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Social Selling Proposal Final


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Social Selling Proposal Final

  1. 1. Social Selling ExpertsSocialize the Top of your Sales Funnel
  2. 2. Our goal for your businessHelp your team challenge the status quo, buildtrust & create Inception with your prospects.Win opportunities by making your competitionirrelevant!
  3. 3. Challenge #1 – Adoption is difficult, how can you make this stick?Most sales training is a “Dog & Pony Show”.Only a few of your star performers catch on.
  4. 4. With you for 6 months, guaranteeing adoption!  Raising the baseline for your core performers.We have a step-by-step system that makes yourteam SOCIAL SELLERS.
  5. 5. Need for ongoing supportSocial Selling is THE evolution in selling.Deals will be won with social over next 10 years!Social Selling constantly changes MONTHLY(new tools & best practices)
  6. 6. Challenge #2 – Training fees are typically upfront, expensive and difficult to justify  Best-­‐of-­‐Breed  training  has  high  upfront  costs.  Difficult  to  jus8fy  &  gather  budget  for.  
  7. 7. Small Monthly FeesPlus fixed fee – don’t worry about auxiliary costs.Invite your entire sales & marketing team.
  8. 8. How to turn you into Social Selling experts?•  Crawl, Walk, Run over 6 months•  Live & Virtual Training with tests & certification•  Video Asset Library (50+ videos) on best practices - you own for life (constant learning)
  9. 9. Set-up – Profile ReviewPersonal Profile Reviews of all your sales reps.
  10. 10. Set-up – Management Training & KPI’sAdoption is achieved when management is100% behind the training.You have an opportunity to adjust training toyour world.
  11. 11. Phase #1 (on-site) Keys to the Sausage Factory Be a Social Selling leader in 30 – 60 minutes per day! 1 hour/day = $350,000 worth of new opportunities in 6 month  
  12. 12. Onsite Training –Build Optimum Profiles
  13. 13. Onsite Training – Mapping the Buyer Persona(s)What will push your buyer off their Status Quo?LinkedIn Skills, Signal & Twitter Lists to unlocktopics, trigger events that challenge your buyer.
  14. 14. Onsite Training – Maximize Groups for Business DevelopmentTIP – Unlimited ProspectsYOU CAN MESSAGE FOR FREE! Follow up to 5,000 prospects! Use timing to your advantage!!!
  15. 15. Onsite Training –Curate “Challenger” Articles
  16. 16. Onsite Training – Identify Trigger Event OpportunitiesBe the first to add value!
  17. 17. Phase #2 – Adoption TrainingVideo conference call to help team master:•  Profiles that scream thought-leader•  Groups that maximize opportunities•  Skills, Signal & Twitter for persona strategies•  Curating thought-leadership that challenges•  Listening for opportunities
  18. 18. Phase #3 – “Sphere of Influence” Messages“Sphere of Influence” Decision-Makers Insights “Competitors” Followers
  19. 19. Phase #4 – Building a lead generation machine“I don’t have a problem” “Ok, so I have a challenge, now what?” Track interest Web Form “Interesting, solutions exist – who’s the best vendor?”
  20. 20. We’re your partner in design & execution“Challenger” Assets•  Blogs•  Infographics•  “How To” Guides•  Videos•  Landing PagesSales 2.0 Tools•  Net Results (Marketing Automation) set-up)•  LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  21. 21. Phase #5 –“Priority Shifting” Messages  
  22. 22. Phase #6 – Adoption TrainingVideo conference call to help team master:•  Messaging best practices•  Asset connectivity, tracking & follow-up•  Use LinkedIn Insights to find top prospects•  Segment “Followers” to grab hot leads•  Leverage Decision-Makers’ 1st degree network
  23. 23. Phase #7 –Advanced Social Tools h<p://      
  24. 24. Phase #8 – Competitive IntelligenceIf you can’t be first, be smarter!Track their connections!
  25. 25. Phase #9 – MicroMarketing
  26. 26. Phase #10 – Adoption TrainingVideo conference call to help team master:•  Help to adopt weekly “Campaigns”•  Build a competitive intelligence system with LinkedIn & Twitter•  MicroMarketing to build reps brand & klout
  27. 27. Phase #11 – Future of Social SellingSocial Proximity Power of Google+5x greater  close  rates  
  28. 28. Phase #12 – Test & Certification  Analyze KPI’s over the course of 6 months•  Network Growth•  Content Engagement•  Warm Prospects (MQL’s)•  Opportunities (SQL’s)•  Revenue attributed to Social SellingYou will have concrete ROI evidence of success.  
  29. 29. Clients – now Social Selling experts For Testimonials - Click Here
  30. 30. Fee ScheduleSmall Business = $1,499/monthMid-Market = $3,999/monthEnterprise = $7,999/month** after 6 months, $999/month (month-to-month retainer) for additionalsupport*** Any marketing assets and/or Sales 2.0 tools requiring design & set-up are additional.
  31. 31. Contact UsJamie Shanks, MBAManaging PartnerMain: 905-502-5512 x4009Cell: 416-409-4999Email: jamie@salesforlife.comLinkedIn: @james_t_shanks