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  • I agree with the comment above. To really succeed in vemma you need to learn how to market it effectively. For more information another great resource I’ve found is:
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  • It is hard to stand out of the crowd with just a simple biz opp presentation. There is a lot more that needs to be done. Type in Network Marketing as a search here on SlideShare and see if any of my presentations come need a different approach, check out the hot dog presentation.

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  • <number>
  • Capitalize on 2 powerful trends<number>
  • Home businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. economy, with an annual growth rate of 10%. - National Association of Home BusinessesA new home based business starts every 11 seconds, creating 8,291 jobs a day and generating more than $383 billion in revenue each year. - Link Resources Contributing factors: 2.5 million total job cuts in 2001 – three times more than 2000 and highest level in 9 years! – Associated PressFORTUNE 500 companies announced 134,629 job cuts in December, bringing the total for 2001 to 1,040,466. – Challenger, Gray & Christmas Corporate burnout, layoffs and economic need are causing thousands of talented people to reach for the flexibility and independence of owning their own<number>
  • Being in front of two powerful trends with this much potential puts us in the right place at the right time. In business it’s not only critical to be in the right place at the right time, but to realize that you are there! In just a few years there will be millions of Baby Boomers retiring and there will be no way for social security to pay them all. The only solution for them is to take control of their own financial future!<number>
  • Having a stable, rock solid company backing us is critical to a long term opportunity<number>
  • Momentum is on the horizon so you are in the right place at the right time!<number>
  • Complete Multi Vitamin - #2 Selling New Vision Product - with 12 full spectrum vitamins and the benefits of mangosteen, aloe vera and green tea.Essential Minerals - #1 Selling New Vision Product – with 65 major, trace and ultra trace minerals over 14 million bottles sold. #1 selling liquid mineral product in North America<number>
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association tells us that if we don’t supplement with vitamins and minerals it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when we will get a degenerative disease.<number>
  • Liquid is much more bio-available to your body than pills.
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  • Robert Kiyosaki said “If you want to be rich-mind your own business” he also wrote in his book “The Business School” My rich dad said, “The richest people in the world look for, and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” Tax benefits that could save you $3,000 to $5,000 per year! For instance: Did you know you can write off travel and vacation expenses, make all cars deductible, write off long distance, medical expenses and pay your children $4,400/year in tax free income? <number>
  • The name of the game is exposure. The better you get at exposing people to the product and opportunity, the better you will do.
  • <number>
  • The Fast Start Bonus is what you earn on their first order. The Consistency Bonus is what you earn on your personally enrolled people’s monthly autoship order.<number>
  • Cycling is the name of the game. The Cycle Bonus is what you earn on your entire team. You can get people put on your team 3 ways. You enroll a person, people under you enroll people and people above you can place people under you. <number>
  • This example is extremely conservative. Imagine if you or anyone in your group enrolls more than 2 people in a month! The volume also compounds every month!“I’d rather have 1% of a 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my own.” – J. Paul Getty. Leverage your time! What would you rather have a penny a day doubled for 30 days or a million dollars in cash? Frankly the penny doubled everyday is a perfect example of the difference between traditional marketing and network marketing. By the way a penny a day doubled for 30 days is over $5 million.Most people throw in the towel around month 6 or 7, before it has a chance to fully develop. This example is based on 1 Vemma Pack. Imagine if everyone was on a 2 pack.<number>
  • This bonus can pay you well. We have people in Vemma making over $8,000 a month matching one persons cycle checks.<number>
  • This is where the leverage really kicks in. If you personally enroll 6 people and they do they same… you will be matching on 36 people on your second tier!<number>
  • Global Bonuses are based on the number of times you cycle in a quarter. Visit the compensation plan section of your “My Vemma” website for a complete break down.<number>
  • Put your website on your business cards. On the website is a link called “The Vemma Scene”. It’s a 15 minute movie overview of the company and product. The more tools you have flowing through your business the more money you will make. <number>
  • The more product you have the more you will get out there. The product does the heavy lifting and sells itself. Expose the business to others using the product or one of the two CD’s. Once a person is exposed and wants more information, get this presentation into their hands. Show it to them on a laptop, email it to them using Print each of these slides and make a presentation book so you can sit down with your prospects and “show the plan”.If the prospect has more questions you can call your enroller or upline and set up a 3 way call. You can also have your prospects go to the live business opportunity call on Tuesday night. Training calls will be on Saturday afternoons. Go to for the conference call schedule.
