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Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2013 - 06 - AirPrime goes multicore
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Sierra Wireless Developer Day 2013 - 06 - AirPrime goes multicore


Published on

By José Lourenço - Coordinator & Software Architect, Senior Staff Engineer at Sierra Wireless

By José Lourenço - Coordinator & Software Architect, Senior Staff Engineer at Sierra Wireless

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. PageSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential 1AirPrime goes multicore!AirPrime goes multicoreJosé Lourenço | June 2013
  • 2. Page The industry’s most advanced architecture forembedded wireless communications designed tovastly simplify and accelerate the developmentand deployment of M2M solutionsSierra Wireless Introduces..Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential 2
  • 3. PageAir Interfaces•  Quad-band 2G EDGE•  Fully compatible with 4G version for future migrationIntegrated GNSS and eCall•  GPS, GLONASS•  Pan European eCall and ERA-GLONASS3AirPrime WP6 and AR6 Wireless ModuleSierra Wireless Proprietary and ConfidentialSoftware and audio•  Open application framework with embedded operating system:Linux AR6330 / Open AT AR6220•  Advanced voice quality with AEC/NR according VDA•  Management Service via AirVantage M2M CloudExtensive set of interfaces•  Link: USB OTG, UART,CAN•  Digital: SPI, I2C, GPIO’s, Int, timers, EBI, SDIO•  Audio: MIC+SPK, I2S, PCM, buzzer•  Analogue: ADC, 1.8V out•  Input voltage: 3.4– 4.8VPackage•  Unified STAR LGA footprint•  295 padsMulticore architectureApplication core dedicated to customer:•  ARM926 (312 MHz) AR6330•  ARM926 (156MHz) AR6220Automotive Grade•  Automotive-grade manufacturing (TS-16949 certified)•  Automotive quality processes (PPAP, 8D, FA)& low target ppm rates•  Tolerance to extreme operating environmentsincluding thermal shock cyclesReal-time and low-power core for CAN connectivity•  Dual power zone implementation•  Low power consumption processing core (Cortex M0 100MHz)•  Integrated 2xCAN LS/HS controllers•  BOSCH IP: version 2.0 A,BThe world’s first M2Msystem on a chipAirPrime®AR6xx0
  • 4. PageSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential 4Sierra Wireless S6:The World’s First M2M System-on-a-ChipUltralow-powerprocessor(ARMCortex-M0 )Applicationprocessor(ARM 9)2G EDGEModemM2Mspecificinterfaces
  • 5. Page 5S6 System-on-a-ChipSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential The only chipset in the world targeted at M2M applications – integratingthe baseband, application processor and M2M-specific peripheralsUltra Low Power Subsystem•  Dramatically reduces powerconsumption when mainapplication processor not inuseM2M-Specifc Peripherals•  CAN bus controllers (x2)•  USB (incl. Audio over USB)•  I2C•  SDIO•  Multiple UARTs•  I2S•  …etc.Application Processor•  Based on ARM9, 312 Mhz•  Runs Linux applicationframework•  Eliminates need for externalprocessorTelecom Core•  GSM/GPRS/EDGE•  Quad-band•  Voice + hands free•  In-band modem forEuropean eCall•  Embedded SIM support•  Jamming Detection•  Open AT support
  • 6. Page6 Up to three processors integrated•  Application Processor•  Run the main customer application•  Linux is the default Operating System•  ARM926 @ 312MHz•  Up to 330 DMIPS•  Low Power Processor•  Run the low power part of the customer application in order toreach very low power consumption targets or very hard realtime constraints•  No Operating System is provided by default. Board SupportPackage is provided by default•  CORTEX-M0 @ 32KHz to 100MHz•  Up to 90 DMIPS•  Telecom Processor•  Run the telecom function•  Open AT® is the Operating System•  ARM926 @ 156MHz•  Up to 100 DMIPSMultiple core architectureTELECOMProcessorARM926 @ 156 MHz100 DMIPSAPPLICATIONProcessorARM926 @ 312 MHz330 DMIPSLOW POWERProcessorCORTEX-M0 @ 100 MHz90 DMIPS
  • 7. PageCustomer Linux Application(s) driving via logical communication devices the embedded EDGE modem and a Low PowerCAN Stack application based on a OSEK Real Time Operating System and a CAN driverCortex M0ARM926 TEL ARM926 APPMUXUART SPI I2C UserTimerMUXTelecomDevicesUART/USB/I2C/SPIKBD/GPIOUserTimer…..USBHostOTGSDIO CAN1&2BSPRTK + KernelTelecom StackBSPCommunication &system serviceslibraryLinux Operating SystemApplication 1Application 2Application n7Sierra Wireless Proprietary and ConfidentialOpen ATApplicationCustomer Applicationbased on OSEK APIVirtual communication portsbased on shared RAMCAN driverOSEKRTOS Communication &system serviceslibraryVirtual communication portsbased on Dual Port RAMTri-Core Architecture - Overview
  • 8. Page8Typical Tri-Core Modes (AR6x/WP6x mode)The LOW POWER Processor, optimized for low powerconsumption and real time execution, allows runningapplications targeting ultra-low power consumption or requiringhard real time processing.APPLICATIONProcessorARM926@ 312 MHz330 DMIPSLOWPOWERProcessorCORTEX-M0@100MHz90 DMIPSTELECOMProcessorARM926@156 MHz100 DMIPSOFFSYSTEM COREAPPLICATIONProcessorARM926@ 312 MHz330 DMIPSLOWPOWERProcessorCORTEX-M0@32KHz-50MHzUp to 45 DMIPSTELECOMProcessorARM926@ 156 MHz100 DMIPSOFFSYSTEM COREOFF
  • 9. Page9Typical Tri-Core Modes (AR63x/WP63x mode)The APPLICATION Processor is a high performance core forexecution of demanding applications. It is natively providedwith a Linux Operating System.APPLICATIONProcessorARM926@ 312 MHz330 DMIPSLOWPOWERProcessorCORTEX-M0@100MHz90 DMIPSTELECOMProcessorARM926@ 156 MHz100 DMIPSOFFSYSTEM COREAPPLICATIONProcessorARM926@ 312 MHz330 DMIPSLOWPOWERProcessorCORTEX-M0@100MHz90 DMIPSTELECOMProcessorARM926@ 156 MHz100 DMIPSSYSTEM CORE
  • 10. Page 10AR6x/WP6x Power consomption versusDMIPSSierra Wireless Proprietary and ConfidentialOFF•  M0OFF•  TELOFF•  APPON•  M0ON•  TELON•  APPPowerconsomptionDMIPS50 1900ALARM ModeON•  M0OFF•  TELOFF•  APPON•  M0OFF•  TELOFF•  APPLOW POWER PROCESSING ModesPROCESSING Mode156MHz100µA ---1mA ---0.0332KHz100KHz-50MHz10mA ---100mA --ON•  M0ON•  TELOFF•  APPPROCESSING Mode312MHz500+
  • 11. Page 11Sierra Wireless Proprietary and ConfidentialThank you!