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Small poster from Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA

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Rittners Floral School Powerpoint

  1. 1. Welcome To The Rittners School of Floral Design Boston, Massachusetts Tel: 617-267-3824 www.floralschool.com
  2. 2. Do You Like Flowers?
  3. 3. Want A Career That’s Artistic?
  4. 4. Like Being Creative?
  5. 5. Like To Work With Your Hands?
  6. 6. Perhaps You Would Like To Run Your Own Business?
  7. 7. Floral Designing Might Be The Right Career For You!
  8. 8. We Call it the “Feel Good” Industry Because You Are Making Beautiful Things With Floral Products That Make People Feel good….
  9. 9. But Floral Art Requires More Than Simply Dropping A Few Flowers Into A Vase
  10. 10. Becoming A Floral Designer Requires Training!!!!
  11. 11. That’s Where We Get Involved •  Students Attend Rittners Floral School In Boston •  From All Over The US and From Other Countries As Well.
  12. 12. Celebrating Over 60 Years We Offer One Of The Longest Running Programs of Our Kind In The United States...
  13. 13. Students Love Our Location In Boston!
  14. 14. Our Location-In One of The Nicest Residential Areas of Boston •  Easy To Reach By T or Train •  Parking Nearby
  15. 15. At Rittners Floral School You Will learn How To Make Many Kinds of Things With Flowers!
  16. 16. At Rittners Floral School In Boston You Will Learn…. Vase How To Arrangements Make Lovely Wedding And Much Bouquets… More!
  17. 17. You Will Learn Classical Kinds of Floral Art
  18. 18. You Will Also Learn Exciting Contemporary Cutting Edge Design Skills!
  19. 19. A Variety of Styles & Techniques Used By Professional Floral Artists
  20. 20. Worried About Whether You “Have What It Takes?” Don’t Fuss! All Of Our Courses Start Simply…. Assuming No Previous Background
  21. 21. Slowly…Patiently… We Will Teach You Step-By-Step
  22. 22. Our Students Know What They Are Doing…
  23. 23. Just As Importantly… They UNDERSTAND The Techniques That Are Involved
  24. 24. You Will Design With Flowers At Each Design Class •  And Take Home Every Floral Design That You Make!!
  25. 25. We Also Have Terrific Resources To Support Our Teaching
  26. 26. And With Multimedia, Internet & Other 21st Century Teaching Tools… The Future is Now At Rittners Floral School!
  27. 27. Various Courses Offered….
  28. 28. At Rittners Floral School We Have Courses For Various Scheduling Needs
  29. 29. Three Major Options •  Six Month Day Course •  12.5 Week Evening Course •  Concentrated Day Courses
  30. 30. Six Month Day Course •  Offered Each Year in Sept •  Includes Design & Management •  Our Most Comprehensive Program
  31. 31. 12.5 Week Eve. Course In Floral Design •  For Folks Busy During The Day •  Offered In Oct. And Again In Jan. •  An Outstanding Part-Time Option
  32. 32. Concentrated Courses In Floral Design •  In Spring & Summer During The Day •  For Folks Who Need To Learn As Much As Possible -- As Quickly As Possible
  33. 33. We Work Hard So That You Will Learn A Lot, and… HAVE FUN!!!
  34. 34. Thank You For Visiting Rittners Floral School In Boston….
  35. 35. We Love Teaching Floral Art We Believe You Will Really Enjoy Our School
  36. 36. Find Us Online At www.floralschool.com
  37. 37. Rittners Floral School 345 Marlborough St Boston, Ma. 02115 Tel: 617-267-3824
  38. 38. FINI !!!
  39. 39. What?.. Are You Still Looking At This Powerpoint?? Don’t Just Sit There…. Register For One of Our Great Courses Today! www.floralschool.com 617-267-3824