  • Vemma Biz Opp

    1. 1. The Vemma Opportunity Everyone Deserves A Shot!
    2. 2. Five key points to consider when checking out a home business. • Trends Company & Owner Product Compensation Marketing Tools
    3. 3. Home Business Trend A new home business starts every 11 seconds. 8,000 people a day join Network Marketing! Network Marketing comes highly recommended by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump as a viable business opportunity. Today 18 million entrepreneurs in Read this book! the U.S. alone have a home business.
    4. 4. Health & Wellness Trend Today Americans alone take $70 Billion worth of nutritional supplements annually. “Wellness products and services will take the industry to $1 trillion and beyond by 2010.” - Paul Zane Pilzer Retiring “Baby Boomers” are becoming more and more health and wealth conscious.
    5. 5. The Parent Company New Vision International was established in 1995. Owned by B.K. Boreyko. Picture 18 Over $1 Billion in World Wide Sales and still going strong. Over $500 Million in commissions paid out to people just like you!
    6. 6. Vemma Was Launched Established November 2004. One Product Focus. Lucrative Compensation. Millions a month in sales so far and we have only scratched the surface!
    7. 7. What is Vemma? V itamins E ssential M inerals M angosteen A loe
    8. 8. There is a direct link between the increasing disease rate and the decreasing nutritional quality of our food! Food Quality Disease Rate 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 What are you doing to supplement? Are you helping your family prevent disease ?
    9. 9. It’s not what you take, it’s what you absorb that really counts! Vemma is a Complete Liquid Nutritional Program. Doctor Formulated and is the only listed dietary supplement in the Physicians Desk Reference. 350,000 Health Professionals can’t be wrong! Vemma is 100% money back guaranteed.
    10. 10. You would have to eat all of this everyday… To equal what you get in one daily 2 oz. shot of Vemma.
    11. 11. At 114,000 on the ORAC Chart, Vemma could possibly be the most powerful antioxidant on the planet today!
    12. 12. Verve! Energy Drink • Verve! is Vemma + Energy • In US Verve! is available for retail at fitness centers, sporting clubs and smaller stores • Coming next year, Verve! will also be available for retail in Australia and New Zealand • Verve! available for personal use in Australia & New Zealand & Europe
    13. 13. “If You Want to be Rich – Mind Your Own Business!” - Robert Kiyosaki 62% of the people on the Forbes list currently worth more than $1 million are self-employed. Tax benefits - By setting up a home business you can save on taxes that you currently pay to the Tax Office. With Vemma’s Dual Line Compensation Plan you can generate multiple income streams.
    14. 14. Exposure The Vemma Corporation uses would be advertising dollars and compensates YOU for promoting the product and business opportunity to others. It’s like recommending a good movie or restaurant to someone and getting paid to do so. Here’s how it works…
    15. 15. Activate and Qualify Activate your Vemma account by purchasing 1 or more Vemma Packs on Monthly Autoship. Personally Enroll 2 You members, one left, one right. US…$120 Set them up on Autoship. US…$120 US…$120 Now you’re on track to start earning up to 7 different bonus checks!
