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Composite Information Server
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Composite Information Server


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • What to Say: Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about Composite today us today. I have put together a short presentation to introduce you to Composite, the problems we solve, who we solve them for, how we fit in your environment, and what kind of value we can deliver. Are there any particular topics you would like me to cover? Lets begin.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Solution Spotlight Presents
    • 2. Cloudera and Composite Partnership
    • 3. Industry Challenges
      • How to Improve Profitability and Efficiency
        • Pricing optimization
        • Sales and inventory forecasting
        • Customer churn prevention
        • Marketing campaign optimization
        • Fraud detection
        • Supply chain management
      • How to Manage Big Data to Drive Improvements
        • Working with Hadoop
          • Reliable, scalable, flexible software distribution
          • Limit technical and administrative costs of deployment
          • Support, services, education
      • How to Leverage Other Enterprise Data Alongside Big Data
        • Data silo and complexity challenge
        • Query performance challenge
        • Agility challenge
      © 2011 Composite Software, Inc. / Composite Proprietary and Confidential
    • 4. Partnership Offering
      • Software – Helps you get the most out of Hadoop.
      • Support & Professional Services – Helps you install Hadoop, configure Hadoop, optimize Hadoop, tune Hadoop, and deploy Hadoop.
      • Training & Certification – Offers a suite of Hadoop training courses for developers, systems administrators, and executives.
      • Data Access – Accesses Cloudera Hadoop data through Hive, an infrastructure for data query and management.  
      • Data Federation – Joins and aggregates Hadoop and other enterprise data.  
      • Data Security – Supports multiple forms of security to maximize data protection.
      • Data Caching – Materializes views and procedures for improved performance and circumvent network constraints.
      © 2011 Composite Software, Inc. / Composite Proprietary and Confidential
    • 5. Hadoop
      • Cloudera
        • Provides customers with enhanced storage and processing technology for Hadoop.
      • Composite
        • Enables users to combine Hadoop output with the enterprise data scattered throughout the organization.
        • Also Feeds data into Cloudera Hadoop for massive parallel processing.
      © 2011 Composite Software, Inc. / Composite Proprietary and Confidential Composite Data Virtualization Platform Netezza SAP Hive Optimizer Optimized SQL MapReduce
    • 6. More Information
      • Cloudera
        • Daniel Templeton
        • [email_address]
      • Composite Software
        • Randy Bartlewski
        • [email_address]
      © 2011 Composite Software, Inc. / Composite Proprietary and Confidential
    • 7.