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080310 watson - msft in banking


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Published in: Technology
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080310 watson - msft in banking

  1. 1. Microsoft in FinancialServicesErick WatsonLead Partner Marketing ManagerFinancial ServicesMicrosoft Corporation
  2. 2. Global Business in FSIGrowing absolute revenue sizeQualitative shift in our business– into more and more “missioncritical” transactional rolesFocus on Industry Solution tosolve real Business Problems People are noticing Analysts, customers, partnersIncreasingly influential inMicrosoft’s core technology,marketing and product directionIncreasing importance of FSIndustry partners
  3. 3. Microsoft business
  5. 5. Mission Critical Deployment in FSI Santander – common payment backbone 62m Citi - Market Montage Solution Supports 200,000 msg message p/day, 1156 tps per sec (70tb on SQL and growing) London Stock Exchange – TradElect 3000 Citi – CitiVision Integrates 270 Different Sources of trades per second; 10ms down from 140ms Information for 12,000+ Global Investment Bankers UniCredit (HVB) – 996 node cluster - reduced Citi - Corporate and Investment Banking Develops time to market for structured derivatives cross New Digital Identity Solution asset Equifax - Equifax Sees 14 Percent Lower TCO SWIFT - Gold Certified Deploying Supercomputers on Windows Instead of Central Bank of Spain - High Value Payments Linux CheckFree – 1000 tps and 24% less TCO Bank of Montreal: 18,000 users on .NET Smart Client for Branch (.NET Framework) Nasdaq – Market Data Service handles 5,000 tps at market open Merrill Lynch: - High-Performance Database Helps Brokerage House Position for Future Growth Garanti Bank - Turkey’s Garanti Bank Reduces Mainframe Loads Using SQL Server 2005 Solution Bank of America automates customer call center – 18,000 agents using Microsoft Customer Care Banco Azteca - 64-bit Platform for Bank’s Core Framework (CCF) Transactions Equens - 25 TB Payment System DenizBank – Migrates Core Banking System to SQLServer 2005 (64 Bit) and .NET JPMorganChase – equities trading platform SAP Core Banking Benchmark 8,279,000 postings Allstate – Producer Connectivity network leverages to bank accounts per hour .NET while helping enable Policy Management solution in record time. Nationwide (UK) - Basel II Compliance Solution with SQL 2005 consolidating 80 different systems Barclays Capital Trade and Positioning System data & storing for 7 years processing 200 trades/sec up to 1000 trades/sec Fiserv CBS - Banking Software Scales to 10,000+ Reuters - Reuters Equities Research High Availability Concurrent Users with SQL 2005 for 10 Tb on 64bit
  6. 6. Mega trends in Banking:Industrialization  collaboration & partnering across supply chain  infrastructure &  application Everything is a platform Operational Leverage Cost reduction Standards Commodity Hardware
  7. 7. Mega trends in Banking:Sales and Service Influence of the consumer Social and community networks Sustainable Differentiation? Unexpected media Banking Mash-up Sales management & performance tracking Optimized user experience
  8. 8. Mega trends in Banking:Pricing Value at a personalized level Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Free is the new price? Address new entrants Driven by BI and Customer Knowledge  analytics  bundling
  9. 9. Mega trends in Banking:Mergers and Acquisitions Scale Product diversity Bifurcation: small number of large banks, large number of small banks Customer needs: cross border loans and investments Best of breed platforms SOA and Interoperability
  10. 10. So what is a solution? In MSFT speak Partners LOB Apps, AML app, portfolioMSFT product pricing, OMS, Core Policy etcSQL, BTS, Office, Server etc Frameworks, Accelerators, Adapters, Guidance, Bundles “Assets that reduce project cycle times”
  11. 11. Industry Solutions Focus Risk Channel Insurance Advisor Investment Management Payments Core Banking Renewal Value Chain Platforms Management and Compliance Branch Doc Manage Channel Sales Payments Advisor Lending Investment (Teller and and Records and Service Services Factory Desktop/Portal Systems Analytics Seller) Retention Treasury and Company/ Customer Audit and Claims Trade Cash Industry Client Data File Knowledge Controls Processing Compliance Management Provided Serv. Payments Advisory Deposit InvestmentLoan Origination Risk Analytics Underwriting Delivery Management Systems Services Channels Security and Corporate and Mobile Core Policy Clearing and Trade Floor Privacy Wholesale Systems Settlement in-a-box Management Banking Business Product Statement of Call Center Continuity Development Production Management Reinsurance Credit Internet Decisioning ATMs Priority focus areas for FY’08 programmatic build out Priority focus areas for FY’08 programmatic build our and execution as per WWSMM
  12. 12. The Face of SOAFinancial Services OBA Component Library 90+ OBA components based on both common financial schemas and standard web service protocols accelerate both custom development and partner purchased solutions In line with FS business process payloads The components are built in a composite way. This enables customers to assemble OBA components into existing or new business processes in the MSDN site•Architecture Guidance – a set of whitepapers that are real world scenarios driven by the financial industry.•Application Building Blocks - An installable code base, message schemas and install guides will jump start your development effort•Hands on Lab –Virtual PC image that allows customers to jump right in!•Rich Media – WebCasts and PodCasts
  13. 13. What does the future look like?EFMA banking advisory council: Significantly lower cost base Much greater customer- centricity Process excellence Easier cross border operations Truly integrated customer and channel experience Any sales or service request in any channel Simpler product and service value propositions
  14. 14. Our vision of the Bank of the Future
  15. 15. Our Vision of future state
  16. 16. Business Value of IT
  17. 17. Realized through Capabilities and Optimization ModelsCore Infrastructure Application Platform Business Productivity Identity & Access User Experience Search Business Business Security Intelligence Intelligence Networking SOA & BPM Unified Comms Management Data Management Collaboration Virtualization Development Ent. Content Mgmt. Dyn a mic Dyn a mic Dyn a micI n f ra st ru c t u re A p p lica t ion s B u sin e ss
  18. 18. BPI Optimization Model identify identify where where you are you want to be Integrated, softwareBasic e-mail &traditional phone UC powered business communicationsData silos &manual analysis BI Real-time, strategy-driven closed loop analysisSimple keyword searchof web and documents Search Unified information access infrastructure Federated documentsContent on files sharesand poor discoverability ECM and records mgmt with integrated searchFile share based collaband ad-hoc teaming Collaboration Standardized Federated collaboration outside firewall Basic IT Is An Efficient Cost Rationalized Dynamic IT Is A Cost Center Center IT Is A Business Center IT Is A Strategic Asset
  19. 19. Business Productivity
  20. 20. CRM @ Raymond James4600 advisors, 80% ofwhich are independentThe company estimatesthat, at one time, morethan 2,500 different third-party databases were inuse.Benefits Improves efficiency across branch offices Offers easy user adoption Enhances customer service Ensures compliance
  21. 21. CRM @ EDS SolcorpScalable, web-basedenterprise solutionwill enable agents to have360º view of theircustomers’ portfolioBenefits improve communication with customers track applications through their lifecycles analyze business data access real-time reports – all from their familiar desktops
  22. 22. User experience - Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight cross-browser, cross- platform implementation of .NET for building and delivering the next generation of media experiences rich interactive applications cat=4&sort=2#vid91
  23. 23. Online Banking – the next wave of UI
  24. 24. Surface
  25. 25. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.