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Rubik Open Integration Portal


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A presentation about Rubiks Open Integration Portal tooling

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Rubik Open Integration Portal

  1. 1. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management Solutions Rubik Solutions Open Integration Portal Data & process integration on-demand Belgium – Denmark – Finland – Netherlands – Norway – Sweden
  2. 2. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsHow well does your IT-system support the business? Outbound & inbound CRM, database Order tool, marketing tools & ERP, database databases Salesprocess Orderprocess Marketingprocess Service Management, Operations, HRM database, uCMDB IT support systems Invoicing & accounting Inbound logistics Production ERP & B2B & delivery Procurement tooleInvoicing tool Integration to vendors Manufacturing, ERP, database project management Is your data synchronized to respective systems?15.03.2011 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsCIO and business challenges  Information Systems are required to last longer  Integrating Information Systems based on Business Processes is not standardized  Traditional solutions focus either on Technology or Transactions  While Business and Technology change, investments in legacy systems must be protected without limiting business evolution  Integration points between Information Systems explode and become unmanageable Gartner  Predicts 30% of IT budget will be spent on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)  The cost of implementing one EAI = $100.00015.03.2011 3
  4. 4. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsRubik Open Integration Portal  A defined and structured approach to handle business process integration  Documentation, Audit and Security  Increases value and lifetime of legacy investments Benefits:  Strongly reduced costs and complexity of  Optimized security for private and public cloud integrations environments  Affordable and flexible license and delivery  Continuous visibility via integration status models dashboard  Highly scalable due to OIP agent / server  Intuitive and flexible configuration of workflow technology and ETL  Tailored for process and bulk data integrations  Extreme high performance15.03.2011 4
  5. 5. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsScenariosProtect Legacy Investments in Multi Service Desk Integration EnablesManagement Systems Application ConsolidationCMDBLeverage existing management to optimize infrastructure Process integration between ITSM platforms- Out of the box integration to inventory tools to consolidate - OIP provides functionality and security to perform proper management process integration15.03.2011 5
  6. 6. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsScenariosEnable Service Focused Operational Enables Enterprise WideManagement (SDM) Infrastructure Overview HRM CMDB databaseLeverage existing operations management platforms Provides business unit information for input for Strategic IT- Enable Service Driven Management planning and EA - Integrates CMDB with business information15.03.2011 6
  7. 7. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsScenariosCentral reporting repository - consolidates Easily locate all your assets based ondata for reporting information from management systems Service Management Tools Inventory Tools Analytics and Reporting Tools CMDBConsolidates data from various sources Based on Switch-location- Out of the box functionality to retrieve and provide data for - Merges infrastructure data with data on physical reporting tools locations15.03.2011 7
  8. 8. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsRubik Open Integration PortalOne engine solving the need for data integration and access across the enterprise• Secure OIP™ server / agent • Application connectors• Communication encryption • Interactive workflows• Storage encryption • Real-time triggers• Simple user role • Web services• Enhanced user roles • Databases• Audit • XML, CSV• Logging • E-mail • FTP • AD • Graphical ETL • Data compression • Data cleansing • Parallel processing • Data de-duplication • Differential updates • Data Categorization • Fast load and streaming • Data mapping and Filtering Centralized workflow integration status dashboard15.03.2011 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management SolutionsLinking IT Management to Business Processes Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Control Strategic IT HR Planning ERP Service focused Open Service focused ITIL processes Integration Operations Platform Management Own IP Service Operations Management Management CRM15.03.2011 9
  10. 10. Enterprise Architecture and IT Management Solutions Questions answers & Foto: Rubik employee Odd Stian Jensen Norway – Belgium – Denmark – Finland – Netherlands – Sweden