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bHIP Energy is an all natural high energy drink mix that is being distributed all around the world....

bHIP Energy is an all natural high energy drink mix that is being distributed all around the world.

bHIP Energy is an all natural high energy drink mix that is being distributed all around the world. In today’s health and environmental conscious era, Athletes and people who are watching their weight and the food and drinks that they are taking are choosing natural and organic ingredients to live healthier and get the most out of their daily activities as well as performance.

Unlike other high energy drink mixes, bHIP Global energy contains all natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals as well as and amino acids that athletes from marathon runners, cyclists and even professional basketball players need to replenish and restore nutrients they loose while performing in their sport.

Each bHIP all natural high energy drink packet contains enough B-vitamins, minerals, and our Energy Blend™ that is fortified with amino acids and other natural supplements that are vital for any athlete who demands high performance such as Ginseng root and green tea leaf extracts, These natural ingredients are not found in most energy drinks and vitamin enriched waters found in supermarkets. bHIP is distributed in small packets which is more convenient than purchasing and toting around 16 to 20 ml. plastic bottles.

Our Mission at bHIP GLOBAL is to deliver a rock-solid infrastructure, high impact products, and a unique global delivery system. It is our goal to provide our distributors and their customers with an experience that reaches beyond their highest expectations, making them proud to share our company with the people they know, love, and trust the most.

Welcome to bHIP Europe

bHIP Global’s executive offices are based in Dallas, Texas. We also have offices and facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri. bHIP Global is unique in the fact that over 7 years and 30 million dollars has been invested in company infrastructure and framework with a proven management team with personnel in over 30 countries around the world. bHIP Global's management team is committed to providing a truly global playing field for people who are looking to build a long-term business around the world. bHIP Global is privately owned and powered by a global platform that will launch 30 countries in 30 months. bHIP Global launched in 2007 in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The international expansion will be fueled by product promoters around the world.

bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce “a new breed of energy” into the marketplace. The propriety energy blend formula that is a “herbal clean energy” is considered a category creator in the beverage industry. bHIP Energy is a premium beverage offered to consumers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria. This High Impact Product has people feeling the results in minutes and lasting for hours. bHIP Global's philosophy is when they TRY IT, they FEEL IT, and will want to SHARE IT. bHIP Global’s industry breaking product, bHIP Energy, is being distributed by bHIP Global product promoters worldwide. bHIP Global redirects marketing and advertising dollars to pay those product promoters to penetrate the market by sharing bHIP Energy with the world. bHIP Global has the highest standard when it comes to the integrity of the product and company.

Are you at the right place at the right time?

What are you doing today that will give you a chance to pusue your dreams tomorrow?

If you had invested $1,000 in Starbucks in 1992; it is worth $5 million today...

If you had invested $1,000 in Dell Computer in 1986; it is worth $40 million today...

The key to all success is TIMING! Being in the right place at the right time!

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bHip Europe-Brochure English bHip Europe-Brochure English Document Transcript

