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Steelway article e & s 17.01.13 page 2 carl chinn


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Steelway article e & s 17.01.13 page 2 carl chinn

  1. 1. Express & Star Thursday, January 17, 2013 ES 43 The story of an important areaof neighbours Write to Carlacross the sea HAVE you a story to share about the Black Country? If so, drop Carl a note. If you have a tale to tell, a memory to pass on or a photo to share, then write to Carl c/o The Editor, Express & Star, Queen Street, “Unfortunately this was the last contact thatI had with Joe Austin who is with his Maker.” Wolverhampton, WV1 Since then Mike has been able to pass on his 1ES. All photos will bedeep appreciation of their neighbourliness tomembers of the Gittins family, whilst a relative scanned immediately atof Joe Austin has been in touch. She is Jane Nicklin who writes that “Joe the Express & StarAustin lived with my Gran, his cousin, some- offices and returned astime through the mid-60s/s and early 70s inDaisy Bank, Coseley. In my early teens I quickly as possible. Youremember him helping me and my cousins withhomework and he loved to give people books. I can also email Carl atstill have a dictionary he gave to me, I think on carl@brummagem.fsnetmy thirteenth birthday. He had written inside,‘When you are counting your blessings may you .co.uknever run short of words’. I vividly rememberin the front room his huge full book cases. Mike has since spoken with Floss and David G Carl Chinn isand when they were talking, Floss told himthat “her niece, Christine, was married to a Professor ofman who like me is a member of the Gentle-men Songsters Male Voice Choir and every Community Historyrehearsal we were sitting next to each other yetthe link to Joe Austin never surfaced”. at the University of Ian Jeavons also has memory of the remark- Birmingham andable Joe Austin. He remembers that “I wasaged nine in 1957 when my father and I met you can listen toJoe on a coach taking Wolves fans to Highburyfor a football game against Arsenal. I have him each Sundayworked out it was 1957 because I rememberthe score was 0-0 So it was over two years later, between noon andin December 1960, when out of the blue Ireceived the attached birthday card from Joe 2pm on BBC WM,together with a one dollar note. I still have thedollar as well as the card. What a kind and 95.6 FMthoughtful man he was!” Left, the poem sent to Michael after the death of his beloved mother by Joe Austin. Right the birthday card sent to Ian Jeavons in 1960 role in coronation of a king Names and faces of 1953 works dinner to the fore save £80 per year with an ipad or iphone subscription read the express & star for Malcolm Carrier is a Senior Site Engineer at Steelway. His grand-dad, Reginald, and two sons, Nock; Bill Goodyear; Fred Hammond; Miss Edith Holbrook; Bill Goodyear Jr; Harold Wilkes; and the just £4.99 a month Rick and Aaron have also worked for the company next two gentlemen are unknown. over the years, whilst his father, John, was Work- “The first gentleman on right-hand side is shop Foreman for the handrail department. John unknown; Bert Jones; unknown, as is the gentle- Save £6.71 per month on the printed edition*. Sign up now for a worked for Steelway from when he was fifteen man leaning forward unknown; Ted Styles; Mac until he retired at 65 – and he is on this photograph Beddows; Joe Wilkes; Walter Brown; John West- FREE 14 day trial. Get every edition of the Midlands Newspaper of the of a work’s dinner from 1953. bury; and Colin Legge.” Year direct to your digital device within minutes of publication. All the Jon can also name most of the others: “working “Inside right working towards the top table is from the back row on the left the names are as fol- Gordon Legge; Richard Blower; Tom Lovell; Percy news and sport plus interactive features including video. lows: Brian Wilkinson; John Carrier; Gordon Oakley; Harry Billings; Doug Marsden; Arthur Beech; Ron Wright; Albert Lockley; Tom Jarvis; Fieldhouse; Fred Price; George Taylor; unknown; Ernie Jervis; unknown but maybe Tom Evans; the and Fred Shaw. go to /downloadapp next two gentlemen are unknown as are the next “Inside left working towards the top table is Bill three ladies; and the lady in front of the gentleman Hickman; Joe Weaver; Fred Cooper; is unknown, as is the gentleman behind her. Unknown; Walter Evans; Ron Chester; Jim Mills; *Digital subscription £4.99, compared with monthly direct debit print subscription £11.70. “Standing then comes Jack Oakley; unknown; Jim Barclay; Jack Gibbons; and Jack Potts possi- Total annual saving £80.52 Jim Slater; Bill Forrest; unknown but maybe A. bly.”