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Steelway Article E & S 02.07.11 Page 2


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Express and Star article - Manufacturing Excellence Award 02.07.11

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Steelway Article E & S 02.07.11 Page 2

  1. 1. 16 www.expressandstar.com ES Saturday, July 2, 2011, Express & Star Farmers E&S Manufacturing awards hit out at BRIEFS Innovative and enterprising approach Tesco forFly-tippingcrackdown The innovative and enterprising approach of a Black Country firm has been recognised with an Express & Star Manufacturing Award. Staff at Steelway in Bilston Road, Report by Laura Blyth laura.blyth@expressandstar.co.uk Mr Houghton. Steelway has a colourful his- tive and that’s what we are here. We are not going to go to the moon but the future looks very steady for us. If we lose a particular customer it does not help but we move on.” that can be stored in a warehouse. The plant mainly supply products to the build- ing trade. Meanwhile the Wolverhampton factory manufactures bespoke orders for a pork cost A group of pig farmersis launched Wolverhampton, received the gong from his- tory, including manufacturring the sockets He revealed turnover was 20 per cent up variety of customers. have accused Tesco of torian and E&S columnist Professor Carl and detachable uprights to form crowd con- on this time last year. Recent contracts have Finance director at the company Walter grossly underpaying UK Chinn who visited the plant. trol barriers for the 1937 coronation of King included supplying metal walkway grids to Karpynec added: “Everything in the suppliers of meat despite Residents across Walsall The firm, which was founded in 1928 at George VI and manufacturing stretchers for a gold mine in Mexico and supplying metal Wolverhampton factory is custom made. We raising prices at the till.are being urged to report its current Queensgate Works site in the injured soldiers in the Second World War. stairs and handrails to the new £180 million get orders in, go to the site, measure up and Around 70 pig farmersfly-tipping hotspots as part city, manufactures and installs a range of Today the company has four operating prison being built in Featherstone. then go away and design what they want. and supporters of the indus-of a crackdown on industrial and bespoke items such as access divisions: Steelway, Steelway Fensecure, Other work has included new structures “It’s the secret to our success that we can try gathered on a picket lineunsightly dumps in the stairs, platforms and gates. Steelway Brickhouse, and Steelway Rail and to match those existing at the grade II listed make anything at the drop of a hat. This outside the Tesco AGM atborough. Delighted managing director Dan Hough- employs 160 workers over its two sites in Moor Street Station in Birmingham as well award is brilliant for us.” Nottingham’s East Mid- Walsall Council has been ton said today: “It is wonderful to receive Wolverhampton and also West Bromwich. as producing a new cast iron station name Steelway serves a diverse customer base lands Conference Centrejoining forces with police to this award. It means a lot to us all, especially Mr Houghton added: “Times have been for a railway hub in Somerset. including water utilities, energy companies, yesterday in a battle to windeal with eyesore sites to the people actually out on the shop floor.” difficult for us in the recession but we are Steelway’s West Bromwich plant makes nuclear installations and railways to name “a fair price” on products.which are blighting streets. In June 2010, the company was bought by through that now. It’s all about being proac- items such as manhole covers and products but a few. STEEL FIRM HAS HELD ITS Richard Longthorp, 58, Recently a residential and his 28-year-old daughterstreet plagued by persist- Anna, who run Kilpin Hallent fly-tipping has been Farm in Howden, East York-cleaned up after Willenhall shire, said a recent surveyand Short Heath Area revealed a vast difference inPartnership organised a earnings between the super-tidy up. market and farmers. People found guilty of “They will say they pay a METTLE OVER THE YEARSfly-tipping can face a fine fair price,” Mr Longthorpof up to £20,000 and/or a said. “Now, the word ‘fair’ isprison sentence. Report open to interpretation.fly-tipping to 01922653344. “The industry commis- sioned some research earlier this year and that research showed that the supermar- TV Guide kets, Tesco being the biggest, were making onSoaps average £16 million a week profit from the pork thatgossip Steelway is the latest winner of they sell. Pig farmers, on the other hand, were losing on an Express & Star average £3m a week.” Manufacturing Award. CARL The British Pig Industry Support Group, which CHINN charts its proud history organised the protest, said I farmers are losing around t was an exciting and aus- £10 on every pig sold due to the high costs of feed and picious day for Steelway are