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Sage 100 road map caribbean conference

  1. 1. Leanne Lowe, Sage Sales Engineer
  2. 2. Version 4.5 14 Extended Solutions standard, such as National Ease of Use Accounts for AR MS SQL Server Database Database Options option One free Sage Customer Customer Value Relationship Management (CRM) server and user license Business Reporting Trees and Intelligence Distribution features in SMI New Connected eMarketing for Sage CRM Services Cloud Deployment Sage 100 Online
  3. 3. Scalable Database PlatformCombining SQL Server’s highperformance database platformthat’s reliable, scalable, and easyto manage with Sage 100 ERP’sease of use simplicity, andmaturity
  4. 4. Sell and ship goodsto one customer, bill the invoice to another
  5. 5. Sage 100 ERP Roadmap Cloud CRM Gateway Connected Service Integration Shipping and Freight Cloud ERP Gateway SData Web Services 2012 2013 Usability Industry Solutions Business Intelligence Visual Process Flows Distribution FRx to Sage Intelligence Report converter CRM Sales Integration Sage Advisor Employee Management Sage CRM Multi-Company Automatic Notification Updates Sage HRMS Payroll for Sage CRM Web Order Intelligent In-Product User Premium Edition (SQL) Entry Training Tips and Advice Productivity Architecture Accounts Payable Invoice Number Expansion MS SQL Server 2012 Inactivate Customers and Vendors Windows 8 View Cleared Checks in Vendor Maintenance Crystal Reports 2011 Improved Inventory Maintenance workflow8
  6. 6. Meeting the Needs of our Customers with A Fully Integrated Solution Connected Services Sage CRM Shipping and Freight Customer Sage CRM Cloud Sales Tax Relationship eFiling Management Connected Sales Services Management System Management Financials Sage Intelligence Sage 100 Sage HRMS ERP Business Purchasing Intelligence Management Connected Services Inventory Billable Services (mobile) Features as Service Distribution Management Sales Management (mobile) Alerts and Workflow Payroll Document Management Sage Fixed Assets Budgeting Tools9
  7. 7. Product Architecture Delivers Innovation and Scale Across Our Product Portfolio Features as Services Connected Services Sage Shipping Sales Sage CRM Payroll/HR and Freight Tax Cloud Sage eFiling Intelligence Sage Data Cloud Other Connected Services and Ideas Entitlement Management  Sales Management (Mobile)  Billable Services (Mobile)  Delinquent Account Management and Billing Browser & Mobile Access Sage ERPs Browser & Mobile Access Features as Services Connected Services (on premise)10 Customer Access Points
  8. 8. What’s New for Sage 100 ERP 2013? Inactivate Vendors and Customers Expanded A/P Invoice Number Ability to View Cleared Checks in Vendor Maintenance Post ACH Electronic Payments to Bank Rec in Detail Paperless Office SMTP Encryption Item Maintenance Main Tab Changes Sage CRM Multi-Company Support
  9. 9. Inactivate Customers and Vendors New “status” includes Active, Inactive, and Temporary Add a Reason Code when inactivating New Reason Code Maintenance to setup codes Schema checking when setting to Inactive • Disallows if Customer/Vendor in certain tables Cannot use Inactive in data entry Optionally exclude from lookups Security Event to allow cash receipts and payments
  10. 10. Expanded A/P Invoice Number• Can now enter up to 20 characters for invoice number• Schema, Screens, Reports, Forms, Journals, Lookups all modified for new expanded invoice number• Impacted A/P, P/O, G/L, J/C, BIE, BIR, ACH• Reports display full invoice number
  11. 11. Ability to View Cleared Checks in VendorMaintenance• New A/P Setup Option• Changes to B/R entries – Accept logic• Changes to Vendor Maintenance
  12. 12. Post ACH Electronic Payments to BankRec in Detail• New A/P Setup Option• Previously posted lump sum• Can now post dollar value checks (previously posted lump sum)
  13. 13. Paperless Office SMTP Encryption • No need to maintain dedicated Email server!!! • Google mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. • Chillkat 9.3.0 now installed • Company Maintenance E-mail tab – Select SSL or TSL/STARTTLS
  14. 14. Item Maintenance Main TabA picture is wortha thousand words!
