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SAVO Mobile Sales Pro - Sell Sheet

  1. 1. Mobile Sales Pro Sell Sheet Inspire Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Sales Pro Helps Sellers Prepare, Lead and Engage Mobile Sales Pro – Become a Trusted Advisor There are now more mobile devices in use than there are people on the planet. It’s a mobile word and sales people are relying on their mobile devices as a lifeline to the critical information and experts they need to become a trusted advisor to their prospects and customers. 57% What they’re saying: Amy Stewart SVP Marketing and Sales Strategy at One Call Care Management “After the merger, SAVO Mobile Sales Pro enabled us to quickly ramp up the entire sales force on cross-selling the full breadth of services we offer. It also gives customers a great presentation experience on the iPad consistent with how we want to be perceived: fresh, simple and modern. ” 11% 10% By the time a seller gets their first appointment, 57% of their selection process is already complete. Executives only find 11% of meetings with sales people valuable. Sales reps secure a second meeting less than 10% of the time. Help Sellers Prepare, Lead, and Engage SAVO Mobile Sales Pro is designed to help your sales team inspire customers and prospects anywhere, anytime with a powerful and unique selling experience. Mobile Sales Pro helps your sellers prepare for meetings with easy access to just-in-time product, competitor and industry information; lead meetings with compelling presentation and white board capabilities; and engage with customers throughout the sales cycle with the ability to easily annotate existing documents or send key meeting notes to prospects for immediate follow up to keep your company fresh in their minds.
  2. 2. Mobile Sales Pro Highlights: • Native mobile applications for both Apple iOS and Android devices. • Push fresh messaging, presentations, videos and other assets in front of sales with recommended sales kits and guided selling. • Enable sales reps to create their own personalized sales kits of that work best for them. • Get your point across in compelling new ways with powerful white boarding and annotation capabilities. • Alert sales reps of new content and updates with alert notifications, subscriptions and collaboration. • Access Enterprise class mobilesecurity like remote wipe, jail break protection and data encryption at rest. Sales Enablement for Smarter Selling Mobile Sales Pro is part of SAVO’s integrated suite of sales productivity solutions, that help marketing and sales teams work together to win more deals faster. Over the lifecycle of a deal SAVO provides messaging, content, sales process reinforcement, task automation and mobility for sellers to maximize their performance and inspire their customers. To learn more about how SAVO can help your team sell smarter contact your local sales representative today or visit