Pitching: science and psychology > Fred Oliveira


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Startup Pirates @ Porto
Pitching: science and psychology
Fred Oliveira

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Pitching: science and psychology > Fred Oliveira

  1. 1. Pitching: science and psychology Startup Pirates Porto Fred Oliveira / Webreakstuff / 500 Startups
  2. 2. Who the hell are you, why should I pay attention?
  3. 3. Meeting Tim Draper (of Draper Fisher Jurvetson)“You be the engineer. They’ll love you.”
  4. 4. Act 1. The Science
  5. 5. The science: 1) elevator pitch 2) the problem 3) the solution 4) market5) the business model 6) technology 7) competitors 8) marketing plan 9) team 10) milestones / $
  6. 6. Slide 1: The Elevator Pitch the idea, explained in 30 seconds keep it simple, stupid #protip: “Alien will be like Jaws in space” #protip: extra points for confidence#protip: don’t assume the investor knows things
  7. 7. Slide 2: The Problem what problem are you solving? who’s hurting? #protip: the investor is (probably) a human.Humans have problems. If he knows what you’re talking about, you’ll connect.
  8. 8. Slide 3: The SolutionHow does your solution solve the problem you identified? Does it do it better than everyone else? How? #protip: Google is Altavista done right.
  9. 9. Intermission: Demo now that the investor knows about the problem and knows about the solution, it’s time to show some magic. #protip: don’t pitch me (or anyone) without an MVP#protip: demos fail, be prepared (remember Steve Jobs)
  10. 10. Slide 4: The Marketsize does matter if you are a venture capitalist #protip: niches are fine, if valuable
  11. 11. Slide 5: Business Model how do you make money?describe your revenue sources, prioritized by potential direct: sales, subscriptions, goods indirect: ads, leads, affiliate programs#protip: not everyone can “worry about revenue later”#protip: Andrew Chen’s: The internet wants to be free, but you need to get paid: bit.ly/revenuemodel
  12. 12. Slide 6: Technology do you have a technological advantage? is your team made of superstars?#protip: investors love big tech advantages #protip: have a secret sauce
  13. 13. Slide 7: Competitionwho are they? current and potential.how do you stack up against them? be real and realistic.#protip: main differences: complexity, price point, open vs proprietary
  14. 14. Slide 8: Marketing how does your promotion chain work? how will you promote your product? what channels are you going to use? (pr/email/tv/seo/viral/affil/widgets)#protip: channel volume, cost, conversion are 3 key metrics to determine the best promotion channels.
  15. 15. Slide 9: Teammore important than the product itself (see YC) important: experience, potential, background #protip: past success matters. repeat success is easier.
  16. 16. Slide 10: Milestones/$ how much do you need? how will you use this money? when are you using it?what are some of the key dates in the project? #protip: “get real”
  17. 17. Well done.You now have a degree in pitching. Now for how not to suck at it.
  18. 18. Act 2. The Psychology
  19. 19. Tip 1: tell a storyevery rule about the 10 slides should be broken (if you know how to do it)
  20. 20. Tip 2: don’t waste time ever wondered why TED talks are exactly 18 minutes?or maybe why pomodoro technique aims for 25 minutes?
  21. 21. Tip 3: set the agendaremember, 20 minutes of attention.
  22. 22. Tip 4: don’t you dare be boring boring once, lost forever.
  23. 23. Tip 5: investors are people and people look for patterns don’t give them a chance to find one
  24. 24. Tip 6: you’re the prizethe capital is the commodity.
  25. 25. Tip 7: you are pitching, not sellingsales and pitching are two very different things
  26. 26. Tip 8: don’t be needy neediness isn’t exciting
  27. 27. Tip 9: no need to be the good guy push vs pull & attraction theory
  28. 28. Tip 10: it’s all about attentionchemistry lesson: examine the impact of dopamine
  29. 29. Bottom line: don’t suck.don’t be pure science, don’t be pure brain.
  30. 30. Now ask me anything you want. email: fred@helloform.com twitter: @f