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MATRIX MTX-TERMINALS M2M solutions: 2G, 3G, LTE modem terminals. Java programmable and flexible options. MTXTunnel software ready to use.
No limits for your M2M application. Daily solutions.

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Matrix mtx m2_m_presentation_2013_june_v11

  1. 1. Matrix ElectronicaMatrix was founded in 1991 and ever since has beingsupplying high tech products to the industrial marketsand system integrators.Our portfolio is carefully selected and only worldwideleader manufacturers are included on it.This continuous search for the newest and mostadvanced products is complemented with a range ofproducts designed, developed and manufactured byMatrix mainly in the M2M area.
  2. 2. MTX-65i, MTX-65ULP, MTX-65i-RS485Based on Cinterion’s TC65i GSM/GPRS Java module MTX-65i:2 RS232 ports, USB, I2C/SPI, 4 GPIO + 2 ADC MTX-65ULP (Ultra Low Power):2 RS232 ports, USB, I2C/SPI, 4 GPIO + 2 ADC ULP: Ultra Low Power means that the entire modem is switched off.Only the internal RTC is powered from the battery/power supply (a smallbutton battery guarantees 10 years date retention). In Ultra Low Power mode consumption is only 2.5uA (typical) Can be switched ON by RTC programmed alarm or by any of the 4external inputs. MTX-65i+RS485 1 RS485 serial 1 RS232 serial
  3. 3. NEW MTX-65+G V6 / +B V7 Enhanced old version Cinterion’s XT65 moduleGMS/GPRS+GPS NEW version with MTX’s combo module TC65i+GPSo TC65i (TC65i-x) and GPS Trimble’s C1216 (Mediatek chipset)o JAVA embedded applicationso Interfaces: 1 RS232 serial port (4 wires) Optoisolated: 3 Inputs + 3 Outputs 2 Analogue Inputs + 1 3v GPIO I2C (optional SPI) porto Automatic Restart after shutdown.o 3 AXIS Accelerometer that can be set too switch-on from sleep mode after a movement.o Watchdog hardware.o Li-Po 1600mA/h Battery.
  4. 4. MTX-IND v1 TerminalMTX-IND v1 is an industrial GSM/GPRS modem in a DIN-rail basewith terminal block system connectors, for industrial environments.• 2 serial RS232/RS485/RS422 internal jumper selection.• 4 Relays 1P1C 250VAC-6A• USB (mini B type)• SPI/I2C expansion bus• 4 optoisolated digital inputs• 2 optoisolated configurable digital inputs/outputs• 2 analog 0-2.4V or 0-20mA configurable inputs• Input power 9-24 VAC or 12-30 VDC• Internal expansion connector for internalcommunication that can accommodate Coronis Wavecard, for meteringapplications or RF communications.
  5. 5. MTX-IND v2 TerminalMTX-IND v2 is an industrial GSM/GPRS modem in a IP65 housingwith terminal block system connectors, for industrial environments.• 2 serial RS232/RS485/RS422 internal jumper selection• 4 Relays 1P1C 250VAC-6A• USB (mini B type)• SPI/I2C expansion bus• 4 optoisolated digital inputs• 2 optoisolated configurable digital inputs/outputs• 2 analog 0-2.4V or 0-20mA configurable inputs• Input power: 90-264VAC/120-370VDC or 9-30 VDC• 1600mA Li-Po Battery• Internal or external antennas• Internal expansion connector for RF cards such as: Coronis Wavecard,Bluetooth, Zigbee, Xbee, GPS and others.
  6. 6. MTX-HSPA-PH8 3G-UMTS HSPA+ 14.4Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL 1 serial port RS232 920Kbps high-speed UART 1 USB port Five Band UMTS (WCDMA/FDD): PH8: 800/850, AWS1700, 1900, 2100 MHz PH8-P: 800/850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz TCP-IP stack GPS antenna (SMA connector)NEW MTX-LTE 4G TERMINAL• Five LTE CAT3 Bands 100Mbps DL / 50Mbps UL• Five/Triple UMTS Bands• Dual CDMA Bands Quad/Dual GSM Bands• USB - UART T.B.D.• GPSComing soon!!