  • A NEW ROAD TO FREEDOM WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Time? Health? Income? Wealth? Freedom? The global economic crisis means people worldwide are seeking new opportunities. People are looking for a better way to provide a stable and secure life for their family. New opportunities require a new way of thinking and for as little as $439.05 you can start your own business with bHIP Global. These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy… • Commissions paid weekly- • Financial stability for you and your family. • Retire in 3 to 5 years instead of 35 years. • Affordable to start. • Amazing products. • Be your own boss. • Work from home. • You control your time. Now is the time to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Now is the time to have the peace of mind and lifestyle you and your family deserve. • A Beautiful Home • Fabulous Vacations • Time Freedom • Security Whatever your goals are in life,
  • bHIP can help you achieve them. COMPANY bHIP Global is committed to providing a truly global opportunity. Over 7 years and 30 million dollars have been invested in the company’s infrastructure and framework. We have a proven management team and some of the best personnel in the industry staffing our offices and facilities around the world. While our executive offices are based in Dallas, Texas we also have offices and facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and Branson, Missouri and international facilities in Mexico, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. bHIP is truly a global opportunity • Global framework with staff in 7 countries around the world. • Our corporate team has successfully managed over 800,000 distributors in the past. • Our CEO has paid out over 300 million in commissions. • Seamless Compensation Plan. bHIP Global launched in 2007 and is quickly becoming one of the fastest expanding companies in the world today.
  • PRODUCTS bHIP Global requires that all products be produced to the most stringent regulatory requirements and the highest ethical standards available today. bHIP Global products are manufactured at a 90,000 sq. ft. FDA Registered, Pharmaceutical Grade facility in North America. bHIP Vitamin Energy is the purest form of vitamins and rapid healthy energy that can be delivered to your body. bHIP's proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is scientifically formulated to infuse and instantly replenish energy at the cellular level with zero interference from artificial caffeine, stimulants, sugar, or by-products. bHIP Vitamin Energy delivers! • Naturally Increases Energy Levels • Improves Mental Clarity, Focus, And Mood • Controls Appetite To Help Lose Weight • Strengthens Immune System To Fight Fatigue • Protects Muscles And Body Tissues • Alleviate Muscle, Joint, And Body Soreness Delivering the world's first HEALTHY 'herbal clean energy' formula with ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: • Vitamin B6, B12 & Vitamin C • Niacin & Folic Acid. Guarana, • Green Tea & Ginseng Extracts • Mandarin & Orange Extracts • Acai Berry & Aloe Vera Extracts • White Willow Bark Extracts • Zero artificial caffeine • Zero stimulants • Zero by-products bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce a new breed of “HEALTHY Vitamin Energy” into the marketplace. The propriety energy blend formula is “herbal clean” and is considered a category creator in the beverage industry. This High Impact Product has people feeling the results in minutes and lasting for hours. bHIP Global's philosophy is when you TRY IT, you will FEEL IT and when you feel it, you will want to SHARE IT!
  • bHIP NONI GIA Noni GIA is an exciting new product from bHIP Global that is a blend of powdered Tahitian noni juice, pineapple juice and grape juice. Noni GIA supports your immune system by delivering a remarkable supply of antioxidants to help rid the body of harmful free radicals. It increases both energy and physical performance. Noni GIA is an organic powdered product that is conveniently available in sachet format. NONI FRUIT Pacific Islanders have enjoyed the health benefits of noni fruit for over two thousand years. Without any sophisticated or advanced technologies, they have relied on the noni plant for many medicinal uses. The modern medical world has taken note of the many benefits of the noni plant. Through centuries of use as a folk medicine, the noni plant has been linked to but not limited to the following: • Strengthens the immune system and builds resistance against disease. • Delivers powerful antioxidants, which help to rid the body of harmful free radicals
  • and to increase energy. • Supports the natural function of the digestive system, improving nutrient absorption. • The presence of active compounds such as anthraquinones and terpenes helps the body to fight harmful bacteria and fungus. • Provides nutrients essential to skin health and delivers other beneficial substances to skin and hair. • Enhances mental clarity, increases concentration, and maximizes performance. COMPENSATION bHIP Global offers the most innovative and easiest compensation plan in the industry. With 7 ways to earn money and 50% of sales volume paid out in distributor commissions, bHIP is something that everybody can be successful at. Start your bHIP business by signing up as a new distributor and placing a minimum first order for 10 boxes of bHIP Energy or Noni Gia ($439.05). Next, share the bHIP products and opportunity with at least 2 people who do the same thing. Now, just teach them to duplicate this same process and you are on your way to creating a true residual income for you and your family. Another HUGE FEATURE of bHIP Global is the low monthly activity requirement. With bHIP Global you only have to purchase 1 box of product (only $34,05) per month to remain “active”. Get paid 7 different ways! 1. Retail Profits 2. Fast Start Bonus #1 3. Fast Start Bonus #2 4. Override Bonus 5. Leadership Match 6. Leadership / Autoship Bonus 7. Car Bonus* 1. RETAIL PROFITS As a BHIP Global Distributor you may purchase products at wholesale and earn a retail profit of up to 30% on every product sold!
