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  • http://leadershiptrainingtutorials.com/index.php?q=Transformational_Leadership


  • 1. Presented By: JUHI GUPTA (Group I) • Other Members: Annapurna Anirudh T. Venkat Chinna Lalit Kumar Srinivas
  • 3. Lee Lacocca • 1924: Born in Pennsylvania. • 1942: Graduated in Industrial engineering • 1946: Began his career in Ford Motor Company as an engineer trainee. • 1960: Vice President of Ford. • 1967: Executive Vice President. • 1970-1978: President of Ford Motor Company. • 1978: Was fired away by Henry Ford II. • 1979: Became Chrysler’s CEO and retired in 1992.
  • 4. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER • After resigning from Ford Lee Iacocca signed up with Chrysler. Chrysler was a sinking ship. • Lee instituted a system that would cut costs, ensure quality and inspired the people of Chrysler to work better. He brought down his salary to $1 a year just to help the company. • He did everything he could but still people weren’t buying and Chrysler was still sinking. • 1979- Got approved by the US Congress and Chrysler finally got transformed into a strong competitor of Ford and General Motors. • Lee was the person who transformed a dying corporation—a leader in action battling for change. This is transformational leadership at its best.
  • 5. MBTI: ENFJ • Believes in his dreams, and see himself as helper and enabler. • Global learner. • Focus is expansive. • Organized in the arena of interpersonal affairs. • Knows and appreciate people. • Sometimes neglect himself and his own needs for the needs of others. • Has tremendous entrepreneurial ability. • Often takes on more of the burdens on himself to control the situations.
  • 6. ACHIEVEMENTS • Iacocca Foundation : He supports innovative diabetes research nationwide. Supports amazing scientists and helped advance exciting research. • The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation: It works to maintain this gateway to America (Statue of Liberty). • Lehigh University: In 1997, I established The Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry at his alma mater. • Nourish the Children: This organization distributes nutritional supplements to needy and starving children all over the world. • Olivio Products: We formed this company in 1993 with the goal of introducing Americans to the benefits of a diet rich in Mediterranean olive oil. • The Lee Iacocca Award: He conceived this award IN 2006 as a way to honour the world's most committed classic-car collectors and restorers around the world.
  • 7. LACOCCA’S LEADERSHIP SCORECARD He devised this scoring system to encourage to think about leadership qualities. The 9C's are a roadmap for citizens to choose leaders. According to him they are relevant in every area of life. 9 C’s Common Sense Communication Creativity Conviction Competence Courage Character Charisma Curiosity