calling for an immediate of Wolverhampton when 10p a kilo price rise to try to help them break even. Mr Hore-Belisha, the Tesco spokesman Tom dynamic Minister of Trans- Hoskin said the company port, inaugurated the pedes- was working with processors Round-up of this to ensure a fair price for week’s storylines trian guard rails at Britannia farmers and customers. Page 21 Crossing, Camden Town, on March 19, 1935. They were only the second such Book toHealth plan safety barriers in the country and they had been made by the enter- honourfor over 50s People in the Wyre For-est district are being prising and innovative company at its factory on the Bilston Road. The order from the capital had arisen historianinvited to have their say on because the previous year Steelway had Old photographs andthe future of healthcare manufactured the UK’s first pedestrian memories of Moxley areand services for those aged guard rails, which had been installed in July being sought for a book in50 and over. at the busy junction of Prince’s Square. honour of a late local histo- A draft strategy has These had come about after an accident Carl Chinn with MD Dan Houghton and director Walter Karpynec Carl with some of the Steelway workers rian.been drawn up by a part- involving a boy at Prince’s Square drew Members of Moxley Peo-nership of regional organi- attention to the need to protect pedestrians ples Centre’s history groupsations, focusing on people at a time when car ownership was booming are compiling a book intaking personal responsi- and there was more and more motorised memory of past chairmanbility for their health. traffic on the roads. The design of the barri- Bill Moorwood. He had A three month consulta- ers resulted from long and careful experi- started putting together ation has now been mentation and the co-operation and book about the characters oflaunched. Questionnaires assistance of Mr Edwin Tilley, the Chief Moxley but passed awayare available at GP surger- Constable of Wolverhampton, and Mr HB over two years ago.ies, libraries and other Robinson, the Borough Engineer and Sur- Centre manager Fredpublic venues or visit: veyor. Gleeson said: “We vowed wewww.haveyoursay.whub. would continue with theorg.uk Appalled book in his honour. “We are appealing for peo- During the year that Hore-Belisha came ple with old photographs orTalent show into office, 7,343 people were killed and 231,603 injured in road accidents. stories to tell about the char- acters and personalities ofat family day He was appalled at this “mass murder” and strove to end it. In March 1935 he Moxley to come forward.” The centre has just Staff at Willenhall based announced that safety barriers were to be Carl Chinn with Mr Karpynec, business development launched a book detailinghaulage firm Nightfreight Professor Chinn, Mr Houghton and Mr Karpynec take a look erected at both the Britannia Crossing in at some of the Steelway products that are due to be exported manager Pam Sangha, and Mr Houghton, at Steelway the stories of the 98 soldierswill host a talent competi- Camden Town and the junction with Cam- named on the area’s wartion at its family fun day to bridge Road, Stepney. memorial and is now forgingraise cash for children’s The guard rails at the latter were put up Your company can get involved in the 2011 tinue a proud industrial tradition in the region. Manufacturing Excellence Awards. Winners might be using established skills ahead with the second book.projects. on March 22, 1935, three days after the one Anyone with information Members of the public in Camden. And following an announce- Launched to celebrate excellence in the upon which our region has been built or they West Midlands, the awards are open to any may be blazing a trail with state-of-the-art tech- should call Mr Gleeson onwill be urged to strut their ment from the Minister in February 1936, 01902 496378.stuff in the Nightfreight’s safety barriers went on to be developed on a firm established for five years or more. nology. Each month, Professor Carl Chinn willGot Talent activity tomor- Last year the work of 10 firms were cele- visit successful firms to highlight the workrow Sunday in the yard inAshmore Lake Way. large scale in London. The business had only been founded in 1928 at Queensgate Works in Wolverhamp- brated, with the awards culminating in a lunch. The awards are sponsored by the Manufac- needed to thrive in a competitive market. If you want to get on board, write to Carl c/o Festival is Wolves legend SteveBull will be the special ton by CW Goodyear. Three years later it merged with F Hammond & Co. turing Advisory Service in the West Midlands. They were set up to honour firms which con- newsdesk@expressandstar.co.uk, telling him about your firm. £700 boostguest and most of the chil- Two years after the launch of Steelway’s The United Churches anddren’s rides will be free. first guard rail in London, the Wolverhamp- sidiary of the Glynwed Group and went on soon rose to be one of the country’s leading now owner again. Walter Karpynec has re- Community Flower Festival All proceeds will be ton firm manufactured the sockets and to provide open mesh flooring to the Z Cars fencing manufacturers, a position which it joined the company as finance director. held last weekend has raiseddonated to The Steve Bull detachable uprights for crowd control barri- Series stages sets and grating to James still holds proudly. Today the company has four operating £700 for repairs to aFoundation. ers for the 1937 coronation of King George Bond films. Then in 1983 the company After a number of ownership changes, in divisions: Steelway, Steelway Fensecure, Sandwell church. VI – parts of which were used for the coro- expanded to form Steelway Fensecure. 