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  • 1. Noir de bigorrePig
  • 2. The Ark of Taste
    The Noir de Bigorre pig is a rare breed of pig from France
    Included in the Ark of Taste because of its rapid decline in numbers since the 70’s.
    In 1930 there was 28,000 head of Noir de Bigorre pigs; by 1981 only 34 remained in the world.
    This happened because the Noir de Bigorre pigs grow at a rate of 450 grams per day, while commercial pigs grow at a rate of 800 grams a day and the farmers of the time did not want to wait around for their pigs to mature, so they just stopped rearing them.
  • 3. Issues Surrounding Production
    As mentioned in the last slide, they grow at a very slow rate. It takes a farmer dedicated to growing a quality product to rear an animal such as this.
    It takes almost twice as long and therefore twice as much money to raise these pigs.
  • 4. Steps taken to ensure survival
    In 1992, a cooperative of producers decided to take the beautiful meat from this pig and make cured sausages and cured hams from it. This created an almost niche product that became a hot commodity.
    Because of the help of the cooperative of producers, the Noir de Bigorre pig now numbers 700 heads on 50 farms.