective reminds us to see each individual as a complex,multidimensional being, who not only expressives with a physical body, but with an emotionalbody, a mental body and a spiritual body.Our physical eyes cannot see this radiant color as it pours from the Source. However, our inner
  3. 3. psychic sight is capable of perceiving this luminous brilliance. These etheric rays of light, properlychanneled provide an intense healing experience. The energies of a person are uplifted andharmonized, and clarity is restored.Much of the benefit and the degree of healing attained depends, of course, on how receptive oropen the person is to the light. However, the client need not be a believer in order to gain ahealing. Another consideration is how much past negative karma and thinking he/she is willing torelease. The primary healer is always the individual needing therapy but a healing conduit can bea facilitator or "jump-starter" (a term I am fond of using) for the clients own healing energies toawaken.The color therapist brings forth color for the purpose of sending it out to those in need of it. It is feltthroughout the body as a wave of energy - a sensation of heat (either electrical or magnetic) as ittravels through and out the hands, and often through the heart and solar plexus centers. As this ishappening, it can be seen intuitively, or sensed subtly.One does not, however, have to be in a state of extreme imbalance to benefit from color healing.No application of light is ever wasted. The more one is infused with light, the closer one is to therealization that he/she and the cosmic Light are really one and the same.Internationally known author and teacher, Alijandra, is a multiple modalities healer based in theSan Jose bay area. Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she originally trained as a registerednurse. She has focused her attention the last 22 years to the development and practice of colorenergy therapy. She additionally trained in several other healing/bodywork modalities, which shefrequently uses. In recent years, her focus has been more on the spiritual, visionary side and howto effectively apply it to the holistic healing process. She is the author of "Healing with the RainbowRays", and founder of this color healing art in its present form. Her new book, "Cosmic Chakras"presents a phenomenal, transformational s(S)elf-developmental teaching called TransfigurationalMatrix Healing. She is currently at work on 4 other books on animal communication, acceleratedmanifesting, a personal experiences book, and another book on healing.Her website is and she may be reached She may be contacted by phone at 408-986-8550 in the US.Article Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to healing with crystals. ====