1999 Glynwed sold Steelway to the Tyco Steelway Brickhouse, and Steelway Rail. A total of 29 floral exhibits Fensecure itself traces its origins back to Group, an American conglomerate. During With a plant each in Wolverhampton and were on show at CradleyFlower festival nation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. During the Second World War, Steelway 1918 when John Knowles (Wednesbury) Ltd June 2000 the company was bought by Dan West Bromwich and 160 highly skilled, Heath Baptist Church fromis on at church was involved in the manufacture of stretch- ers for injured personnel and was a member was started by BC Knowles and JJ Knowles. But it was not until John Knowles was Houghton and Walter Karpynec. It was then sold to the Brigam Group in 2005, but five adaptable and loyal workers, these divisions all have one thing in common – they are Saturday to Monday, with a Victorian Songs of Praise A flower festival is being of the National Scheme for Disabled Men. bought out by Tipper Brothers in the 1960s years later the company was bought back by made to the highest standards in the Black event in the evening.held at St Peter’s Parish In the late 1950s, Steelway became a sub- that Fensecure really came into its own. It Dan Houghton, the managing director and Country. The event was organisedChurch in Little Aston, by the Cradley Heath Long search for jobs Small firms paid latenear Lichfield. Flower & Gardening Club. The event runs untilSunday. There are displays Bribery act All money raised will go to the church restoration fund.by local floristry groupsand arrangements on the now in force Party to celebratetheme of love and mar- Almost one in five jobseekers have work for longer than a year, com- Legislation aimed at mak- Almost three out of four small than £35,000. The Government’sriage. There is also aparade of wedding dresses. been looking for work for more than a year following a big increase over pared with 16 per cent in the South West. ing it easier to prosecute companies who make cor- firms have been paid late in the past year, often causing a “vicious circle” commitment to pay all invoices to small firms within 10 days had 63 years of NHS the past 12 months, new research Totaljobs director John Salt said: rupt payments abroad has of delays to settling up with their improved payment times, said the A party to celebrate 63 showed today. “A person’s employability reduces come into force. suppliers, a report said today. FSB. years of the National HealthShow of stunts The online recruitment site total jobs.com raised concerns about every month they’re not working, which creates a vicious cycle. The Bribery Act overhauls The Federation of Small Busi- nesses said a survey of 1,700 mem- John Walker, chairman of the FSB, said: “We are pleased that the Service will be thrown in Wolverhampton. The Extreme Stunt existing laws dating back to long-term unemployment after an “To break this downward spiral 1889 and creates offences bers found that two out of five were Government has stepped up to the Trade union GMB is hold-Show’s national tour visits eight per cent increase since a year there needs to be a partnership still owed bills of up to £5,000. Prompt Payment Code, but there is ing the event at New CrossStafford Common on that carry prison terms of ago, with some regions worse between the Government and the up to 10 years and unlimited More than half of those ques- more work to be done. Hospital on July 5 fromTuesday. There will be a affected than others. unemployed. tioned said they had written off “In the current economic climate, 1pm. The party takes placeperformance at the com- fines. It makes it illegal for The study showed that 21 per cent “More work-based training needs companies to offer or receive invoices worth up to £10,000, while every penny counts and, for small on the helicopter pad at themon off Stone Road at hospital and there will be7.30pm. of jobseekers in Wales and Yorkshire to be put in place in areas under par- bribes and to fail to prevent some smaller firms in the construc- businesses, a late invoice can mean and Humberside have been out of ticular stress.” bribery. tion industry have written off more not being able to pay their staff.” cakes, drinks, banners and party poppers.