Input devices showing their features


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Input devices showing their features

  2. 2. KEYBOARDThe computer keyboards primaryfunction is to allow the user to inputcommands that instruct thecomputer on what to do. The usermay input a series ofnumbers, letters and symbols usingthe keyboard. More modern devicescarry extra buttons that provide theuser with features like volumecontrol, instant email access andtools to control the computers mediaplayer.
  3. 3. MOUSEThe mouse devices allow the user tocontrol the on-screen cursor. By movingthe mouse around, the user decideswhere to position the arrow key on thescreen. Clicking the right mouse buttonwhile the arrow is positioned on an areaof interest will instruct the computer toexecute the corresponding command.Some mouse devices come equippedwith track features, which allow the userto move the wheel to scroll up and downpages on websites or in document files.
  4. 4. JOYSTICKGaming enthusiasts may opt to use ajoypad as a means of enjoying theirfavorite computer games. The devicefeatures a directional pad for movingcharacters or objects up, down or tothe left or right, and several buttonsthat execute a variety of game-relatedtasks. Users can configure theirjoypads in the computers ControlPanel, a step that allows them toassign certain buttons to performcertain functions.
  5. 5. WEBCAMA Webcam allows users to filmthemselves while theyre on theircomputer. Users can either savethe videos into the system, or runa "streaming" video applicationwhich broadcasts their every movelive over the Internet to viewers allover the world. Computers withhigher CPU speeds and more RAMwill be able to view live Webcamstreams more fluidly than thosewith lower CPU speeds and lessRAM.
  6. 6. MICROPHONEA computer microphonegives the user the ability totransmit his voice throughhis computer. Computermicrophones are mostcommonly included as partof a headset apparatus thatpeople can use to speak andlisten to other computerusers via the Internet.
  7. 7. HYBRID INPUT DEVICESHybrid input devices provide acombined single interface for multipletypes of input signals to be transferredto the computer processor. Thesedevices are usually used in computervideo games, and carry differentfeatures for gamer accessibility, likevolume control, position control, etc. Thedomain of hybrid input devices containssophisticated and simple hardwaredevices, including gamepads, gamecontrollers, mechanical gamingpaddles.
  8. 8. AUDIO INPUT DEVICESAudio input devices can befurther categorized asaudio signal capturing oraudio signal generatingdevices. Audio signalcapturing devices carry amicrophone to captureaudio signals from externalenvironment, while audiosignal generating devicesuse internal electroniccircuitry to produce audiosignals.
  9. 9. VIDEO INPUT DEVICESVideo input devices areused to transfer videosignals to a computersystem. These videosignals are transferred inthe form digital bits, whichare first captured fromexternal world as analogoptical signals. Somefrequently used video inputdevices with computersystems include webcams,digital video cameras,
  10. 10. TRACKBALLSTrackballs are a mouse variation,essentially a mouse lying on its back.Because the device is stationary, it doesnot require as much space on yourdesktop. The ball moves as you rotate itwith your thumb, your fingers, or thepalm of your hand; this saves wristfatigue and reduces hand and armmovement. Trackballs are especiallypopular with those experiencingproblems with arthritic hands.Trackballs come in various sizes andshapes.
  11. 11. LIGHT PENSLight Pens let you movethe pointer and selectitems on the displayscreen by directlypointing to the objects onthe screen with the pen.
  12. 12. TOUCH SCREENSTouch Screens allow youto use your finger totouch the screen andchoose objects. A specialcomputer monitor or amonitor fitted withspecial hardware isnecessary to providetouch screencapabilities.