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Steelway Article E & S 30.12.10 Carl Chinn Page 2


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Article on Steelway by Prof. Carl Chinn - Express and Star page 2 of 2

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Steelway Article E & S 30.12.10 Carl Chinn Page 2

  1. 1. Express & Star, Thursday December 30, 2010 23 The story of an important arealifetime withled the waysuch products. During the SecondWorld War, it went over to war workand was involved in the manufactureof stretchers for injured personneland was a member of the NationalScheme for Disabled Men. Many of the workers who left tofight in the war effort returned totheir original positions with the com-ing of peace. After the war, Steelway consoli-dated its reputation and providedopen mesh flooring to the Z Cars TVseries, and stages, sets and grating tothe James Bond films On HerMajesty’s Secret Service and Dia-monds Are Forever. Today the company has two manu-facturing plants, one each in Wolver- Above, Steel-hampton and West Bromwich, and way barriersemploys more than 175 workers. ready for the They are involved in high quality coronation ofmanufacturing: from making metal King George VIflooring, walkways, railings and stairs in London infor waterworks, nuclear power sta- 1937tions, railways and factories to carry-ing out spectacular restoration Right, Shirley’sprojects like the rebuild of a century- father, Jack, with his work-old Great Western Railway turntable mates, not longas the centrepiece of a visitor attrac- after hetion in Minehead. started work at Shirley Walpole was delighted to Steelway. He isread about the company because her second fromfather “John Gibbons (known as the right onJack) worked at Steelway from the the back row.age of fourteen until he retired at 65. “He was born in 1915, and died in Left, Jack is on1993. He was a rivetter. the right at the “My father often spoke of the bar- back of thisriers in Princes Square, and of mak- photo taken ining flooring and railings for some of his youngerthe James Bond films including Dia- daysmonds Are Forever’.” Shirley has kindly sent in a numberof evocative photos of her dad’s life atSteelway. Steelway barriers at the Cenotaph in London in the late 1930s. The system had won high praise. Write to Carl HAVE you a story to share about the Black Country? If so, drop Carl a note. If you have a tale to tell, a memory to pass on or a photo to share then write where free history check makes sure car’s to Carl c/o The Editor, Ex- press & Star, Queen history is as clean as pebble from stream. Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1ES. All photos will be scanned immediately at the Express & Star of- fices and returned as quickly as possible. You can also e-mail Carl at carl@brummagem.fsnet. Find peace of mind, not piece of scrap. You can hear Carl Chinn on Sunday on BBC WM 95.6 FM between 10am 9 out of 10 cars on have been history checked.Jack, centre back, and his workmates in a car at Blackpool in 1950. The mandriving the car was Arthur Fieldhouse and the chap sitting at the and 1pm back on the right was Joe Weaver. In partnership with