    16. 16. Start Earning Bonus Checks! Enroller When someone You get a Fast Consistency you enroll buys: Start Bonus: Bonus 1 Pack US $60 = USD$10 USD$3 Momentum Pack US $99 = USD$15 USD$4.50 2 Pack US $120 = USD$20 USD$6 4 Pack US $240 = USD$40 USD$12 10 Pack US $480 = USD$80 USD$18 *Results not typical, you may not do as well
    17. 17. As your teams grow you Cycle Bonus generate volume on each side. When you generate 3 You Vemma packs on one side… and 6 Vemma packs on the other side, 2 pack 1 pack You earn a Cycle Bonus averaging $25. 1 pack 1 pack 1 pack If you have enough volume to cycle again… you cycle again & 2 packs 1 pack 1 pack again & again! 1 pack 2 packs Left over volume rolls 1 pack 1 pack to the next week. 1 pack 1 pack Vemma is consumable 1 pack so people re-order every single month! 2 packs
    18. 18. Let's imagine what your cycle bonus would be if you enrolled 2 in the first month and you taught them to do the same • MONTH 1 = 2 members earns you $0 cycle bonus • MONTH 2 = 4 members earns you $25 cycle bonus • MONTH 3 = 8 members earns you $50 cycle bonus • MONTH 4 = 16 members earns you $125 cycle bonus • MONTH 5 = 32 members earns you $175 cycle bonus • MONTH 6 = 64 members earns you $350 cycle bonus • MONTH 7 = 128 members earns you $700 cycle bonus • MONTH 8 = 256 members earns you $1375 cycle bonus • MONTH 9 = 512 members earns you $2725 cycle bonus • MONTH 10 = 1024 members earns you $5475 cycle bonus • MONTH 11 = 2048 members earns you $10,925 cycle bonus • MONTH 12 = 4096 members earns you $21,875 cycle bonus ** Figures based on $25 cycle value and 1 Pack/Person Results are not typical, you may not do as well
    19. 19. 1st Tier Matching Bonus Qualifications You Set your Autoship for 2 2 packs Vemma Packs per month. 2 packs 2 packs Enroll 4 people personally. 1 pack Earn 10% matching bonus on cycle checks of people you 1 pack personally enrolled.
    20. 20. 2nd Tier Matching Bonus Qualifications You Remain on 2 Vemma Packs 2 packs per month. Enroll 2 more people 2 packs 2 packs personally for a total of 6. 2 packs 2 packs 1 pack = Personally enrolled Earn 10% matching bonus on 1 pack 1 pack 2 packs 4 packs 2 packs cycle checks of people your personals enrolled. 2 packs 1 pack 1 pack = People your personals enrolled 2 packs 4 packs 1 pack
    21. 21. Global Bonus Pool Later on when you are getting a lot of cycles each month, you will Qualify to earn profit sharing on 3% of company profits. For More Details about Getting Paid, watch the video at the MyVemma website of the person who sent you to this presentation. • Marketing Tools: the next key point to consider.
    22. 22. Marketing Tools If you want to build… you have to use tools! • Business Cards. • Road Map to Success Manual and CD’s to expose people to the business opportunity. • “Your Business at Home Magazine” with DVD To expose people to the Product and Opportunity. • 2 Free Marketing Websites for building online and managing your business. • One website for Vemma and one for Verve Energy drink. The team with the best marketing tools wins!
    23. 23. How Much Money Do You Want To Make? Start with a Momentum Pack! You will need Product: You will need Tools: • You get 2 Bottles of Vemma • 500 Business Cards. (a 30 day supply) • 5 Road Map to Success Manual • 15 of the V2 pre-mixed 2 oz. bottles to share with others. • 10 Your Business at Home Magazines. • 15 Vemma Tri-fold brochures
    24. 24. Start with a Vemma 10 Pack and a Fridge Pack! You will need Product: You will need Tools: You get 10 Vemma Packs. 500 Business Cards. Buy 8 get 2 FREE! 10 Road Map to Success Manuals You get 30 * 2 oz bottles 25 Your Business at Home of Vemma to share with Magazines others
    25. 25. Vemma is International • Vemma operates in 46 different countries, and you can enroll any person in any of those countries. • To enroll someone in another country, just send them to your free marketing website, and they can sign up. • Never let the sun set on your business!
    26. 26. Ready to start putting money in your bank account now? Get back with the person who invited you to this presentation and tell them you are ready to get started today!
    27. 27. THANK YOU Please join us again and invite your contacts to hear this presentation Thank you