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Dream trip ppp[1]

  1. 1. The Trip of a Lifetime
  2. 2. Itinerary• Day 1 : Leave US• Day 2: Arrive in London-light touring• Day 3: London• Day 4: London• Day 5: Fly to Zurich then train to Lucerne• Day 6: Lucerne• Day 7: Lucerne• Day 8: Lucerne-train to Florence w/ stop in Milan• Day 9: Florence• Day 10: Florence-train to Venice• Day 11: Venice• Day 12: Venice- Fly to Paris• Day 13: Paris• Day 14: Paris• Day 15: Paris• Day 16: Leave for US
  3. 3. Day 1: Leave USA!!• Depart Atlanta airport Friday evening. Fly overnight to London.
  4. 4. Day 2: Arrive in London!!• Arrive at Gatwick Saturday morning.• Check into “Tune Hotel” -Hotel is 5 min walk from Waterloo tube station. -Located in Westminster• Do some light touringLondon
  5. 5. Day 2: London-The Fun Begins1. Westminster Abby 2. The Houses of Parliament 3. Big Ben 4. Downing Street 5. Buckingham Palace - (11:30) Changing of Guards
  6. 6. Day 3 Trafalgar Square St. James Park National GalleryLunch at Café in the Crypt Sumerset House
  7. 7. Day 4-Wrapping up London Famous Bus!!Ride the London Eye Thames River St. Paul’ s Cathedral Tower Bridge
  8. 8. Day 5 Off to Switzerland…Heaven on Earth• Early morning-ride tube back to London’s Airport• Board flight to Zurich• Arrive in Zurich mid morning• Take train into LucerneOverview of Lucerne
  9. 9. Day 5 cont. Lucerne!!• Arrive Late Afternoon• Check into Hotel• Light touring and relaxing
  10. 10. Day 6: Seeing the Highlights of Lucerne Lake Lucerne Chapel Bridge Concert Hall Famous Lion Monument
  11. 11. Day 7: ½ Day Trip to the Top of Titlis Mountain
  12. 12. Day 8: Say good bye to Lucerne and hello to Florence via Train• Leave Lucerne and board a beautiful train ride to Florence. Travels through breathtaking scenery of Italy (5.5 hour trip)• Train stops in Milan for a transfer.• While at stop take a quick tour of Milan
  13. 13. Day 8 cont: Arrive In Florence• Arrive late afternoon/early evening• Check into B&B Soggiorno Pezzati Daniel• Light touring on foot around hotel• Florence
  14. 14. Day 9: Discover Florence Piazza de SignoriaStatue of David Rooftop Dinner Florence is known for the open-air markets and shops. Spend the day (cheap) on foot discovering the beauty of Italy.
  15. 15. Day 10: Heelloo Romance…Venice!!• Board train (2hrs) into Venice• Check into hotel (has view of the canal!)• Discover Venice by foot• Grab some delicious Italian food Venice
  16. 16. Day 11: Become an Italian Venice• Spend the majority of the simply walking the Grand canal• Grab lunch at St Mark’s Square• Perhaps take a Gondola ride!!
  17. 17. Day 12: Paris bound!!! Fly from Venice (viaeasyjet) to France for the final stop of the Check into hotel trip into hotel and do some light touring Paris
  18. 18. Day 13-15…Explore France• SO much to do• Eiffel tower• Louvre• Sainte Chapel-most beautiful Church in France• Notre Dame• Luxembourg Gardens• Seine River
  19. 19. Final Day….• Board plane and safely return to puppies….
  20. 20. $$$$$$$$• You may be saying to yourself, “Wow, this trip of a lifetime is going to cost me for the rest of my life.• I’ll have you know that I have done some research and believe that we can make this trip happen…
  21. 21. COSMOS pros and cons Advantages Disadvantages• Set price for everything • Lack of flexibility except tours • Spend short amount of time in one place (1 ½ days in Paris)• Travel in a group • Guides vary in quality• No need to worry about • Set itinerary, no choice on getting lost where to visit• Don’t have to worry about • May not like the people on luggage your tour (attracts old people) • Do not get a chance to• Knowledgeable tour guide immerse yourself in the• They plan all the details culture
  22. 22. Self-Guided Tour Advantages Disadvantages• Pick your own schedule/itinerary • Time consuming-planning• Immerse yourself in the culture• Are able to relax in a park, pick a • Risk of getting lost great Italian restaurant in Italy, ride • Could incur unexpected cost on a gondola in Venice• Ability to stay at B&B’s which allow • Language barriers?? you to learn more about country • More responsibility• More free time• Will have to rely on each other – • Safety concerns strengthens our relationship • Hotel’s may not be as nice as• Have time to see more in a country• Will have to rely on each other – tour group (could be better) strengthens our relationship • Can not cover as much ground
  23. 23. How Do You Want to Travel?!?!• Are you willing to take on an adventure with me?• Yes, I know it will not be near as easy as loading up on a bus and having a set itinerary. We will probably get lost and at times frustrated.• However, regardless of the way we decide to travel I know that we are going to have the trip of a lifetime!!
  24. 24. YOUR THOUGHTS???