  7. 7. NEW MTX-3G-JAVA• 3G-UMTS-HPSA Java Terminal based on Cinterion’s EHSx modules• 2 RS232 serial port (RS485 optional), 1 USB port• GPIOs and ADC, I2C• Worldwide or regional variants• Options– ULP Ultra Low Power– GPS– Hardware Watchdog, Battery– RF Card optional– Wavenis– WMBus– Bluetooth 2.1/LE– WiFi– Zigbee– RF ISMComing soon!!Status: Protos: 09/13Production: 11/13
  8. 8. NEW MTX-GATEWAY Advanced Terminal Linux kernel 3.5. Java VM. TQMa28: ARM9 @ 454MHz RAM: 128MB Flash: 2GB EEPROM de 32Kb—Temp. Sensor Ethernet + USB OTG 1x RS232/485/422 1x RS232, 1x RS485 1x CAN, GPIOs MiniPCIe card GPRS/HSPA + GPS Optional RFWavenisWM BUSBluetooth 2.1/LEWIFIZigbeeRF ISM Or WiFi Card Video VGA port optionalStatus: Protos: 10/13Production: 12/13Coming soon!!
  9. 9. MTX-TUNNEL v7 MTX-TUNNEL is an application running on MTX-JAVA enabledterminals. It is similar to an RS232-GPRS Gateway; all the data at theserial port is sent by GPRS and viceversa, in transparent mode. For MTX-65i, MTX-65-ULP, MTX-IND and MTX-65+G**ADSL GPRSMTX-TunnelRS232/485 BasedEnd DeviceRS232RS485
  10. 10. MTX-TUNNEL v7• GPRS-SERIAL TUNNEL– TCP Client– TCP Server– UDP Client / Server• GPRS connection modes:– Serial data present on RS232/RS485 port– An analog input is out of selected levelwindow (MIN, MAX)– Permanent mode– Under request (SMS or missed call,with un/authorized phone numbers)– Change on an input digital level– Scheduled date/hour timing• WebServer• Telnet• ModBus• RF GATEWAY
  11. 11. MTX-TUNNEL v7• SMS Alarms and Output control• IPs dynamic resolution:– DynDNS– Private DNS– SMS• SSL Security• Firewall IP• User API• Telemetry (GPIOs and GPS)• GRPS-I2C/SPI tunnel• Serial RS232/485 – HTTP tunnel• Serial RS232/485 – SMS tunnel• Timing synchronization• ModBUS
  12. 12. Total Emails gsmsupport in-out: 3215Our Team of Engineers.1 FAE & Product Manager Jesus Santos1 Technical manager Jose Angel Llano1 Designer FAE Carlos Pozuelo1 Designer and JAVA FAE Jose Maria Gallego1 Technical assistance for lab and tests Miguel Angel Espada1 Accessories FAE & PM Antonio Dorado1 Embedded FAE (LINUX, CE and other OS) Ruben Rodriguez1 Networking FAE Daniel Cortes1 RF FAE (Bluetooth, Wifi, Mesh…) Carmen TarrioCINTERION Projects : 753 Customers.Active Customers in 2012: 475 customers
  13. 13. Technical TOOLSWikispace to integrate Cinterion GSM (TC6x) and HC25, EU3& PH8 in WinCE and LiNUX. Android coming soon…Our Free Java examplesTrainer - Entrenador (Terminal with AT commands)Removing Java, multiple AT commands, testsAll in FTP site: Java SDK in same FTP but user&password required.OTHER Technical Articles (published in newspapers) Videos. ****Blog ElectronicaGeneral information, how-to…
  14. 14. Other Activities. ShowsMatelec(Spain)GSM WORLDCongressBarcelona 2009Cebit 2012Cebit 2013CTIA Las Vegas 2013
  15. 15. Other Activities. Trainnings Seminars/Training. EVERY YEAR. Once or twice in 2/3 cities. FREE Assistance○ General presentation. Roadmap○ Practical DEMOSTRATIONS○ New one with Cinterion/Gemalto DEMO soon…. Sept 2013.
  16. 16. is coming