  15. 15. Business Alerts• Important News!• As of November 1, 2012 Sage will not longer distribute Global Software’s products (Business Alerts)• Sage and Global Software are working on a transition of customers, support and renewals• Details will be communicated to partners and customers as soon as the details are finalized
  16. 16. Features as a Service Connected ServicesSERVICES
  17. 17. Sage 100 ERP Sales Tax Sage Fixed AssetsSage CRM
  18. 18. What’s New in Sage Fixed Assets 2013.0• Combined Product Families – Government, Nonprofit, Canada and US in one product• Editable Notes• Attach PDF’s to Assets• Sage Advisor UpdateFor a quick overview and avirtual tour visit:
  19. 19. Sage Fixed Assets 2013 Availability• Released by Sage Fixed Assets – October 8th, 2012• For Sage ERP customers, notification will be sent to channel partners and customers with the Sage 100 ERP 2013 autodelivery process
  20. 20. Sage 100 ERP eFiling andReporting Enhancements• Sage 100 ERP Tax Forms will be deprecated in tax year 2014 – Compliance will be maintained through 2013 Tax Year filings – TTU updates will still be available• Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting will attempt to Auto-Install when accessing the eFiling Applications for the first time• Basic Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting features are free for all Sage 100 ERP customers current on Maintenance – Print P/R and A/P Tax Forms (including W-2) – Electronically file Tax Forms with the Government, small fee associated
  21. 21. 100 ERP100 ERP customers
  22. 22. All interactions with client on one page 25
  23. 23. Quote and Sales Order Entry within CRM 26
  24. 24. Sage CRM Web Client – Quick Orders for Sage 100 ERP AdvancedCreate Orders in a new webinterface – Allows users to create an order/quote outside the firewall – No launching of the Sales Order Screen – Users will have the choice of New or Old Screens – No Sage 100 ERP workstation setup required to use web client
  25. 25. Integrated Customer Profile
  26. 26. Service Desk
  27. 27. Application-Aware CRM• Sage CRM and MS Outlook synchronization for Tasks and Appointments, contacts and emails – Communications are associated with Accounts for ingoing and outgoing emails CRM synchronization with Outlook can be automatic or with a click of a button
  28. 28. Sage CRM version 7.1, SP 2Multi-Company Support• Map multiple ERP companies to single Sage CRM system – Requires one-to-one relationship between ERP and CRM systems • Cannot link one CRM company to two or more ERP customers in different companies • Need to create a CRM customer for each ERP customer – CRM Server Options allows creation of “Instances” of Sage CRM • Allows for multiple installations of Sage CRM • Must map each Sage 100 ERP Company to a specific Instance
  29. 29. More Sage CRM Integration• Tasks launched from Sage CRM do not use a Sage 100 ERP license – Allows for distinct separation between front and back office• Installations Updated to Maintain the Integrity of Customer and Partner Customizations – Minimizes the number of changes that need to be re-done after each upgrade – Still may require some re-work if customizations are made to the same forms that Sage modifies• Sales Order Memos will now auto display• Full Support of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  30. 30. Going Mobile• iPad & Smart Phone – Where ever you have phone access – you are connected – Ease of use – Sales staff and execs can work from anywhere, airport, car, hotel
  31. 31. Sage CRM for Tablets Available Now!Sage CRM
  32. 32. Visual Process Flows• A Visual Process Flow is a GUI that enables the user to better understand the workflow• Reduce training costs for new users learning the applications, and existing users learning new processes• Out-of-the-box process flows for: • Sales – Entry and Invoice – Pack and Ship – Return Goods • Customer Billing – Invoice and Receive Payment • Inventory – Physical Count • Purchases – Entry and Receipts • Vendor Payments – Invoice and Process Payment Customize business processes to specific user roles or new processes with the Process Flow Designer
  33. 33. Visual Process Flows provide users with a graphical, job- oriented user interface that gives a clear view of the task they need to accomplish and drive them through the different stepsUser Experience Processes are displayed in a graphical view, and a simple click on a process milestone will call the underlying software function
  34. 34. User Experience
  35. 35. Visual Process Flows can becustomized for specific user roles or customized processes
  37. 37. Sage Shipping Sage Advisor Sage Intelligence ReportingSage HRMS and Payroll
  38. 38. Sage 100 ERP Shipping by SmartLinc• Small Parcel up to 2000/month• Subscription based pricing (cloud only)• Multi-Carrier solution • UPS, FedEx, USPS• Sage 100 ERP integration automatically populates the Ship To, Ship From and Ship Via• Produces carrier compliant shipping label• Updates all ship data and costs back to ERP • Tracking number • Cost of Shipment• Automatic email notification to customer• Maintains shipping history
  39. 39. Sage Advisor UpdateSage Advisor Update notifies you when updates areavailable for the Sage products you use. You can use thisconsole to:– set notification options– review information about available updates– download updates– monitor the status of your Sage Business Care account Note: Installing updates can affect customizations or integrated products.