  • FAST-START BONUSES The power of two… Start making money fast! By simply signing up two people (one left and one right) who place a minimum 10 box first order you earn the Fast Start Bonus #1 ($100). When THEY sign up two people (one left and one right) who place a minimum 10 box first order you receive the Fast Start Bonus #2 ($300) and there is no limit on how many times you can earn these bonuses. Your Start-up cost $439.05 2. Fast Start #1 + $100 - when you sign up 2 3. Fast Start #2 + $300 - when they sign up 2 You Earn… $100 Each time! $300 Each time! 4. 15 % BINARY OVERRIDE BONUS The Power Of Duplication Simplicity is the most powerful aspect of the bHIP compensation plan.
  • Look what could happen if everybody just signs up two (with a 10 box minimum first order) in their first month and teaches those two to do the same thing in their first month and so on. Months Left Team What you earn per month!!! Right Team 1 1 $30 1 2 2 $60 2 3 4 $120 4 4 8 $240 8 5 16 $480 16 6 32 $960 32 7 64 $1920 64 8 128 $3840 128 9 256 $7680 256 10 512 $15,360 512 $3000 11 1024 $25,000 1024 $7000 12 2048 $50,000 2048 $40,000 13 4096 $100,000 4096 $200,000 14 8192 $100,000 8192 $250,000 15 16384 $100,000 16384 $1,000,000 $455,660 The bHIP binary is a 1/3 – 2/3 binary with 15% being paid weekly on the 1/3 side. In this example you would be earning more than $15,000 per month in just ten months. Of course this is just an example but even if it took two years it was a great decision to join bHIP. 5. MATCHING BONUS Earn a matching bonus on 3 levels of enrollments for life!!! DIRECT BONUS 20% IN-DIRECT BONUS 20% IN IN-DIRECT 10% 6. LEADERSHIP / AUTOSHIP BONUS On top of all of this you can earn an additional $1,500,000 dollars in one time bonuses as your left and right teams grow!
  • 7. CAR BONUS Drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus! This bonus is based on the leadership rank you achieve and maintain each calendar month and can be for a black Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus. MATCHING BONUS, LEADERSHIP BONUS AND CAR BONUS RE-CAP WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? WITH bHIP YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! The only thing left to do now is SIGN UP! STEP 1: Sign up as a new bHIP distributor and place a minimum first order for 10 boxes of bHIP Vitamin Energy or Noni Gia $439.05 STEP 2: Sign up your first two distributors STEP 3: Teach them to do the same… Testimonials
  • I like bHIP very much! bHIP is healthy, tastes great and gives me more energy for trainings and competitions. The only problem is now some of my competitors are drinking bHIP too! - Sasa Faric, World Cup Skier, 2010 Vancouver Olympics Skier Slovenia In all the businesses that I was a part of so far, the work was stressful, demanding and most of all very time consuming. Clients, seminars, constant professional improvement…I had no spare time to spend with my family, do sports or just have fun. I was constantly on the look out for a new kind of business that would combine all the important things: meeting new people, working a fun business in a much more relaxed way and gain a lot of free time and I have found it! bHIP already allows me all of that after only three months. - Luka R. bHIP is like a legal drug for me! The first time I tried bHIP was on my way to a ski training in Austria. I didn’t sleep much the night before so I took bHIP in the morning and my day was brilliant! I did not expect such an awesome reaction. NOW I TAKE BHIP EVERY DAY. With bHIP I have more energy, improved mental focus and I can accomplish more in 24 hours. In general, I feel much better. With bHIP there is also a business opportunity, an opportunity to have the financial freedom and the time freedom I deserve. - Primoz Vrhovnik – Extreme Skier and World Cup Ski Trainer For a long time I have been searching for a MLM that would have an easy, inexpensive and effective product. I have found that and much more in bHIP! After you grasp the compensation plan you simply can not compare bHIP with any known MLM business today. I have finally after all the years found my path in MLM. - Beno Z.
  • The first time I tried bHIP I was really surprised. I had so much more energy during my training and my recovery time was considerably faster. Now I recommend bHIP to every one of my clients as well as other personal trainers. bHIP is also an incredible business opportunity. My wife Urska and I work our bHIP business part time from home and because of bHIP we are able to take more than 8 weeks of “paid vacation” per year as a family. - Tadej and Urska C. bHIP is the perfect way for everybody to take control of their future! The business is simple and the products practically sell themselves. As a former stockbroker I was tired of working for somebody else which made me realize that Network Marketing was the only way to take control of my future. I made the decision to start my bHIP business with $439.00 and it has changed my life forever! I shared bHIP with 10 of my friends and in less than 12 months my organization has grown to thousands of distributors in 9 countries and a weekly residual income that most people only dream of. – “JC” S. USA As a professional skier for almost 20 years I have always used different products to give me a competitive edge…bHIP where were you then? This drink gives me more energy to do everything and be more productive! The best part of bHIP is the opportunity to share it as a business. - Matjaz Vrhovnik, World Cup Skier, Olympic Skier, Sports Commentator Slovenia bHIP Energy is great. Since I am drinking bHIP Vitamin Energy I am much more concentrated, I feel more energy and more staying power during the races. bHIP products are my personal “Turbo” - Nino Mario Kaefer – Formula Race Car Driver (Austria) bHIP Energy is soooooooo incredibly unique because it does miracles far beyond what testimonials can express - it changes people for the better because it makes them feel so much better. I
  • always have to get up early in the morning but with bHIP Energy it only takes a few minutes until I’m ready for the entire day. I could go on like this endlessly but I think you get the message - Try it, feel it, share it. I love bHIP Energy! – Otmar Lindner, Austria bHIP Vitamin Energy has been tested and approved by the International Olympic Committee. Freedom to succeed > For more information please contact: