Is your adwords campaign successifying


Published on In New Zealand, Google has been running a concerted campaign to get small businesses on to adwords heavily. These businesses finish up with a campaign, set up, running away on automatic, and possibly making a bit of profit. But the danger is that they are not making anywhere near as much as they could be, and damaging the long-term prospects of making good money out of this.

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Is your adwords campaign successifying

  1. 1. IS YOUR ADWORDS CAMPAIGN Why Your Adwords Campaign Is Costing You More Than It Should
  2. 2. FIRST, THE IRRESISTIBLE OFFER Wow - Google Contacts You! Free Advertising  $50, $75, $100 Voucher Help you to get set up  Choose keywords  Set up Campaign  Set Daily Budget Start Campaign
  3. 3. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Not entirely. There are good points.  They did do research  They did get you underway  Most important ... You are now getting data But ...
  4. 4. WAS SOME IMPORTANT STUFF MISSED? Keyword Selection  What searches your ads show up for Split testing  Are you getting best bang for your buck? Landing Page / Quality Score  Where your visitors end up after clicking your ad  Low Quality Score = Higher Price
  5. 5. KEYWORD SELECTION Several keyword matching types  Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase, Exact,  Also Embedded, Negative Search term: tennis shoesBroad: tennis shoes, buy tennis shoes, running shoes, tennis shoe laces, best shoes for tennisBroad Modified: tennis shoes, buy tennis shoes, best shoes for tennisPhrase: tennis shoes, buy tennis shoesExact: tennis shoes Chances are – you were set up with Broad Match only
  6. 6. KEYWORD SELECTION Using Broad Match Only will likely cost you money  Very hard to predict  Very hard to track  Very hard to convert  Pay for completely irrelevant searches  “running shoes”  “stop my shoes from smelling after tennis”
  7. 7. AD GROUPS Your Keywords may have been grouped into Ad Groups But...  Best control (and best long term results) comes from having very tight groups, not broad collections  Negative/embedded keywords can tighten things even more  Control  Ability to track  Maximise conversions
  8. 8. SPLIT TESTING To maximise profit over the long term it is vital to be split testing everything  Headlines  Ad text  Display URL  Landing Page Systematic testing over the long term will lead to success, and to maximum profit Statistical methods – not random changes
  9. 9. LANDING PAGE / QUALITY SCORE Searchers have something particular in mind when they search  If you are using keywords properly, you should know exactly what they are searching for when your ad shows Sending people to your home page does not make sense  Home page .. Too difficult to find what they are looking for.  They click away from your site  You STILL PAY for the click Send them directly from the search page to the most relevant page on your site
  10. 10. LANDING PAGE / QUALITY SCORE Quality Score  Partly determined by the relevance of your adwords ad to your landing page Broad match search landing on your home page  Quite possibly the lowest relevance possible! Low Quality Score = Higher Price
  11. 11. ADWORDS CAN BE VERY PROFITABLE But you have to treat it with care Not set and forget Many elements at play, all related Slow and steady Tracking, Testing, Tweaking Over the long term ... Turn Small Profits into Large Profits
  12. 12. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR CAMPAIGN Ask these three simple questions  Are you using Broad Match?  You should usually be using Exact or Phrase match, unless you are heavily using negative keywords  Are your Ad Groups tight?  Like REALLY tight. If there is any doubt whether keywords are close enough, then split them out  Is everyone being sent to your home page?  Send people to the most relevant page for their search  This is hardly ever the home page