  40. 40. Schedule When to Check for View available Easily Download Updates updates Fixes and Updates
  41. 41. Financials FinancialsPerformance DistributionPerformance Distribution Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud Platforms Platforms Connectivity User User Future Experience Experience themes
  42. 42. Sage ERP 100 Intelligence
  43. 43. Sage ERP 100 Intelligence REPORT COMPONENTS: • Data Container • Report Creation & Properties • Predefined financial and operations reports forREPORT COMPONENTS: management, sales, purchases and inventory – Access to all modules and data (not just GL!) – Dashboard and trend analysis reports – Consolidation of multiple companies and databases – Data Output to MS Excel and template
  44. 44. Sage ERP 100 Intelligence Available in 4.5 and 2013
  45. 45. Multiple Multiple Budgets YearsReport Designer Add-In
  46. 46. Add & Delete Your Own Groupings
  47. 47. Larger MaximizeSmoother Text WindowDragging Insert At Selection
  48. 48. Easy to Use RibbonBetter User Experience Menus Easier Navigation Improved Productivity Decreased Learning CurveFile Home Tools Help Rename Run Sample Delete Check/Test Copy Move Paste Add Folder Add Report Refresh Run Design Save Create Lock/Unlock History To Template Shortcut Actions ReportFile Home Tools Help Rename Delete Copy Move Paste Test Lookup Add Dependencies Find & Check/Test All Add Add Data Driver Check/Test Sample Data Refresh To Expressions Replace Expressions Connection Container Properties Actions Expression Data Container Connection
  49. 49. Exciting Boardroom Modern LookNew Templates! Ready & Feel
  50. 50. More Data! Faster!PerformancePre-defined Financial Reports Report Designer Add-InFinancial Report Designer 2 GB Database 2 Fiscal Years 11 Fiscal Years 2700 Accounts 5600 Accounts 35061 Budget Balances 117000 Budget Balances 6.5 Minutes to Run 42 Seconds 2.5 GB Database 2 Fiscal Years 10 Fiscal Years 10281 Accounts 46580 Accounts 133000 Budget Balances 0 Budget Balances 25 Minutes 1 Minute
  51. 51. Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting Add-In Add-In 2 2013 PU1 PU2Financials (Reporting Trees, Row grouping, FRx Conversion) User Experience (Ribbon, drag&drop, templates) 2011 2012 2013 Performance (5 min to 40 seconds)Distribution Platforms (Office 2013, 64-bit) Templates (CRM/ERP, others)
  52. 52. Potential Future Themes for SageIntelligence Report Designer for more ERP Modules Mobility Alerting Predictions Social Collaboration More Reports templates!
  53. 53. Additional Learning Opportunities• Join the BI Community -• Register for FREE webcasts• Sign up for Sage Intelligence and Excel Tips & Tricks• Free Sales report template: Sage 100 ERP and Sage CRM Report
  54. 54. Sage HRMS and Payroll Sage HRMS Payroll Payroll Reporting Pricing More Info Federal and State e-filing and Reporting OptionsWhy Sage HRMS Payroll?  e-filing from Aatrix • and  Pricing Deposit (included levels Direct based on employee Improved GL Integration printed forms  Free No requirement to purchase Sage HRMS Quarterly Updates Low cost e-filing unlimited)  full suite Federal/State/Provincial/Local Taxes custom reporting Sage Paycards  Crystal reports for Multiple years of history Edit Prior Year HistoryBonus- Sage Source for online Paystubviewing
  56. 56. SAP® Crystal Reports 2011 For Sage• Updated to latest version of SAP® Crystal Reports 2011 for Sage• Updated the report engine run-time components utilizing a modern .NET architecture – All standard reports and forms saved with a 2011 backwards compatible format• Crystal Conversion Utility updated with the .NET architecture and a new user interface• Allows Sage 100 ERP to stay current with SAP® Crystal Reports new features and product updates
  57. 57. 64-bit ProvideX OBDC Driver• New 64-bit ProvideX ODBC Driver Available• Allows Integrations with 64-bit Applications – Microsoft SQL Server – Microsoft Office• Separate Installation found off the Productivity Tools menu on the Sage 100 ERP Autorun Menu
  58. 58. DemonstrationDemonstration
  59. 59. Beyond the 2013 Release
  60. 60. Pillars of Sage CRM Cloud Integration Easy Mobile Cloud Easy to try, Any device Lower buy and data TCO use integration Provide ROI quickly  ERP data integration without the complexity  Easier to setup & administer  Easier to sell with shorter sales cycles  Drive NEW sales for Sage CRM Cloud and Sage ERP  Easier Implementation
  61. 61. Sage 100 ERP Future Release Themes• Sage CRM Cloud Integration• Support the innovation results• User Interface improvements• Feature enhancements• Features as a serviceNote: Next major release scheduled for August 2013
  62. 62. User Interface Improvements• New Icons will provide an updated look• Additional Visual Process Flows• New background color enhancements
  63. 63. Mobility and Modern TechnologyINNOVATION
  64. 64. Sage Mobile Service (Billable Services)The Road
  65. 65. Billable ServicesSage Mobile Services
  66. 66. Vote On Your Ideas!Top ideas from
  67. 67. Questions?Sage Regional Sales ManagerPeter Grajczyk(604)-207-9480Peter.grajczyk@Sage.comLeanne